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About Me

  1. Pictured: SLEA Last week I said I would offer an update about the uplift process of the Destination Guide every Friday. As of about 5 minutes ago, the process is complete and we finally have access! We are slowly updating the entries now. Since we haven’t had access to it for almost a month, we have quite the backlog and it will take some time to catch up. Hopefully, by next Friday I will have a long list of new destinations for you to explore. In the meantime, check out these interesting events that are happening this weekend. Second Life Endowment For The Arts T
  2. This week’s “Second Life Destinations” video explores The Retreat, a beautiful hang-out space on the Mainland created by Anjelikka who writes regularly about her Second Life adventures at the No Time for Real Life blog. “Second Life was my therapy that I could go to anytime I wanted to - especially in those wee hours at night,” says Anjelikka, who created her own happy place in SL as a way to help with her post-traumatic stress disorder. “Second Life is like a social life after work and it’s safe. I like that part. In real life, social gatherings are hard for me because I can not ju
  3. This week’s “Second Life Destinations” video travels back in time to 1888 for a visit to Crossroads, a popular combat-based role-playing community in Second Life. Set in the fictional town of McCoy, Kansas during the civil war period, you’ll embark in a Western Victorian and Wild West Para RPG filled with suspense, natives, tribes, gangs, horse trails, and more! Once you arrive, you’ll find several resources and shops that will help you get in character -- and don’t forget to pick up the WWM Wild West Meter from P3 Gaming (available near the landing point). You’ll also want to pick up the
  4. I see that some of the Linden Wilderness Sims are gone now, although they still remain in the Destination Guide. Leech, Tapir, Piranha, Gecko, Capybara, all not there anymore. Was there a notification or blog entry concerning the removal of these sims? If there was, I sure missed it! I've been going to the Wilderness sims a few times a year since they were created. I enjoyed the boats, the paths, some of features that worked, and the fishing. The quests ofc have been dead a long time. Yeah, I didn't live there, never saw many people there, but there are tons of Linden places of less qual
  5. Malcom68

    Destination Guide

    How can i add my land to the destination guide?
  6. I wanted to make a suggestion to the destination guide, but once I hit submit, it says: Access Denied - you do not have permission to access on this server. Has anyone else have that problem?
  7. Marcel & Sebastian's Art Gallery is a gallery that is established to help artists in a remote area so that their artworks are known by people worldwide. This gallery was founded by Marcel Mosswood, with the concept of an outdoor gallery, close to nature, and has a comfortable place to hang out with music that makes you relax. This gallery also has a beautiful hill view, located on a causeway that connects about 10 sims. There are more than 50 artworks created by Marcel and Sebastian. Marcel creates nature-inspired art, and Sebastian's art is sci-fi inspired. There are photographies by
  8. I saw the new post about Equestrian hangouts and was so sad to see my favorite place was not listed! This place is like, the best kept secret for horse riding, dating, etc... maybe not anymore since im sharing it, lmao http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ancient Destiny/200/98/22 They are called Rosewood Farms. I thought this was a full sim with the amount of stuff on it but it's actually a homestead. They have the Waterhorse Animesh Horses here but they also have something called the Teeglepet Animesh Horse which i think came out before?? I rode one of their horses leisurely aroun
  9. Hi Can anyone explain to me how the destination guide is worked? We have a club, and have submitted it to the guide and got zilch! Yet there are still clubs and other things listed that have long since gone! And do you happen to know about the destinations in Firestorm? is that something else? or does that use the same guide as the SL destination guide?
  10. As the holiday season draws closer, the creators of the Second Life community are already celebrating with fantastic festive events and several snow-filled sims that are only viewable through this holiday season. There are over 80 winter-themed attractions to visit in the Destination Guide -- so grab your mittens and get ready to explore these hot (or should we say “cold”) spots before the snow melts! One of the biggest highlights this season is our annual Holiday Shop & Hop event, held through Jan. 1. This exclusive event features special discounts and free giveaways from about 60 p
  11. Winter festivals, snowball fights and holiday hunts are among the highlights of this week’s Destination Guide additions. The Winter Activities category continues to grow with over 70 snow-filled destinations to explore. Don’t miss these new spots: Snowball Fight Holidays have traditions - the gathering of families, the giving of gifts, the food and merriment, and - in our case - the Linden vs. Resident Snowball Showdown! This is your chance to arm yourself with some sweet snow-slinging artillery, take to the sparkling ice and attack your friends, fellow Resid
  12. As December arrives, many Second Life creators are already showing off their holiday spirit with a flurry of new seasonal events and snowy experiences. There are now over 40 winter-themed attractions featured in the Destination Guide, so don’t forget to bundle up before you begin to explore! Here are some of our favorite highlights this week: Winter Wonderland Enjoy an exciting snowy adventure in this winter attraction by Linden Lab. Enjoy some holiday gifts in the Village of Lights, or a nice skate around the rink with friends. Take a look over the regions on the
  13. The Destination Guide is a directory that features almost 2,000 places to explore in Second Life. That’s a lot of teleporting! With several new spots added weekly, we’ve now made it easier than ever to find the freshest entries with the debut of the Recently Added category. Here you’ll always find the most recent 20-30 spots added to the Guide. This week’s new additions include several new Winter Attractions, including a real-life replica of Greenland and a few other snowy surprises. Still, not everyone wants to chill. For those who seek the heat, there’s a new beach and a huge surfing-t
  14. While the official start of winter isn’t until late December, the Second Life community isn’t wasting any time in celebrating the holiday season with snow-filled attractions and holiday events. The Winter Attractions category in the Destination Guide is already starting to fill up with festivities you won’t want to miss! New highlights include a Christmas Fair, the North Pole and a Winter Bazaar. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, too. The popular Jerky Turkey Hunt returns, as well as an all-new Autumn Fest. Christmas Lane The Christmas Spirit is here! Come join this
  15. Even in these uncertain times, Second Life still has the ability to bring people from different cultures and communities together. That’s because SL is filled with so many unique community-created social spaces that aim to educate, enlighten and empower. This week, the Destination Guide shines a spotlight on a few of the many multicultural museums and cultural exhibits that make our virtual melting pot so special. Here’s a few of our favorites: Virtual Black History Museum The Virtual Black History Museum is an awareness project that takes a look at the timeline of even
  16. This week, the Second Life community celebrates Halloween with dozens of limited-time haunted attractions and events that you won’t want to miss. Ghosts, goblins and other spooky surprises lurk around every dark corner — so explore with your friends and get ready to get scared! Join us on Halloween between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (Pacific) for the Second Life Creepy Crawl, an event filled with music, contests, crazy costumes, tricks...and, yes, treats. Wander with us as we roam from spot to spooky spot to explore the dark side of Second Life together then step into the arena and get sma
  17. October continues to be a busy time in Second Life as several new seasonal events and Halloween-themed spots continue to pop up across the grid. One of the biggest highlights this month is BURN2, which is an inworld extension of the popular Burning Man festival and community. The theme for this round is “Radical Ritual.” Another highlight is the unusual art experience “Floating” by acclaimed artists Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost. This unexpected collaboration has an interesting backstory that you can read about on Bryn Oh’s blog. October wouldn’t be complete without dozens of new haunt
  18. The Halloween season inworld is already in full force as dozens of new Haunted spots and seasonal events are already spooking up Second Life. There’s a dizzying amount of creativity to explore...if you dare! Here are a few of this week’s new additions to the Destination Guide: Trick Or Treat Lane Get your costumes and treat bags ready. Trick or Treat Lane returns Oct 13 - Nov 3. At Halloween, we all love treats. So this event is meant to give a sweet treat (free gift) and a new exclusive design or a discount of at least one item to shoppers at every booth door they visi
  19. Endless frights and haunted nights are everywhere in Second Life. Halloween has always been one of the most active holidays in the community and this year is no different. There are already dozens of new haunted highlights to explore in the Destination Guide...if you dare! Here’s just a few that were added this week: SL's Top Haunted Places and Hunt Now in its 8th year, SL's Top Haunted Places and Hunt features many creative haunts and hunts you can visit and enjoy across the grid. You can also do some Halloween shopping at some of SL's best stores. There are over 70 lis
  20. The haunting season is upon us! As October arrives, so too do the ghosts, goblins, and other creepy creatures of the night. All sorts of frightful delights can be found amidst the darkest corners and crevices of Second Life. Explore multiple haunted houses, Halloween-themed events, and other spooky spots in our special Haunted category in the Destination Guide. Keep watching this space as you'll soon see even more haunted attractions pop up before they disappear like a ghost at the end of the month. Here's some of this week's haunted highlights: Halloweentown Welco
  21. This week’s Destination Guide highlights include a massive grid-wide game and several new spots you’ll want to snap and share with friends. Save the grid from impending doom and win fabulous prizes in the new grid-wide game Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches. This ambitious adventure extends to multiple parcels across all of Second Life and many land owners can even get in on the action. It’s unlike anything ever seen before in SL. Are you a photo buff? This week's Destination Guide highlights include new photogenic spots including a remote Russian weather station and
  22. It’s a mad, mad world...that’s why we’re crazy for the all-new MadPea City. The acclaimed MadPea Productions recently opened up elaborate new headquarters in Second Life and their new Region also houses offices for many established brands and creators including Love to Decorate, The Drax Files, Kultivate Magazine and Shiny Shabby. In the mood for something more Medieval? The 7th Annual Renaissance Hunt & Faire is underway! This fantasy event is always fantastical and marvelously magical — so bust out your best garb and let your imagination come to life! There are plenty of other
  23. There’s something about September in Second Life. As summer comes to a close, the community is cranking up the creativity as several high-profile events and destinations debut. The Arcade quarterly fashion event is back — and will surely getcha with great gachas from 100 of SL’s best designers and builders. Kultivate Magazine concludes its popular series of events this year with The Black & White Exhibition, which features over 40 artists showcasing their talents in black-and-white imagery. If you’re feeling festive, then there’s also the Fantasy Gay Pride event which features several impr
  24. Live happily ever Thereafter in a post-apocalyptic (virtual) world alongside some of Second Life’s brightest musicians, deejays and designers. This limited-time Second Life theater, music and sales event is unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed inworld. Second Life is all abuzz about PocketGacha this week. So, what’s PocketGacha? This HUD-based shopping experience lets you get your Gachas in a new, convenient way. Watch the video below to find out or just hop inworld to see for yourself. Other new highlights this week in the Destination Guide include a hipster fashion
  25. Oh, the horror! Everything is terrifically horrific in this week’s Destination Guide highlights. The 6th annual Lovecraft Festival is already underway and there’s a frightful new puzzle game from the acclaimed MadPea Productions that you won’t want to miss. Chic Aeon has crafted a steamy mystery game that challenges players to explore a creepy graveyard in search of a missing woman...or you can risk venturing further into the Unenchanted Forest. If you manage to return alive from any of these horror-filled hot spots, then there are plenty of peaceful places that you can also explore in S
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