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  1. Modelling in SL is, as Lillith said, a business. It's not a roleplay. And, like real life models, you need a portfolio (which is where the active Flickr stream comes in). Nobody is going to pick a completely random 'nobody' avatar with no track record in the SL fashion industry to model for them. You need to be able to style an avatar, and in this day and age you also need to be fully meshed-up. If you get a Flickr account you can upload images that you've taken of your avatar in different outfits that you've put together, and those will serve as your portfolio. Make sure you tag all the items you're wearing and add your images to the relevant store groups for the items you're wearing. If you work hard at it on a regular basis and you get good at it, you'll eventually get noticed by store owners, who may decide to add you to their list of sponsored bloggers. Either that, or you can pay an insane sum of money to some 'modelling school' that will teach you how to stand on a poseball and show you some basic anti-lag tips that most of us know already...
  2. How does your avatar look today ?

    Couldn't be arsed to shave again Credits Vango, Mister Razzor, and BrunStyle for Men Only Monthly. Tank: BrunStyle - T-Shirt men's Attitude (Slink, Signature, TMP) Hair: Vango - Alex (grayscale) Facial hair applier: Mister Razzor - Facial Hair Clark (black) (Omega) Ears: L'Etre - Olympe Mesh Ears Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Dramatic Eyes (sky) Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop - Thick Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega, system) Skin applier: Stray Dog - Levi (tone 04) (Catwa) Tattoo applier: Letis Tattoo - Sapphire Wolf (Slink & Signature only) Bracelets: Secrets - Justin Spiked Set (black) Rings: RealEvil - Striker Rings & Claws (Slink, Gianni) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Poses: Wrong
  3. help for purchase not received

    Did you buy it from an inworld store, or from the SL Marketplace website?
  4. Catwa Bento Head Help

    Look in the Worn tab of your inventory and find the Catwa head listed there. It will show the full name, something like this:
  5. Catwa Bento Head Help

    Miriam is the name of a Glam Affair skin applier. There's no Catwa head called Miriam.
  6. Catwa Bento Head Help

    There is no Catwa head that's simply called 'Catwa v 2.10'. They all have names. You say that this is a Bento head. Most of Catwa's Bento heads are now v3.2 (some are still being updated to that, but all are at least v3.1). Go to the Catwa store and redeliver your head. The one that you're currently wearing is very out of date. Also, to judge from your screenshot, your graphics are possibly set too low. Your hair has visible issues and the textures on your top don't seem to have rezzed properly. And your brows and eyeshadow aren't the only things having issues; your hairbase seems not to be rendering, too. Mesh heads require a reasonable level of graphics, so ensure that you're running on at least mid-to-high if at all possible, and make sure that Basic Shaders is checked in your graphics preferences.
  7. Catwa Bento Head Help

    'Messed up' in what way? Blurry? Sections of it missing? Odd colours? If you'd like to post a (preferably close-up) screenshot here then I can take a look at it. I'm a CSR for Catwa, so I should be able to get you fixed up in no time, but I'll be better able to help you if I can see what the issue is Also, you state that it's a Catwa bento head. What's the actual name of it? Your username isn't gender-specific, so the head will be called something like Catwa Catya or Catwa Daniel, etc.
  8. Global chat enhancement for viewers.

    And I'm sure we're all familiar with this: Second Life: The message sent to $GroupName is still being processed. If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server. If the servers can't handle messages in reasonably-busy groups with a few hundred people lurking and maybe ten or so actively chatting, I'm not sure how the OP thinks those same servers will handle messages flying into a global chat from 46,000+ people all at once.
  9. Global chat enhancement for viewers.

    Good idea. Because what you've just done here is propose it to a Global Chat, and you know how those things go...
  10. SmugMug buys Flickr - Huge price increases likely

    I certainly wouldn't recommend Photobucket these days. Last year they stopped all third-party hosting (that is: direct embedding of your images on other websites) unless you paid either $100 USD per year for the personal option (embedding on personal websites or non-commercial forums and blogs) or $400 per year for the business option (embedding on any other sites). The change was made with very little warning, and it left many blogs, forums, and websites absoluely wrecked, showing nothing but 'upgrade your account to see this image' pictures all over them.
  11. How does your avatar look today ?

    Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent. Gotta kiss myself; I'm so pretty. Don't believe me? Just watch... Credits L'Etre for The Men Jail, Stealthic for The Mens Dept, and Energie for The Black Fair. Skin applier: L'Etre - Ivan (buttermilk) (Catwa) Hair: Stealthic - Baron Glasses: Energie - Aviator Glasses Jacket: Gabriel - Knit Jacket & Shirt (black) (Slink, Jake, Gianni, TMP) Pants: Cold Ash - Dean Chinos (black) (Slink, Jake, Gianni, TMP) Shoes: David Heather - Celine Oxfords (black) (Slink, Jake, Gianni) Necklace: Mandala - Gyatei Necklace (gold) Ears: L'Etre - Olympe Mesh Ears Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop - Thick Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega, system) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Eyes: Avi-Glam - Dramatic Eyes (sky) Poses: Wrong, Ana Poses
  12. You're the one who has to work with your own inventory, so it should make sense to you. Someone else's tips might not gel with how you view your inventory. That said, my method (for my 150,000+ inventory) runs thus: I create sub-folders within the main inventory folders. For example, in the BODY PARTS folder I have (among others) the following: Skin appliers Hair Hairbase appliers Eye appliers Brow appliers Brow-shapers Shapes Mesh bodies Mesh heads Mesh hands & feet Physics layers Each of those folders is preceded by a ! and a space, to push it to the top of the folder. If I don't have time to file properly before logging off, I shove everything into the relevant top-level folder, to be unpacked and sorted during my next login. Within the CLOTHING folder I have basic (again, with the ! and space at the start) top-level folders such as: Accessories (sub-divided, as will be shown shortly) Footwear Jackets Pants Suits etc Accessories then get sub-divided into things like: Applier makeup (sub-divided into folders per head brand. E.G. Catwa, Lelutka) Applier nails (as above, for body brand) Piercings (sub-divided into Bento-rigged and non-bento) Belts Hats etc When it comes to other sub-folders, consider how you think of items when you want to find them. Do you think I want a light blonde updo hairstyle or do you think I want a blond hairstyle from Truth? If it's the first, you think by style. If it's the second, you think by store name/designer (especially in the case of designers who have a specific style). Organise the bulk of your inventory according to how you think. I tend to think by designer, so the bulk of my main folders are sub-divided by designer name. Only the items that are odds-and-sods from other designers I don't buy from often go into my more generic 'jackets', 'suits' etc folders. You don't need to delve into much more than two folders deep. If you find yourself creating folders like: Hair > Blonde > Updos > Truth then you're just creating a lot of 'click-work' for yourself. Instead, change folder names, so you'd have (by colour) - Or by store - One huge tip I can give you is - after any clothing shopping spree - take the time to unpack and sort as you go. Create boxes for 'unworn sizing', into which you throw all the rigged-for-mesh-body-you-don't-wear clothing (because you never know if you'll buy that body in future, and hey presto: you'll have a big archive of clothing for it). Landmarks always get thrown out (go to the creators' picks for the current store LM; most [not all, mind you] creators keep their store locations up to date in their picks, and those that don't clearly aren't interested in making a sale!), as do unpacker scripts, notecards, and 'hold bag' poses (unless they're good enough to use for blogging, in which case they get moved into a specific folder under ANIMATIONS for that). As a blogger, I have an initial sorting system that's a bit different to others', purely because while I'm working with 'live' events I need to remember which thing came from which place. Each year gets its initial top-level folder, sub-divided by monthly folders. Inside the monthly folder I divide similarly to below: Inside each event folder there's a sub-folder for demos. Before I teleport out from any event (but especially from busy ones) I shove everything from that event into its relevant folder. If I then crash on leaving I don't have to go through the hassle of finding everything I bought, either by digging through Objects and random folders, or using the inventory filters. As I work through the demos, I add 'YES' to the start of each folder name for the items I want to buy. After I've gone back to pick up the full-priced items, the demo folders all get deleted. After a couple of months, all of those things then get filed into my main inventory folders. Original packaging gets boxed into archive boxes in case I need another copy at a later date, and the notecards folder gets deleted. The other thing that I do is rename all folders that have special characters in the store name. It bugs me that !~*Xstore*~! will come above Astore in my inventory, which only makes finding things more difficult when - like me - you think by store name.
  13. What are you doing today!? :D

    My shape slider numbers are the only thing that I don't give out, since those are personal to me. With the advent of Bento mesh heads if someone had my shape sliders too, they could create a literal clone of me. My face shape (for each Bento head that I own) is unique to me, and - while I'm more than happy to list everything I'm wearing so that people can copy the fashion look itself (or get ideas from it and find new items from it), I'm not fond of the idea of people copying my personal shape. So yeah, I'd have the same 'credit card number' reaction As Clover pointed out (while I was asleep - lol!) my post mentioned "fashion bloggers". That is: people who post fashion shots on Flickr with credits added - either beneath the Flickr post itself, or on a linked blog - but who only credit the 'featured items' (usually the stuff that's sent to them by their sponsoring stores) and not everything else they're wearing. I used to include links to creators' profiles, since that was the best way to guarantee that - if a store moved - my readers could still get the latest SLurl from its owner's profile. But that proved to be a lot of effort, so now I make it clear what the store name is, especially in the case of a non-searchable name (for example, the store called ::K:: can't be searched, so I credit that with the creator's name as well, ie: Kitt Ragu for ::K::). Pose-makers are the unsung heroes of SL fashion, so - whenever a pose is obvious (eg: it's not just a very close-up head shot) - I always list the store name for it.
  14. help me to fix my bento hands please

    The neck issues. I dislike neck sheaths (they look very obvious to me, visibly feathering out as they do) and won't wear them to hide the very visible gap that I see with Jake and certain mesh heads, such as below: That's unacceptable to me, and as a blogger it's more hassle than I'm prepared to go through every time I do a photoshoot, to spend ages in Photoshop cloning that out. I don't see that gap with the same mesh head and any other mesh body that I own.
  15. How does your avatar look today ?

    Another day, another half-dozen events to buy stuff from... Credits L'Etre for The Men Jail, Avi-Glam for The Seasons Story, plus POUT! for Cosmetic Fair. Skin applier: L'Etre - Ivan (buttermilk) (Catwa) Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Dramatic Eyes (sky) (Catwa, Omega, own brand mesh eyes) Eyeshadow: POUT! - Twilight Eyeshadow (Catwa, Lelutka) Hair: Exile - Strawberry Wine* (grayscale) Brow appliers: Identity Body Shop - Thick Eyebrows (Catwa, Omega, system) Piercings: Artificial Hallucination - Casual Goth Bento Piercings (Catwa, RavenBJD) Jacket: VRSION RIVAL - 22 Male Jacket Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) *review copy