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  1. You calling me into the light or out of it? RIGHT!!
  2. You said that on flickr 2 hours ago, nobody has come yet Gary. oh a house made of shortbread. brb
  3. Puddlechurch Estates – Autumn 2019 Pricing In conjunction with the opening of our new region ‘Puddlechurch Heath’ we are pleased to announce that we have recently reviewed our pricing structure and are now able to offer the following; Large Homes - L$2199 with 1000li allowance Maxi Homes – L$1999 with 800li allowance Mid Home – L$1799 with 600li allowance (our most popular!) Entry Home – L$1499 with 400li allowance. Building & landscaping land impact are not deducted from the aforementioned allowances, prims advertised above are entirely yours to use. We are also able to offer other lower cost homes, priced per application. Please check the website for current availability. http://puddlechurch.net/rentals
  4. Puddlechurch are proud to present 'Puddlechurch Heath' This all new region offers a variety of plot sizes, and all new increased prim allowances http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Puddlechurch Heath/103/182/28 https://www.flickr.com/groups/puddlechurch/
  5. Beautiful hang out locations perfect for photography, socialising and romance.. Beautiful secret places and scenery for Residents to enjoy.
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