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  • About the Second Life Destination Guide

    General information

    The Second Life Destination Guide highlights some of the best inworld locations and Resident creations. For new and existing Residents alike, it is the place to go to explore and discover what's most exciting in Second Life. Linden Lab keeps the Destination Guide fresh with regular updates, so check back frequently!

    The Destination Guide is available in several different ways:

    See all destinations listed on the guide directly on the Web at http://secondlife.com/destinations.

    In the Second Life Viewer:

    • Click dg1.jpg in the toolbar, or Destinations under the World Menu (it opens the destinations floater in the viewer).  The DESTINATIONS floater displays a few categories of destinations that are hand-picked by our Editorial team.
    • Click search1.jpg to open the Second Life Search window.  Then check the Destination Guide box and search or peruse the incredible variety of locations and events!

    Information for landholders and other stakeholders

    Currently, the best way for a Resident to promote a venue, event, or business is through inworld search or the classifieds. We encourage all venue owners to review the guidelines at the Search FAQ for information on how to maximize your presence using inworld Search.

    Venues and content featured in the Destination Guide are not paid placements. However, we welcome Resident suggestions for cool spots to feature. Some entries included in the Guide are also surfaced on the website for Residents exploring SecondLife.com for the first time. You can submit a venue for consideration on the Destination Guide Suggestion Page. Be sure to follow the submission guidelines below.

    Note: By nominating a venue, you authorize Linden Lab to use its content. Journalists, publishers, filmmakers, and others interested in Second Life often contact Linden Lab for images of Second Life. Linden Lab may direct these parties to the Destination Guide for promotional shots.

    How venues and content are selected

    Selections for inclusion are at the sole discretion of Linden Lab.

    Criteria favoring selection:

    • The venue is a high-quality implementation of the Second Life experience.
    • The venue appeals broadly to the Second Life community, including new Residents.
    • The submission includes a compelling and visually interesting screenshot.
    • The submitted description text accurately describes the location.

    Criteria weighing against selection:

    • The venue has been warned for failure to comply with some aspect of the Terms of Service.
    • The venue and/or submitted screenshot appears to contain unlicensed, copyrighted, and/or trademarked content that may not be authorized by the rights holder.
    • The venue is currently violating the Terms of Service through use of bots, campers, illegal gambling, or mainland Adult content.
    • The venue is not open to the public and Residents must join a group to enter.
    • The submitted screenshot contains photoshopped text over the image.
    • The submitted description text is not in complete sentences or third-person voice and includes lists of keywords and/or incoherent or inaccurate text.

    Editors' picks

    Editors' Picks features fun and beautiful destinations selected by our Editorial team. It is rotated every couple of weeks to give other destinations a chance to be featured. To increase your chances of having your Destination featured in Editors’ Picks, consider whether your venue meets some of the following criteria:

    • Is it newcomer-friendly? Does the region have scripted kickers, age limits, or other payment info restrictions set in place that would restrict access or reduce a quality experience for newer users?
    • Are all areas of the destination open to the public?
    • In an effort to make Editors' Picks more new user friendly, we are not considering any Adult rated regions for it.

    Please note that you cannot request to be featured in Editors' Picks. Who is featured, when they are featured, and for how long they are featured is up to the discretion of the Editorial team. 

    Destinations floater

    The destinations featured in the Destinations Floater in the viewer are just a small selection that are picked by our Editorial team and are often rotated (except for the "What's Hot Now" category, which is auto-generated.) To increase your chances of having your Destination featured in the floater, consider whether your venue meets some of the following criteria: 

    • Is it newcomer-friendly? Does the region have scripted kickers, age limits, or other payment info restrictions set in place that would restrict access or reduce a quality experience for newer users?
    • Are all areas of the destination open to the public?
    • In an effort to make the floater more new user friendly, we are not adding any Adult rated regions or categories to the floater. 

    The "What's Hot Now" category is auto-generated by the system and is not controlled by us. It randomly features any destinations listed on the Destination Guide that currently have 20+ avatars on the region. 

    Newcomer friendly

    The destinations featured in the Newcomer Friendly Spots category of the Destination Guide are part of our Community Gateway Program or have been picked by our Editorial team because they may meet some of the following suggested guidelines:

    • Is the landing point (and any immediate surrounding areas) optimized for new residents? For example, is it set correctly so arriving visitors land at the right spot? Also, do navigation tools like teleporters route people to the right place?
    • Avoid use of "insider" language or instructions that may be confusing to someone accessing Second Life as a new Resident.
    • Is the venue arrival experience free of unsolicited group invites, excessive notecards, and other inventory offers? These notifications are confusing to many new Residents, who are unfamiliar with how groups and inventory work in Second Life.
    • Are there clear pointers to get further help with Second Life? For example, a link to our Support Portal or the Second Life Answers community help.
    • Does the venue have an active and welcoming community within close proximity of the landing point? Are there Residents available to give guided tours?
    • The region must not have scripted kickers, age limits, or other payment info restrictions set in place that would restrict access or reduce a quality experience for newer users.

    Adult-rated areas

    Second Life’s Destination Guide aims to include a wide variety of communities and venues, including those in regions with Adult ratings. However, as a globally available service, Second Life is subject to many regional restrictions that prohibit advertising or promotion for some types of content and services, such as escorts and explicit content, including nudity.

    Because content listed in the Destination Guide can be seen by users of all ages and in all territories, no descriptions — regardless of rating — should contain explicit or overtly sexual language or imagery.

    Linden Lab’s guidelines for inclusion of adult-rated content in the Destination Guide aim to be consistent with the search-industry standards for advertising and search-engine promotion, as seen in these published guidelines by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo:

    As with all Destination Guide submissions, each entry is subject to review and editing by Linden Lab editorial staff. For more information on Second Life and Maturity Ratings, see Second Life Maturity Ratings page in the Knowledge Base and the Adult_Content_FAQ in the wiki.

    Submission guidelines

    You may suggest a destination using the form if:

    • You personally own the parcel.
    • You belong to the group that owns the parcel.
    • You are on the access list of the Private Region that contains the parcel.
    • The parcel belongs to Governor Linden and is set in ABOUT LAND > OPTIONS tab as a Hangout.
    • The parcel belongs to a friend and is set in ABOUT LAND > OPTIONS tab as a Hangout.
    • The parcel is 512m2 or larger.

    Suggested venues must comply with all of the following:

    Warning: Do not suggest content that is copyrighted or otherwise subject to another party's proprietary rights (including privacy, publicity, trademark, and trade secret rights) unless you own the rights or have the owner's permission. Content determined to infringe upon intellectual property rights is removed from our website and services.

    Residents are limited to two suggestions per month. You can also email the Destination Guide editors your suggestions. Please include a link to your image that meets the submission criteria below:

    Image specifications

    The quality and aesthetic composition of your image helps persuade Residents to visit your suggested inworld location, so submit a well-composed screenshot that captures the creativity, community, and/or aesthetic beauty of your venue. Do not photoshop, layer, and embed any text or logos on the photo itself. It should be a clear image of the inworld location.

    The Destination Guide submission form asks you to include a link to a web-hosted screenshot of your venue. Your image can be hosted on any photo-sharing or web-hosting site, such as Flickr. Use JPG format with the dimensions of 657 width by 394 height, in pixels (657x394 has a 5:3 aspect ratio). For example (see on Flickr)


    Be sure to include the full URL to the web-hosted screenshot for your listing. Please note that the Destination Guide user suggestion form may reject images that do not meet this exact criteria. 

    In some cases, Linden Lab editors may re-shoot images to improve visual clarity or composition, but we strongly prefer you submit quality images to begin with.

    Note: If you receive a form error when you try to submit your suggested destination, please email the Linden Lab editors. Include the submission suggestion and the info requested in the form (title, description, SLurl link) along with the image as an attachment.

    Text specifications

    On the submission form, aim for a description under 400 characters and a title under 25 characters

    Destination Guide uses third-person voice, so avoid the use of first-person language (such as I, we, our, us, and my). Also, refrain from using adult language, overly-hyped or promotion-heavy language, or advertising job vacancies. Destination Guide entries should be informative rather than overtly promotional. Lists of keywords are not acceptable as descriptive text, please use complete sentences.

    Linden Lab reserves the right to edit material for length and clarity.

    Contact the Linden Lab editors

    For questions or update requests to existing entries, or to report an error — like a wrong SLurl or place that's gone — contact the Linden Lab editors via email. Please note that we are not able to respond to every inquiry, however, we welcome all comments, feedback, and suggestions.


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