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Linden Lab

Virtual Valentine Merchandise

Merch Store

We've added an adorable new design to our merchandise store in honor of the month of love and the romantic possibilities of Second Life.

VDay mug pic.PNG

This stuffed bear is emblematic of the warm connections so many Residents find in SL. Give yourself a positive reminder that love comes in many forms with a coffee mug to start your day, or a pin on your backpack. Our furry friend will be available on a variety of custom accessories for a limited time, so hop over to our official merchandise store today.

VDay mask pic.PNG

Linden Lab

winter blog 2.PNGSL merch blog 1.PNG

We'd like to announce that we've added a couple wintery items to our official merchandise store on RedBubble. A wholesome and humorous play on our logo, we hope these can bring some lighthearted joy to kick off a hopeful and positive attitude for the start of 2021.

We've also added the Linden Bears of April and Coyot to our collection of pocket tees.

Head to our store to take a peek. Redbubble is currently offering discounts on duplicate orders of the same item. 

Linden Lab

New Second Life Halloween Merchandise

Merch Store

dead doll shirt.PNG

We've added a collection of Halloween themed items to our Official Merchandise store.

These designs feature fun and quirky creations from our Halloween Swaginator Hunt and have all the ingredients for the perfect pumpkin spice AHH-tte.

Get festive with some autumnal gear today, as these items might not be around forever...



Linden Lab


We heard your requests, and we are very excited to announce the launch of the Official Second Life Merchandise Store, which will be available through RedBubble. The store offers Second Life and Linden Lab branded clothing and accessories, with a very inclusive range of sizes. Don’t worry, we will have both the classic and new logos, so everybody wins.



As the store grows, we will also be adding various collections of designs, some of which will be limited time seasonal offerings. Our first collection will feature Linden Bear-themed merchandise, and will have new designs trickling in throughout the year. Stay tuned for Halloween!

We are so excited for our diverse spectrum of Residents to be able to show their Second Life pride IRL, as well as thankful for the opportunity to let people know that SL continues to grow, adapt, and evolve. 

Tell your friends, and be sure to search “Official Second Life” to see our products. Follow us on Redbubble to be the first to know when new designs are released.



Be sure to use #secondlifemerch when you show off your new gear on our social media!






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