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Second Life Destinations - Hamster Festival 2022

Linden Lab


Hamster avatars take center stage at Hamster Bar, home of a fun summer Hamster Festival every August.

If you’re looking for some wacky fun, you'd be hard-pressed to find a virtual world that offers more of that than Second Life! 

Azuran, owner of the Hamster Bar and creator of the incredibly adorable Hamster Festival, also runs a Hamster blog all about the wheel turning activities taking place at the bar. The blog may be in Japanese and most avatars may be of the furry kind, but human avatars are more than welcome and many of the participants also speak English. 

This two week festival runs until August 20th and includes a live DJ event and a shopping mall where you can pick up all your hamster accessories. Follow Hamster Fest on Twitter for updates.

One of the Hamsters featured in the video is Sanny Yoshikawa, who can usually be found in a squirrel or cat avatar but also enjoys being a hamster. The Hamster Festival is one of Sanny’s favorite events in Second Life.

Sanny has been a Second Life Resident for many years and tells us, “I am Japanese and have lived in Australia for 20 years. I joined SL when I saw the news about Japanese towns being created in SL. Now I live in a Sakura Linden Home. 

My main project in SL is translating and making a summary of Wagner James AU's New World Notes monthly. I believe that it helps Japanese users to get information about SL and other virtual worlds. We can use DeepL to read foreign blogs nowadays, but I think the real problem for someone who doesn't use English is "how to reach information". If you don't know English you can't use google search, then you can't reach articles that you should read.”

Don't have a Hamster avatar and want to pick one up? Find them at Sue's Mall, home of the Beetlebones store in Second Life by Suetabulous Yootz.

Take a moment to connect with an adorable new community and teleport over to Hamster Festival today!

Video Production by Draxtor Despres

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