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  1. Suffice it to say, this is simply not the case and at best mostly incorrect. We are here.
  2. Yes hehe, sorry I wasn't too chatty! I'm bouncing around as people pick up houses to make sure they look like they are working OK. 🙂
  3. Howdy! Back with another update, and probably the last prior to the Holidays. I have restored my original release post above. We have concluded several rounds of testing region releases and have determined that we can proceed at a paced release. We will release regions on a timed frequency throughout the rest of today while monitoring systems and progress. We will pick up doing so again after the Holidays. I can not predict how many we may get through or by when, but we'll do our best to get as many out as safely possible. That said, the KVP system while fixed is probably
  4. Hey Folks! Another quick update - the team involved in fixing up the issues is hard at work on many things, our issue preventing us from doing a large scale release is one of the many things they are working on with all things uplift. Tomorrow is another day and we're ready to release more homes as soon as they can get things fixed up for us to move forward. Again, thank you for your patience and I'll post another update as quickly as I can. -Patch
  5. Hi Everyone! An update on where we're at with the Stilt home regions release. We tried with all of our might today to get them in to everyone's hands that wants them. Sadly our plans were thwarted by unforeseen complications. We're hoping to work through some more of this tomorrow, and I'll be back with another update as quickly as possible! Have a great evening and thank you for your patience with us as we work through these issues. -Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team
  6. Hello everyone! We have a new Linden Homes release, this time featuring Stilt Homes and House Boats. There are 3900 Stilt Homes, and 552 House Boats in this release. The stilt homes offer upscale living along the coasts of Bellisseria. Homes are raised on stilts, well above sea level, in the style of many shoreline homes in the Southeastern USA. Some homes are placed along or very near to the beach. Others are over water, attached to wooden piers. Others still are freestanding over water, only accessible by boat. Enjoy the luxury of a home on a full-sized 1024 sq m parcel and ac
  7. Heed the big huge disclaimer at the bottom of my Flickr posting: [Giant Disclaimer™ - if everything goes according to plan] I'm going to clearly warn you all now, if you leave your homes and this DOES NOT work, there's no going back potentially and you'll be homeless. I suggest you do NOT abandon your homes until we are absolutely sure the release is proceeding as planned tomorrow - we will not run out of Stilt homes for several days.
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/patchlinden/50740900757
  9. From my mowf.. ok really my fingers.
  10. Yes, and probably not without re-working the homes from the ground up.
  11. Hi Everyone! I know there is a lot of anticipation built up around the release of Stilt Homes. We have been working diligently to get them done and release ready in the midst of a tremendous larger project, known as Uplift. We've hit a huge milestone with that today, where 100% of the regions on the grid have now been uplifted. That said, we still have some work to do in our preparation along side that having happened, some of which had to be paused off and on in between things happening. Hopefully, we'll make more progress over the upcoming week, and there is a holiday we're workin
  12. Well you beat me to it, again, but there it is, and hopefully that helps with expectations. 🙂
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