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  1. The viewer drops a message in your chat telling you that you have been teleported by X object name at Y location. That's how I track them down if I get hit by one. 😉
  2. We're working on a messaging system. I don't have a lot of specifics to share yet, it is still pretty early in it's development phase.
  3. If you feel like you've done your side of the good neighbor thing by letting someone know about something they've done being out of bounds with the covenant and gotten no response, please do report these things to us. We will react, and we do still try to make general area compliance sweeps as we have time. You have many ways of letting us know, the most acceptable are an abuse report, contacting support, or IMing/notecarding any one of us working on the project. Even if it is to myself directly or one of the Moles. The Moles actually have a specific system of escalation for issues found and a handful of them are able to respond and help clean something up as necessary. Without your direct reports, putting these sorts of things in the forums without more specifics such as locations make it a pretty hard and lengthy process for us to track down. Thanks to all of you that have already been doing the above, I hope those who have are seeing results (and if you are not contact me directly)! ❤️
  4. I'm going to remind once again, reduced capabilities on these homes is a feature. If you desire that level of freedom, then perhaps you have outgrown the Linden Homes product. We will not be adding the bug back in to the homes as a feature, it is an intentional restriction. Maybe the next item for us to consider is perhaps a modification to the covenant restricting exterior appearance modifiers further (disallowing shells).
  5. Today, we have released an additional 2,330 new Linden Homes. This includes more Traditional, Houseboats, Campers and Victorian homes. We have released over 10,000 new Linden Homes this year! You may now resume your Game of Homes activities. The Moles and team are going to be taking a well deserved break for the rest of the year. There will be no more releases until we are back at it in 2020!
  6. This is all a symptom of the house not completing it's loading tasks. If you touch the house or touch it's physical shape in any means with your avatar before that whole process is completed, you are doomed to failure. This is why we were broadcasting the messages last night about standing back away from the home, re-rezzing it and waiting a good solid minute before going near it. Sadly we have found that if the region is under strain as well, that loading process may not complete anyway. On a brand new house you know it's loaded if it's initial rez color changes (randomizes), that signals it has completed it's tasks... this signal only works if you have not set a custom exterior color on it. We're working to try to get to the bottom of why this is happening in the first place, but the key to success so far is really to stay away from the house while it loads everything up.
  7. Things should be better now, and I'll update the message a little later today after we get an engineering update.
  8. Ok folks, we do have a little issue we've uncovered. If you abandon a home, it seems to be stalling the delivery queue. While we work on fixing that, we're asking you, please, do not abandon homes if you can at all avoid it (in other words do not play Game of Homes right now). This is impacting the release of new homes, and it's looking like we may not be able to fully get through releasing all of the new homes today.
  9. Howdy everyone! Today we are releasing our newest addition of Linden Homes themes, Victorian. The team has been hard at work over the past several months putting together what we think is our most stunning release to date. The Victorian homes have some brand new features such as: A choice of 4 stylish Victorian houses. The ability to change the interior walls to whatever color you want, via an in-built color picker HUD. Multiple rooms with interior doors. Front, back and/or wrap around porches. Stunning, vast Victorian landscaping. A warm and vibrant community. Railway accessible Nearly 1600 Victorian homes will launch this week, the majority of them happening today (Monday, 16 December, 2019). Plus another 500 coming before the end of the year! In addition to that, over 1,600 Traditional Homes, Houseboats and Campers will be released later this week! We hope you enjoy the new homes as we continue to grow the Bellisseria continent and community. Happy Holidays! Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team
  10. We've added an additional time, December 23rd at Noon SLT. Hope to see you there!
  11. Nope, it wasn't me! 😁 I've generally been ok with South Bellisseria though.
  12. There's no candle left to burn! Ps. What's a VictoriBelle?
  13. Y'all are just jealous that our doors are bigger than yours... 🎵 I like big doors and I can not lie...
  14. Child-agents, as they are called, do pull load from a simulator. The gap of offline regions is mostly to ensure we have a smooth running work environment as we prepare everything for launch.
  15. My private home is not a tree house, I'm not sure where that's coming from. 😂
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