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  1. @valerie Not directly at the moment, I know others have requested it as well. @Charolotte Thanks, I've been lurking on the forums lately... but even if you don't see me posting, I'm still around.
  2. Ha, this question holds some beauty for me: at the time I met my to-be wife, I had a particularly bad bout of Repetitive Strain Injury in my hands. This was before we had inworld voice chat, so she asked me to get on Skype to be hands-free.
  3. Oh friendly greetings! Oddball, thanks for your curiosity — I'm just grateful you noticed. Yes, best place to check for Second Life updates for me right now is my social profile @ Although I mainly lurk on the forums at present, I'll post every now and then when I feeI have something especially helpful to add. I haven't done a lot of video tutorials in awhile, but am always delighted to hear from Residents over the ages who've found them approachable and... friendly! At Linden Lab, I've been assigned to focus on other areas which are definitely a change of scenery. So there's getting used to that, and lots of exciting, fresh ground to cover. I can't reveal too much about the core of I'm doing right now, but I've been working with a talented and tight team... maybe in the not-so-distant future, I can share more! (That sounds crazy mysterious, eh?) Altho I know our CEO Rodvik has already spoken or given clues about some of the projects I'm involved with. @Knowl The music stuff is "another Torley" with a distinct career outside of my Second Life work which isn't professionally affiliated with Linden Lab. As you can imagine, all of this keeps me rather occupied. Although the "worlds cross" complementarily every now and then — I've often used Torley music in my tutorials and promo videos . And right now I happen to be experimenting with some sound design at LL (yes, that's a clue).When it comes to identity, things can get mighty tricky. I'm still in the process of figuring out ways of distinguishing my different selves, which isn't a trivial matter, considering within SL alone, I've taken the form of hundreds of avatars — creative expression through virtual bodies. Here are 123 of them. P.S. I need to find a Where's Waldo! costume... in green + pink of course. In the meantime, I'm a landshark.
  5. @TriJin, you hit it right on the nose: I get so excited seeing multiple SL features combined to make the proverbial "greater than the sum of its parts" shine. I enjoy using my 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator to snap stills, because dutch angles are underused in SL photography. How have your experiences been using realtime shadows and depth of field + antialiasing? I find it considerably slows performance and there are some weird rendering glitches around edges of things (noticeably on hair), so I've mainly been filming with antialiasing off. Dead End Thrills has been a cinematic inspiration to me, I hope you'll enjoy it too.
  6. We Linden Lab Editors are looking for mesh awesomeness for our Destination Guide! We even have a special Mesh Showcase. We want to be sure to have you listed so other Residents can visit and rock out, so if you or someone you know is making mesh magic, submit your place to be included. And if you want to discuss more of your fave destinations — maybe even share some photos & videos 'cuz we're visual like that! — come visit our forum. I say thankee-sai.
  7. I gotta show this to Michael Linden & the Moles. Here's the direct link to the post, thanx for sharing!
  8. Squares looking like "rectangles" may be dependent on field of view curvature: try pressing Ctrl-8 and Ctrl-0 to adjust, or Ctrl-9 to reset. I've had similar "bird's eye view" photography needs in the past, there are premade scripted tools that can help, such as
  9. Oh yeah Dora, I have lots of Rachel's furni and her cartoonish, angular style kicks ass, especially when you put a lot of her creations together where they all cohesively mix — was playing with some of her circuit-bent noiseboxes the other day.
  10. On this topic, I'd like to share that has been doing a series of Monogamy opinion pieces from differing viewpoints.
  11. I heard my name? Thanks Keli, altho I think we can do better than living in a "SLum". (Weird how so many innuendo-laden words begin with SL, hmmm? And we need an easier multi-quote on here.) @Dresden Re: Has Torley done a video yet that explains all this stuff or do I just have to start posting in various places to figure out what ends up where? I'd like at least try to look like I know what I'm doing... lol. I haven't been making video tutorials as I used to, not enough time amidst all the other work projects I've been involved in — incidentally, a lot of my time has shifted to inworld exploration (for promo videos, content research, etc.), another of my other big passions here. Nor have I gotten a request from the social/profiles Lindens to do a vidtut on this whole "social profiles" thing yet. I have many questions myself, and since the feeds are new out of the gates, a LOT has to settle down. But given the opportunity, I'd certainly like to help Residents figure this out. Also, even if I don't have enough hours to work on edited vidtuts, I'm concurrently digging into quicker ways to make make and record quick video tips in minutes, using tools like Jing. Some help is far better than no help, and I hate seeing misunderstandings fester due to knowledge gaps. @Void Re: Torley is a good example, despite his irrepressible cheerfulness and exitment about playing with every new feature, he's been vocal in the past on things he saw as not being right, and done a lot to get them fixed." Yes, this is absolutely true, precisely because I continue to believe in experiencing SL as Resis do, and many times when I have a complaint about something, I find many independent opinions which support that, which makes it easier for me to advocate to Linden teams and show why it sucks. While they may not be heard publicly, rest assured other Lindens also raise "WTF?" flags at meetings. Just because someone represents LL doesn't mean they blindly agree with everything, there's a lot of healthy debate that happens before a feature ever goes public, and there's even more debate after that. To paraphrase Tron, "I fight for the Residents". Thanks for noticing!
  12. Corinne, I've noticed some screen capture apps outside of SL (like Evernote and Jing) freeze the screen when you activate a shortcut. This reminded me of SL's freeze frame, and what you suggest would be useful there — I've had enough problems with the built-in snapshot tools to where I don't use them outside of sending postcards, but for your workflow, I see how that it'd handy. And if I'm understanding you, YEAHHHH "lock your eyes on a fixed point" (without having to manually focus on an object?) would be da bomb, as well as altogether disabling/freezing eye movement. I know that blinking and twitching is meant to impart some organic, lively behavior to avatars, but it makes photography harder. I had a group shot with no less than a dozen avatars the other day, and it was tough to catch them all with eyes wide open. Altho, I thought there was a certain composure in expression in some of the blink-included shots. (This was one example where setting FRAPS to capture a pic every second automatically until I stopped it otherwise, came in ULTRA-handy. I've been doing more of that for time reasons, instead of rendering image sequences from a movie clip.)
  13. k2, thanks for continuing this thread with your discoveries — I've found out about a few cool stores with atittude from you, and revisited some others I hadn't seen in awhile, and had gotten a redesign in the meantime.
  14. Venus, Angelina, Charolotte, thank you for helping Ken! YOU ROCK.
  15. For both personal and work purposes, I have some "base" minimal looks that I can accessorize easily, and then save more complex outfits as-needed. I really find it useful to do a batch shopping spree with add-ons that I can peruse at a later time, then mix 'n' match to find combinations. Quite often though, my add-ons come through natural exploration: I may start with a fairly spartan look, then by the end of the day (or week), I'll have a fully loaded (and hopefully not too laggy) avatar! For my own expression as a human-ish form, I'll usually stick with a given skin for a long time, but vary makeups. I find it helps congeal my sense of identity while giving me the variety I crave. Things have somewhat stabilized now that I have a lot more experience with what's possible and what I want. I do check various scenes and Marketplace Featured Items (I love that random scrolling carousel on the front page!) to find out what the latest developments are firsthand, and/or knowledgeable Resis fill me in.