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  1. Hi everyone! Zack Haiku, from Around the GRID Weekly here. You can find our show at YouTube. We are currently looking for some help from you, SL Residents, to fill the following segments: Finally! - have you found something that has finally showed up on the grid and you couldn't do before, and you'd like to share how much you love that it's now available? Share it with us Seriously?! - Does something on SL really grind your gears? What is that one thing you really find annoying, terrible or that makes SL completely unplayable? Tell us and we'll share your complaints with the world When You Wish Upon A Linden... - What is that one thing you wish LL would finally do and make available for all us Residents? Builder's Corner - Share with us your SL creations, your decorating skills, your sim building, and we will showcase it on the show Relics of The Past - Have you been around for a while? Have you come across something on SL you feel like "It belongs in a Museum!"? Show it to us and we will gladly share that piece of History with the rest of the grid GridTrip - Send us your favourite sims and locations so we can showcase it to the rest of the grid and make sure more people know about it. SLArt - Are you an artist? Whether it's photography, video, music, dancing, any kind of art, reach out to us. We would love to promote you on the show! These are the segments we would love to hear from you. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to Zack Haiku (Zack.Galbreus) on SL or leave a message on this post. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to send them to us. Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, I come to inform linden lab that second life is having serious problems with scripts and this has been weeks which is not tidy, I am a creator, I create swords, Huds magic for roleplay and etc ... I have an land of roleplay with friends of mine, and I started to notice a huge delay between our attacks, when we tried use some power made by us the script just doesn't work as it should, objects stay in the air for much longer than they should before they die, objects don't make a sound when they should, there is always a delay of at least 5 seconds to be executed at function of the script !, This disrupts all the dynamics that existed in the past, making people unable to enjoy their powers. At first I thought it was a problem with the land, because when it was reset things "went back to normal" for half an hour, so I started going to other lands and testing different powers, weapons of different brands of second life, and in the vast majority of lands (including Bluesteel and Le Tigre which are Linden Lab's own lands) things still didn't work as they should! This in addition to disrupting the roleplay disrupts our business, as our customers and several others from other stores, think that the products are poorly made, that they are not working normally, when 1/2 months ago everything worked normally, please Linden Lab help fixing this script delay on the servers to get everything back to normal. I made a short Video showing this Delay its just an example of a product where 2 months ago it worked perfectly, with the cuts appearing next to the animation. Sorry for my rust english and Thank You for your Attention.
  3. I have been having issues with payment on second life for about two weeks now. I made my first account which I connected to my visa debit card, which I came to realise was not a supported payment type. I then switched to PayPal, did not work, my payments kept coming back as failed or declined. I then installed Skrill (in each my account was verified), and same issue again. i decided to make a new account and just added Skrill as my payment type and received a new error message this time, that is “ we are unable to complete your request.. You can’t exchange currency… click here for more info” I live in Ireland so my main currency is euro, however I have automatically changed to usd on my Skrill balance, so idk what the issue is. could anyone advise on this? would getting a credit card instead solve anything? any help is appreciated
  4. Hello 👋 I'm brand new to SL photography and I'm actually following a tutorial right now. Just trying to figure out why "Enable Advanced Lighting Model" is grayed out in Preferences and Phototools. Is it because my graphics card is too weak? If so, I understand, just need to know that's the reason why. Using Firestorm 6.4.21 (64531) 64 bit / Radeon RX 580 graphics card
  5. I have some knowledge of 3d mesh objects creation and I wanted to learn to create my own mesh clothes for mesh avis in Sceond Life. I went through some creation tutorials and I got the jist of creating clothes and sewing and some buttons work and even pocket creations. One thing I had issues with trying to learn in Blender 3d mesh creation was texturing. I know you can only add 8 materials per mesh object. And I know how to map out faces for texture applying in Blender. From what I saw in Marvelous is that you can have the normals and uv maps and specular created in it. Here is my question(s): 1. Do you export the normals and uv's and Specular maps FROM Marvelous and upload that into SL? Or do you take that to Blender with the mesh OBJ and assign it there after rigging? 2. Can you re edit the uv map by picking more faces to a mesh clothing item and if so what does it do to the Marvelous designer uv image then? 3. It was my understanding that Marvelous does all the mapping and you jsut take in the mesh obj clothes to rig it to body types in Blender and import that into sl? 4. Are the ao's uv maps, specualars and normal maps that creators import to give out as full perm from Marvelous directly or from Blender? Any help creators can provide would be so helpful I have looked and looked for this information in youtube can't find proper information.
  6. So, im very very new to second life. A total noob. No experience with this site at all. When i first logged on, i noticed how many nude&sexy avatars i saw and kind of just thought it was the norm, it being a more adult site n all. But apparently (and what a relief) this isn't usually allowed in many rooms. Anyway to keep it short, i myself after 2 days finally got a decent - ish outfit,head,hair etc etc. However, that sadly didn't matter since after joining a chat room for newcomers i was quickly told to 'cover up.' Now i did have a bra/top on so i thought maybe she meant it was too sexy but nope. She informed me i was completely naked. And instead of actually helping she kept sending me patronising smiles..which sucked because i wasn't doing this on purpose x_x So to anyone out there reading this, how on earth do i fix this? I have the usual SL viewer and thats all i know..PLEASE HELP. I dont think i can walk around anymore knowing i could potentially be flashing half of second lifes players.
  7. so i have this neck issue when i attempt to wear maitreya ( haven't tested legacy yet) with my anniemay head. how do i resolve this issue?
  8. I have recently purchased 40+ euro worth of linden dollars. The payment came back as unsuccessful and cancelled yet money was still taken out of my account. Would anyone know if this is a common issue and if theres a way fix to it? I have issued support tickets regarding the matter but no replies yet. I paid with a credit card if that means anything Any advice would be appreciated 🙏
  9. Hello! we are seeking talented assistant texturizers for our mesh clothings and accesories. We currently have our hands full with alot of events coming up that we need to complete and we could use the help. Need to have basic knowledge of UV mapping, Photoshop, and can finish deadlines. Please contact me inworld for full details~ → Onimochi Resident - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▼▲▼- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ¡Hola! buscamos texturizadores asistentes talentosos para nuestras telas y accesorios de malla. Actualmente estamos ocupados con muchos eventos que tenemos que completar y nos vendría bien la ayuda. Necesita tener conocimientos básicos de mapeo UV, Photoshop y poder cumplir con los plazos. Por favor contácteme en el mundo para obtener todos los detalles~ → Onimochi Resident
  10. Hello! I am in need of technical assistance. I have a Mac and I am installing windows on it so that I can download the Dragon viewer. It wants me to choose a partition size but I’m not entirely sure which size to choose. Does it matter since SL is not actually installed into my computer? Or does it matter? From what I’ve been able to gather online, it seems like it’s a matter of storage space. Do I need storage space to run SL optimally? Any help would be appreciated. Love, me.
  11. i made a ring and i cant seem to modify my own mesh after exporting from blender 2.79 i have avatstar and did the export thro their dae but when i export it to SL it doesnt let me modify transfer change or select faces in edit mode even after i dropped the mesh on the ground to apply nothing it just doesnt let me move/ rotate or stretch.. i really need help !! thank you
  12. im using bosh https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BoSH-Mesh-Color-Picker-Basic/4130234 HUD change color, my mesh has 2 matriels inside and when i try to change the color by pressing edit link (after the scripts inside the earring) for some reason the 2 matriels becomes one and it changes only the ring instead of the other thing i want it to be changed i even tried with creating simple cube and i tried with select faces (it was 2 faces) but it just wont work.. heres the mesh: https://ibb.co/59Dmjw7 what i want to change: https://ibb.co/kM6z3pL what ends up changing: https://ibb.co/02yqX9M
  13. Hello I'm Jessie, And I really need someone's help with processing credit. It's asking me to add additional information such as "Country information, Personal information, Contact Information and ID Verifications" which I'm fine with. The issue I'm having is in the ID Verification, I'm required to add a "Utility Bill Showing Address Within 90 Days". You see I'm living with my parents and I don't have a Utility bill registered in my name. I'm not sure on what to do, and I would be appreciative on some advice. I have a Phone Bill registered in my name with the exact address, but its not Landline. Would this work?
  14. For about a month now, I've been dealing with my firestorm viewer resetting all my settings. This has to be about the 6th time this has happened. After logging back in: -RLV is disable -Tool Buttons Reset -My Interface fully resets to the default setting Firestorm has been a real bummer. Can anyone help me with this problem or give me a better alternative viewer?
  15. Hello, my name is Akira and I built something from scratch but I am not able to take copy of it, No one built any part of it. why is this happening and its very annoying and I have already checked everything(it is just the frame, no furniture)
  16. so i bought the skin https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vinyl-Destination-Markus-Full-Skin-Shape-Notecard-Body-and-Head-Skin/22788939 and applied it to the aesthetic body with the skin applier kit and now i was trying to take it off and i just cant i dont know where to even look for its not the skin it just applied somewhere in the body and theres not option for me to delete or replacre it. help please ! i own the signature body and wanted to go back to it and it still stays even there
  17. Hi, I know there are various ways of 'walking' in SL. When I decorate my homes I like to click to the point I want to walk to. (Hope this makes sense). Probably a bad habit I know? I normally can do this, but I recently purchased a home that has what I would term 'dead clicks', meaning I click here and there and I just basically stand still. 🤕 I know/think this could be because of scrips running in the object?, but how do I rectify this? I want to be able to click and walk as I call it! 🏃‍♀️ I've contacted the seller, so far no response. I'd really appreciate some ideas and help. I am not great technically but if you could tell me in a simply way?! That would help. Thanks again!😃
  18. Hello everyone! This question might have already been answered, unknowingly to me. If it has, so sorry for the duplicate question, but I couldn't seem to find it in the forums. If is has been answered, please share the link to that forum. My two friends and I have been looking for land to rent. We already have a house and just need land to put it on. The issue we have been running into is the prim allowance (I've noticed this has been talked about a lot among SL users). The other thing is that we don't know a lot of places that offer a variety of lands to rent. So, my question is two-fold: 1.) Are there some good lands out there that offer a big prim allowance, and if so, where? 2.) What are some of the best places that provide a good variety of options to look at? Thanks and hope everyone is doing well. Take care!
  19. So I’m new to second life and I’m trying to figure out, what type of body do I want for my avi but one of the bodies that I’m thinking about buying says woman body appears. What is a appear?
  20. After nearly 6 years of doing absolutely nothing with my inventory, I've spent the better part of the last 2 weeks clearing out nearly 80,000 items. Don't judge me, please. I know many of you have mentioned your detailed folder systems. I've yet to figure out a way to sort all the items I have. I can figure out furniture and landscape but clothing is another problem. Do you sort by type? Dresses, pants, sweaters, t-shirts or some other way? By store, color, season? I'd like some ideas as to how to even begin. Thank you all in advance. ETA: I may not get to reading your replies until later this evening. I'm going cross-eyed after several hours of clearing and it's a bit hard to focus on text. 😬
  21. im new to rigged mesh building and on blender it looks good and when i export it as dea to sl it looks horible i did automatic weight paint i have uv maps all set up and it works well on blender with the pose mode but only in when i upload its bad. heres how it is on blender:https://ibb.co/DDtB1rj and how it looks in second life:https://ibb.co/0yVNMX4 is the problem comes because the avatar i use not good? or the automatic weight paints ruins it? or its something else? please help and thanks everyone
  22. so i bought the catwa toothpick animation accessory which including "chewing" animtion, and i noticed after the first 'loop' it just rest and not moving anymore and i have to reput it on the avatar for this to work again and stop again after few 5 6 seconds and it suppose to be moving infinty until ill detach it whats happening? thanks!
  23. so i bought the catwa toothpick animation accessory which including "chewing" animtion, and i noticed after the first 'loop' it just rest and not moving anymore and i have to reput it on the avatar for this to work again and stop again after few 5 6 seconds and it suppose to be moving infinty until ill detach it whats happening? thanks!
  24. A script that links a profile link of the owner's name in local chat when whispering/speaking/shouting. EXAMPLE: secondlife:///app/agent/9bb35653-4ea2-41bb-bdc9-5bb51050f143/about : Hello, how are you? Welcome.
  25. Hello Guys My Name is Soni. I have lost my favourite Country Club today . My OWN Secondlife Grandpa that I loved until today (No Names to nobody) fired Me. A Staff Member from the Dorm in which one I'am living, came in to talk to Me and gave a damn about it, when I said i have to host a Set in a few Minutes. So I checked in too late, and THAT was Reason enough for him to fire Me. So I'am searching for a new Country Club that has Dj's and Hostie's 24/7 a Week, it should be a Child Friendly Club, and in the BEST Case they're hiring Dj's and Hosties. Exceptions are "Country Strong Reborn" which i have lost today, and "Wildcat Country" because I was banned from Wildcat Country. But without my Country Music over the Day, i just feel empty =/... Please, if ANYBODY in this Forum knows such a 24/7 Country Club, please reply to me x__X! Thanks for reading. Yours Soni.
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