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Strawberry Linden

Pictured: Poughkeepsie

Each week, the Second Life Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens of new locations and events worth exploring. With all those beautiful destinations to check out, we thought we’d highlight a few of the entries that stood out to the editorial team.








Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.

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Linden Lab

This week’s video transports you to Nour, where you can find domed stone buildings, ornate and colorful rugs, and a mysterious sense of calm on a bed of golden sand.

This desert oasis was built by Camila Runo, who explains that “Nour means Light of the Desert… Surrounded by huge dunes of desert sand in the west and the wide, crystal-blue ocean in the east, Nour seems to be secluded and difficult to reach.”

Like many of us during this difficult time of social isolation, Camila found herself yearning for the experience of traveling to new places and seeing the world’s cultures. To quench that desire, she created this elegant region that looks like it could be from the set of Indiana Jones or Aladdin. In fact, she did find inspiration in “the tales of Aladdin, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and Sinbad the Sailor,” describing Nour as “A place that makes people dream, indulging themselves in a colorful fantasy of one of Scheherazade's wonderful tales.”

The mesmerizing belly dancing, performed by Bollycoco, adds to the romantic undertones of Nour’s atmosphere. Camila describes the flow of visitors (some of them roleplayers) that come to Nour as filled with “Traders, travelers, dancers, snake charmers, Bedouins: they all add color to the town, as the omnipresent strains of oriental music and the scent of the rarest spices do.”

Don’t forget to take a camel ride, and the baths and fountains provide the perfect place for quiet contemplation. You may very well end up spending hours here, as this region will make you feel as if time has stopped. Let the heat slow you down and take in the beautiful surroundings at Nour today.



Linden Lab



As you may know, we are in the process of moving Second Life to the cloud! Our first ever cloud simulators, on the beta grid, have been uplifted, and we can use your assistance. Here’s your opportunity to be among the first Residents to test the performance of uplift.

Log in to the beta grid (click here for instructions) and start at the Aditi Portal Park to try out Linden Realms in the cloud. Bring your friends and spend some time engaging in the virtual experience produced and provided by Linden Lab. You may even run into the often unseen technical Lindens working away. Don’t forget to ask them for their Linden bear, and beware of the rock monster!

If you find any issues with Linden Realms on the beta grid, please file a BUG jira at https://jira.secondlife.com, and make sure to include the time, date, region you were in when you found the issue, and a description of what happened, as well as what you would expect to happen in a similar situation on the Main Grid today.

Tara Linden

Music Mondays: An Interview With Levi Zuzu

Music Mondays

Levi 4_001.jpg

Levi Zuzu at The Burrow


This week's featured artist is Levi Zuzu, whose modern take on 80s synth pop, rock, and jazz is the perfect soundtrack for some cinematic musing.

Please check out his SoundCloud and stay tuned for his new album, which is in the works.


Q: When and how did you hear about Second Life?
A: It has been a minute! I was looking for a new game to play with a more realistic touch, and later on I found Second Life. 

I bet it doesn't sound very exciting when I say I found it through Google but living in Germany you don't have too many English-speaking people, so I was also happy to be able to connect to other people. This way my English was also going to be kept crispy! 

Q:  Do you play all the instruments in the recordings, or do you collaborate with anybody? Tell us about the instruments used in the music you shared.
A: Oh yeah! My starting point is the piano, a Yamaha upright felt piano with a very close mic so, and an absolute classic, the Fender Rhodes Mark 1 stage piano.  When it comes to my synth sounds, it's either me crafting the sound on my computer or my Roland Dx7 Synthesizer. It doesn't get more 80's than that. Oh, and lastly drums, a Gretsch drum kit! 

Q: I also listened to the Djane Batista remix of "I can feel myself" and really enjoyed it. Is this the first time someone has done a remix of your music? How does it feel hearing someone reinterpret something you created?
A: That was the first time! I was just so surprised. Never saw this one coming. I have to say it made me proud. 

Seeing that my music inspires someone, and they even go to the lengths of remixing it, is a huge compliment for me as a musician. 

Q: Your style seamlessly incorporates elements from diverse styles, from an 80s synth vibe, to a jazzy cover of "Roxane" by The Police, and toned down r&b. How did you acquire such a wide range of tastes?
A: Good question! I guess my taste in music has to do with how I grew up. It's always been 80's and classics from back in the day from various genres. I've always been incredibly curious when it came to music, and my parents were always very passionate about it as well. So I guess that's how this came about. I  started with music quite young. Got my first drum kit at the age of 3, piano followed shortly, along with singing. And later in life, even career choices were all around music. 

I have always loved covering songs and giving them my twist. That's also what I do on Second Life. Sometimes I slip in my originals but since my album isn't fully finished I try to mix it up.

Q:  What are some of your favorite musicians?
A: There are so many good musicians out there that have inspired me and continue to do so, to this day. But my top list would be: Prince, George Michael, Nat King Cole, D'Angelo, Phil Collins, and lastly, Thomas Newman.

Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music scene to you?
A: I think the connection to people. It's wonderful to be able to touch someone emotionally, give them a smile, or just a good minute of escapism through music. 


Thank you, Levi!


If you or somebody you know would like to submit content to be featured on Music Mondays, please fill out this form.

Brett Linden


Linden Lab is pleased to announce the Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA), a new community arts initiative developed in partnership with Tansee and Hannington Xeltentat. 

What is the SLEA?
SLEA is the spiritual successor to the former Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), a decade-long partnership with the arts community that aimed to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster innovation, collaboration and education. Due to open to the public in January 2021, the new SLEA is a multi-region experience that aims to provide opportunities to further fuel interest in and spotlight the work of both established and emerging artists in Second Life. 

It is hoped that the creations and art featured in SLEA will help draw attention to the overall arts community in Second Life including driving both traffic and awareness to many of the established artists and exhibits found across Second Life. In addition, SLEA would like to reach out to new residents of SL and help them to discover the arts in SL and all the creative tools that are offered so that a new generation of creativity will unfold.

DW 1280x720.png

Pictured: A map of the seven-region SLEA experience including central hub and related art regions and sandbox. (Image courtesy of Tansee and Hannington).

Since LEA ended in late 2019, many members of the community have expressed an interest in reviving the idea of establishing another official showcase hub for the arts in Second Life. In particular, both Tansee and Hannington led a grassroots effort to revive LEA that resulted in the formation of the Hannington Endowment for the Arts in late 2019. That initiative, which has drawn the interest, respect and participation of many artists in SL, proved the concept and the demand from the arts community in Second Life. SLEA promises even more access to engaging events, exhibitions and experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. It is anticipated that the HEA will continue as a separate entity for those who wish to participate in its activities

At the heart of the SLEA presence in Second Life will be a new central landing and information hub featuring a teleport station that will help visitors easily discover current exhibitions, as well as a public park, “art challenge corner,” arts education center and SLEA Theater. 

Here’s a peek at the work-in-progress layout: 

DW R7 .png

Image courtesy of Tansee and Hannington.

How can artists and creators participate?
Specific details of how the community can get involved in SLEA will be revealed in the near future. Keep an eye out for the application where artists and creators can apply for consideration for use of full or partial regions at SLEA. There is also a new SLEA group inworld that interested parties can join, too.  To learn even more about SLEA, tune in next week to a special episode of “Designing Worlds” for an insightful interview with Tansee, Hannington and Linden Lab execs Patch and Brett Linden.

Grant Artist Spreadsheet.png

Image courtesy of Tansee and Hannington.

Note: Linden Lab and the SLEA wish to express our deep gratitude to all in the community who have supported and promoted the arts in Second Life over the years. In particular, we want to express thanks to the many volunteers who contributed to the original Linden Endowment for the Arts during its almost decade-long run from 2010-2019. We are grateful for your ongoing passion and support -- and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings with SLEA in 2021.

Tara Linden

Region Evolutions

It’s pretty wild to think about how much things have changed in the last 15-20 years. We don’t quite have flying cars yet but I’m still trying to wrap my head around 3D printers. Oh, the early 2000s: Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch, wifi had just begun to be freely available, and of course, the birth of Second Life.

I’d like to start sharing some old and recent pictures of regions that have been around for a while to show how far we’ve come and give a shout out to some SL veterans.


blue galaxy before and after.png


Blue Galaxy, a sci-fi themed store found in a mysterious forest, has been around for at least 10 years. The design of the building is a welcoming blend of modern and experimental with spunky colors. Who can resist that glittery trail leading to the front door? There are some other cool shops nearby, and the entire region is a gorgeous spot for a casual stroll.


sascha's designs before and after.png


Sascha’s Designs was first published in the Destination Guide in 2010. It has grown to be a two-story department store filled with women’s clothing for all occasions. The decor has a simple elegance that does not distract you from the selections, with wide open spaces and tall ceilings adorned with glittering chandeliers.


Many more to come!


Linden Lab


Expect the unexpected at the Titmouse Smash Party -- an infamous tradition in Hollywood for almost two decades that comes to Second Life for an exclusive event, held Sept. 12 from 6 p.m.-midnight (Pacific). 

Anything can (and probably will) happen at this virtual world gathering where participants are invited to smash, bash and crash one of the hottest parties of the year held by independent award-winning animation production company Titmouse (known for “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” “Big Mouth,” “Metalocalypse,” and countless other shows).

Attendees of the Lightbox Expo and the Second Life community are invited to attend this year’s festivities, which include a combination of music, art and overall anarchy. At the center of the event is an interactive smashing cage where attendees can smash objects with a variety of different weapons. You can also meet and take a photo with Titmouse mascot, Mr. Chirps.

Rumor has it that the region is filled with more than a few easter eggs so don’t be surprised when you encounter everything that is weird and wonderful -- all springing from the imagination of the Titmouse team. Eagle-eyed attendees may see a few familiar faces from the Titmouse creative team and animated characters in the crowd, too. (Did somebody say Dethklok?)

What’s a party without free swag? Don’t forget to pick up your free virtual gifts as you arrive.

How to attend

Are you new to Second Life? We’ve put together a complete FAQ to help you get started - everything from registration to instructions on how to navigate to the event. We recommend that you download and install the free Second Life Viewer early so that you can get a bit more familiar with how Second Life works before the event. Read the FAQ to get started!

Where’s the party?

To join the party in Second Life, once the event opens you can “teleport” to the inworld location using this link. You won’t be able to join the event until it opens to the public -- but in the meantime you can check out thousands of other Second Life events and locations to get familiar with the virtual world.  

titmouse shirt_007s v2.jpg

Linden Lab

It’s time for a field trip to a gorgeous virtual aquarium where you can take a moment to relax amidst a colorful array of marine life.

Aquatic Discovery was created by Beta Omega Iota (BOI) as an act of gratitude for the community. BOI, a fraternity founded in 2010 by Mars Xorn Sr., Neroli Portofino Sr., and Caspian Dionysus Batista, was born of the desire to create a space for masculine-identifying lesbians and often hosts community appreciation events. Neroli says, “We hope that through these events people of all backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and abilities have an opportunity to pursue and connect through a love of all things aquatic. Most importantly, we hope to give experiences to people who may not have the ability to do so in real life.”

There is ample space for exploring both above and below the water’s surface. In Caspian’s words, “The aquarium allows adventurers to look nature in the eye and discover the wonders of the aquatic animal world. Our tanks and open waters have whales, platypus, stingrays, and a host of other marine species.”

Hop into a glass elevator to see the vast underwater portion of the exhibits. In the central tank, you may even catch a glimpse of a mermaid. The design is detailed and modern, with so many things to catch your eye you will lose track of time.

On the surface level, you can visit the aquarium’s whale and hear the chatter of the oceanic society. There is also a large glass dome where you can peer down into the water, or even hop in. Where else can you jump into a tank with zero chance of getting nipped?

For those who can’t get enough of this place, Neroli and Caspian suggest heading to the souvenirs: “Each week in our wonderful gift shop we have a list of the events that adventurers can take part in.” 

Don’t miss your chance to see this awe-inspiring region! Beta Omega Iota’s Aquatic Discovery will be open from August 15th through September 30th.

To see more of the aquatic side of Second Life, take a look at our list of underwater regions.


Strawberry Linden

Souls Of Dreams.jpg
Pictured: Souls Of Dreams

Each week, the Second Life Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens of new locations and events worth exploring. With all those beautiful destinations to check out, we thought we’d highlight a few of the entries that stood out to the editorial team.










Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.

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Linden Lab

Get ready for the Titmouse Smash Party, held Sept. 12 from 6 p.m.-midnight (Pacific)!


Do I need a Second Life account to participate?
Yes. If you are not already a member of Second Life, then sign up for free!

I am already a Second Life member. Do I need to sign up again?
No. You can use your existing Second Life account to participate!

What is Second Life?
Second Life is the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world already experienced by millions of people across the world. Participants can use text and voice chat to socialize, explore, and create together across thousands of unique virtual world experiences and communities. Almost everything you see in Second Life was created by the community! 

How do I get Second Life? Is it safe to download?
Second Life can be downloaded and installed on a PC, Mac or Linux. Once you register, you will automatically be prompted to download the Second Life Viewer. You can also manually download the Viewer directly from the official Second Life website.

Installing Second Life is safe and secure -- it does not contain any spyware. 

Does Second Life work on a mobile device or tablet?
Not officially. While there are some experimental third party Viewers, attendees of this event are strongly encouraged to use a desktop-based Viewer.

Are there any tutorial videos for getting started?
Yes! Check out our New User Video Tutorials on YouTube for tips on customizing your avatar and getting started in Second Life. These are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, and Polish.

How do I change my look?


The fastest way to change your look in Second Life is via the avatar button. A pop up will appear with several new looks to choose from. Just click any look to instantly transform your avatar. You can watch this tutorial to see how it works.

Feeling more ambitious? You can craft an even more complex avatar if you want to spend a bit of time and money. YouTube has several tutorials that can help. You can also shop for a complete avatar on the Second Life Marketplace.

How do I explore Second Life?

In addition to the special venue created for this event, Second Life is a huge virtual world filled with both public and private experiences including virtual nightclubs, fashion events, art exhibitions, social hangout spots, and much more. Check out the Destination Guide to see a directory of thousands of places. Once you see a virtual world destination you like, you can visit it “inworld” (inside Second Life). 


How do I join the event or visit any location in Second Life?
Assuming you have already downloaded, installed, and logged in to Second Life then you should be ready to go! 

The event area will be open to the general public beginning Saturday, September 12 at approximately 6 p.m. (Pacific)/9 p.m. (Eastern). Any attempt to access the event area prior to this will be unsuccessful - but you can explore other virtual world locations while you wait!

Once the event venue is open, click this link to get the directory listing with the correct virtual world event location. On this page, select “Teleport” or “Visit this Location”
From the web directory, click the “Teleport” button.


Alternatively, you can choose “View on map” and then you will see a larger map that shows the location in the context of the entire virtual world. From this screen, you can click proceed by clicking “Visit this location.”


Once clicked, your Second Life Viewer will auto-launch and a pop-up “Place Profile” window will appear inside your Viewer - Select the “Teleport” button to travel to your new destination.


During your teleport, you will see an interstitial screen that looks something like this:


After the teleport is complete, you should be at your new destination! 

My teleport is not working! What do I do?
Sometimes a teleport fails if the destination is offline, private, and/or already at full capacity. If so, you will see a message like this:


In the case of a high-demand event with limited capacity, there is a good chance that the event is already at its maximum attendance.


If this is the case, then you can keep trying to teleport to the location. Once space opens up at the event, you should be able to teleport successfully. 

Please note that the event location will be open from 6 p.m. - midnight (Pacific) - so keep trying if you can’t get into the event on your first try!

How do I smash things at the Smash Party in Second Life?
When you enter through the door of the Smash Cage, a random weapon will be automatically attached to you. Simply walk over to the smashables in the center of the cage and click them -- you will hit the object and it will explode! When you leave the cage, the weapon will be automatically detached from you.

How do I control the volume within Second Life?
In the Second Life Viewer, look for the speaker icon in the upper right and hover your mouse over it to expand to a pop-up selector that allows you to change the volume on various audio sources in Second Life. 


How do I claim my free virtual gifts?
As you enter the party, look for the white-tented booths on your right. Claim your free swag bag at these booths!


How do I talk to other people in Second Life?
For many events, voice chat is disabled but you can chat with text either privately or publicly to other attendees. To chat, select the Chat button at the bottom of your Viewer. A pop-up will appear where you can type in your text chat.

Someone is harassing me! How do I get them to stop?
You can block anyone by simply right-clicking on any avatar and then select “Block.” 


You can also block them by selecting their name in the chatbox and right-clicking to select “Block Voice” or “Block Text.”


You can also report abuse inside the Viewer. See this video to learn more.

How do I take a picture in Second Life?
Taking pictures in Second Life is simple! Just click the snapshot button in the Second Life Viewer and then save. Don’t forget to share your favorite snapshots with your friends!


What do I do after the event is over?
Return to your normal dismal life. Or get a vibrant Second Life by continuing to explore thousands of cool destinations and events across the metaverse. Happy! Happy!

Linden Lab

This week we are featuring Etérea, a wondrous and surreal slice of paradise.

Sprouted from the colorful mind of Coqueta Georgia, a Second Life photographer and blogger from Chile, this region feels like a curated selection of fairytale elements sprinkled over a grassy island. Experience behind the camera played a huge part in the design: Coqueta says that “Etérea was born with the idea to make a sim for  photographers so that people could take photos and rezz their poses and objects for free.” With grassy hills, glittering trees, picnic tables and benches, there is no shortage of spots for a selfie, portrait, or landscape shot.

Don’t be shy if you’re somewhat new to SL photography, tutorials abound and experience is how you learn. If you need a little extra motivation, the creator’s team holds monthly contests in the Etérea VIP group, which is a great way to get to know other Residents with an eye for digital art. And as always, please share the gorgeous moments you capture on our Flickr.

Coqueta credits her friend SeKaoru with the creation of the name Eterea, which she defines as “something intangible or volatile, something that gives us the feeling of being poorly defined but sublime at the same time.” This is visible in the way the sky is filled with floating objects: static bubbles, a stack of chairs, a cloud of umbrellas. These things defy gravity and yet seem perfectly natural in this environment, so don’t forget to look up to the clouds.

An incredibly unique aspect of this region is that, as Coqueta puts it, “Etérea will change with the seasons of the year  and will be updated constantly, so bloggers and photographers can take pictures in different thematic seasons.” If you head there today, you’ll be met with tall grass and patches of clover and tulips. We’re very curious to see what will come next.

Visit Etérea today to explore the nooks and crannies of this peaceful wonderland.


Tara Linden

Holly 2_001 copy.jpg

Pictured above: Holly Giles at ~No Strings~


This week's featured artist is Holly Giles (pronounced 'Jiles'), a smooth crooner with an eclectic style hailing from Australia. She likes to sing country, rock, and pop from classic to contemporary and can be found at her venue ~No Strings~ each Tuesday and Saturday at 8pm SLT. (slurl for venue: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Areumdeuli/226/27/80)

Please check out her music on her website as well as this video.

Q: When/how did you hear about Second Life?
A: In 2011 I joined an online chat platform called IMVU due to some personal stuff that forced me to be at home and unable to work. I ended up staying for 5 years. I heard about SL from some people at IMVU who were trying to convert some of us over, haha. I created an SL account in 2015 and kinda used both IMVU and SL for about a year until I decided that SL was more to my liking, with people around my own age. I was in SL for about 2 years before I even KNEW there was a Live Music Community lol, so once i discovered that, I gave away my IMVU account to a friend and I have never looked back.
Q: I really enjoyed your renditions of classic country songs. What drew you to that genre?
A: My music is actually very mixed genre, with country music only taking up about one third of my song list. I was raised on classic country music with my mum having her own band in my childhood, so I learnt my love of country from her and I always say that classic country is my soul music lol. But I do love all music so I tend to sing what I love, from classic country, classic rock, 90's pop and country, through to modern pop like Lady Gaga.
Q: As with any artistic style, country music has evolved so much over the last century. Which decade/era is your favourite, and why?
A: Oh that's easy. I love the old country. The Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn era of country. These country legends are like storytellers. Every song has a story. Every song has a purpose to it. I don't know how else to explain it. I can have my heart broken and find my story in a classic country song. I can feel overjoyed about something and find my happiness echoed in a classic country song. While I love all music and listen to even the most modernist of pop music, I personally just don't get that feeling from it. I get the happiness of an awesome beat, or well-written lyrics but yeah, not that feeling.
Q: If you could open for any musician (alive or deceased), who would it be?
A:I think a lot of people who follow my music would expect me to say Dolly Parton right now, and I thought I would too, but you know, I think I would LOVE to open for Bette Midler. Wow, what a musician she is. I think if I opened for Bette Midler, I could sing anything I wanted to before she took the stage. I could sing some James Brown, followed by a Dolly Parton song, followed by some Creedence lol. I wouldn’t be restricted to one genre, like I would be if I opened for Dolly, I feel.
Q: Do you ever get stage fright before performing in SL? Describe your preshow ritual.
A: OMG. I only started singing, I mean really singing in Second Life AND real life 2 years ago. The reason I never sang before is that I suffered MASSIVE stage fright. I would freeze up and my voice would go shaky if I tried to sing in front of anyone. It took a lot of help and compliments from online friends for me to get the courage to sing in Second Life. My very first show I was so nervous that I felt sick. But by halfway through I suddenly forgot that I was nervous and I just sang. I found the talking part a lot harder than the singing part lol. Now, I don't feel any nerves in Second Life, but am working on my nerves in RL lol.
Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music community to you?
A: Without a doubt, the part I enjoy the most is singing a song and seeing in local things like “OMG I love this song!” or "Oh wow, I haven't heard this song in years!” I love getting requests, I love sharing my love of music with others. I love talking about how my mum used to sing this song or that song in her band while I slept under tables at the local pub. I love that 2 years ago I couldn't sing this song or that song, but that now with some practice under my belt, I can blast that song out like it's nothing. I love just being able to sing and the fact that people want to hear me sing still blows me away every time I open my mouth.


Thank you, Holly!

Strawberry Linden

Pictured: Nour - Light Of The Desert

Each week, the Second Life Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens of new locations and events worth exploring. With all those beautiful destinations to check out, we thought we’d highlight a few of the entries that stood out to the editorial team.

We've got some beautiful new regions and some must-visit events this weekend!








Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.

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Tara Linden


Pictured above: fossil found at The Natural History Museum of Vienna

There’s nothing quite like the serenity of a beautiful building filled with art. I always feel inspired after an afternoon of walking the quiet halls of a place dedicated to creativity. Since most museums are currently closed, here are some places in Second Life where you can take a virtual field trip.


1. Chic and modern buildings like The Vordun, where you can also take a relaxing walk around the large outdoor space and courtyard.

2. The Peale Museum, a recent addition, is a replica of the RL building in Baltimore. Built in 1814, it was the first purpose-built museum in the United States. The virtual Peale has exhibits and events curated by the staff, so there's sure to always be something to pique your interest.

3. Put on your cocktail attire and spend the evening at an art gallery, like Art Atelier. Their current exhibition, a collaboration with Museo Omar Reina de San Rafael of Argentina, goes until September 15. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out.

4. The Natural History Museum of Vienna, which has been designed to replicate the RL building. Currently, you can see exhibitions on both dinosaurs and steampunk. A combination very fitting for 2020.

5. The Cats Museum is a quaint house dedicated to these furry ninjas and their antics. I always appreciate a splash of humor. We don’t all need to be The Louvre. The Cats Museum is an adorable place to make your quiet walk a little more fun.

6. The Virtual Black History Museum is spread out over a beautiful piece of land with open grassy space and calming brooks to make a peaceful moment for yourself. There is an indoor text based history exhibit, as well as a stylized outdoor structure with photographs of many notable figures like Marsha P. Johnson and Diane Nash.

Strawberry Linden


“Lab Gab” is a live-streamed variety show that showcases events, destinations, and different talents across Second Life. Join our host, Strawberry Linden on Friday, August 28th at 10am PT/SLT as she speaks with rising pop star Dorian Electra. Watch us live on YouTube, Facebook, or Periscope!

This week’s guest is an American singer, songwriter, video, and performance artist that has gained a large following across social channels and in the media with music and a unique style that defies gender norms. Recent coverage for Dorian has included articles in Billboard, Paper, and Rolling Stone

Dorian will be discussing their music career and giving us a sneak peek at a huge multi-region music event that will be held in Second Life to celebrate the release of their latest single and video “Gentleman/M’Lady.”  The event, which is hosted by Onyx the Fortuitous and held in partnership with Club Cringe, will also include live DJ sets from several other established deejays including Dylan Brady, Count Baldor, DJ Chad, KO AKA Koala, BlvckJesus, Coucou Chloe and more. Second Life community members can join the event inworld on August 28th starting at 3pm PT/SLT or watch via live stream on Twitch.



For full episodes of Lab Gab, click over to the Lab Gab YouTube Playlist


Linden Lab

Photo by Minnie Fae

The Halloween season is fast approaching...and this year Second Life is excited to announce an all-new seasonal Shop & Hop Event, held Oct. 2-Nov. 1. If you are a creator or merchant, this is your chance to spook up some sales and reach a large audience with your creepiest and coolest creations. 

Here are the guidelines for participation in this year’s event:
The Halloween Shop and Hop will be held Friday, October 2 thru Sunday, November 1, 2020.
Set-up will be September 23 - 29.
Merchants are required to have at least a 20% discount on ALL items.
Merchants are strongly encouraged to provide a new and exclusive, for the duration of the event, non-group gift.
Items need to be appropriate for a moderate audience.

Applications are open now -- but be sure to apply before Sept. 7 to be considered for this year’s event. 

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Furzona is a community-based, cyberpunk themed hangout owned by Game Wylder and Todd Squall and run by a team of dedicated staff. This multilevel furry-friendly venue provides ample opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

Squall, one of Furzona’s DJs and a longtime supporter, is also the writer and producer of the music featured in today’s video. Describing the essence of this region, he says, “I've never thought of Furzona as a building with walls and a ceiling... I've always viewed Furzona as a vibe, an atmosphere, a feeling perhaps. At the end of it all. What you see now is the result of hard work, dedication, and a massive love for music. All in hopes of creating a place that feels like home to anyone and everyone that finds their way to us.”

Originally created in 2010, Furzona’s first incarnation was retired in 2015 when its management team could no longer dedicate enough time to keep it running. Wylder resurrected its spirit in January 2020 with a new team and an updated look that Squall describes as “a mixture of old homages and modern taste.” Furzona is an expertly designed region that is large enough to emulate the tone of a dance club, a futuristic lounge, and an arcade bar in its various sections.

Specializing in livestream video displays and laser shows, the calendar of themed events can be found on announcement boards within the region and their official website. Furzona takes the inworld experience of DJs and party hosts to the next level by utilizing the many capabilities of Second Life’s engine with finesse. The attention to detail is remarkable, with a sleek black and grey palette accented by chic seating options like a spherical chair/aquarium and bars of neon light embedded into surfaces throughout.

The Furzona region contains two sandboxes in which you can build and experiment with SL’s scripting. They are open to everyone, as long as they play by the community rules displayed nearby. Don’t miss the skybox known as The Mainframe, with holo-deck like simulations available to relax in, or the photo setup in front of a colorful Furzona sign. One corner even has a marketplace in case you’d like to pick up some new skins, gestures, or accessories.

Inspiration for the sound design was informed by Squall's and Wylder’s experiences playing in real life venues like The Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, and The Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia. He describes the acoustic goal as “just the right amount of bass, mids and highs to feel every sound as it's played, and yet, you're still able to hold a conversation”: a balance that speaks to the universally welcoming ethos of the Anthro community.

Visit Furzona soon to see, hear, and feel it for yourself!


Tara Linden

Mike00 Carnell 02 copy.jpg

(photo courtesy of Mike00 Carnell)

This week’s featured artist is Mike00 Carnell, bringing us rock music with an infusion of upbeat blues guitar from Hamburg, Germany. For his performances in Second Life, he is usually accompanied by Henrietta the goat, pictured above. (She also has a RL counterpart.)

Check out his SoundCloud for some fun bops to start your week with!

Q: How and when did you hear about Second Life?
A: A friend from Skype told me about SL in 2007 and after a few weeks I decided to create an account. Her name is Amelle Loon.

Q: What instruments do you play and what brands/models do you prefer?
A: My main instrument is the guitar. At the SL music jams I also play bass and cachon/drums or percussion. The main brands for guitars I use are Fender, Gibson, Taylor and Martin and for amps Fender, Marshall and Roland (RL use).

Q: Your SoundCloud says you live in Germany. Can you tell us about some cool German musicians that people in other countries might not know about?
A: I’ve been to SL music jams or meetups in Germany, Netherlands, England, and USA, and I have met a lot of great musicians at all of them. The ones from Germany are Aminus Writer, Lani Aboma, Wolem Wobbit, Mark Taylor, Edy Rau and more. By now I call them all RL friends.

Q: I remember hearing "Without You" by Harry Nilsson and how much I loved it, and then my mind was blown even more when I heard "Si no estas tu," the Spanish version. Have you ever had a moment like that? How many languages do you sing in?
A: I know the feeling of suddenly hearing a song you know in another language. My preferred language for songs is English for some reason. In SL I sing in English and German. Some people are kinda surprised to hear songs in German in SL, which makes me smile.

Q: Tell us about the most memorable show you've played or seen in SL.
A: The most memorable shows are always the dual (greetings to KevinMThomas Carpool) or multi-streaming shows when you interact with one (or up to three) other musician(s) to create a full band live sound. It is so much fun and also challenging to all jam together.

Q: What is the most meaningful part of the SL music community to you?
A: The most meaningful part of the SL music community is that people from all over the world are connected together, and due to the time zones you can listen to live music almost 24/7. You can listen to all kinds of music, many languages, and accents. 
Especially these days, it’s very nice to have SL live music, you can still play gigs or listen to other musicians, being around people without risking anything.


Thanks so much, Mike00!


If you or somebody you know would like to be featured in Music Mondays, please fill out this form. Wait times on hearing a response will vary, as we have received an enthusiastic response from many talented musicians (to our delight, of course!).

Strawberry Linden

Pictured: Frogmore

Each week, the Second Life Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens of new locations and events worth exploring. With all those beautiful destinations to check out, we thought we’d highlight a few of the entries that stood out to the editorial team.









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Tara Linden

Chankanaab cropped.jpg

Lean back with a coconut and pet an adorable sloth at Chankanaab


Some of us may have started out the shelter in place phase with regular virtual happy hours and group video chats, but as this period of isolation stretches on, many of those activities faded away. Video call burnout is real, and pandemic or not, most people get a little bummed out by a monotonous routine. Interacting with your environment in Second Life and teleporting to regions with different terrains and weather conditions is a great way to mix things up. This week, I have some suggestions on how to make breaking out of that summer slump even more enticing.

According to the internet, here are some of the silliest 2020 holidays in the next couple weeks:

1. Tooth Fairy Day (August 22)

You're never too old! Throw a fairy party filled with sweet treats at one of these fantastical spots.

2. Ride The Wind Day (August 23) 

What does that even mean? It's the anniversary of the first human-powered flight. But in Second Life, we can fly any day of the week. For those who haven't taken to the air in a while, Inspire Space Park and Forest of Mystical Dreams both have beautiful floating islands.

3. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (August 28)

If you're like me, pets are life. Read the Rainbow Bridge poem if you dare, it's a tearjerker. But you'll always have the memories. Have a tea party and share some of your favorite pet stories with friends.

4. World Coconut Day (September 2)

Don't have to tell me twice. Drinking out of a coconut and laying on the beach sounds like absolute bliss.

5. Beyonce's Birthday (September 4)

Okay, not technically a holiday but can you imagine the world without her? Get glammed up and remember how powerful you are.


If you'd like to observe one of these unusual holidays inworld, please upload a photo to our Flickr!

Merillu Lumoss.jpg

(Beautiful tribute to the Rainbow Bridge by Meriluu Lumoss)

Strawberry Linden


“Lab Gab” is a live-streamed variety show that showcases events, destinations, and different talents across Second Life. 

Join our host, Strawberry Linden, as she speaks with Cilian McCullough, who runs The Dive Shop in Second Life, which is a platform for training scuba divers in the physical world. Cilian and his team have created scuba equipment, fully functional dive computers, and oxygen analyzers. They have been approved by PADI, the world's largest diver training organization, to use these simulations in Second Life to meet the practical application part of the PADI Enriched Air Diver course. Watch as he gives Strawberry a one-on-one lesson in diving!

Tune in on Friday, August 21st at 10am PT/SLT. Watch us live on YouTube, Facebook, or Periscope!

For full episodes of Lab Gab, click over to the Lab Gab YouTube Playlist


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Linden Lab

Shyla the Super Gecko’s exhibition at The Glinka Gallery shows us the spirited activity within one of Second Life’s many cathartic outlets: poetry.


Shyla’s work is informed by her personal experiences and passions as a person with a disability concerned about social justice issues. She writes to express herself, especially during these times of limited outdoor travel, and hopes to create material that others can relate to.

The Glinka Gallery, run by real world novelist and poet Wolfgang Glinka, comprises four galleries dedicated to fine art, photography, poetry, music, and dance by SL artists. The aesthetic is a fun blend of modern and minimalist with surreal accents that make the space welcoming and engaging. 

Shyla’s work is in the Frank O’Hara Building. Named after the notable writer, this building is dedicated to poetry. Some of her work takes the form of Fibonacci poems, where the number of words per line are determined by the mathematical sequence which starts with 0 and 1 and the next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. This adds a visually alluring element to the poetry, with pieces resembling diamonds, triangles, or hourglass shapes.

Second Life has provided an opportunity for virtual recreation as well. You might catch Shyla hanging out with friends, going to concerts, or even on the slopes, as she is an avid snowboarder.

Shyla would like us to know that there are plenty of places for fans and budding poets to try out, adding, “The SL poetry community is vibrant. There are daily opportunities to share work. An ability to be vulnerable in an environment of trust and respect. Sabreman Carter hosts daily open mics. Circes’ New Poet Sanctuary and Hotel Chelsea’s Sunday Spoken Word feature amazing poets in SL.”

For more in-world poetry, Shyla suggests The Blue Angel Poets Dive (SL’s oldest continuously running open mic), and Poet’s Plunder run by Klannex Northmead. Northmead also maintains The Apple, a calendar of SL poetry events.



Tara Linden

Gabriel da Silva 2 (1).jpg

(photo courtesy of Gabriel Nyoki)


Bringing us hard rock from Porto, Portugal, this week's featured artist is Gabryel Nyoki, who comes from generations of musicians. His foray into playing music started with playing covers until he amassed a loyal following, who then asked to hear more of his original songs. He is now creating and recording music as part of a power-trio and has gone on RL tours in the UK and Europe!

He has an abundance of online sources to hear his music:

Official website: www.gabrieldasilvamusic.com




Q: When and how did you hear about Second Life?
A: A magazine around 2007. I only joined later when I bought a faster computer.

Q: Your bio on your website says that you come from a family of musicians. Are there any similarities between your musical style and theirs?
A: My father's father built and played almost all instruments all by himself. Most of my family, my uncles, aunts, and cousins play and sing a variety of genres, but not rock.
My father was dedicated to electric guitar so eventually I dedicated myself to hard rock, my favorite, although I have over 3,000 gigs in different genres and instruments.

Q: Your music is incredibly polished and well-produced. It's clear that you've been honing your craft for a while. Could you tell us about the brands/models of instruments you use and why you prefer them?
A: What I use is humble, I am an electronics and IT engineer and experienced a long curve of courses both in music theory and music production, bringing the best I can out of each to my own flavor.
I have two electric guitars, a steel acoustic, a nylon acoustic, one rock bass guitar, two Yamaha keyboards, a vintage drum set, and I invest a lot in the digital audio world inside Apple products.
My main guitar and the one heard in my latest album is actually a PRS made of paper!

Q: You've signed with an agency and have toured in the UK and Europe. Did you have to cancel any real world shows due to COVID? And has the pandemic affected your ability to practice with your band members?
A: Yes and yes. All plans were canceled.
Q: You hail from Porto, Portugal. Do you feel that Portuguese rock has any characteristics that differ from rock music in other cultures?
A: In some genres yes, not in rock, no. And my music is 99% in English as we tour in different continents and not specifically for Portuguese people. Portuguese people enjoy international rock a lot!

Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music community to you?
A: Being able to connect directly with different people around the globe so fast.
I share and learn so much, and that is priceless. Everyday I extend my fan base through rock fans around the globe with Second Life, and I love delivering them good vibes and entertainment. We have over 10k fans in SL.

Please take a look at his calendar for upcoming Second Life concerts. He suggests the Solarwinds Music Concert as it is moderate.

More of his content can be found here:

Facebook SL

Facebook RL

Music video

Flickr SL

Twitter: @gabrieldamusic

Instagram: gabrieldasilvamusic

Thank you, Gabryel! 


If you or someone you know would like to submit content for Music Mondays, please fill out this form.



Strawberry Linden

Pictured: Archipelago

Each week, the Second Life Destination Guide editorial team reviews dozens of new locations and events worth exploring. With all those beautiful destinations to check out, we thought we’d highlight a few of the entries that stood out to the editorial team.


A new real-world destination is opening up their virtual location in Second Life tomorrow. The Peale is a purpose-built museum building in Baltimore. Join us at The Peale’s Founder’s Day Virtual Open House in SecondLife on Saturday, August 15th starting at 8am PT/SLT. You can also watch it on our YouTube live stream.   


And now, here are some beautiful new additions to Editors' Picks this week:




Check out these new galleries and exhibitions:





Finally, here are some other awesome events happening this weekend:




Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form.

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Tara Linden


(photo taken at Astral Dreams)

One of Second Life’s role-playing communities involves steampunk fandom. For those unfamiliar with the term, steampunk is a genre of science fiction/science fantasy that takes place during the era of steam power (usually the British Victorian era or the American “Wild West”) in which the fashion, technology, and physical settings are influenced by designs from the future. The aesthetic can be anachronistic, containing futuristic elements that are set in the past, or retrofuturistic, where the design is inspired by depictions of the future made in an earlier period.

Residents can visit a number of steampunk regions to be immersed in a wondrous mixture of time and imagine what might have been. The decor often contains a sense of whimsy and magic, with polished brass, plenty of iron, and wood. Leather clothing is quite common, as are clocks/watches with visible gears and thick goggles to protect your eyes while flying airships or welding.

The marketplace has tons of incredibly creative steampunk items, from tophats to Victorian furniture. You can also take inspiration from notable steampunk films, such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The City of Lost Children.

For those who just want to see what others are up to before diving in, check out this chat on the forum. Steampunk is an easy style to experiment with, since the accessories are so distinct. You can start out with a monocle and a watch on a gold chain and take it from there!


(An example of a steampunk setting, photo by Orion)

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