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  1. Thanks Oz! I also wanted to let folks know that we just published a blog post on the topic. So, go ahead and download the Project Viewer, have fun, and let us know what you think. Cheers, Amanda
  2. Thanks for posting this, Venus. I'm not going to be able to make it today. I'm attending the Lithium Conference with Raymond to learn more about community best practices. Already learning a ton & getting inspired about what we can do with the platform. Can't wait to share!
  3. Hey all, wanted to alert you to a new blog post today on this topic. Comes complete with an FAQ. Check it out!
  4. Hey there, are you talking about the video on the hompeage not playing sound? Works for me.... Just want to better understand where the glitch might be. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, We created a single RSS feed for all 5 blogs. Go ahead and subscribe here. Happy RSS-ing!
  6. Hey all, We heard ya! We've just created an "Off Topic" board for those that want to have a general discussion on SL. Have fun!
  7. Hey all, I wanted to address the "General Discussion" Forum question that has come up. Our goal with the Forums is to keep them as focused and constructive as possible. Although General Discussion no longer exists, we're always happy to create new Forums when the need comes up. That's where the Forum Feedback section is critical. We'll be watching it closely and adding new topic-specific Forums over time.
  8. Hey all, Thanks so much for all of your comments and suggestions. Lots of really great feedback--taken lots of notes. I encourage all of you to come participate in the Community Tools User Group on Thursday and we can continue the discussion then. Thanks!!!
  9. Hey all, Sounds like you have a lot of really great feedback. I encourage you to log the bugs in JIRA and/or to participate in the Viewer 2 User Groups. That way, you can discuss your experiences and recommendations directly with the product owners. Thanks!
  10. Ossian--thanks for noticing! And, I have to tell ya, I'm in the system every day and Jive drives me up a wall, too. Don't think we'll need a helmet or waterproof mascara when we launch the new platform. Although, they could have come in handy while reading some of these blog comments.
  11. Ok, picking up where I left off last night. Again, I’m not going to comment on the items related to JIRA, as Oz and Yoz are all over it. But, I have two points to add before diving in. First, I’m really enjoying the conversation that Suella and Prokofy are having. Thanks to both of you for sharing your conversation with us! Second, I understand why so many are in “sounds-good-but-I’m-in-wait-and-see,” mode. The Lab has gone through many changes, over the last year in particular, and we are now poised to make very good things happen under Rodvik’s leadership. More on that in the comin
  12. What a crazy busy day! Thanks for all of your comments! Ok, picking up where I left off on comments left after 7:18 am this morning.... Since Oz and Yoz are tackling the JIRA-related questions (many thanks!!!!), and I've already answered the Facebook/Twitter concerns, I’ll tackle the rest. Lexbot--Very good point and that’s not our intention. Our intention is for each User Group leader to try to get a broader, representative group than we did in Office Hours previously. And, you always know who the leader of each User Group is, so hopefully constructive input not only comes from inwo
  13. Dartagen--Thanks for chiming in. Agree, wholeheartedly! WolfBaginski/Master/Han/Setekh/Arkady/Mike and others that had questions about bans - As the Community Participation Guidelines say, we moderate at our discretion. This policy only applies to the community platform (not inworld) and other communication channels outlined specifically in the policy. However, you will receive warnings before a ban from the Community Platform is in place. A community platform ban may be for a day, week, month, or longer--depending on how many offenses have been committed. I will share more details re
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