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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Where is the section in this forum for new player ? I am not new anymore but I am feeling that this section would be perfect for me. I still have so many things I don't understand and so much to learn.
  2. I looked at the earlier post, and rather than restart it, have set off another Anyone who has been here a while knows the challenges of starting out, and getting the basics to work. Including understanding MP, and AOs, and shapes/skins. Then the challenges of mesh and appliers. I now have a working knowledge of all this, which is necessary to function day to day. The next locked door for me is BOM, and for now, I won't be looking. Most days in SL I have a lightbulb moment. Most recently was furnishing my house for the first time, when I really had to come to grips with prims and for the very first time, shopped in MP with regard prim count. There's much I still don't know, such as scripts and why some clothing allows deletion, but I just get on with it and don't worry too much about stuff like that until it hits me in the face. My greatest continuing weakness is impulse buying clothes which either look rubbish or clip where they shouldn't. I'm not good at demoing clothes, and should know better by now. So, this week I learned how much I don't know about BDSM......*grins* I had a brush with this early on, and minor experiences since. But this time it was different. I went to a club with a recent girl friend. It turned out to be focused on BDSM. Now I'm just curious, but she was way more than that. It wasn't long before she returned and the next day she was collared and owned, and happy to be so. As a casual observer, I found this whole thing very enlightening, as it shone a light into an SL world which I know little about. She has two Mistresses, and a Domme, and there are other girls in the group, some of which are slaves. The one obvious benefit she has from this, is that her Mistresses have upgraded how she looks, and she now is transformed from how she was when I first met her. But the thing which struck me most about this was the intense formal structure to the Roleplay. It's not for me though, I'm just too rebellious.
  3. Second Life Second Chances Coming to Second Life, was a combination of curiosity meets possibility. A friend brought me here to hang out and do things we could not otherwise do in real life. Real life can sometimes leave but moments for a person to enjoy themselves. Sometimes the money alone can prevent a dream from becoming reality. Hello Readers, and welcome to a second chance at life, called Second Life. Second Life is where you can be anything, do anything, and achieve anything that may or may not be accessible in real life. The Possibilities are endless. I came to S.L. by way of a friend who I wished to do things with in real life, yet finding the time and traveling long distance were problematic as we struggled to find a new way to spend time together that did not involve just another chat. A somewhat tangible way that allowed for a visual involvement. I felt like Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" in a way. I sit down at my desk, my coffee in hand and walk into a world I have now come to call my home away from home. As is the case in all things new, I wandered around lost for a while, not sure where to begin, Piece by piece things began to reveal themselves to me. What viewer, how to walk, run, and fly. Baby steps to a young one such as myself, being only a few months old, where it is second nature to a veteran. I have learned those who are shy in real life have found a bold new voice in this world and live to express it in so many ways. A single dance in here speaks volumes as you no longer need the skill to be able to actually dance. With a click or two suddenly you are Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, all the while your fingers find the rhythm and you are immersed in conversation and making a friend. Some dances never end as you jump through time and space wandering about exploring. I found myself thinking back to when I was a child and smiled as the memory of two tin cups and a ball of twine and how it grew up too. Second Life is more than a second chance, it is revisiting yesteryear with the confidence that allows us to brush ourselves off and wipe away cobwebs we did not know were there. In here I can skydive and swim, where as in my real life I cannot. I have met designers and creators who have inspired me and in a world where no one is denied a dream for lack of money, time, or even creativity. The impossible becomes possible with a single thought. My first day I was taught to fish. Grab a free pole and toss a line in the water. Fish Hunt has become one of the many things I truly enjoy in this world. I can choose one of the many varied destinations sit back and reel in one of a variety of fish. The nearby chat provides me with all the information I need to know as I progress in this hobby I pursue. When I am done, with the click of a button i can find myself in Business Park turning in my catch for cash called Lindens. I have learned to pay my rent, and find I can snag a great deal on the Market Place for something that I wish to enhance my appearance and or experience. I always say, "I am just in it for the shoes". Truth is, there is so much more than shoes. The other day I came across a hud for holding hands. A hud is one of many things you will come to learn in this world. There are so many that can help you in so many ways. This particular one allows you and another to act in unison. You just rezz the item in a place allowable and you can go anywhere together doing a variety of actions provided through scripts embedded as you would if they were standing there next to you. Second life really is a second chance at life you can pause, rewind, and find success with persistence. Earlier I mentioned skydiving. My first attempt at skydiving was a failure. I did not understand you needed to attach the parachute and as I watched myself falling I thought I would need to begin again. When my avatar landed with a thud I was ready to create another and yet she stood back up and brushed herself off and I found myself going back up to the platform by way of teleport and jumped again, not a graceful landing as I ended up on someone's rooftop but better. My adventures in here have just begun, and with a little time and patience, I will learn to not repeat mistakes and perhaps show up to a dance with all my limbs intact. All the while meeting and speaking with a wide variety of wonderful people from around the world all while comfortably sitting at my desk coffee in hand. written by: Silver Angel Editor in Chief Meta-Com
  4. I need someone to help me learn how to play again. I want to buy land an buy a home. I need to know all the ends an outs again. It has been many years since I've been on here. Need someone to show me how to do it all again Please. I will pay someone to help me
  5. I am wondering, what is the best program for meshing... I have a friend with cinema 4d but to me that seems like a video making program... Would 3d max work better or would cinema 4d work better for meshing in secondlife... I am wanting to start out with chairs and tables or something else...
  6. Okay, so I literally am just starting on Second Life tonight and I am stuck at the end of Learning Island in the room with the gate that leads to Social Island... every time I tried to enter the gate, it said that no valid parcel could be found or some such error to that effect. Another new person tried to enter there and could not do so either, so this was not just happening to me. So how does one leave Learning Island and get to Social Island? Or have I encountered some sort of weird bug? Like I said, I am totally new to Second Life so I have no idea what is up with that gate.
  7. KawaiiDuirii

    Teaching Mesh?

    Hello, i was wondering if someone would be willing to help me learn mesh, ive made potted plants, a donut and some clothes, but i used a youtube tutorial for the clothes and i used marvelous designer, and ive heard thats not such a good idea, i really want to learn, im willing to pay if needed thank you :3
  8. "Camp Zona is a two month long, PG role play camping experience for SL teens (ages 13-19). Located on Zona Island, campers will have 24/7 access to a full sim of recreational activities, games, sports, and endless places to explore!" Visit www.CampZona.com for further information, and visit the camp at the following SLurl! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phantom Isle/141/167/23
  9. Suzzie Halsey is a certified teacher from the US. She is looking to see if she can use her skills as a 18 year teacher to teach English as a Second Language to a world wide classroom. She has taught ESL classes for 10+ years in real life. The classes will be official and you will get curriculum and a certificate at the end that you attended the class. There will be a charge for the classes to help recover her time and effort in making this a career change from the regular classroom to an online classroom setting. If you are interested in attending her class message her or send a note card letting her know.
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