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Linden Lab

In Second Life, Pride extends year-round! In March, we introduced our first (of many) Community Pages, and today we are excited to announce our new LGBTQ+ Community Page as a new resource to amplify and educate new and existing Residents about the many diverse LGBTQ+ experiences and communities inside Second Life.

These pages feature interviews from members of the LGBTQ+ community, images of pride inworld submitted by the community to our official Second Life Flickr Group, as well as destinations and videos of places you can explore and meet like-minded Residents.

Whether you're looking for a place to share your story, find friends or partners who understand what it's like being LGBTQ+, or just want to connect with other people who are going through similar experiences as you, we hope this page will be a great resource for you! 

The Second Life community pages are living projects and we plan to continue to update and add more. We have just redesigned them, so watch out for an update on our previous Black Culture Community Page soon.

We’ve been busy interviewing other community members for future pages so look out for our upcoming Anthro community page announcement! 

All of our community pages will be indexed here: https://secondlife.com/community

Patch-Pride Community Page-4x3.jpg

Linden Lab

The importance of community simply can’t be understated, and in Second Life, it’s invaluable. Think of how many different groups of people you interact with each day — what if you had a go-to comprehensive page that illustrates various aspects of each community in Second Life?

We’re excited to announce our new initiative! We’ve begun building in-depth community pages that will live directly on the Second Life website. Each of these pages will celebrate Residents in all different communities, and showcase the meaningful experiences that strengthen the social fabric of Second Life. This will include stories, quotes, photos, videos, and more — all directly from Second Life Residents.

“Humans have survived by living in communities since the beginning of time. We are born into families, and into the groups that our families choose to be a part of. We also deliberately seek out and create communities. Whether that’s based on proximity, shared values and beliefs, or individual interests, we intentionally create communities for shared goals — deepening relationships, creating feelings of belonging, and providing support for the health and wellbeing of all members.”

These community pages are living projects, and we want your input! These pages will be extensive resources by and for each community. If you would like to submit content for a page, please keep an eye out for announcements on specific community pages, as there will be a (google form) open to the public for each of them. Please understand that due to the volume of submissions, not all content will be published, but we appreciate your input.

Our first new community page is Black Culture in Second Life. “Black culture is rich because it is from the soul. When you see Blackness in real life, what you are seeing is a soul of a people. Some of us displaced from generations; some of us with long lineages of old worlds and traditions. From the way we talk, to the beliefs we hold, to our own language [African American Vernacular English, and the international derivatives of it], Blackness is a LIFE FORCE of Second Life,” writes Dondallia Graves.

Second Life should be an inclusive haven of self-expression, and we feel it’s important to highlight every community. We look forward to sharing more community pages as we publish them.

Photo by ZoeyNova Oatsmill.png
Photo by ZoeyNova Oatsmill

Explore our first community page: Black Culture in Second Life.

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