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  1. Patch Linden


    Good morning Linden Homes! Come see them now at the Home and Garden Expo on a special preview!
  2. Patch Linden


    Happy Saturday everyone!
  3. Patch Linden


    Who wants to live here?
  4. Soon! We've been super busy on some really big projects. One of which is talked about over in that SSP thread.
  5. Patch Linden

    Linden spy?

    Dee was who you'd typically see running around in a fairy avatar. The Governor is a Hamster who I keep locked up in a cage and let run around in one of those hamster balls on occasion.
  6. Patch Linden

    Not good enough

    Bingo! This is exactly the case type that I do not want taking a long time to process. It is also the type of request that must be handled via a ticket. Processing a request to purchase abandoned land from us is a complex process that requires someone to perform many points of due diligence on our and your behalf to make sure the land is handed over properly. We've had an influx of those requests since we announced the mainland price changes and as demand has kept up, I've chosen to expand our Land Operations team.
  7. Patch Linden

    Not good enough

    Howdy! This caught my eye and thought it would be interesting to reveal something I don't think we've ever shared outside before. Since all of the Second Life support departments are in my wheelhouse, I'm happy to share a little bit of information with all of you. The following charts represent tickets (only) received between 2 January to Current (31 January). We strive to live mostly in the 12-48 hour time frame for all support requests. There are multiple departments and many different types of requests represented here. This in no way means that longer times for handling a ticket do not happen, in fact that lower 48+ hrs accounts for around 11-12% of the volume. We use a system of escalations depending on the request type to make sure we land a request in the department with the appropriate subject matter experts who are best capable to resolve it. We know this can lead to some of those longer times to give a request the very best attention it can receive. A couple more interesting facts: About 29% of the volume is resolved in less than a day (12 hours or less). A large portion of the 48+ hour cases are requests to purchase land from us (we are working to fix this!). Our overall interaction volume across all contact points roughly averages to be around 17,000 contacts per month.
  8. Patch Linden


    As I announced in the town hall, It stands for Super Secret Project. 😄
  9. Patch Linden

    Winter Swaginator

    Just to be clear, we were not sleeping, but rather talking in voice on Discord, making fun of all of you standing there, making fun of us, while throwing yellow snowballs at you.
  10. Patch Linden


    I shall reveal what SSP stands for at the Town Hall tomorrow!
  11. Patch Linden


    We've been busy!
  12. Patch Linden

    Free Lindens for all!!

    I cost a lot of money, ask people who bid on me for Relay events. ?