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  1. No, because my budget for SL doesn't allow for more than my Premium fee and the basic 1024 that comes with it. I've been Premium for many years and all that time I've mostly stuck with a Linden Home or with a small mainland parcel. Right now I have a Linden Home which I love so I don't think I will be going back to mainland any time soon. However, my Linden Home doesn't have easy water access so I have recently started renting a boat slip near the Blake Sea.
  2. @Claire Richelieu you have a lovely parcel there. This super-cheap pack has some nice vintagey cars which would look good around the Vic theme. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Latest-and-revised-gtfo-cars/15325988
  3. That last one that teleported you home is an AR-able offence. The others may also be if they were within a certain range of altitude (though I forget what that range is I think 400 to 199m but I may be wrong on that) as this area is reserved for aircraft. People are allowed to use custom and third party security systems as long as they comply with the same settings as a LH security system. Certain things are prohibited: Warning time less than 15 seconds Any security within the dedicated airspace range Teleport home That last one that sent you home is definitely worth an
  4. That effect is usually a sign of too much materials on your head settings. With the switch from Windlight to EEP, materials are a bit more "sensitive" than they used to be, and what used to be "just right" is now "too much". Try reducing Glossiness, Environment and Intensity sliders to reduce the effect (you probably want the Environment one right down at zero). If you then find that it looks okay but there's a seam or mismatch at your neck, try adjusting the same sliders on your body too. You'll want them to match. ETA - the sliders you need are on the Skin tab, but do also check t
  5. Oh boy, that would fix it for sure. Charge everyone an extra dollar a month per inch of height above 6'6".
  6. That wouldn't matter, they only want to be two feet taller than everyone else. Which of course is impossible, because as soon as they do that, everyone else goes taller too.
  7. The Forum is resident-to-resident. No-one here can help you. And Linden Lab does not intervene in resident disputes. If you do not receive your pics, there is nothing that they or anyone else can or will do. If you and the photographer signed a RL legal contract, you can challenge her in a RL court. Otherwise, you've learned a lesson about not sending any money to anyone until after you've received the goods.
  8. Niramyth Aesthetic is another one. I wouldn't describe either Ruth/Roth or Aesthetic as "fully functional".
  9. I think it's the "uncanny valley" factor. Full body animations don't seem to trigger it but facial expressions do. And that's not really a game limitation, it's a limitation at human cognitive level. Even movie makers, who have technology way in advance of what's available to a real-time videogame, still don't have the ability to easily break the uncanny valley barrier. And it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. I mean, it's probably doable (if SL was run by ILM or Weta) but you won't be counting frame rate in frames per second, more like frames per hour. Or per day.
  10. No I would not want this, and I certainly do not need it. The problem would be that body-makers are good at making bodies, head-makers are good at making heads, but combining the two is double the work and takes double the skill, or would require two different creators to go into partnership (herding cats, anyone?) The other issue would be lack of customisation. I tried more than a dozen head demos before settling on one I liked, that was able to give me the look I was after. Would the creator of such a product be prepared to make a hundred of them, with four different body types (which a
  11. Not really, maximum on the sliders is maximum, and any kind of deformer you add over the top will, as you say, just stretch you out. It could make you (a bit) taller but won't change your volume, so you'll be thinner. And your head will still be tiny. The only option is a speciallist mesh body made to be giant, but in that case you won't be able to use your Skyler head. Or any clothes at all. Nothing will fit.
  12. Speaking of log-in cookies, is there a way to extend the time they're held on the Firestorm internal browser? Outside of the viewer, in an external browser, is fine, but I notice that every few weeks, I get logged out of the in-world browser which means Search doesn't work any more. Given that I've already logged in to the viewer, it doesn't seem necessary on the internal browser to have the password expire at all.
  13. As many Bellisseria parties as I can, though I usually miss the Blues Cafe as it's too early for me. I usualy get to Far's Friday party and often to the daily boat parade. Bellisseria people are lovely and friendly.
  14. Yes I think that's part of it but not all. I have some smaller boats (~32 LI) from other makers which are slower than the small Bandits, and another which is a bit higher LI (around 45) and is exceptionally fast. However it was interesting comparing different sized boats from the same maker and all using the same script engine. But it's primarily cruising that I'm interested in. Racing is too scary. If I did race, I'd probably want a 25R or 22LTE
  15. Try sending a note to the creator. They may be willing to do a swap for you (well not actually a swap since you can't give the Catwa one back).
  16. Definitely good advice, and Bandit is well-placed for that sort of test, right in the heart of the Blake Sea regions. The demo gave me ten minutes at a time (I took a couple of them including the 55 out twice because I was having so much fun) and in the ten minutes I managed to get from Dutch Harbour to Siren's Isle with around nine region crossings on the way.
  17. That(and the script weight) was actually a concern I had, and is the reason I wouldn't have picked the 55 if I'd bought without trying them. When I tried demos, I tried the 50/3 and the 55 which are similar size and similar LI (the 50 is 90-something). Then I also tried the IF and the 25R and a couple of others which are both much smaller and with a LI of 30-50 or so. I honestly noticed no difference except that the smaller ones manage a higher velocity at the same wind speed. Region crossings - no problem at all. After purchase I sailed round the Blake Sea and around Bellisseria for about 4
  18. @Yasmin Bilavio the OP has a Lelutka head so she won't have a Catwa hud to play with. @SilizArts You are wearing a skin made for Catwa heads, but your head is Lelutka. They are not compatible. Lelutka heads have different mapping around the lips, well inside the border of the regular SL UV map, so a skin or lipstick made for a Catwa head will extend past the border of your Lelutka lips. The only solution to this is to switch to a skin made for Lelutka heads.
  19. If you're on the clifftop at Domingos, you must be very close to the Blues Cafe.
  20. I've been considering getting a Bandit for sailing for a while, and finally got one yesterday. I took the advice of visiting the mainstore and I'm glad I did; after trying demos of five or six different boats, the one I ended up getting was not the one I'd have chosen if I'd bought off the MP without trying them first. I ended up with the B55; bigger than I was planning for, but I fell in love with it and spent most of today just sailing round the Blake Sea and Bellisseria. Next task - making some custom textures for it.
  21. If it's where the chin meets the neck, that's well within the mesh that was made by Lelutka, so no change of neck fix can alter it. The join between neck and body is halfway down the neck, not right at the top. It's very unlikely that the mesh is faulty in any way. Lelutka is among the best head-makers in SL and their heads are very good quality. It's most likely an effect of your windlight/EEP making shadows. Using an environment setting with high ambient light (such as Nam's Optimal Skin & Prim) should help, as will a low-powered facelight positioned lower (level with your neck).
  22. I love BOM. I wear quite a few tattoo layers most of the time, more than I could if I relied on just appliers, and I also make my own mods. Making a tattoo layer is easy. Making an appier is more headache than it's worth to me. I love BOM so much that I just delete appliers on sight now. I know I will never use them again, ever. But love more than pizza? Hell, NO.
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