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  1. Portrait time again with new hair...….Stealthic Intrepid, which three of the Newell sisters now have!
  2. I couldn't resist a few more Winter Moon Fairy shots today...……..
  3. Big Sis gave me a makeover yesterday with new skin, and freckles, and some small slider adjustments to my face. I think she did OK.
  4. Sisters! Pah! I just take photos.....I do look a bit like Dolly Parton in the face here though!
  5. Tonight was my turn to unpack my Blueberry Mega Pack. My style is not like Ellie, I'm more of a country girl!! The location is Bumrose Beach and Marina.
  6. Please bear with me for just one more Winter Fairy ensemble...…...I've lived like this more or less since I created the look, and jumped across several winter sims yesterday.... Maybe a bit soon for Christmas Cheer, but this look just gets to me...……...dunno why...…….maybe because I used to have fairy pics on my bedroom wall...…… The first one is influenced by Taya's B&W image...………………...
  7. I took Ellie over to Jellybeans in our Enforcer personas...…...It's as good as Lutz for photos, but is so packed with movement that it's just a bit laggy.
  8. While out in the land of Fairytales (Jellybeans 180, 206, 23), in my Winter Fairy persona, Taya dropped by and she took that black and white shot of me which is ^^^^^, and I took a few pics of her posing outside the woodcutters cottage...…... It did come out rather like a Christmas card...…..only needing a tree!!
  9. I turned into a good fairy, my first attempt at this, and I have to say, it's addictive...…….the opposite of my black PVC persona!
  10. So Belinda got herself and Skye a PVC costume, which they are using as beach wear, but I have a different take on it, and I was inspired by Beth's outfit at last weeks breakfast club. It came together quite well in the end...……..and is a different style for me. Just a whiff of superhero about it.
  11. I found some studio time today. I need to practice my grip...…..*coughs*, I dropped the errr…… mic...…..
  12. Another chance encounter with a forum angel yesterday...…. I dropped by at Muddy's for the last half hour in world, lo and behold, who turns up on the bar stool right behind me, but Donna Underall !!!! So we hung out in what can be described probably as my best RL experience in SL. We just sat on bar stools chatting about whatever, for ages......it was very enjoyable! Good conversation in world is hard to find in clubs, or anyplace else for that matter, aside from the forum events, So I always look forward to chance encounters like this. I just did a point and click to commemorate the moment.
  13. B bought me a new hair yesterday, Truth Labyrinth....it's a new hair and comes with or without a hairbase. It's typically Newell in style. Here with or without roots...…….
  14. I went to Little Paris earlier. Dress is Tetra Phoenix Feather Dress. Shoes G&D Shirley.
  15. ^^^^This, looks good already. As Nalates said, tweak and tweak....that never ends. You can use the sliders to change the lip ratio and prominence. You might never be happy, but then you've joined our club!!
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