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  1. Patch Linden


    As I announced in the town hall, It stands for Super Secret Project. 😄
  2. Patch Linden

    Winter Swaginator

    Just to be clear, we were not sleeping, but rather talking in voice on Discord, making fun of all of you standing there, making fun of us, while throwing yellow snowballs at you.
  3. Patch Linden


    I shall reveal what SSP stands for at the Town Hall tomorrow!
  4. Patch Linden


    We've been busy!
  5. Patch Linden

    Free Lindens for all!!

    I cost a lot of money, ask people who bid on me for Relay events. ?
  6. Patch Linden

    Free Lindens for all!!

    I'm going to decorate my Linden Home!
  7. Patch Linden

    Why is it nighttime on mainland now?

    I just checked the region that you were in @animats, and it looks fine to me. I also hopped around through a bunch, and all look good. Settings are where they are supposed to be.
  8. Patch Linden

    What did you dress up as for Halloween?

    I'm right here, sheesh....
  9. Patch Linden


    Happy Halloween! ?
  10. Patch Linden


    *ponders how to open a sim* Open up like a tauntaun so you can crawl inside? I'm concerned with how much code might spill out. I'm afraid it's pretty boring in a sim. BRB, I have some regions to be in.
  11. Patch Linden


    It's all my shoes!