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  1. We got it up this afternoon. Hope you like it! There may be more to come.
  2. Thank you for the information. Don't worry, this is already in the works. :-)
  3. Unfortunately, we need to delay the Marketplace release until next week. The target release date is October 11, 2011. Here is a complete list of the changes that will be released: WEB-4138 (Order confirmation email failures) WEB-2920 (Add item number to distributions): The listing ID will appear on distribution transactions. As part of this fix, we will also include the Merchant name on distributions you receive, and will update the transaction type for revenue from sales. WEB-4143 (L$ balance not updating automatically inworld) WEB-4152 (Listing count and pagination in merchant admin
  4. I just wanted to update this thread that we will not be able to deploy today. We are working to get this ready for a deploy on Thursday--we'll update here or just post the Release Notes if we can deploy. Brooke
  5. I'm working on prepping an update on Direct Delivery. The server changes that are rolling out are changes to existing APIs and functionality to support Direct Delivery--that should be clarified in the release notes. I will make sure that happens going forward. Thanks for pointing this out, Arwen! Brooke
  6. Thank you for bringing this issue up--if any of you see this happen again, it would be great if you could contant customer service or file a JIRA with the time of day and what you were doing just prior to seeing this. Thank you! Brooke
  7. Thanks for bringing this up--this was an old meeting that is now removed. Sorry for the confusion! Brooke
  8. Updated to clarify what being "fixed" means. Hopefully that makes this clearer. In general, we fix a bug and then deploy it to our development environment to test before we release to production. Brooke
  9. Here’s a quick update on where we are with some of the issues that we have been seeing since the Marketplace release a couple of weeks ago. WEB-4138 (Order confirmation email failures): we are still investigating the issue and hope to get a fix deployed next week. WEB-2920 (Add item number to distributions): This has been fixed in our development environment (with the listing id) and is being tested for a release to production next week. The order number portion of this issue was already deployed to production last week. As part of the deploy next week, we will be including the Merchant name
  10. I haven't had a chance to look in detail at your case in particular, but do note that we currently have a bug open related to this issue: WEB-4152. The count of items in your inventory is currently inflated and pagination will not be correct (i.e. you will see fewer items per page than you are supposed to when you look in merchant admin at your inventory). We are working on this and other issues and expect this issue to be resolved next week, but you should look at the JIRA for up to date details on when this fix will go out. Thanks for letting us know about this issue--and please do let us
  11. Mac, thanks for reporting this issue. Here's a bit more context and the way to recoup missing funds. This is a very rare issue with Magic Box delivery and pre-dates XStreet becoming part of the Second Life Marketplace. Addressing this issue is a part of our overall effort to make Marketplace deliveries more reliable with Direct Delivery. In the past, we have asked you to file a CSR ticket to request a refund from Linden Lab to recover your lost revenue. Please continue to do this. If you see an increase in the number of these cases, please add the order number and item name to WEB-4162. I
  12. Thanks for pointing out the bug on inventory item count--this is a known issue that I failed to include in the release notes this morning (I updated to include this). If you want to get the most up to date information on this issue, please see WEB-4152. Brooke
  13. Hi all, This morning we deployed the first part of a fix to the problem of duplicate listings appearing in merchant inventory (WEB-4125).  We have a remaining issue with the number of items displayed per page (WEB-4152), which will also show an incorrect total number of listings. We are currently working to complete these fixes. Thank you for your continued patience with these issues. If you see new or ongoing problems, please file a JIRA or contact Customer Service. Brooke
  14. We are planning to deploy some fixes tomorrow--we're testing now. This will include a fix for duplicate listings (WEB-4125). We are also working to get some transactions reporting fixes ready to go for next week. We'll provide more details on those as we get closer to being ready to deploy. Brooke
  15. Hi all, Since the deploy yesterday, we have been monitoring Marketplace and JIRA for any issues that have arisen. We were able to get an emergency fix deployed this evening to address WEB-4134. We continue to monitor performance and error rates, as well as JIRA throughout the weekend.  Please continue to use JIRA for reporting bugs and customer service for issues that need immediate attention. Brooke
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