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  1. o.O!

    Wow! We were being watched at every step. That was very scary, and quite the experience!
  2. FIRST

    You just didn't want to be third.
  3. FIRST

    FIRST, just because.
  4. Restoring abandoned mainland.

    Qie Niangao wrote: ChinRey wrote: Qie Niangao wrote: I sure wish abandoned land automatically reverted to the sim's RAW shape It is actually. That's not my experience, so maybe that's a very recent change? Just at random, the first batch of adjacent abandoned parcels I see with wildly disjoint terraforming are from April 2016, but I didn't check for any more recent. It does seem that they (usually?) manually revert the parcel fully before putting it up for auction, although I've seen them also display the wider terraforming limits on a color sim's auction parcel. The process we undertake to revert a parcel's terrain is manual and we perform it when we prepare a parcel for sale or auction. While we are out in the regions, we will also perform general clean up, which includes the terrain reversion as well. -Patch
  5. Deploy plans for the week of 2016-10-31

    Hi! Over the next couple of days there will be some changes coming. The deploy will happen in stages. So as you see these changes rest assured it is normal and is happening as intended. On November 3, we will post an official blog along with a video where I will have all of the information and details regarding these changes. Keep an eye on the Official Blog, on Thursday for more info. :matte-motes-wink:
  6. What's This New Secret Linden Build?

    Things are coming along nicely...