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  1. It’s a mad, mad world...that’s why we’re crazy for the all-new MadPea City. The acclaimed MadPea Productions recently opened up elaborate new headquarters in Second Life and their new Region also houses offices for many established brands and creators including Love to Decorate, The Drax Files, Kultivate Magazine and Shiny Shabby. In the mood for something more Medieval? The 7th Annual Renaissance Hunt & Faire is underway! This fantasy event is always fantastical and marvelously magical — so bust out your best garb and let your imagination come to life! There are plenty of other Second Life hot spots to explore in this week’s highlights, too. Check out some of our favorites below: MadPea City From a leisurely stroll through a photogenic park to an intense game night with friends, a bird's eye view of the world atop the MadPea SkyWheel or a dizzying whirl 'round the Teacup Ride, to shopping MadPea's mainstore and gachas and departing on your adventures to MadPea's latest games and hunts, MadPea Mad City is your one-stop destination for fun. Visit in Second Life The 7th Annual Renaissance Hunt & Faire Welcome to the seventh annual Renaissance-themed grid-wide hunt and fair, held through Sept. 30. Renaissance, Medieval and fantasy-themed gifts are hidden all over the grid in dozens of participating shops. You'll find entertainment, gachas, food, drink, shopping and a mini-hunt at the Faire. Visit in Second Life TMG Fall Expo In London London InSL presents Two Moon Gardens Fall Expo! Two Moon Gardens has been around for a very long time and offers the SL community breathtaking gardens that you won't want to miss as London springs into fall. Visit in Second Life Meeting of Virtual Libraries 2017 The Federal University of Paraíba (Brazil), in partnership with the University of Aveiro (Portugal), will hold the Virtual Libraries Meeting 2017 on Sept 28-29. Short paper submissions can be made by September 15. More info at Visit in Second Life Libentia Libentia is a beautiful, romantic nature retreat for discerning adults. Walk on the forest paths, visit the beach, the watermill house and the lake cottage or dance in the ruins. Discover the hidden campsite. Visit in Second Life Artizana Artizana is a fashion house specializing in cultural African and Bohemian inspired clothing for women and men. Artizana embodies a fusion of both modern and traditional designs, incorporating a wide range of vibrant batiks, bogolans (mud cloth), and textiles from many African, Caribbean, and Southeast Asian countries. Visit in Second Life Dystopia Explore this post-apocalyptic sim where the weather changes depending on the seasons. Will you become a "dysciple" of Dystopia? Visit in Second Life Val d'Orcia Val d'Orcia is a beautiful Tuscany-themed sim to walk and explore.Take a boat ride off the beach or even rent a home. Val d'Orcia is your Tuscan dream come true in Second Life. Visit in Second Life Unnatural Unnatural is a present-day fantasy sim set in a town on the shores of fictional Lake Ashmore, on the foothills of the Pocono Mountains. Players are welcome to choose between playing as a vampire, werewolf or human. Learn more at Visit in Second Life Tyme Drift White Water River Recreation Experience white water river adventure at the Tyme Drift River Recreation Area. Grab a kayak and shoot the rapids, or float along the drifts of Tyme in an inner tube. Visit in Second Life Wolf Valley Bowling Center Wolf Valley Ranch features a state-of-the-art bowling center with four lanes and lots of arcade games. Join the league or enter one of the many contests in this fun recreation spot. Visit in Second Life Blues Rock Cafe Blues Rock Cafe is a live music venue that gives you the real feeling of visiting concerts with a touch of blues. During your stay you can play games, take a boat tour, hang out with your friends or cuddle and enjoy live music. Visit in Second Life Blue Shark Marina Blue Shark Marina is an inland marina with access to the Blake Sea, which gives you access to over a hundred sims for some fantastic sailing opportunities. Here there are 19 rental slips of various sizes for your motorboats/sailing boats. Visit in Second Life K.I.S.S. Island Would you like to find a place that has the atmosphere of a tropical island community along with quiet, romantic spots and places to hang out, dance and have fun? K.I.S.S. features lush lands with beautiful places to relax and make new friends. Bring your lovers and playmates for alone time or to take pictures at this tropical escape. Visit in Second Life Paradise Island Travel to this ancient Roman roleplay sim for gay and bisexual men. Places to explore include the gardens, library, tavern, courthouse, market, pool, beach and bath house. Visit in Second Life New Visigoth Kingdom of Caucaland Welcome to Visigoth Kingdom of Caucaland - a whole new world made by Edana von Caucaland. While this spot was mainly built for taking pictures, you can also relax and have fun with your friends as you explore the many hidden points of interest. Visit in Second Life As always, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Egotherapy Club and Art Gallery. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  2. There’s something about September in Second Life. As summer comes to a close, the community is cranking up the creativity as several high-profile events and destinations debut. The Arcade quarterly fashion event is back — and will surely getcha with great gachas from 100 of SL’s best designers and builders. Kultivate Magazine concludes its popular series of events this year with The Black & White Exhibition, which features over 40 artists showcasing their talents in black-and-white imagery. If you’re feeling festive, then there’s also the Fantasy Gay Pride event which features several impressive fantasy builds including a Baroque theater, steampunk area and a Medieval castle. There are also some fantastic photogenic spots for snapshots and exploring, including Fairy Tale from the ever-prolific Cica Ghost and Night Gazing (which celebrates the beauty of dreaming). Here’s this week’s highlights: The Arcade Gacha Events The Arcade Gacha Events presents the ultimate GACHA experience! Guaranteed to delight shoppers, The Arcade offers unique transferable items from 100 of the grid's top designers. Discover that perfect gift to surprise and delight everyone on your list this year! Visit in Second Life The Black & White Exhibition Don't miss the last major art show this summer for Kultivate Magazine! The Black and White Exhibition, held through Sept. 3, features over 40 artists showcasing some of their best black and white imagery! This event also features live performers and a special hunt, plus a Black and White masquerade event. For more info, visit Visit in Second Life Fantasy Gay Pride 2017 Welcome to Fantasy Gay Pride 2017 - Year 8! With a goal of encouraging an understanding and acceptance for adults of all sexual orientations, this year's theme is "Stars of the Stars." The event, held Aug. 25-Sept. 3, features fantasy builds including a Baroque theater, jungle, steampunk area, Medieval castle and more. Visit in Second Life London City Autumn Gala Join London City for a month of spectacular live music shows, daily events and weekend concerts, as they celebrate their 8th Birthday in a golden autumnal setting to mark the season's change. For details see Visit in Second Life Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost ''Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.'' - C.S. Lewis Visit in Second Life Night Gazing Forget everything you know and let the night wash over you. A stunning art installation celebrating the beauty of dreaming. Visit in Second Life Woodbury Falls Woodbury Falls a photogenic horror sim where it is evident that something is wrong. The town lies through the maze of abandoned houses where windows have long shattered in the weakness of their structures and rotting boards, Weeds socialize across the cracking asphalt of every road, gathering and laughing at the lone pedestrian. Do you have what it takes to survive? Visit in Second Life North Inspired by raw and serene Scandinavian and Scottish landscapes, North is a northern landscape themed environment meant to induce an experience of something unspoiled, raw and serene. Visit in Second Life Evergreen Escape Evergreen Escape is a scenic New England-themed sim that is oriented towards realistic horse role play in a rustic country setting. With several hang out spots, rentals, and trails to explore, this seasonal and romantic sim is a welcoming retreat for all. Visit in Second Life Space Station Travel to this space station, located on an asteroid somewhere in Second Life. Tour the station on a scooter or go outside the station in a bubble or space car. There are many interactive places to explore, including a sick bay, atom smasher, garden, bridge, and much more. Visit in Second Life HKPolyU Evolution VCE3i Welcome to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Virtual Campus Evolution (VCE3i), an immersive, interactive and innovative attraction of interdisciplinary and collaborative activities. Visit in Second Life Yumix Square Uminoie Explore this quaint Japanese eatery by the sea. What will you discover underwater in the nearby sea? Explore and relax! Visit in Second Life The Omega Contact Chill and relax at The Omega Contact Club Lounge, where you'll experience the best in electronic music. Features include a biosphere dome, the Atmosphere Lounge, a spa, kart racing and VIP area. Visit in Second Life Sand Castle Garden Enjoy the dog days of summer with a stroll through the magical and photographic Sand Castle Garden. Located on Secret Dream Beach, a tropical adult playground, the towering sculptures are nestled in a lush island garden. Visit in Second Life As always, don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Savor Serenity. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  3. Live happily ever Thereafter in a post-apocalyptic (virtual) world alongside some of Second Life’s brightest musicians, deejays and designers. This limited-time Second Life theater, music and sales event is unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed inworld. Second Life is all abuzz about PocketGacha this week. So, what’s PocketGacha? This HUD-based shopping experience lets you get your Gachas in a new, convenient way. Watch the video below to find out or just hop inworld to see for yourself. Other new highlights this week in the Destination Guide include a hipster fashion event for men, the conclusion of the Lovecraft Festival, and much more. Don’t miss this week’s hot spots: Thereafter: A Post Apocalyptic Affair Thereafter is a Second Life theater, music and sales event celebrating humanity and society in a post-apocalyptic world. Join 60 of SL’s most cherished content creators who have contributed exclusive items that provide the backdrop and costuming for live theater productions set in a post-apocalyptic, Shakespearean environment. Highly-regarded live musicians and DJs are scheduled to honor the favored and familiar sounds of a post-apocalyptic world. Event ends Aug. 27. Visit in Second Life PocketGacha PocketGacha is a unique HUD-based shopping event that allows you to play new creator Gacha directly from the HUD with no teleporting required. Come to the PocketGacha Flagship to learn more and preview each round. Visit in Second Life Hipster Men's Event (HME) Hipster Men's Event is a monthly event mainly showcasing male or unisex items, such as apparel, accessories and deco. The event starts on the 13th of each month. Learn more at Visit in Second Life After The Fall On the verge of economic collapse, with the world in a very vulnerable place, astronomers predicted frequent and disastrous meteor showers. But they couldn’t predict what came next... Dark and gibbering creatures emerged from the impact craters, decimating everything in their sight. As a human, how will you survive? As an alien, what’s your next move? After the Fall has an elaborate interactive grungy urban city, with apocalyptic-themed role play. Visit in Second Life Maison de L'amitié Maison de L'amitié is seasonal hangout sim for romance, photography and exploration. Share your pictures on the official Flickr group at Visit in Second Life Elswyth Elswyth is a club that was created with role-players in mind. There are different settings where players are able to create their own stories and lore and RP in their own style without an application process. Play with friends or other role-players that you meet within the club area. Visit in Second Life The Vixen Beach Club Looking for a place to hang out with friends or family and maybe take photos? Want to hear great music? If so, The Vixen Beach is the place for you! You'll find friendly staff in this open air club, as well as a lovely beach to just kick back and relax in. Treat yourself to a snack or ice cream, too! Visit in Second Life Stone Ridge Venue Stone Ridge Venue is a shopping experience with 15 original mesh, high-quality stores selling everything from fashionable backdrops to clothes and hairs. This European coast city is photography-friendly and machinima artists are welcome to use the sim for their art projects. Visit in Second Life Santa Ramona Valley Come soak in the sun-drenched life of Santa Ramona Valley and explore your darkest fantasies. This adult, modern role-playing community is set in Southern California and Mexico with an immersive environment. Learn more at Visit in Second Life Omen Room Love techno? Visit the Omen Room for all types of techno, including acid, dub, hardcore, minimal, Detroit and more. Learn more at Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Akaesha Designs. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  4. Oh, the horror! Everything is terrifically horrific in this week’s Destination Guide highlights. The 6th annual Lovecraft Festival is already underway and there’s a frightful new puzzle game from the acclaimed MadPea Productions that you won’t want to miss. Chic Aeon has crafted a steamy mystery game that challenges players to explore a creepy graveyard in search of a missing woman...or you can risk venturing further into the Unenchanted Forest. If you manage to return alive from any of these horror-filled hot spots, then there are plenty of peaceful places that you can also explore in Second Life. We recommend one of the many new fashion events or music clubs that can help you dance away those demons. Here’s this week’s highlights: Lovecraft Festival 2017 Come to the 6th annual Lovecraft Festival. Celebrating the author H.P. Lovecraft's 127th birthday from August 17-27. Kingsport, a city of Lovecraft Lore, is known as a community of artists and artisans that is packed to the brim with live shows, entertainment, gifts, themed vendors and adventure quest only waiting for you! More at Visit in Second Life Seven Seven is an original horror game with action, puzzles and an immersive story. Darkness must surrender to light. And light gives way to darkness. All saints must face deadly sins. Do you have what it takes to be a savior, or are you doomed to fail? Visit in Second Life A Steamy Mystery at Terradale A Steamy Mystery takes place in the Steampunk Victorian town of Terradale. Visitors follow shadowy clues finding hints to the disappearance of Sarah. Each location leads to the next installment of the story. An immersive fantasy journey and part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Artists in Residence program. Visit in Second Life The Unenchanted Forest Knowing your fairy tales is one thing, Being brave is another. This is certainly not a fairy-tale. What lies beyond the fantasy of the enchanted forest is something very real and possibly dangerous. Trek through the unenchanted forest and explore the truth our ancestors have tried to keep a secret for so long. Visit in Second Life Bundy Reef Benefit and More On August 19th, Bundy Reef will be hosting activities to introduce and promote surfing in SL. Everyone is invited to join in the fun! From 10 am until 2 pm (Pacific), take part in the "Catch as Many Waves as You Can" fun competition. A variety of loaner surfboards will be provided. At 11 am, Tauri Tigerpaw will be performing live music concert on the beach. Join the fun! Visit in Second Life Willowvale Willwovale is an interactive experience where adventurers can both experience an epic hunt and shop some of the best designers! All items are new original mesh, semi-exclusive mesh or hand crafted original appliers (skin, nails, etc.). Eight sponsors are chosen to create a special item that then becomes a prize for completing the hunt! Come shop, follow the story and find the gems and win prizes! Visit in Second Life Cosmopolitan Events Cosmopolitan Events is home of the Hello Tuesday weekly discount event and Cosmopolitan bi-weekly event. Find anything you need for your Second life living at one place. There's always something new to find from SL most quality designers! Come by and enjoy shopping at Cosmopolitan! Visit in Second Life Enchantment Enchantment welcomes one and all to experience another fantastic and magical fairytale through the eyes of over 100 of SL's best designers and creators. This round is special for many reasons, but more importantly, it's the two-year anniversary! Explore the powerful and wonderful tales of Arabic lore in 1001 Nights! It's time for a little magic! Visit in Second Life Wild Wild West Visit this interactive Wild West Town where your friend could give you a haircut. Ride the train and tour the town on a horse-drawn carriage or canoe. There are many things to do and enjoy. You can become a blacksmith, banker, station master, telegraph operator, barber, store clerk, undertaker or sheriff. Visit in Second Life Cassini's Grand Finale This exhibit shows the Cassini orbiter in the final days of its 19 year Saturn exploration mission. As planned, Cassini will burn up in Saturn's atmosphere at 3:45 a.m. (Pacific) on September 15. The model consists of 606 system prims and is approximately life-sized. Visit in Second Life Victorian London in Time Portal Step through the Time Portal in the mysterious laboratory and visit London during the Victorian and Edwardian era. The time machine has a virus, so the time zones have been a bit mixed up. Visit some of the shops and buy clothes from a time when people still dressed in style or buy furniture from a time when these were crafted by people with real experience and talent. Once you're all dressed up, go for a meal at the oyster seller, say a prayer for the poor at the church, have a dance at the music hall and end your evening with a sing-a-long and few pints of ale at the Ten Bells pub. But be careful... the slums and backstreets are the hunting grounds of Jack the Ripper! Visit in Second Life Beach City Community Sim Welcome to Beach City! People who love Steven Universe or are looking to meet other new people to hang out with are welcome! This sim is photogenic, and there are new things to discover at every turn! Visit in Second Life Kinbaku The sky and sea bound in an ominous bank of dark grey. The sound of the rain forces you in towards the light. Ropes, rings, uncanny feeling creeps over your spine. Rich garment hanging over a wooden stand, the smell of flowers and incense. Eastern drawings of men bound in ropes, beautiful...Cages? Better go back now! But no... you can't resist the promises lingering at Kinbaku. Visit in Second Life Brand New Colony The Brand New Colony is back and better than ever! It is an adults-only scenic sim with countless nooks and crannies to explore and photogenic spots for taking snapshots. Picturesque islands filled with rolling hills, sprawling streams, lakes, waterfalls, and a well-stocked dungeon make this the perfect place to share a romantic moment or simply wander and have a good time. Visit in Second Life Fairhaven Fairhaven is an adult beach with a tropical jungle and multiple intimate areas. You'll find surfing and photo opportunities at every turn. There are monthly events for group members, along with rez rights and free group gifts. Visit in Second Life Obscure Rock Club “If you think you are too old to rock ‘n’ roll, then you are.” - Lemmy Kilmister. Obscure Rock Club, where fun, sex, craziness & rock-n-roll rule. Open to those who love to rock hard and party harder! Visit in Second Life Texas Stockyard Texas Stockyard is a sweet romantic place to take your sweetheart for an evening of ballroom dancing and cuddles. They play country music, southern rock, oldies and blues. Visit in Second Life The Corner Bar Enjoy smooth jazz at The Corner Bar. Visit in Second Life Mount Avalon Club Mount Avalon offers music and dancing in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy rock, pop, hard rock, dance and more in this stress-free environment. Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Chic Aeon’s Steamy Mystery at Terradale. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  5. Sci-fi fans now have a new inworld hub for discovery of roleplaying hot spots in Second Life. The Sci-Fi Museum and Hub is a community-created, centralized starting point for all-things-sci-fi. It’s also one of our top picks for the week from the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide. Another favorite is the latest art exhibition “Ghost” from Cica Ghost, the prolific 3D artist who is known for her frequent pop-up art installations in Second Life. Like a ghost, Cica’s creations tend to appear and disappear quickly — so you’ll want to check it out fast before it vanishes. This weekend, there are also numerous new limited-time events added to the Guide including a new carnival with plenty of rides, a fantasy fashion event, a vintage California-themed experience and a Lunar Festival. Here’s all of this week’s highlights: Future by Cica Ghost ''If you don't imagine, nothing ever happens at all.'' - John Green Visit in Second Life Sci-Fi Museum and Hub The Sci-Fi Museum and Hub features many interactive virtual model exhibits from popular science fiction, as well as space simulator rides, games, a theater, an independent project spotlight building, freebies, a full library, and a hub area with many teleports to sci-fi, STEM, and roleplaying areas throughout Second Life! Visit in Second Life Aero Pines Park Carnival Bring a date, friends and yourself and enjoy the carnival at Aero Pines Park. Rides, games, photo opportunities and more await you! Dunk your friends in the tank or go bowling. Ride the Gravitron, go roller skating or play video games. Good clean family fun is here and waiting for you! Event ends Oct. 7. Visit in Second Life Fable 2 Once Upon A Time What do you dream of? What is your fairy tale or horror story? Fairies, elves, fantasy, horror...the choice is yours. It is your story to write. L$10 gifts from 80 designers and event exclusives! Come submerge yourself into this fantasy world! Event ends August 26th. Visit in Second Life The Coven Lunar Festival The Coven is a new witchy event in Second Life featuring all things magical. This round is a special Lunar Festival round celebrating the moon and all things lunar.The sim is decorated with gorgeous lights and caravans. There is fortune telling, tarot reading, and many gifts from designers for people to grab. Come celebrate during this special round of The Coven. Held through August 26. Visit in Second Life California Dreamin' You are invited to Mieville's California Dreamin', a full sim of vintage California fun and sun! There are nearly 100 shopping booths plus entertainment, Gachas, shopping, dancing, amusements, entertainment, food and drinks and much more! Open through August 20, 2017. Visit in Second Life aQua aQua is the ultimate floating entertainment resort. Take a yacht over to this one-of-a-kind destination on a full sim surrounded by water and filled with exclusive themed shopping by top creators and designers. Come and enjoy the exquisite views, scintillating pools and luxurious yachts. Visit in Second Life The Coral Garden of Amarantha Welcome to the Coral Garden of Amarantha underwater exploration and adventure region. Swim with whales or dolphins, explore the underwater habitats or find the submarine and explore this 10-sim region and The Coral Garden of Templeton Cove. Visit in Second Life Cay's at Woodland Lake Cay's at Woodland Lake offers a variety of music ranging from classic rock, blues, country, oldies and more! Be entertained with an excellent selection of music in a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere. Cay's utilizes several venue areas and has earned a reputation as the "go to" place for special and holiday events. Visit in Second Life Avatar, Interrupted It is 2036. Religion is banned, and rioting is the norm. The government medicates the population to have greater empathy, moral reasoning, to be happy. Those who can't be medicated have run from being rounded up and controlled in other ways, and formed their own community in the wastelands of Gula. Visit in Second Life Mountain Lion Night Club Amusement Park Enjoy the amusement park while listening to live deejays in this open air club. Ride the latest roller coasters including Angry Birds and The Shark Tank or take a hot air balloon ride! Experience music from the 60s to present day including pop, new wave, top 40 and your requests! Themed events are held weekly including concerts and light shows, too! Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Sakura Noel. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  6. Feeling nostalgic? Step back in time and teleport to the 18th century for a historical fashion show at Larl Valley...or experience 60s and 70s Americana via the Time Portal. This week’s Destination Guide highlights also include not one — but TWO different London-themed summer carnivals? Which will you visit? (Hint: Why not both?!). There’s also a Goth-themed garage sale, a new interactive haunted attraction, a multi-spot art exhibition and several new photogenic spots you’ll want to explore. Did we mention the new fantasy/sci-fi roleplaying sim or post-apocalyptic city? Teleport at your own risk. Here’s this week’s highlights: 1950s & 1960s America in Time Portal Step through the Time Portal in the laboratory and visit an American city during the 1950s and 1960s. Shop at some of SL's best vintage shops, see a movie, rock 'n roll at the diner or listen to jazz poets at the beatnik bar! Visit in Second Life 18th Century Fashion Show Are you sexy? Do you know it? Prove it! Compete in the 18th Century Fashion Show, held at Larl Valley on Aug. 4th, 3-7pm (Pacific). Sign up to strut your stuff on the runway. Participants must be attired in 18th century clothing. Visit in Second Life London Summer Carnival Celebrate summer at a lovely carnival located in beautiful London UK (part of The Original London sims)! Highlights include a ride, hunts and a mid-month parade! Live music and celebrations throughout the carnival season promise an exciting time for everyone while enjoying the splendor of London! Visit in Second Life London City Carnival August is a busy time in London City, with real-life tie in events. including the London Carnival, Beer Fest, reggae, street bands, concerts and the beach scene. Get the most out of summer! More details at Visit in Second Life Haunted Haunted is a fabulous interactive experience that is frightening but fun! Here is a creepy carn-evil with lots of rides including a haunted house, spooky mall, scary graveyard, zombie hunting ,and much, much more! Visit in Second Life Seven Days Explore this art exhibit full of darkness, peace, beauty and wonder. Seven rooms dives into seven days of self examination as a submissive struggles to identify and conquer the emotions that bind them. Visit in Second Life Eclipse Tiny Place Eclipse Tiny Place is a place where people can hang out, relax or take pictures. Visit in Second Life Whimberly Come and explore the forest-themed Whimberly, where you can take lots of pictures, meet friends and have fun! Vloggers are encouraged to take videos, too! Visit in Second Life Sindaria Sindaria is a land of two worlds brought together through space and time. It is where Dragons soar the amber skies and Androids find refuge in the city streets. This community role-play sim is designed for lovers of everything from Tolkien to Lucas. Visit in Second Life Vimmershavn Vimmershavn is a walled-in city where life seems to have vanished...but, of course, it hasn’t. If you look closely, you will find pockets of hope and life even within the city. Visit in Second Life City of Palm Coast, FL Welcome to Palm Coast, Florida, home to a multi-sim family roleplay community with judicial, medical, fire, police, and education departments. There are also live music events and premium rentals. Visit in Second Life Wordsworth & His Surrounds This homestead is dedicated to the poetry of William Wordsworth and features the Fells and paths around Grasmere. Visit Dove Cottage, Wordsworth House and much more. There are horses and bikes to explore, as well as a garden centre with a small fun fair. Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is Vista Animations. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  7. Looking for something to do in Second Life this summer? We’ve rounded up some of the best new events and destinations worth exploring, including a Hawaiian-flavored fashion fair, a Japanese summer shopping festival, several art installations and much more. Best of all, no sunscreen is required! Here are this week’s highlights: Okinawa Summer Festival Okinawa Summer Festival, held through August 8, features a market with 65 participating designers, as well as deejay events and a photo contest. Learn more at Visit in Second Life The Aloha Fair The Aloha Fair is an annual sales event inspired by the summer and beaches -- all Hawaiian-style. This event features unique gifts and designs from the best creators across the grid. Event held July 28-Aug. 11. More info at Visit in Second Life Myths, Mystics and Elements of Nature Step into a world of wonders and well-known childhood stories -- a place full of dreams, nature, photo spots and a feeling of wondering and magic. Explore and encounter many animals and mystical creatures on your way. Teleporters will bring you to different levels and show you the aspects of nature. Visit in Second Life Split Screen Installation Space Visit this special limited-time art exhibition from Split Screen Installation Space at LEA15. Visit in Second Life Village on Sol Existence Somewhat reminiscent of another time - created with love and happiness. This small seaside island offers solace to the wanderer, and there are quite a few places that might make a great backdrop for photos. Sol Existence is also home to .epilogue, where Charlotte Gilmore will host reading clubs, craft creating sessions and other fun events. Visit in Second Life SOOSH Art Gallery Wander through a whimsical, magical and romantic fantasy garden filled with original artwork by real life artist, SOOSH (Rox SOOSH a.k.a. Roxlette Resident). As you explore the gardens, you will see her paintings and drawings on flowers, mushrooms, fairies, unicorns, fawns, bunnies, birds, butterflies and more. Visit in Second Life SR Redemption SR Redemption takes places in the year 2077. The Sixth World is a dangerous place of magic and of orks, elves, humans and more. Come and work for wealth in the glass towers of mega corporations, or fight for your fate in the Barrens. Learn more at Visit in Second Life Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar The Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar is a casually upscale wine bar - just the kind of place where one unwinds after a busy day of shopping and blogging or when you want a dose of rock and chat! The Cork offers experienced DJs, a range of rock music, a gaming area, a romantic garden, a relaxing courtyard and a seaside couples dance area. Visit in Second Life Hot Buttered Soul Hot Buttered Soul, located @ Peaceful Rare Diamond, is more than R&B, neo-soul, jazz, reggae & blues. It's more than live soul singers, deejays and tribute concerts. It's about love. It's about your fantasy, awesome fun and games...and real soul music. Visit in Second Life Dynamic Evolution The next generation in mesh design in Second Life and coming soon to Sansar! Definition: Dynamic [dahy-nam-ik] adjective, Also, dynamical 1. pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic: Evolution [ev-uh-loo-shuh n or, esp. British, ee-vuh-] noun 1. any process of formation or growth; development. Dynamic Evolution was inspired by a lifelong love of science fiction and modern/contemporary architecture. Visit in Second Life Arianne's Photo Gallery of PS-Home Playstation Home, which closed in 2015, was a service that was offered for free to PlayStation Network users. Explore this memorial photo pavilion dedicated to the memory of PS Home within Second Life. Visit in Second Life Mimosa Beach This small, pretty adult beach is a beautiful place to unwind, undress and relax by yourself or with others. A great place to take photos. Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is AfRiCaRiBbEaN Africa Live. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  8. This week’s Destination Guide highlights are all about the summer heat and good beats. While the summer sun continues to shine, there are several beach hot spots and lively music events that you’ll want to explore. Highlights include a two-week arts and music festival, a flashback music fest, a spicy new beach club and more. If you’re looking to escape the heat and enjoy a William Shakespeare play or sip some ale in a historic tavern, you can time warp to London in the Tudor era. Whatever your bag, there’s always something to keep you hot, cool, calm or crazy in Second Life. Indie Teepee Opens noon (Pacific) on July 21! Indie Teepee, held through Aug. 6, brings people together through their love of song and art – breaking down barriers and providing a haven for music genres like indie, alternative, rock, electronic dance music and hip-hop. The event includes live music performances, original mesh designs and the creative forum. Full schedule at Visit in Second Life Tudor London in Time Portal Step through the Time Portal in the laboratory and visit London during the Tudor era. Have some ale at the tavern, visit the market, train your abilities with a sword and enjoy a new play by William Shakespeare at the Globe Theater at the end of the street! You can also shop with some of the best creators of historical items in SL. Visit in Second Life OMGoshigans Event at ShenaniganS Great Ormond Street Hospital (the Gosh in OMGoshigans) stands at the forefront of children's medicine and represents the pinnacle of research and development in the field. ShenaniganS is holding a marathon of music from 4 a.m. (Pacific) on July 21st to 10 p.m. on July 24th with performances "donated" by musicians, singers and deejays who perform and ask for donations to a single cause - OMGoshigans. Visit in Second Life 60's Summer Rock Fest Experience the look, feel and sounds of the 60's as Templeton Cove presents a weekend celebration of music, peace and love in an outdoor event space and campgrounds. Event held July 22 - 24. Visit in Second Life Fashion Dazzle Event Fashion Dazzle is a monthly designer event in Second Life. If you have wings of a dove, come dazzle! Visit in Second Life Frisky Beaver Beach Club The Frisky Beaver Beach Club is a live music concert venue that is also designed for exploring. Hang out, swim or jump on a scooter, bicycle or trampoline. Play a game of Greedy or enjoy the music and dance! Visit in Second Life Altitude A forgotten island containing the remnants of an old hangar is home to Altitude. Hang-out in the club, play or listen to music including weekly live performances. Use the open stage, available to all visitors. Whether enjoying the music, searching for photo opportunities or relaxing on the windswept beach, there is something for everyone. Visit in Second Life Woodcrest University Life goes on as usual for this college town...but unbeknownst to them, between its classes and college parties, a hidden society has been rising behind the walls of the Woodcrest University. Men and women have sworn to protect and keep out any unworldly creatures that may try to enter and wreak havoc upon their city. Who are these secret guardians? More at Visit in Second Life Slaughter Creek Manor Christopher Crawley and his bride Elizabeth arrived at Monte Cristo in 1876. 137 years later, they are still here... Visit in Second Life La Vanilla Nightclub Enjoy a laid-back vibe with modern music and golden oldies at La Vanilla Nightclub, which is the sequel to *The Sun* and Back2the80's.Open to the LGBTIQ community and like-minded. Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is the Moya Chapel in the French Riviera. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  9. Looking to escape the summer heat? Chill out at one of the many new destinations we’ve rounded up for this week’s Second Life highlights, including an elaborate adventure hunt set in a Louisiana bayou, several fashion events, a new amusement park and many great spots to photograph. Don’t miss your last chance to attend the ongoing Hair Fair, which concludes on July 16. You’ll also want to plan ahead for next week’s Relay For Life event, held July 15-16. Here are some of our recommendations for the week: The Beached Bunny Hunt 7 The Beached Bunny has gotten himself into a real mess. His fat behind is wedged in the sand and he can't get out! To help him escape his sandy trap, and prevent a bad sunburn, collect all of the sand buckets and help dig him out! Don't delay, the bunny is burning so get out there and start hunting for beach pails to help him out of his jam. More info: Visit in Second Life Event Envee Event Envee is a monthly event that starts on the 10th of the month and always ends on the last day of each month. It was founded by Miss Brasil SL 2012, Bella Zenovka Moranni Ivanovic. They gather 60 designers and creators, as well as some of the best music in SL. Visit in Second Life eBENTO eBENTO is a new shopping event in Second Life that starts on the 15th of each month and focuses on items that are Bento-related. The founders of the event are Syra Hyun and Shine Messmer. More info at Visit in Second Life Alqualonde Alqualonde is the farthest east of the Undying Lands of Arda.... the first to receive the rays of the sun and the glow of the moon. Home to the Teleri, one of the three great races of Elves, who returned to the far west, but yearned for the sea. Now, in the 4th Age, Alqualonde has returned to the world from the Undying Lands to face a New Darkness. Visit in Second Life Battle of the Bulge The Battle Of The Bulge combat area is based on a snowy area in the Belgian Ardennes and features an interactive flag capturing system. There are destructible parts of the environment, as well as a varied landscape that extends from the forest and wheat fields into a small city center! Made for VICE vehicles and infantry. Visit in Second Life Bacon of Hope You've joined an effort to control the spread of the invasive water hyacinth in the bayou. But what do hippos have to do with it? And is something more sinister going on? This Basin Street Irregulars hunt is set in New Toulouse, an early 1900s-themed Louisiana community celebrating its tenth year in Second Life. This event runs through the month of July. Visit in Second Life Footprints In The Sand Footprints In The Sand is a beautifully decorated beach where you can hang out here with friends, family and loved ones. Beach rentals are available, too. Visit in Second Life Ash Falls A remote beach set in the Pacific Northwest for photos and soul searchers alike. Perfect for quiet romantic evenings, compelling photography or just hanging out with friends. Visit in Second Life Funland Amusement Center Funland is always open and features free-to-play games and activities, incuding skating, sledding, bowling, dancing, board games and more. Visit in Second Life The Grove Discover the elegant surroundings within The Grove in this diverse community of 12 sims. Relax in the romantic sunken gardens and numerous nature spots. Lay back on the warm sandy beaches or attend one of the exciting live attractions. With superb photo opportunities and extensive facilities, why make a wish when you can make a dream? Take the opportunity to become part of this exciting community. Visit in Second Life LX - Monochrome Art Photography You love photography and want to explore the biggest city in Second Life? You can in the heart of the industrial area of Bay City. Explore this contemporary gallery shop with a photography exhibit on the 2nd floor and enjoy the endless view from the rooftop over the Inner Habor in an ever-changing city. Visit in Second Life Jezebel's SpeakEasy and Burlesque JezeBelles SpeakEasy and Burlesque is home to The JezeBelles Dancers. The Belles perform at venues all over SL but this is where you'll find the premiere of their shows. Home to live music, dancing, theater and comedy. Visit in Second Life Anestezi Club Chat with new friends at Turkiye, a Turkish-language hangout space located on a newcomer-friendly beach with music in Second Life. Visit in Second Life TOP 10 DESTINATION GUIDE CATEGORIES Have you ever wondered what the most popular general-rated Destination Guide categories are? We’ve pulled the data for the past three years of activity to identify which categories are most clicked. Here they are: Editors’ Picks Photogenic Spots Romance Premium Gifts Adventure & Fantasy Featured Events Roleplaying Communities Games Popular Places Beaches Don’t forget to share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for Eternal Conflict: Angels & Demons RP. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  10. This week’s Second Life highlights include the return of one of the biggest events of the year! Hair Fair is back for the 12th year in a row — and you won’t want to miss the many exclusive styles offered by many of SL’s top designers in support of Wigs for Kids. After you are done shopping, you’ll want to check out one of the many other big events on tap including a new hunt from MadPea, a Relay for Life 4th of July event and much more. Here are some of our recommendations for the week: Hair Fair 2017 Welcome to the 12th Annual Hair Fair, where a percentage of all items sold will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Hairstyles are created new and exclusive for the duration of the event, which is held July 1- 16. You'll find both styles for both men and women across all four sims. For more information, visit Visit in Second Life MadPea Summer Hunt Search the grid for hidden seashells while earning points you can cash in for exclusive prizes. There are amazing locations to explore, new achievements to unlock, incredible rewards to earn and so much more. If you liked the Mad Easter Egg Hunt, then you will love this! The excitement lasts until July 9th. Visit in Second Life Midsummer Enchantment Now until July 9, join this enchanting shopping experience for those with a love for dark romance, magical fantasy and Gothic weddings. If you explore the venue well enough, you may find hidden masquerade masks with new exclusive prizes. Visit in Second Life 4th of July Street Fair - RFL Event 4th of July Street Fair, open through July 9, features items from over 50 creators at great prices. There are also free gifts, gachas and more -- all for Relay for Life. This event is brought to you by the Old World Artisan Guild (team 22). Visit in Second Life London Hyde Park Event Field Celebrate Wimbledon in London with a month of tennis on the field and a strawberry hunt with fantastic weekly prizes. Throughout July, London offers various competitive sports and every Thursday there will be live music and a live DJ on the field from noon until 2 p.m. (Pacific). Don't forget your running shoes! Visit in Second Life London City Summer Soak up the sun on the beach, or head into the town for that perfect summer holiday in London City. There are weekly themed concerts through July including daily events and a comprehensive collection of clubs that will make this summer a total scorcher for you. For details, see Visit in Second Life Wonderaks Medieval Fairy Fantasy Wonderoaks is a medieval and elven fantasy realm. Set in a beautiful woodland, the village contains a number of interesting houses and shops nestled around the village pub. Walk through the countryside discovering magical scenery, hidden valleys, caves and secret meadows. Return to the village and investigate the great tree, laden with fantastic tree houses. Visit in Second Life Burrow Coffee Co. Welcome to Burrow Coffee Co., a humble little cafe where anyone and everyone is welcome. Grab a cup of coffee and meet up with friends and loved ones in this cozy and eclectic little coffeehouse. Check out the game room attic filled with a variety of addicting games, and don't forget to stop by one of the events! There are themed parties, live musicians, DJs, poetry readings, trivia nights and more. Visit in Second Life Berg by Nordan Art Berg by Nordan Art is proud to present The Swamp by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu. The installation represents a metaphor for fascism inspired by both artists' first hand revolution and post-revolution experiences in Portugal. Preset sim WL is recommended. Turn up the sound as sound and voice are both integral parts of the exhibit. Free avatars are available at the landing point. Visit in Second Life Stony Hill Vineyard Experience a little taste of wine country in this scenic build by Ezra Locke. Spanish and Italian influences can be found throughout. Relax at the country club or explore the vineyards and equestrian Area. Visit in Second Life Gale Storm Retreat Explore a remote Pacific Northwest cliffs setting while a storm is brewing just off shore. Relax, explore or ride out the storm and watch the rain. Plenty of pleasant secluded spots to enjoy with company or solo. Visit in Second Life Highwood Antlers National Park Come explore this beautiful park sim. Highwood Antlers National Park is a natural habitat with lots of deer and wildlife. Visit in Second Life The Drome The Drome is an underground club dedicated to live deejays who play a selection of saved vinyl and scratched mp3's including techno, house, acid, electro, chill, dub, dubstep, reggae and ska -- as well as other great sounds and blended beats between the flips and clicks. Visit in Second Life Redamancy Forest Redamancy Forest is a relaxing atmosphere for women to come enjoy a peaceful moment when SL becomes too noisy. Visit in Second Life Share your Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for Arcadia Park. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via the web form.
  11. It’s summer time in Second Life! The new season officially arrives this week and Residents will find no shortage of hot getaways and cool events to explore inworld. One highlight you won’t want to miss is SL14B MusicFest, which starts today! This special event features three days of live music performances from some of the most talented musicians in Second Life. This week’s highlights also include the twelfth year of Second Pride and a unique hunt and event that is based on the Japanese “Star Festival” Tanabata. Here are some of our favorite new events and spots in SL this week: SL14B MusicFest Experience live music and interact directly with some of Second Life’s top musicians at Music Fest. Visit in Second Life 2017 Second Pride Festival It's gay pride in Second Life! The official SecondPride is happening for the 12th year in a row from June 23 to July 2nd! Don't miss the many parties held throughout the festival that include live performers and the best LGBT deejays on the grid. There's also shopping, gifts, a Japanese Garden, rides, a memorial church and more. Full schedule at Visit in Second Life CADERU Vol.3. Tanabata This hunt and shopping event, held from June 19 to July 31, is themed after the popular Japanese "Star Festival" Tanabata. Collect the festival tickets and claim your reward! There is also a photo contest. Visit in Second Life Quiet After Evening You can hear the big beat of the hydrangea and streams and the quiet sounds of the drizzie. It has longed for home. The memory of a particular image is but regret for a particular moment. Visit in Second Life Mica's Maze Collection There are five mazes to try out and every maze works in a different way. In the gravity maze, you walk on the walls and ceiling like a fly. The 360 maze will test your memory. The rotating maze will make you dizzy. The unfair maze will drive you mad. Fortunately, there is also an easy maze. Mica's mazes are hard to solve. Do you have what it takes to solve them all? Visit in Second Life The Abandoned Beach Resort The Abandoned Beach Resort is a new post-apo beach sim, created by bg5 Slade. Feel the warm sun on your skin and the sand between your toes while exploring. It's 21 years behind apocalypse now and nature is gaining back the power over the environment. Will you get by in that post-apocalyptic dream? Visit in Second Life Of course, Second Life’s fourteenth birthday celebration (SL14B) also continues (and concludes) this week. If you haven’t checked out the many community-created exhibits for SL14B, then you’ll want to explore them soon before the disappear! Here are some of our favorites: Pinwheel A continuously changing patchwork of four patches made out of equally sized pinwheels. Visit in Second Life TJ's Mediamagic! Take a wildly immersive trip - figuratively and literally - into a world created by enveloping you in light and sound. There are free rocket rides available, too! Visit in Second Life Rawson Square, Nassau Welcome to Rawson Square in Second Life. In the Bahamas, twice a year Rawson Square becomes the focal point for the world famous Junkanoo Carnival. But you can celebrate with a Junkanoo party anytime in SL. Come put on a costume and hit the street. Let that Junkanoo beat move your feet! Visit in Second Life Torgon's Rollercoaster Let's celebrate SL's 14th birthday with the ride of your (Second) Life! Enjoy a rollercoaster ride filled with color, light, and speed! Visit in Second Life Neverland Soiree Beneath Hangman's Tree, a magical party is taking place. The pixies and the Lost Boys have prepared their home for a most fancy "soiree" and you are invited! First, you must make the perilous journey through the galaxy. Many say that it is impossible to find your way out of the never-ending maze of stardust... but those who believe in themselves will surely find their way. Visit in Second Life Don’t forget to share your SL14B and other Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features. Have you updated your Place Page yet? In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for 18th Century Paris. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
  12. Second Life starts to celebrate its fourteenth birthday this weekend — and you’re invited to the party! This year’s celebration has a Carnivalesque theme and features both official and community-created events, free gifts, and exhibitions. Everything opens this Sunday, but you can get a sneak peek at what to expect by visiting our SL14B directory in the Destination Guide. Don’t forget our ongoing SL14B Official Shopping Event, which features free gifts and exclusive items from many of Second Life’s top designers. There are too many SL14B highlights to list here, but we’ve assembled a few spots that you’ll want to check out: Come As You Were Party Party like it's 2003! Dress up and get down with your favorite outdated look from the earliest days of Second Life at this special SL14B event, held June 21 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. (Pacific). Visit in Second Life Masquerade Ball Don't miss the Masquerade Ball, a special SL14B event held on Monday, June 19, from 11 a.m. tp 1 p.m. (Pacific). Visit in Second Life SL14B Cake Stage The SL14B Community Celebration Cake Stage is on four regions. Built by Mikati Slade, it is the centerpiece of the SL14B Community Celebration and also serves as a venue for musical and performance Art. Visit in Second Life The NeoVictoria Project at SLB14 Visit the NeoVictoria Project's parcel! This small community of artists is working together to bring their stories out of SL. The goals of the project are to enjoy great roleplay, make new friends, and create filmed stories (machinima). Visit in Second Life Masked: Carnevale di Venezia "Masked: Carnevale di Venezia" is a beautiful gallery of new photography done by Catalina Staheli, featuring the concept of amazing masks you'll see worn during Carnevale in Venice. Featured stylists include: Falbala Fairey, Beatrice Serendipity, Steele Sirnah, LeezahKaddour Resident, Zoya Braham, AnnaG Pfeffer, SeasidePurcell Resident, Xandrah Sciavo, Njegovanka Resident, and WrenNoir Cerise Visit in Second Life Hybridisation - Trimmer Bay Hybridisation is a process, an evolution. SL moved to RL and came back. The exhibit is an evolution in imagery and construction, through tortured prims, sculpties and mesh. From 2D to 3D, a new psychedelic experience. Visit in Second Life Newspaper Factory Newspaper Factory is passionate about publishing with a mission to encourage community-focused projects. Newspaper Factory shows the "whys" and "hows" over three floors in a beautifully re-purposed factory building. Contains two visual presentations and in-world papers for you to browse. Visit in Second Life Cassini's Grand Finale: Leeward CC This exhibit shows the Cassini orbiter in the final part of its 19-year Saturn exploration mission. Come explore the full-scale model then explore the seas of Second Life with the Leeward Cruising Club. Visit in Second Life A Shakespearean Theatre Tribute The Baron Collection presents A Shakespearean Theatre Tribute. Come test your knowledge of Shakespeare with the trivia boards and win original mesh prizes made exclusively for SL14B. Visit in Second Life Carnivale Fashion Through The Ages As SL14B has the theme of Carnivale, this exhibit shows some fashions which have been used in Venetian carnivals in the past. Information is also given on the history of some of the original wearers of these gowns and, finally, there is a (hopefully) humourous end to the visit at the top of the build. Visit in Second Life In addition to SL14B, there are several other new events and locations to explore. Here are some of our favorites added to the Destination Guide this week: Man Cave Man Cave is a refreshing monthly event that caters to the modern man with exclusive items that promise to entertain, stimulate your mind and keep you looking your best! With everything from gear, rides and style, Man Cave promises to deliver the biggest, baddest and best that Second Life can offer. Opens June 18. Visit in Second Life The Earth Repository A holographic simulation located in a space server committed to curate the memory of planet Earth. Visit in Second Life Forest Of Mystical Dreams Mermaids,dragons, furries, elen, pixies and even humans are welcome at the Forest Of Mystical Dreams. Discover romantic spots for you and your loved ones. Lite roleplay without all the rules. Dance under the stars or find one of many hidden bubbles and spots around the sim. Visit in Second Life Summer Of Love Concert (Relay for Life) Bust out your best tie-dye for an afternoon of 60s music and optional LCC sailing cruise at the beautiful Mount Cooper estate in celebration of Relay For Life and the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Hosted by the incomparable DJ BennyThe Boozehound. Event held Sunday, June 18, from noon to 6 p.m.(Pacific). Visit in Second Life Pictures of the Floating World "Pictures of the Floating World: The Art of the Japanese Woodblock Print" at The Vordun Museum and Gallery showcases the centuries-old art of Japanese printmaking. Full of color, nature, and beauty, this exhibit will transport you to Edo-period Japan (17th-19th centuries), and explain how these intricate masterpieces were created, and are still being created today. Visit in Second Life The Lost Cruise Ship Before all living was ended through the huge storm, some survivors brought the old vessel in the harbor of NYC back to live. It brought them as far as it could ended by a tropical storm on an island in the middle of nowhere. Will you get by? Visit in Second Life Nova Renegade - Colony of Ixion Nova Renegade offers gritty western sci-fi roleplay set on a backwater, mudhole of a volcanic planet orbiting a Red Dwarf star on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy. Visit in Second Life Share your SL14B and other Second Life pictures with our official Second Life Flickr — where we select our Pic of the Day features, and do not forget to update your Place Page! In addition to the Destination Guide, Place Pages are a new way for creators to share their unique destinations in Second Life — including 360-degree photos! Our featured Place Page this week is for the Sweet Tea Couture SL14 Shopping Event. If you have a place of your own that you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to drop us a note at or submit your spot via web form.
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    Hi Voodoo, Sorry to hear you are having some issues with the parcel selection on the Destination Guide submission suggestion form. If you can't get it to display your preferred SLurl landing point, then please just email the editors directly at editor -at- and we'll review your suggested description, image and SLurl manually. Or, if you prefer, you can also add the correct SLurl in the open-ended Editor Notes field of the form and we'll take a look. Best, Brett
  15. Linden Endowment for the Arts: July Update

    July has arrived... and things are starting to heat up for the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA). This month, there are tons of exciting activities and updates as the LEA community brings you two fun events: Month of Machinima and the LEA Avatar Art Games. Watch July’s video finalists in a special Month of Machinima screening event on July 6 at 10 a.m. (Pacific). Visit now >> Attend the LEA Avatar Art Games each Monday at 4 p.m. (Pacific). Visit now >> NoWgUeJH7K4  About Month of Machinima Produced by the LEA in partnership with the Second Life community, the Month of Machinima (MoM) event is a monthly screening of the best of Second Life machinima. This event, which began in May, continues to accept submissions each month to be considered for the next month’s screening. Whether you are an aspiring or established machinima artist — or someone who just enjoys watching videos — MoM offers an awesome viewing experience for those who enjoy this now-established creative art form. These videos get better each month -- and word is that July’s are among the best ever! See this month’s submissions debut July 6 at 10 a.m. in the LEA Theater. Don’t forget the popcorn! For more info on the Month of Machinima, check out the official wiki page or YouTube channel. Or, visit the LEA Theater now to watch some videos! About LEA Avatar Art Games If you enjoy those intense -- and often hilarious -- televised human-obstacle games, such as “Wipeout” or “Takeshi’s Castle/MXC,” then you won’t want to miss the live Avatar Art Games event each Monday at 4 p.m. (Pacific). Watch as participants run through the obstacle course and the audience tries their hardest to to slow them down! Check out the sign-up sheet on Thursdays for contestants and audience participants. Find out more on how to participate on the official LEA Avatar Art Games wiki page, or head on over to the Avatar Games now to check out this super-challenging obstacle course! About the Linden Endowment for the Arts Not familiar with the Linden Endowment for the Arts? The LEA was established to help create a center for arts activity in Second Life. It is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community. Guided by a dedicated board of renowned Second Life artists, many of whom are highly-accomplished artists both inworld and recognized by their “real life” peers, the LEA is committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA fosters awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encourages others to get involved and be inspired. Find out more on the official LEA wiki page.