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  1. I was hoping a nice, previously unreleased photo might brighten up the day a bit! 😁
  2. Folks, we went through and removed a bunch of posts that simply do not contribute here to the topic. Sadly some lovely comments were embedded with the lost posts. This will be the only time I'll put this train back on the tracks before we take other actions towards any offenders.
  3. Thanks everyone for the congrats and well wishes! My new title is Vice President of Product Operations. It has been an honor and pleasure in serving the community over the past 12+ years.
  4. I've said elsewhere before, the two region wide channel is a temporary bridge between the continents. It is not necessary to maintain it in present form and will be replaced with regions as we work our south and east.
  5. Not before the 1st of October, so plenty of time. I'll take this hunt down when I announce the next one.
  6. Hi folks! It’s time we bring a new style of Linden Homes into the mix. Now, in addition to Traditional and Houseboat styles, we’re introducing the newest theme: CAMPERS! You may have seen these Campers at the Linden Homes preview during SL16B. Clustered in central Bellisseria, the new Camper regions offer a secluded, rural environment, with more nature and parcel privacy than the previous theme locations. Campers allow for a simple lifestyle: choose between 8 versatile styles on 512 sqm parcels, all with open floor plans, nestled in the wooded Bellisseria regions. The campers include a new feature allowing you to rotate the direction of your camper 180 degrees! Remember, you can still use the other portion of your premium land allotment towards another 512sqm of land elsewhere on the mainland. These new Camper regions feature some special community areas as well, such as the Campwich Lodge and railway stations in select regions. Like all Linden Homes, these are first-come, first-served, so act fast to claim yours! Also, as an update to the Traditional Homes content pack, the highly requested roof and floor textures are now available. Please grab a new content pack via your mailbox today to receive them. Enjoy!
  7. I wasn't about to make it that easy! 😁
  8. We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents....
  9. I posted another one yesterday....
  10. Hello Bellisseria hunters! I'm going to start doing some gift hunts on occasion. I've had requests for some items and I thought it would be a fun way to get them to you. That said, I'm going to keep this simple. I'll provide an obscure hint, you all will have to figure it out from there. Remember, if you discover it, keep it a secret for as long as possible as to not spoil it for everyone. Have fun and a great weekend! Here is today's gift hint: β™« Under the sea… Under the sea…. Nobody beat us, fry us and eat us, in fricassee! We what the land folks loves to cook, under the sea we off the hook, we got no troubles, life is the bubbles! Under the sea! β™«
  11. Please do not do that. There's no point getting yourself in trouble for violating the Linden Homes covenant. Use a visitor counter to collect names and times of the bot visitors and report them in an AR so Linden Lab can deal with them. If this guy really is a griefer, he'd like nothing better than to sucker you into doing something dumb that will get you in trouble. Please do not try to do anything that goes against the covenant. We have been looking into this; we're here to help. If you have this occurring, please report them via the Abuse Reporting tool so we can track. Thanks!
  12. All this talk about train tracks...
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