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  1. This Ultravox classic from their Monument tour: Because I was at Eclipse Event and saw this radio tower that made me think of their album covers:
  2. You can just open the People floater in Firestorm, right-click on the name of the person you want to look at, and select 'Zoom To'. Your camera will automatically go to where they are and follow them, without any effort on your behalf. I did that to four people who were careening around my home region in Jeeps last night. I don't use orbs or banlines, so they were bashing into the walls of my home and just blasting around all over the place. I guess they were having fun off-roading, but if I'd been on the ground I would have been bloody annoyed at their constant smashing into my home. I was 1700m high in a skybox, but I was cammed onto the lead vehicle, until it hit the region crossing and what was clearly an orb of the person living on the edge of the next region, because the Jeep went flying backwards through the air, all the way across my region and into the one behind it. The other three vehicles followed it, and there they remained on the minimap: three motionless and one of them circling for about two hours. For all I know they're probably still there.
  3. The seagull is a much-maligned bird but with good reason, because it tends to fly in, make a lot of noise, and crap all over everything before it flies off again.
  4. Is it possible that you've blocked/muted PMs from any of the people involved in the conversation?
  5. It's possible that the person who sent the message has subsequently deleted it before you could read* it. That's an option on PMs, at the top right of the screen: *Obviously, you can read it in your email, as the full text should be there, but if it's not available in your PMs section, then I'd guess the sender deleted it.
  6. Apart from the unexplained multi-region bans, the above should be making alarm bells ring, OP. If there are "numerous incidents that are too many to mention" giving cause for concern then you should be listening to your gut instinct, not trying to find a way around it or discover why the multiple bans happened. Write those numerous incidents down on paper and take a good hard look at them. Are they worth taking a risk for?
  7. Signature body appliers will work on either Gianni or Geralt, but - as always - I strongly suggest trying the demo first. Aeros body appliers are not cheap, at around L$900 per single skintone last time I looked, so make sure you can work with them first of all. In addition, the Maxwell avatar is an older one, whereas the body appliers shown there are much newer. Even in the case of skin stores who create only for mesh heads and mesh bodies, if they change their body appliers they will usually not match to the old head appliers. Almost all of them will, however, update their head appliers accordingly, but system skins are very very unlikely be updated to match. I own several older Aeros system skins (used to love them) and I recall they were very detailed. Just how well they will work against a mesh body applier I don't know. You won't be able to use the neck sheath on the Signature body to blend them, as - even though you can tint it - it will be a plain band around your neck and will stand out against the detail that I know Aeros puts into their skins. It might be worth looking around the store to see if they offer any blenders or a neck sheath applier. It's doubtful, but worth digging around to see if they do (or even contacting the creator to ask if one exists, or if they would consider creating one). Give it a try anyway, and - if funds will run to it and you're willing to maybe leap into a new look - maybe consider a mesh head. You might be surprised at how close you can come to your original system look when you 'go mesh'.
  8. Hotdog, Contraption, and Cerberus Xing are all at Neo-Japan, too. Just sayin'
  9. Aeros do have Signature appliers at the store. Just walk past the head appliers in the front row and look to your right:
  10. If the emails are coming from an external email address that purports to be a Linden Lab account, then try forwarding them to phishing@secondlife.com, as detailed in this (admittedly old) Wiki page. You can also set up a filter or rule in your inbox to send all emails from that address - unread - directly to trash. If multple addresses are being used then you might need to set other parameters for those filters (such as combinations of words, or a combination of 'Linden' with an attachment included - since LL never send attachments with their emails). I would also strongly suggest that you change your email password, followed by your Second Life password, and set up Two Factor Authentication on your email account. In addition, if you're not too attached to that email address (e.g. you only use it for that SL account) then get a new one and forget that one entirely.
  11. Thank you so much I think it's the reflections on the eyes that really does it for me (they're by S0NG, out at the current Equal 10 event). Neo-Japan has to be my favourite event of the year. Both of the ones I've visited thus far have been amazing, and it's so good to see more male content outside of the usual sweatpants/sweatshirts/sportswear offerings.
  12. A small correction here: you can adjust the permissions given with the partner HUD prior to it being given, and the options include a little bit more than just editing the angle of dangle And it can be very useful for adjusting on the fly (as it were) in cases where furniture animations are built for avatars of specific sizes, when you and your partner are not those sizes. (Trust me: prior to the now delightfully-prevalent animated furniture for m/m pairings, most of us had to adjust m/f poses and poseballs, which are usually designed for a big guy and a smaller woman. We're rather used to that fine-tuning now...)
  13. Syd wanted some attention (by way of my wallet)
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