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How does your avatar look today ?


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As the youngest Newell, I don't get first pick of In World time, so when I do get time, I get busy!!

Images are at Lutz. Oh and as I type this I just got booted....haha!

Hair: Rezology Sylph...……. Interestingly, this was my first hair, which I still like with certain outfits!!

Top: *JB* (Just Because) Kathie Shirt

Jeans: Absolut Vendetta Gysla  

Shoes: Inez Heels 9_9




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Added shoes!
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How about this one?  I was trying to make a figure a little bit like Bridget Bardot.   I kind of like it but I still think there are problems with head too big, legs too long/short.  Maybe for flat feet, add a bit of leg length?.  I'm thinking of putting this one for free in my store (not today tho) as an alternative to big, big hip avi's THO I like those too and think they are very bombshell, and sometimes cute.   

Snapshot_227 (2).png

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