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Second Life Destinations - Puerto Banana

Linden Lab


Explore Puerto Banana, an eclectic little fishing harbor, inspired by the wonderful creativity of Second Life Residents.

After being involved with other artistic venues and ventures in Second Life, Louna Perl and Boro decided they wanted to create their own space based around fun, creativity, and nice chance encounters with other Second Life residents. Louna shares, “We do think SL is a wonderful way to unleash creativity, whether you're extremely talented or simply a normal human being with ideas that have not been realized yet.” 

With no technical skills and an immense admiration for other Creators in Second Life, they dove right into creating Puerto Banana. Louna explains their process: “I'm a collector and I love pictures and paintings, but I also have a passion for objects. And in SL, there are absolutely fantastic creators of objects. From sculptures to simple tea cups, I'm often amazed by the details, the technical skills, beauty and inventiveness.”  

“We do try to mix the atmospheres in what remains a small place, with the harbor full of surprises, a small gallery and a warehouse where we can gather with a few people to listen to music streamed by music lovers, without dancing, just to lie on a couch or a comfy chair and chat about music.”

This quaint little fishing harbor is not the only thing keeping them busy this summer together, and in collaboration with Gabryel Lamplight, they have started a new project called “Bears around the World” project. You can grab a bear and go on a photography adventure for a chance to win some prizes, but also have a lot of fun!

Take a stroll through this eclectic fishing harbor, participate in the bears around the world project and get your creative juices flowing!

Video Production by Draxtor Despres


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