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  1. There are as many possibilities for fixing your issue as there are combinations of heads, bodies, types of skin, and types of 'neckline issue'. In short, as Lillith mentions: Which mesh head are you using? Which mesh body are you using? (if the mesh body contains multiple options, which option are you using?) Are you using applier skins or BoM skins? Can we please see a close-up screenshot of the issue? Without that information, nobody can really help you.
  2. It is not so much a case of "Everyone else is doing it, so why can't I?" but more a case of "You do realise just who you're tangling with when you make something that is so obviously based on a Disney-owned property, right?" The Mouse is renowned (some would say notorious) for its take-downs of anything that infringes on its intellectual property. Your 'The Kid' item is clearly, visibly Grogu with a few small tweaks to its robe. In all kindness, don't be surprised if your Marketplace store or your items suddenly vanish. It's happened before, and it will very likely happen again. It won't
  3. MASSIVE differences! Disney = Star Wars You = Space Wars Disney = The Child You = The Kid Yep. Huge differences.
  4. Normally I would agree, but Izzie Button has really raised the bar with her latest BoM neck blenders. She's released female ones as well as male ones (the latter having an Adam's apple, as well as being better matched to the typical tones of male skins) and both sets are tintable. She's done the blend beautifully well, and they cover a much wider range of the neck, so you're not left with an inch-deep band of visible tone change around the join of head and body. I was even able to achieve a seamless blend between a Session female head skin and one of Glam Affair's Pink Fuel body tones for Mait
  5. Momomuller/3M has a small Major Arcana pose series, including the Hanged Man. This SLurl should take you directly to it. The vendor doesn't have any images on it, as it's a very old one (took me a while to find it while looking around the store!) but I knew they had one, as I used it back in 2013 for this image. The vendor looks like this: (In case there's a fixed landing point, take the teleport up to the store, go through the red-walled section into the main part of the store, and then head toward the left-back diagonal wall. The pose set is in that location.)
  6. Well, it was an LM notecard for at least about the first three weeks or so that the event ran. Shows how long it is since I bothered with it, as even the LM notecard was too much of a hassle.
  7. If you think that 'LG' and 'TLB' are bad, try the menswear store that's a single letter with two bits of punctuation each side of it. They sell really nice stuff and are at some of the big menswear events, but if I ever blog anything by them I have to ensure that my credits feature the creator's name as well, as in [name] for [store], just so they can be found in search. They want you to join their group to get the LM notecard. I did that with an alt, but then I forget to log in each week on the alt to look at the notecard. And - given that most weeks when I've checked the gallery ther
  8. "By clicking through to the url you consent (and agree that it's okay in your country) to be tested to prove that you're not using alts." I'm not quite sure where on legislation.gov.uk I should be looking for that particular guidance...
  9. No problem! It alerted me to a post that I wouldn't otherwise have seen, and I could offer a suggestion to the original poster, so it's all good
  10. I rarely venture into this area of the forum, hence my not noticing @poochbear Fluffpaw's original issue. However, I was alerted to this thread by being quoted from elsewhere, and so despite it being almost two months after the original post (which means the issue may have been resolved by now) for the sake of anyone else coming into it: the issue in the original post may simply be a case of wearing the wrong body. Signature's male bodies have two options in the folder: Default Neck SL Neck The Default Neck is for all older heads, such as Lelutka Origins, and Catwa's origi
  11. Interesting. I work for Catwa and even I don't know her sales figures! Where do you get them from? I do know roughly how many copies of the HDPRO Queen head were picked up (and no, I'm not going to say here how many, but I think people might be very very surprised indeed by exactly how many). I also know how many people who are new to Catwa that we have been helping in the support group because they picked up that head. You scan every single person around you, to see what head they are wearing? That Catya is very popular is obvious: it was Catwa's first Bento head and a lot of peo
  12. Could you please elaborate on what, exactly, didn't "work well" on the HDPRO head(s) that you demo'd? If you have come across a specific bug or issue (unlikely, given all of the testing that we did, but we couldn't possibly test it against every single body, for example) then that's something I can feed back to Catwa for a possible bugfix. If, however, it was just a matter of your personal preference, then that has nothing do with the head "not working" and everything to do with it not being the head you preferred.
  13. I just want to return to this point: Especially in conjunction with this point: Hopefully, @SyndraJade, you have not yet dropped those L$, because I will strongly echo what Chic, Bree, Rowan, TrophySpouse, Nalates, and Eddy all said: DEMO FIRST. Never, on anyone else's recommendation, go out and make a major purchase without first trying the free demo for yourself. (And if there's no demo then it's good to ask yourself why that might be.) You have said that you don't understand avatars or how they work in SL, but regardless of whether you go for the full Kalhene head
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