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  1. This whole thread is becoming an ugly reflection of everything that is wrong with Western society. An oppressed minority gets oppressed. Those among that minority who are strong enough to speak up against it, do so. Those people get told that their opinions are invalid. That the person who originally insulted them didn't mean it. They basically get told to shut up. The rest of the minority no longer has anyone to speak up for them. I have lived most of my life belonging to one or more minorities, and I have always been one of those who are strong enough to speak up when I see a need for it. Clearly I have just wasted the last forty-odd years of my life. Congratulations, all of you. (This is not directed at literally all of you, but if you think it might be, it probably is). Don't bother replying to me, I won't see it.
  2. But the thing is, when people say offensive things, and someone else feels sorry for them and says "it's okay, you didn't mean it", it just perpetuates the offense by reinforcing the attitude that being offensive to people with disabilities is acceptable behaviour in society.
  3. *facepalm* So the truth is, not only are you repeating offensive garbage that "someone told you" or "you read online", you've never actually had a disabled client, so you nave never heard the things you keep repeating from actual disabled people? Please stop now, before the hole you are digging collapses over you. Please, do us all (and by us, I mean people with disabilities) a favour. Just stop talking about disability at all. Just stop it. Say nothing about it, until you have educated yourself about what having disabilities is really like. I suggest starting with virtualability.org, which has its own regions in-world. Go to some of the talks and conferences they host. Learn something. And stop speaking for us.
  4. D&D elves average below average human height (at least they did, last time I played it). That's "titchy" to me. The Noldor are taller, and Maedhros, after whom my avatar is inspired, was known as "Maedhros the Tall" which suggests that even other elves thought he was tall.
  5. I wish I'd seen that video when I was 20. (If Omegle, or Youtube, or even the internet itself had existed that long ago).
  6. Actually now that you mention it, you may be right about being original in SL. I'm just not very good at coming up with original ideas for workplace issues or problem-solving. I don't think the impatient side comes up in the forums much (unless I'm trying to help someone with their avatar and they're just not getting it) but inworld... oh boy. Last year I got roped into the committee for Fantasy Gay Pride, and I was so good at bossing Greville (the owner/organiser) about that he's put me in charge of the entire main sim this year. 😵
  7. ESTP-T Extroverted (67%), Sensing (62%), Thinking (61%), Perceiving (65%). Bold – People with the Entrepreneur personality type are full of life and energy. There is no greater joy for Entrepreneurs than pushing boundaries and discovering and using new things and ideas. (Yes, but less so as I am getting older) Rational and Practical – Entrepreneurs love knowledge and philosophy, but not for their own sake. What’s fun for Entrepreneur personalities is finding ideas that are actionable and drilling into the details so they can put them to use. If a discussion is completely arbitrary, there are better uses for Entrepreneurs’ time. (Yes totally) Original – Combining their boldness and practicality, Entrepreneurs love to experiment with new ideas and solutions. They put things together in ways no one else would think to. (Nope. Not inventive enough for that) Perceptive – This originality is helped by Entrepreneurs’ ability to notice when things change – and when they need to change! Small shifts in habits and appearances stick out to Entrepreneurs, and they use these observations to help create connections with others. (No) Direct – This perceptive skill isn’t used for mind games – Entrepreneurs prefer to communicate clearly, with direct and factual questions and answers. Things are what they are. (Yes. Quit with the waffling and get to the point) Sociable – All these qualities pull together to make a natural group leader in Entrepreneurs. This isn’t something that they actively seek – people with this personality type just have a knack for making excellent use of social interactions and networking opportunities. (Yes though I try to avoid the responsibility of leadership roles these days) Insensitive – Feelings and emotions come second to facts and “reality” for Entrepreneurs. Emotionally charged situations are awkward, uncomfortable affairs, and Entrepreneurs’ blunt honesty doesn’t help here. These personalities often have a lot of trouble acknowledging and expressing their own feelings as well. (Yes. Please don't put me in the same room as someone who is crying) Impatient – Entrepreneurs move at their own pace to keep themselves excited. Slowing down because someone else “doesn’t get it” or having to stay focused on a single detail for too long is extremely challenging for Entrepreneurs. (Yes, so much this!) Risk-prone – This impatience can lead Entrepreneurs to push into uncharted territory without thinking of the long-term consequences. Entrepreneur personalities sometimes intentionally combat boredom with extra risk. (I stopped that at the age of 24. Being literally three inches away from instant death puts risk-taking into another perspective). Unstructured – Entrepreneurs see an opportunity – to fix a problem, to advance, to have fun – and seize the moment, often ignoring rules and social expectations in the process. This may get things done, but it can create unexpected social fallout. (Kinda, sometimes?) May Miss the Bigger Picture – Living in the moment can cause Entrepreneurs to miss the forest for the trees. People with this personality type love to solve problems here and now, perhaps too much. All parts of a project can be perfect, but the project will still fail if those parts do not fit together. (Yes, very much) Defiant – Entrepreneurs won’t be boxed in. Repetition, hardline rules, sitting quietly while they are lectured at – this isn’t how Entrepreneurs live their lives. They are action-oriented and hands-on. Environments like school and much entry-level work can be so tedious that they’re intolerable, requiring extraordinary effort from Entrepreneurs to stay focused long enough to get to freer positions. (Yes)
  8. Linden Lab makes no attempts to stop anyone removing payment details. Everything else you have posted is totally irrelevant. You just have to read the instructions and do it in the right order.
  9. Nope. They just want you to follow the correct process which is to downgrade your account to Basic and remove payment details on the SL website BEFORE you cancel the payment with your bank/card-provider.
  10. All but one of my active friends are people I met at clubs, or at parties in Bellisseria (which are basically "clubs" in someone's house). The other one is someone I already knew outside of SL years before I joined. You need to find a club that is active in local chat (with real conversation, not just gestures) and you need to get involved in that local chat. And you need to go regularly, to the same event at the same time of day/week, for weeks on end, so that you become known as a "regular". At that stage, friendships happen naturally. But you can't be a stranger - no-one wants to make friends with a person they've only just met. And no-one wants to hang out with people who aren't their friends already. I've found that finding and joining groups related to "special interests and hobbies" yields zero results. People seem happy to discuss that specific interest but no more.
  11. They aren't. They stopped doing so about ten years ago. Info hubs were never a good place to send newbies to. They were just the places that newbies got dumped upon leaving the original Help Island. It's been many, many years since they were used for that purpose. They are not. They are presented with a selection of portals to different types of places such as music venues, education, art, games or roleplay, and the chosen portal will teleport the user to a popular, privately-owned place within that category. If you look at the Destination Guide you will see in the "Newbie Friendly" category where new users are being directed to; places like the Shelter, NCI, Helping Haven, Ajuda Brasil, Caledobn Oxbridge. All excellent places for new residents to seek help and instruction. You'll note that not one single infohub is included in the list.
  12. Each brand has its own shop. Except Genus which is currently closed due to a legal issue. Very few head-makers have them on the Marketplace. If you need a head that is completely free and very easy, go to the Free Dove freebie store and pick up the free "Ciara" head by Dream. It's not a well-known brand and it has no hud and virtually no special features but it is already set up for Bakes on Mesh so all you have to do is wear it and it's ready, with whatever skin you're already wearing. You can edit your shape using the normal shape sliders in "Edit Appearance" to change the way it looks. You can wear any "system", "classic" or "bakes on mesh" skin/makeup/tattoo layers with it, so there are plenty of those from many hundreds of creators. Just avoid the ones that say they are "appliers only". There are no animations for this head though, and I recommend that you don't try to use any from elsewhere. They will work but as soon as the head smiles, you'll discover that it has no teeth either. There are a couple of other freebies around (Ruth 2, and Sweet's which are basically the same head anyway) but the one from Dream at the Free Dove is the best completely free one that's currently available.
  13. if you are using BOM, you can use skins made for other heads, though they might not look exactly the same as they would on the head it's made for. Most of the differences are subtle; around the eye corners, nostrils and ears, where there are slight differences in rigging. I used a LAQ head for only a short while so I am not super-familiar with them but I don't remember any glaring differences between them and other heads, so you may find that a skin made for another brand of head will work too.
  14. Maitimo

    Genus Heads.

    This time it will require someone to physically attend court. With the whole COVID thing going on, there may be substantial delays. As it's likely to be classed as a non-urgent case, and dependent on which country/state is involved, this might be delayed a very long time due to that.
  15. I haven't had a dream in which I was my avatar but I did have a dream about meeting a SL friend in RL, and he was his avatar, but we were in a RL place. The funny thing was, this particular friend is a furry in SL, and neither I nor anyone else thought it strange that there was this real furry (not a human in a fursuit) in a RL place.
  16. I find that at least half of it, if not more, is the skin. Newer skins that are developed from photographs are more detailed than hand-painted ones. I also noticed a couple of days ago that the realism of your hair makes a difference to how realistic your face looks. I noticed this when I picked up the latest new hair from Magika which has very realistic new textures, and suddenly my whole face looked that much more real than before. (I get the same effect with one style from Truth, but not with their others).
  17. Funnily enough, the male head I used to have, appears to be based on him.
  18. It tells you in the title what you need. The Slink Hourglass body (from the Slink mainstore only, not on the MP), price around L$2500 I think, plus the Catwa Catya head (L$5500 on MP, L$5000 at the Catwa inworld store). It might also work with a substitute body that's a similar shape such as Belleza Freya or ebody Curvy, but you will not be able to substitute a different head to get the same look. It may work with other heads (Catwa heads only) but it will look different. On other brand heads it will look like a monster. The shape will probably include a stylecard that tells you about the skin and hair, but you don't get to find out about those until you've paid for the shape. Be aware that if the shape is old, the skin may be no longer available.
  19. I can see it in the shape of your mouth and eyes. Your head shape is completely different though.
  20. Nope. I doubt that even the OP understands it.
  21. Hard to tell which head it is based on a front-on view like in the pic, but my guess is it's the Paws head rather than the Canis, which has a more pointy muzzle. Worth noting that when you buy a skin for these furry mods, the skin usually has appliers for only one head, and it will tell you which head you need to buy. Likely you'll also need to buy separate foot-paws and again the skin seller will tell you which ones are compatible. The extras, like ears and tail, will usually be included with the skin. A complete avatar, with all the parts you need, will usually cost something in the region of L$800 to $1200 (not including a human mesh body, which is optional in most cases). I agree with the others that contacting the photographer is your best bet. It really is a lovely avatar.
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