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  1. I seen it on isnta and on a few other store owners pictures for their products and can not find it, no one will tell me where it is either, help!
  2. So, first let me say. I'm a huge believer in Linden Homes. I'm one of the weirdos who feel this will be the future of SL housing. I updated to Premium Plus, for literally one reason. I feel that "Choosing your Linden Home, Concierge Service" is an amazing idea! So I did just that! I worked very hard for two weeks. I contacted some people and was able to find a couple of homes available on "demand". So I contacted the concierge phone support. They have nothing to do with this option, I was directed to the FAQ. So I could send in a support ticket, Ok! Let's do this! I sent in a ticket! I responded with what I expected, they can't guarantee that if I'm standing with a friend, and they drop the lot..I will be the first person to get it. Even after putting in a ticket and letting them know. I'm sorry but with all respect, I don't agree with this!! So! Let's move forward, let's do what THEY intended us to do. Even though I personally already predicted this, which is why I found some friends who don't use their homes. Location is important to me!! So here we go! Three days, I finally found it. A woman who was releasing her Linden Home, Perfect!! I was there and submitted my ticket! We got this! I'm excited-ish. So she pulls the trigger, and the lot is empty! My ticket is submitted! I'm standing there for almost 39 minutes!! Dun Dun Dun! Boom! Someone grabs it via the website, but we KNEW that was going to happen once we learned that we don't actually have a live concierge service to help us receive the home. Finally, a response to my ticket about 15 minutes later. "This one has already been claimed, unfortunately. " Now they did offer to hold onto a Victorian for me, but without the eye for location, which is the most important part for residents like me who actually want to live and use the property. I'm sorry but I feel this system is FLAWED. Can't we do better for 29 dollars a month? I'm not here to complain, I'm truly not. I'm here to try and help! The obvious answer would be to add a LIVE concierge service, but that would take more man/office hours let's face it, not many companies will do such a thing. So how about, a live chat feature? Well, that poses the same problem. Perhaps adding a BUTTON or automated service ON the land itself!!! For an "Empty" lot. I feel that would be simple enough, no? Premium Plus member walks up to an empty lot; said person selects the lot and claims it. This would solve this problem? Don't you think? The houses could be put into the website the same way, causing no disruption there. The houses could be claimed PERSONALLY for the upgrade of Premium Plus, without the need to waste time sending in "Support" tickets that in reality, you'll most likely LOSE the house, you actually want via the website. I know this probably won't be fixed or added & most people probably don't care. I just think that this could be an amazing feature & advertised as such so it actually holds meaning because I'm fully disappointed with the service that in my opinion is misleading and not that effective considering even when knowing the house will be "Empty". That's not good enough, because we don't have a "Live" agent to help. Thank you for reading & your time.
  3. I finally decided to redo/update my avatar and I am completely lost! I made her when I first started SL back in 2015, and in that time so much has changed. I've asked around in world with no real help. So if you enjoy helping put together avi looks and good company...send me a message!
  4. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 *** For best Teleport, copy the SLURL to your clipboard, and paste it into your viewer chat. 1,024m - 351 prim - L$249/w Roadside Teleport at Coulours Check this out first --> 1,536m - 527 prim - L$399/w - Waterland - Teleport at Escanes 1,824m - 626 prim - L$449/w Roadside Teleport to Japarid _____________________________________________________________________ 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Grass Hills at Teleport to Klaatu 2,048m - 703 prim - L$499/w - Waterland - Teleport at Blarne Isle 2,048m - 703 prim - L$499/w - Roadside - Teleport to Osiliers _____________________________________________________________________ 4,096m - 1406 prim - L$899/w - Grass Valley - Teleport to Eurodium 4,096m - 1406 prim - L$899/w - Grass Valley - Teleport at Pilantin 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w - Grass Valley at Mephilo Tor ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Long Term Discounted Deals - Ask for it! ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  5. Hello, im new to the forums, but i need help. i keep trying to change my display name, but everytime i try, it tells me "Sorry, we could not set your display name, please try again later" and its been doing this for three days now. i have followed all the right steps to change it. profile- edit display name and i get the right box for it, but it wont let me. the grid status says that all systems are operational, so i cant figure out why it wont let me change my name. i didnt find any other troubleshooting pages for this, so i thought i would try my luck here.
  6. We are Hiring Hosts, Mods/GM & DJs You keep 100% of your tips always! Great Positive Work Environment! We understand Real Life comes 1st! We have our own Club Stream DJ's do not have to rent their own stream to spin at our club. Grab your application for Host or DJ, we are also hiring Set Mods/Managers (you don't have to know how to DJ, just have a loving attitude & enjoy working with people all over the world in an International club, Managers/Mods get paid per set you would not be on a tipjar, just fill out the host application and make a note about your management experience) Hosts: https://tiny.one/7exjr2ac DJs: https://tiny.one/ymwv9xkp Our Club Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats/36/26/1952 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/xHUMm3dhKV
  7. Hey everyone, I would like some help with my character's physics. I have the Maitreya body, and I've got a physics layer thing for it. Only my breasts seem to be moving though. I've been reading some old forums saying that this is the case for the Maitreya, and as well the case for many other mesh bodies. These were old forums, however. Has there been any new developments? Is there a new kind of physics I could get that would allow me to adjust for my belly and butt as well? If not, are there any mesh bodies bodies that allow for butt and stomach physics that anyone could recommend me? I've heard that Belleza and Tonic used to offer physics for more than the breasts. Is this still the case? Are there any other mesh bodies that offer this? I'm fairly new to this game, and I'd just like someone to help me understand these mesh bodies and their physics, as well as the many different kinds of physics (layers?) you can get for them. Thanks, and have a great day
  8. Hey, I hope you guys day is going well. I am in a pause of trying to find a URL script for my HUD or someone who knows how to script? I've been searching up and down and I haven't yet to find a URL script for my color changing HUD. Thank you very much.
  9. I have been using Lumiya for quite some time now and havent had any issues but over the past couple of days i have been getting disconnected every 5 minutes or so and I'm not sure why, I was hoping that someone could help me figure it out.
  10. is there a script to rez object on touch but near the avatar that clicked it? and also with a menu would be nice to chose which to rez from contents? if a scripter would give a quote for a custom one please IM me!
  11. Looking for either advice on what mesh/models i should use to make the following avatars OR if anyone can do customized avatars id also be willing to pay for the services. 1. Absol / Mega Absol (Female, Anthro Pokémon) 2. Arctic Fox (Male, Anthro) (may add more once the need arises for more) The first one I'm looking for is a bit of a difficult one as I don't see many of them, but the ones that do exist are usually all custom made. There is also a bit of a theme with this one (also it is going to be a gift to a friend) The second one is more of an update/upgrade to the current Bento Fox i have now. Want something that looks good but is less impactful on the world if that makes sense I have References to go off of with both of these avatars so it will make things a bit easier if a custom model is required. SFW / NSFW versions of both
  12. Hello all, I'll try to be brief with this otherwise complicated problem. For 5 or more days, I cannot see anything in my inventory, or my avatar, or my landmarks, anything at all. The folders are there but there's literally nothing in them (including the default Library folder) The total inventory count is missing more than 3/4 of what I originally had. The count number below is stuck at "fetching # elements...". That number won't progress. My "current outfit" folder seems empty, as if my avatar is not wearing nothing at all. Likewise, Appearance/Wearing also seems empty and is stuck at "loading...". The "worn" tab on inventory is also empty and is stuck at "searching..." I cannot wear, add or detach anything. When I try to remove a hud on my screen, I get the warning "Could not put on outfit. The outfit folder contains no clothing, body parts, or attachments." My avatar is an orange cloud. Even my avatar name or groups are not shown on my profile page. I've sent a support ticket to Linden Labs but from what I've seen from other forum posts it may take several days for them to return, so I'm hoping someone here may have a guess on what's wrong. Here are some solutions I tried this week: + Cleaning cache folders didn't fix it. + Clean installing the viewer didn't fix it. + Trying different viewers didn't fix it. + Trying a different PC didn't fix it. It worked on my first try but the next day the same happened on that PC too. + Logging in with a different account experiences the same problem. + Whitelisting SL folders didn't fix it. + Changing regions didn't fix it. + Copy-pasting the cache and user setting files from another working PC didn't fix it. + turning "NoInventoryLibrary" debug setting to False or True didn't fix it.
  13. Since yesterday I cannot wear, add or attach items all the options are greyed out this happened randomly. I tried clearing cache method using the Firestorm wiki forum suggested on another post but that didn't work, this also only happens on my account on my pc, please help!
  14. I am trying to wear on of my doux hairs with my new reborn body but it goes through my butt
  15. Can't find this hair no matter what and Creator didn't respond to any IM. We tried several times 😐 Any tips on brand/creator or exact model are welcome. :3 😇
  16. weird problem, whenever i try to upload a mesh its always use the edges count and not the vertices count, in additon to that it doubles it up like i have 120 edges in blender it uses 240 edges in second life, i tested it on a simple sphere and it shows me the same problem my questions is why it use the edges count and not the vertics and why it doubles the count ? theres no seams or material when i tested it even tho i tested it with too it just the same !! heres pictures of how it looks in blender and in the upload menu in second life : https://ibb.co/kyDQPH7 https://ibb.co/267MwyL
  17. Hi, something transparent around the head causes the hair to fail
  18. So i applied some makeup for Omega, To a MayReal Mesh Head using a Relay HUD. Sometimes it looks fine, Like when i Log in, And a few minutes later without my having done or messed with anything at all, It does stuff like this (Again, On it's own) Please advise! Thank you (This has been an ongoing issue with other Eyeliner Appliers in the past too, It's definitely not just this one)
  19. so i made 2 scripts that similar but the only change is that i added - in the numbers to have the opposite effect on the other side since it doesnt let me put 2 of them lines in one script (it doesnt do the same effect as i want which side to side effect like rotate a bit in degree and go back to the other side like rotate in 45 side to side in a loop without do a perfect 360 circle). and when i rezz the mesh with the 2 scripts in world it works perfect but when i wear it it doesnt move at all it stays static i suspect is that 2 of the scripts are "against " each other. my question is how an you make it work side to side 45 degrees to the left snd 45 degrees to the right but stay in place without having 2 scripts but just one like "combaine" this.. please help im tryna animate a simple earring. heres the codes: script 1 default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(1); } timer() { rotation rot = llGetLocalRot(); vector vrot = llRot2Euler(rot); vrot+=<-0.08,0,-0.01*DEG_TO_RAD>; rot = llEuler2Rot(vrot); llSetLocalRot(rot); } } script2: default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(1); } timer() { rotation rot = llGetLocalRot(); vector vrot = llRot2Euler(rot); vrot+=<0.08,0,0.01*DEG_TO_RAD>; rot = llEuler2Rot(vrot); llSetLocalRot(rot); } }
  20. so i made the script i wanted and it works when the product is rezzed in world but when i wear the product with the script inside it doesnt move only if i walk it moves in delay too. and my question is how to make the product with the script inside to move even if my avatar just standing ? ( for example a simple cube i created) this the script: default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(1); } timer() { rotation rot = llGetRot(); vector vrot = llRot2Euler(rot); vrot+=<0,0,10*DEG_TO_RAD>; rot = llEuler2Rot(vrot); llSetRot(rot); } }
  21. i want to make a script that stays in place but rotate a bit to the left and then bounce a bit to the right like 35 degrees in slow motion in loop, for an earring i want to animate, where do i start? im new to scripting
  22. Hey so since yesterday i could not login into SL anymore worked peachy before but now everytime i try it i get the error Message from the Screenshot. I tried pretty much every single help on the forum so far but the problem is still the same. Tried different DNS , restarted computer + router , tried switching locations , reset caches etc , reinstalled. Everything still no change. Friend said i might just have to wait and see and it will eventually work again but it's a bit of a downer.
  23. my mesh is transparent in some places when i wear it but then when i rezz it it looks perfectly fine, i asked my friend if she can see it right and she sees the full mesh without any transparency problem , all alphas are turned off as it doesnt have alpha enable after making sure i set it to " None" why it happens on my screen only? https://ibb.co/xCrxJk9 this is the problem when i wear it on my avi and this is the mesh when its full rezzed, the complexity is very very low too. https://ibb.co/qJFmQbH
  24. Learning to love your inventory and finding ways to really get the most use of the tools you have. How can you make your outfit gallery work for you? How can you set up an outfit to wear in one click? What is the easiest way to handle inventory so you can use it? Taught by Katheryn Llewellyn in voice in skygarden sandbox. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helping%20Haven%20Gateway/84/103/301
  25. someone uploaded mesh with over 600k vertices : https://ibb.co/zVhSS9y and i wanna know how can you do it ? im very curious about this
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