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Found 11 results

  1. I have been helping a friend from Spain to improve his avatar. Although I am fluent in Spanish, some things are difficult to explain. Are there updated video tutorials in Spanish for beginners on the following topics? •Bento •Appliers •BOM •BOM vs. Appliers •System Alphas and how they interact with BOM •The Outfits System In Addition, if there are good written tutorials in Spanish with clear Screen Shots, they would also be welcomed.^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He estado ayudando a un amigo de España a mejorar su avatar. Aunque hablo español con fluidez, algunas cosas son difíciles de explicar. ¿Hay videos tutoriales actualizados en español para principiantes sobre los siguientes temas? •Bento •Aplicadores •BOM •BOM vs. Aplicadores •Alphas Sistema y cómo interactúan con BOM •El Sistema de Vestimenta (Outfits) Demás, si hay buenos tutoriales escritos en español con capturas de pantalla claras, también serán bienvenidos. ^^
  2. I'm part of a roleplay sim, and canonically we have a 1:1 timescale, so 1 day IRL is 1 day in the canon of our sim. Our desire is to have our parcel's sky reflect the current canonical time. So at 6 AM SLT, the sun/moon is in a position corresponding to 6 AM in the settings, and the same for 9 AM, 12 PM, and so on. Essentially, we want a day cycle whose length is 24 hours instead of SL's 4 hours. In some of the posts about EEP, I have seen discussions about this being possible, but looking through the wiki and looking at the settings on my viewer, it's not clear to me how to achieve this effect. Any help is welcome! I also saw the picture below on the EEP wiki. The ratios next to the percentages, re: 0%(0:0), 25%(1:0) make me think that maybe cramming all the keyframes between 0% and 25% might do it, but that would take a long time to test. Again, any help is super appreciated!
  3. I enjoy sharing helpful info, and after a lot of people asking, I took some personal time and created a series of videos on photography in SL. I am using a third party viewer (Black Dragon) simply because that viewer was designed for users to push past limitations in other viewers. If you want to check it out, please see the 10 part series here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6cNWafb3OdYvJQwrSOsmg?view_as=subscriber Questions are also welcome below! I might be slow to respond, but I will try! The videos are a bit dry, but they definitely have a lot of content.
  4. Bonjour à tous, je viens de créer une nouvelle chaîne YouTube consacrée à l'apprentissage de Blender spécifiquement pour second life. Une visite, un like, ou un abonnement à ma chaine m'encouragerai à continuer ces cours. Toutes vos suggestions sont les bienvenues. Ici pour visiter ma chaine You Tube A tres bientot 😉
  5. Hi, I just started playing the game and was going through the tutorial. At some point the tutorial had me go to Social Island (I think?) And now I have two blue blob widgets on my screen: "Tutorial L$ Balance: 50" and another bubble whose purpose seems to walk me through the tutorial. But the "Next Step" area is blank, and to the left of that it just says "You can repeat tutorial steps if you want yadda yadda". Does anyone know where I need to go to finish the tutorial? I tried transporting to something that sounded correct, but said I cannot TP there. Any help would be useful, thanks! I've added a screenshot. Note that clicking around on the bubble to the left does nothing except minimizing it.
  6. Okay, so I literally am just starting on Second Life tonight and I am stuck at the end of Learning Island in the room with the gate that leads to Social Island... every time I tried to enter the gate, it said that no valid parcel could be found or some such error to that effect. Another new person tried to enter there and could not do so either, so this was not just happening to me. So how does one leave Learning Island and get to Social Island? Or have I encountered some sort of weird bug? Like I said, I am totally new to Second Life so I have no idea what is up with that gate.
  7. I've noticed quite a few meshes in-world often have black lines on their textures, either on the edge of the mesh's UV seams, during download, or when viewed from a lower LOD, like so: Poor Suzanne is falling apart at the seams! But did you know these can be hidden/obscured? It is actually a quite easy process and there are two ways to do so, however, both methods rely that you space your UVs islands out by at least a few pixels(8 is usually enough space between each island). This means not packing your UVs so tightly that they touch: The first method takes place inside the texture painter tools. When texture painting, you have a option called "Texture bleed". In blender, this is found in the Options tab when using the Texture Paint tool: This will paint outside the UV just a little bit(In the specific image above, by 8 pixels. My preferred setting is about 4 with fine tuning of it later). As for the rest, just paint as you normally would! The second option is to post process your texture. Preferably, paint on a transparent texture, this makes this process a whole lot easier. This in specific is for GIMP, but there are similar tools for photoshop. I think photoshop might even have it built in? I could be wrong, I haven't used it in forever, but the plugin I use is this: http://polycount.com/discussion/114616/uvpadder-filter-for-gimp-2-6 Should your texture currently look like this: You will need to erase the black unused areas of your texture(You can also choose to delete by colour, but be careful with this, it may have undesired effects!). When done correctly, you should end up with this: So what about that plugin? We get to use it now! Select your entire canvas and go to "Filters > Texturing > UV Padder", this will make your image look like this: You may ask why this is good, it just filled the image with random colours! When it did this, it only replaced transparent, unused portions of the image. It didn't touch pixels that are fully visible. Lets take a look at Suzanne now that we followed one of the two steps above: Suzanne is once again in once piece! I hope someone will find this guide useful. Should someone wish to look at the files, I've uploaded them here: https://cdn.softhyena.com/felix/Suzanne_Texturing_Tutorial.7z Although the files provided come in 1024x1024, for this demonstration, I scaled them down to 256x256 to illustrate the effects easier.
  8. ive ben looking everyone for them but i cant find them. i dont know if she took them down because she got bigger and didnt want people to know what she does. or they just vanished im wondering if anyone knows where i can find them or if anyone reuploaded them because i personally feel they would help out allot for anyone wanting to become a photo editor for secondlife
  9. Hello there. So I want to make skins. I have Photoshop CS and gimp. Now I want to make skins but I have an issue.. when I put the upper body and lower body together, the seam (where the lower body and upper body connects) can be seen. Is there a way to get an updated model I can place my skins on and work with them? Like a "3D photoshop", I guess? I used to have a program like that, but it's very outdated now.
  10. Forgot to post this yesterday (I think it was yesterday LOL). More complex baking procedures as well as how to get rid of those tacky seems on cylinder shapes. Two places to watch. SLArtist here: https://www.slartist.com/multiple-object-materials-to-more-than-one-texture-plane-plus-uv-map-nodes_cc8995781.html And YouTube here: https://youtu.be/a1pq3oI7mao
  11. This took ALL day (and that wasn't making the gravestones LOL) so hopefully someone will learn something *wink*.
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