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  1. As most of you are already aware, we are beta testing a new local payments system and we’ve hit a few bumps in the road. Again, we want to apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused for Residents using the beta system and we are here to help you get your issues resolved quickly. For those who have been affected, here is some information to help you get back up and running in Second Life. PayPal is Now Available as an Option in the Local Payments Beta Last week, we introduced PayPal as a payment option to choose from. So, if you’re in the beta, and would like to use PayPal, then
  2. Thanks for raising this issue with us. Protecting our users’ privacy is of the utmost importance to Linden Lab. Based on our investigation, we have determined that the spam was not the result of a security breach or our billing partner selling Second Life users’ data to any third-party. So, what happened? Unfortunately, it looks to be a case of email addresses collected by spyware, which can happen via a third-party application or website. The advertised site is not a property of Linden Lab or any of our partners. More information about this type of activity, and how email addresses are obta
  3. We actually have just enabled a PayPal option for international. This functionality was just activated last week, so this should now be available to you.
  4. I wanted to clarify what has happened and what we have done about it. We are continuing to work through technical and policy issues that are identified through the beta test of our new billing system. This message was generated by one of our new international payments providers as part of a procedure for requiring additional information only in the case when initial tests for a valid payment method were unsuccessful. While this occurs for a very small number of transactions, it will cause the need for further information to be requested. However, the message response that was generated, a
  5. We recently began beta testing a new system that enables our international customers to use local currencies and other local payment methods when purchasing Linden dollars and conducting other financial transactions with Linden Lab. We want to make it easier, and less expensive, for our international customers to shop and do business in Second Life. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to use your own currency, or PayPal, to purchase Linden dollars and also save money on fees? We think so too. Based on our beta testing to date, we’ve learned a lot and discovered a few issues that we want to change
  6. During the last few days, we have heard many concerns regarding some issues with our billing system. We are currently beta testing a new system that will ultimate make it easier, and less expensive, for customers to shop and conduct business in Second Life. As is true with any large-scale beta, we have run into a few bugs and system issues. The most important of which has been that some customers have tried to pay us (to keep their account current) and they were unable to complete the transaction. If you’ve encountered this problem, please accept our apologies. Some are concerned that their
  7. I have just recently finished 5 months of trying to give the viewer 2 interface an exclusive try, during which I used only it. The last straw for me was at the end of December, when anything I clicked on to edit turned all invisible on me under 2.4, and I could no longer see what I was working on. I re-downloaded viewer 1.x, fired it up, finished my chore for the client that day, got paid, and haven't looked back. My productivity shot back up to where it was before I determined to master viewer 2.x at the start of those 5 months. So, I don't suppose there's a way of offering a choice of viewe
  8. Fantastic news. I'm glad to see some improvements in the grid. We've been struggling with these problems for a long time. And those of you complaining that new improvements aren't being reflected in 1.23 viewers -- deal with it and move to a 2.4 or newer viewer if you want the new tech. 1.23 is obsolete and slowly disappearing, just like the Pontiac Fiero. And while you may insist upon driving the Fiero, as time moves on you'll have more and more trouble with it. At some point you have no choice but to retire the old vehicle and get a new one if you want the improvements of a new vehicle
  9. The real test of sim crossings is high speed high prim vehicle crossings. I took one of my rideable sailboats out last night at high speed, notice little bumps at sim crossings but only one occasion where the boat flew up for a while. Any reports from pilots? This is good to hear. I will be looking for other feedback on sim crossings. So far this seems to be a tangible resident improvement, as opposed to foundational work that isn't directly seen by the community.
  10. FJ, while I realize that it isn't a top priority in the chat project, I am curios: With the use of standard protocol and server, are there any plans for allowing external acces, i.e. chatting between SL and a "normal" XMPP client? Yes, this would certainly be part of what we would do to extend this capability. I expect it will show up on a chat system roadmap at some stage.
  11. As we begin 2011, I want to share the progress that we’re making on several important technology enhancements that I discussed in my last post. As I mentioned, we are focused on improving the overall performance of Second Life while addressing some long standing limitations such as raising group limits, improving the chat system, and reducing lag. Group Limits Raised to 42 Today In October, we committed to increase group limits from the current 25 up to 40 in the first quarter of 2011. As of today, group limits have been raised to 42! To add groups beyond the previous limit of 25, you must
  12. Responding to a couple of comments. Lag is not "fixed." I don't think I ever implied that in the post. I spoke of a single pain point (among many pain points) that comprise "lag." (For Nimh20 Vandeverre: I actually received feedback from Simon before posting this update, and he indicated that I might find lots of pushback, specific to that part of the blog, however I still believed it was important to call out this work.) There are plenty of areas that need to be fixed to help kill lag, I was just discussing one of them. Having a good set of sim performance profiling tools was also import
  13. As we head into the fourth quarter, I wanted to share some of the progress that we’ve made since we realigned engineering and created our Platform team. The team is comprised of simulator, services, and viewer developers and testers (Platform Development), as well as our operations, IT, data warehouse and customer support teams (Platform Operations). The focus of the teams will be to drive “back to basics” improvements across the grid and evolve our current architecture into a scalable set of services and APIs. Let’s take a look at our progress over the last few months, delivering aga
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