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Second Life Destinations - Urban City

Linden Lab


Experience a vibrant metropolis at Urban City, where you can enjoy exciting clubs, endless shopping, apartments for rent, and more!

An urban neighborhood in the Humboldt County region, Urban City has residential areas where you can enjoy real city living by renting apartments or a whole parcel. With a town square, pubs, and many shopping areas you will always feel you are at the heart of downtown. 

Adjacent to Urban City is the Urban Neighborhood, in the Laurel Canyon region (see a California theme here? We do!), where the expansive Fantasy Pixels store is facing the waterfront. For the more spacious rentals, Urban Neighborhood has you covered with - ironically? - suburban size plots.

If you want to roam the streets, engage in moderate roleplay, hang out with your friends and witness how the various construction sites quickly transform into exciting new parts of the neighborhood, hop on over to Urban City now.

And if you like the effort Ѳѕzч Ͼʰᵘ Ͼѳййаllч and crew put into this place, you can donate to the parking meter. Find the hungry little object right next to the food truck, the one that sells “Little Monster Skull Ice Cream” as you look out over the water and contemplate if a downtown penthouse or a white-picket fence enclosed Victorian is the right crib for you.

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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