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  1. Yes, Arthur could fondle otters. G K E P M
  2. "Silas, would you stop being such a bloody drama queen?!"
  3. Valentine Technologies have just issued a 2.6 update to the V-Tech 'Boi' Flat Chest Mod for Maitreya which includes (alongside an update to the non-BOM version) a free BOM update. Looks to be an automatic delivery, since I wasn't wearing my V-Tech when the update just came through. Info notecard:
  4. It's a bug that sometimes happens when you're above 1000m, and I believe the creators are aware of it and looking into it. Quite possibly, Anya, you saw it when you were above that height but now don't see it when you're below that height. As an aside, being above 1000m can cause other issues such as flickering with some types of worn mesh, too. That's the point where the Windlight clouds sometimes go weirdly streaky, and it's also above the old original build limit of 768m before LL raised it to 4096m. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some arcane and deeply-buried bit of leftover code to do with rendering at that height that causes screwy moments now and then.
  5. Any Catwa eye appliers will work on male Catwa heads. Eye appliers are unisex; there are no 'male' or 'female' eye appliers. The only issue you might run into is that the iris might be a little small on eye appliers modelled on a female head. To fix that - assuming that the male Catwa head in question is a Bento one - is to pick up a DEMO of any of the female Catwa Bento heads. Delete everything from that demo except the eye applier HUD. The new v4.0 eye HUD (only currently available in the updated female heads; hence the suggestion that you pick up a demo) features a new section that allows you to resize and move any eye textures applied to the Catwa eyes (even the male ones), as shown on the left here: You can then use that HUD to size up any eye appliers whose irises are a bit small.
  6. You have a last name, and a quick search inworld tells me that you're more than 10 years in Second Life, so you remember system layers. That's all that BOM is: it's system layers. There's nowhere near "mesh squared levels of complexity" involved in it. And it is simply "add to wear". You add the system layers on top of each other, and - assuming you're wearing a BOM-compatible mesh head or body - the layers will appear on the mesh. I'm sorry, but I honestly cannot simplify that guide any further. It took me over six hours to write it and ensure that it was as easy to follow as possible. You might fare better with a narrated video guide such as the one Wulfie has just posted. I've done all I can to help people understand BOM, but we all learn in different ways.
  7. Aw, thank you! Although the patience is a carefully-cultivated veneer. The reality...
  8. Won't you come in? We've been waiting... This year's Halloween look. A bit early, but some of this stuff might not be available by the time Halloween actually comes around. Full credits list here.
  9. The old 'social islands' are - technically - the places that newbies went to after completing the tutorial island. Since anyone could access them they became a haven for griefers and people who loved to harrass new residents. To that end I would guess that many people no longer hang out there, instead moving on to other inworld places. The new Linden Home continent of Bellissaria is where a lot of avatars are now congregating, and it has a lively social scene. Also - as FairreLilette says - Halloween in SL starts on October 1st, so many people are visiting Halloween-themed events. In addition - if you're looking at inworld numbers right now at this moment in time - it's not really even peak (evening) time for European users, and for US-based users it's still between 8am and 11am.
  10. In addition to what Cindy says, it doesn't matter if that setting is enabled on the land parcel that they are on, or the parcel that you are on. If it's enabled on either parcel, avatar visibility is not possible, and will only be possible if you are both on the same parcel.
  11. There are well over 5000 dedicated Second Life accounts (both individuals and stores) on Flickr. In fact, 5000 is a very conservative estimate. It's the main place for SL images, so yes, people definitely still use it.
  12. Branesergen is correct: a relog will have the item showing in your Lost & Found folder. But - to explain why this happened so that you have a better understanding of what to do in the future (and hopefully won't be put off buying gachas from inworld places!) - I've just logged two alts to check this for you, and - in short - the whole thing you describe occurred for one simple reason: when you were notified by your viewer that you were now the owner of the object you purchased, you should have picked it up. Summary below: Rez Zone = the place where the item is rezzed out for sale. This land is set to the Rez Zone Group and the land settings are for group-only rezzing and an autoreturn time of 1 minute. Seller = the person selling the object. Seller is a member of the Rez Zone Group. Buyer = the person buying the object. Buyer is not a member of the Rez Zone Group. Buyer has Clothing Store Group tag active during the entire experiment. Object = the item for sale. Object is rezzed by Seller under the Rez Zone group. What should happen: Object is rezzed out for sale ("buy original" - meaning you're buying the actual rezzed item, not its contents or a copy of it). It's rezzed out in the Rez Zone area, under the Rez Zone group, by Seller. Buyer comes along with Clothing Store group tag active. Buyer pays for Object. Buyer's viewer then gives them the following notice: The group that Object is rezzed under immediately changes to Clothing Store group. This means that Rez Zone's 1 minute autoreturn countdown starts ticking. Buyer right-clicks Object and selects 'Take' within that 1 minute countdown. Object goes into Buyer's inventory. Everyone is happy What happened in your situation: Object is rezzed out for sale ("buy original" - meaning you're buying the actual rezzed item, not its contents or a copy of it). It's rezzed out in the Rez Zone area, under the Rez Zone group, by Seller. Buyer (you) comes along with Clothing Store group tag active (or even no group tag; the crucial thing is that Buyer is not a member of Rez Zone group). Buyer pays for object. Buyer's viewer gives them the same "you are now the owner" notice as above. The group that Object is rezzed under immediately changes to Clothing Store group (or - in the case of Buyer not wearing any group tag - to no group). This means that Rez Zone's 1 minute autoreturn countdown starts ticking. Buyer does not 'take' object. Rez Zone's 1 minute countdown finishes and Buyer receives the notice in their viewer that Object has been returned to their Lost & Found folder. Buyer looks in Lost & Found folder, but doesn't see Object. Seller is none the wiser, but Buyer is sad Buyer relogs, and yay! Object is now in their Lost & Found folder! What happens is some weirdly complicated loop-the-loop performed by the server, but Object will not appear in Lost & Found at once, because Buyer didn't 'take' it. It will only appear in Lost & Found after a relog. Whether this is just the server catching up or getting a bit screwy (example: ever crashed out while changing your look, and - when you log back in - your avatar is a crazy mixture of the old look and the new?) I've no idea, but I've just tested it and verified that the above is exactly what happens. The reason why none of the other items rezzed out by the seller indicated 'take' is that you can only take things (in this specific case) that you have purchased, and that have given you the "you are now the owner" message. Since you hadn't purchased any of those items, the option wasn't available to you.
  13. Skell Dagger

    Skin appliers!

    It's not possible to cross applier brands like that. A Belleza-specific body applier skin will not apply to a Maitreya body. The only way appliers can cross brands is if they contain an Omega version and you have the relevant Omega relay/installer for the mesh body part that you want to apply them to. However, Belleza does have Omega versions of their female body skins in the store, so have a hunt around for them. From memory I think they're in the part of the store on your right as you land, on the other side of the dividing wall between store sections. Your only other option is if the Belleza skin includes a system version that you could use with the new BOM (Bakes on Mesh) feature. If it doesn't, then I'm afraid you're out of luck.
  14. I have both Andrea and Guy, yes. But since I'm a CSR for Catwa (and Skell is 'my own' Catwa head, as it were) I wear those almost exclusively.
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