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  1. You have two issues going on here. The main one is that you're wearing the wrong neck type version of the body. Lelutka Evo heads such as Skyler require the 'SL Neck' version of your Signature body. The 'Default Neck' version that you're wearing is for heads that don't use the newer 'universal neck' fitting that many head creators have agreed upon to help remove that neck seam issue. The second issue is that you're not using a BoM body skin. While you still need some kind of system skin under your mesh I can see from the alpha you're wearing (BoM head with applier body and eyes) that you'
  2. I know what it is. You gave it a particular historical name, which suggests you know enough history to know what caused that particular historical name. The Hapsburg jaw was caused by inbreeding. So yes, you offended me. You've also somewhat ruined for me a photo that I loved. But you got to pass your insulting opinion of my avatar on to me, so congrats I guess.
  3. "Inbred", you mean? (Considering that's what caused that particular feature.) Uh... no.
  4. A trick that I often make use of when taking part in a hunt is to enable wireframe mode (CTRL + SHIFT + R). This is handy if the store has renamed the items (or if they've been particularly devious and renamed parts of the store itself with the hunt object name, such as walls or pillars or display units) so that Area Search is less effective. Most stores will have a hunt board near their entrance or lobby that shows you the item you're looking for. Enable wireframe to get an idea of what it looks like (pay attention to density of polygons as well as specific colours) and then begin cammin
  5. I beg to differ. I have quite broad shoulders on Syd, so it can be done. You just need to widen them as much as you need to (adjusting your overall size accordingly to remain proportionate) and then use a shoulder deformer to reduce the armpit gap. Must Trade has a decent set here. You can combine those with their shoulder morphs to get the shape you need. Edited to add: I've moved away from V-Tech and toward the Maitreya Flat Chest add-on for Syd, as more people are creating for that one these days. Plus the Maitreya Flat add-on has a V-Tech compatible version included, so you can use th
  6. This, from Lelutka's FAQ, explains what causes that issue:
  7. Speaking as someone who invests hours and hours creating fully illustrated (including shortform videos explaining specific steps) blog posts about this kind of thing (and yes, some of those posts can take days to write and re-write, fine-tuning them to be as understandable as possible to the widest possible range of people, from newbies to old hands to returnees who may not have encountered mesh at all to those who arrived during the applier era and have no idea what BoM is) I wish you luck in this venture. I trust that you'll be covering the process for each major brand of mesh head and
  8. From the Legacy Support website:
  9. For those who have not seen the preview images of Queen:
  10. That specific response was aimed at you, not at the OP. I had already answered the OP on the previous page, with both a basic one-line reply to their main question, followed up by a simple analogy to help them understand the reasoning behind that answer. Judging from their response to me, they found that post helpful and easy to understand. You, on the other hand, gave them a falsehood as though it was an absolute. You told them that it is not possible to use BoM and Omega at the same time. And that falsehood needed to be set right. It isn't only the OP, or 'starters' who read this forum,
  11. You absolutely can use BoM and Omega at the same time - for anything except skins, and as long as your mesh body and/or head have a layer that allows for appliers (the main 'big brand' exceptions being Legacy and Aesthetic, as neither of those brands has Omega support at all). An example using Maitreya body and Catwa Bento head: wear the Maitreya body and Catwa Bento head and enable BoM via their HUDs wear your BoM skin add the Maitreya add-on tattoo layer and Omega relay for Maitreya, then apply an Omega body tattoo (or the Maitreya add-on underwear/clothing layers and
  12. Are you sure you removed the head alpha? You need to to that, when you use a mesh head with BoM. A red face is a sign that you probabley did not. The 'old Omega Baked on Mesh' is very likely their original experimental BoM activation HUD, which was made available very early on for testing. I recall using that back in April 2018 with the BoM Project Test Viewer (note the upload date of my testing image here). That HUD made use of the BoM bake textures released at the time by LL. Those BoM bake textures have since changed to new ones, and the old ones no longer activate BoM on the
  13. If it's a skin for Lelutka, and it contains applier versions, then it's for the older Origins line. You can also google the skin name to get an idea of when it was released. Pumec's 'Anouk' skin appears to have several blog posts for it dated around 2019, which was before the Evolution range was released.
  14. In short, no; it will probably always end up with that odd mouth. Any 'new' skins by Pumec will likely be created on the Lelutka Evo UV map, which is different from the Lelutka Origins UV map that your Chloe head uses. From the Lelutka FAQ page: Note the answer to that second question. You are trying the reverse of that question: using an Evo range skin on an Origins range head. The simplest way to understand how UV maps work is to think of them as a square of origami paper. One person will fold that paper into a crane while another person will fold it into a flamingo,
  15. Possibly a little more formal than you're looking for, but Zantyago Mannonen has some great male-rigged gowns: Boys to the Bone mostly rig to the Jake body, but as mentioned already they have several male-rigged dresses. Hotdog also have a long male-rigged dress, in a more Victorian style. You can also get away with wearing some female clothing on a male body. I've worn Maitreya-rigged pants and long skirts under male-rigged jackets and tops. It's mostly in how you put them together.
  16. For reference: the full priced male bodies are also all-in-one.
  17. You could try joining the inworld LiveHelp group for Legacy and asking in there. However, there is also a brief online guide, here: https://www.meshbody.com/support Click the 'HUDs' header, followed by 'How do I enable media?' and there's some advice about enabling Javascript, not ticking the 'enable media filter' preference button, checking that your firewall isn't blocking certain processes, and clearing settings. Work through those to see if they help, and if not then contact the inworld support group.
  18. Interesting one. I've been looking online for ages for a 'Nageliser' - a generator that will turn an image into something akin to a Patrick Nagel painting without having to spend hours in Photoshop. With this, and a little bit of touching up, I think I have something close. Just need to change to a very pale skin, add black hair and makeup, and start experimenting to find a pose that works well. This was my initial test image:
  19. Sasa, a new HDPRO head release from Catwa. Thought I'd take her for a spin with Syd
  20. That's probably more down to the different mesh head and skin than it is to the hair. I've been wearing a lot of that specific ombre tone lately. Also, thank you
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