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  1. The directory was slightly different for me, with the Advanced Options beneath Delivery Optimization, but otherwise fine. What bothered me was the Windows comment that "We noticed that you regularly use your device between ‏‎07:00 and ‏‎23:00". Oh dear. I do have a life, you know, really. As for the topic - I have a little list of passwords. Never been hacked so far, but then I don't allow anyone to see me typing them, nor do I look at iffy things. I use Kaspersky, and sometimes consider using their password security feature but I prefer my list.
  2. I'm riveted by this show. I really have to make myself not binge-watch it.
  3. Who is elite? Me? Because I pay a few pounds every three months to Flickr so I can get more space for my photos, and not see ads? I'm not answering your claim about revolution because someone has already answered that nonsense very well. I'll say this though: I had a boyfriend who called himself a Marxist, and boasted of wanting to go out with a rich woman so he could do horrible things to her and leave her. In my face, he said this. He had so much resentment and envy in him about richer and more powerful people, I'm surprised he didn't explode. Statements like that of yours remind me of him.
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