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  1. Another time, another place, some setting sun.
  2. This is the story of his dream... Just a raw shot from this evening.
  3. It's been a while since I last used the LL stock viewer (the weekend of the Bakes on Mesh release, as I recall, since I needed to familiarise myself with as much of it as possible in case we got questions in the Catwa support chat, and the LL viewer was the only one with it implemented at that point) but from memory of that experience I would: redesign the GUI to remove much of the extra padding around each window and element, as there's far too much of it that takes up unnecessary screen real estate add a 'close all folders' button to the inventory, because it drives me crazy if - after an inventory deep-dive - I have to scroll back up/down and click to close each folder manually add the ability to move toasts and popups (as Lindal suggested) to another location (top-right is where I keep minimap etc, so I never see them up there as they spawn in front of something already in place; lower-right is more in my peripheral vision and I spot them instantly in that location) add Firestorm's "favourite wearables" toolbar button (which I think I remember reading might actually be coming to the LL viewer anyway?) because that thing is an absolute godsend for quickly finding frequently-used HUDs and suchlike redesign CHUI (the chat interface) and make it more customisable (and yes, again I'd like it to take up less space!) add a few more Windlights, at least one of which is good for skin-matching on mesh heads and bodies
  4. All I carry are murdered secrets. ContraptioN for TMD.
  5. Some people put others down in order to make themselves feel confident. What they fail to realise is that confidence isn't thinking that you're better than other people; it's not feeling the need to compare yourself to other people in the first place. You can't fix yourself by breaking someone else.
  6. By derendering people you're only exacerbating that "ghost town" nature for yourself. This reads more as if you're conducting a survey or scientific experiment than trying to interact genuinely. Why on earth would you avoid showing personality when you're attempting to find people to become friends with? That's clinical, not sociable. You're over-thinking things, and I'm not sure (because you're posting here using an alt) whether that's simply because you don't yet have enough experience of how many people regard Second Life and how they interact in it or not. Perfection happens in a moment, not in a person. You're turning Second Life into a ghost town for yourself - as I've already mentioned - but there's something else you're doing as well by blocking left and right: you're causing future administrative problems for yourself, viz.: (Placed into a quote block to avoid a wall-o-text that you might be tempted to skip.) You might dismiss this response with something about curating your Second Life experience, and that's perfectly fine. We all do that everywhere (well, when places don't curate it for us, thereby leaving us in a filter bubble wherein we don't even encounter alternative viewpoints and people who might spark new thoughts in us) but I want to leave you with the following, which is the most pertinent thing that I initially buried in the middle of this reply but then decided to cut and paste at the end (and embolden, just for good measure) - Sure, SL can be clicquey and it can be difficult to make long-lasting friendships. You know where I've had the best luck in making friends? In groups, not in one-to-one conversations. Chatting randomly in a group about everything under the sun is what finds you your kindred spirits, not wandering around taking potluck stabs at reading profiles here and there. Find where the chat happens naturally in text - in Second Life groups - and just observe. Join in when the conversation piques your interest. And keep an eye out for those whose conversations you seem to regularly respond to. Those are the ones you naturally gravitate towards.
  7. “Now what happens?" asked the man in black. "We face each other as God intended," Fezzik said. "No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone." "You mean you'll put down your rock and I'll put down my sword and we'll try to kill each other like civilised people, is that it?” Casse Lustre and Drunken Brokkr for Enchantment.
  8. Caffeine... (The van Buuren ASoT version from Tomorrowland 2019, of course. Audio here, if you feel like some uplifting eardrum-busting bass-bliss. It's even followed by RAMsterdam, which is another old favourite of mine. Fantastic set!)
  9. "I used to dance, but then I took a stiletto to the knee"
  10. There are currently nine male Bento mesh heads at Catwa: Daniel, Stanley, Shaheen, Dino, Victor, Skell, Dude, Gac, and Travis. There are an additional three non-Bento male heads (Justin, Jackson, and Paul) but I will assume you probably want Bento. The other most created-for Bento mesh heads for men are by Lelutka, and they have two: Andrea and Guy. As to which is 'better' I will say that whichever one you prefer will be the best one for you. And I say that despite being a CSR for one of the two above-mentioned brands. I'm happy to help with any questions specific to that brand, but I'm a firm believer in allowing people to make their own choices, so I will never 'shill' for that brand here; only offer advice when requested. Pick up lots of demos, test them and their HUDs thoroughly, edit the shape that they come with to see if you can create the kind of look that you want (in other words: check how responsive they are to the sliders and whether you can work with that), and check Marketplace for availability of appliers (and Bakes on Mesh [BOM] layers for that specific head; yes, it does help if they are created specifically for that head, otherwise some textured parts such as lips and eyelid creases may not sit perfectly well on the 3D mesh).
  11. Yes, as long as the system layer is modifiable.
  12. I spend a lot of time explaining this inworld, but - in short - you cannot use a skin applier at the same time as BOM. With most mesh heads and bodies you can use any other appliers in addition to BOM, but not skin appliers. The reason for this is the way that most creators have implemented BOM is via some kind of 'BOM activation' button on their HUDs (or a BOM relay HUD in some cases). That BOM activation button/BOM relay is literally just a skin applier, and the 'skin' that it applies comprises the BOM 'bake' textures that enable your system layers to show on your mesh body parts. And - just like when you change any other skin applier - if you then apply a different skin, you're replacing that 'BOM activation' skin, so the BOM support stops. For some mesh head creators, the BOM activation button/relay HUD also applies the bake texture for their rigged eyes, so if you want to continue wearing applier eyes you need to add an eye alpha (which will either turn your eyeballs red, or make your eyes seem to disappear entirely) and then re-apply your eye appliers. When I wrote my 'BOM for Dummies' guide, I coined the term 'native BOM' for the likes of SLink Redux, as that comes pre-textured with the bake textures and you can't change those. That's why you can't use skin appliers on SLink Redux. And - because it only has a single layer - you can't use any other appliers on it, either. (Although I think Siddean updated to add a layer for materials support; can't recall off the top of my head this early in the morning!) Maitreya, however, have come up with a best-of-both-worlds implementation: a single layer body that allows people to activate BOM or not, plus additional wearable layers for tattoo, underwear, and clothing. By doing that they are pleasing both the 'BOM purists' who want all onion skins removed and who are happy to go entirely system/BOM, and also the 'traditionalists'* who still want to use their appliers. *I use the word 'traditionalists', but there are many people who also struggle greatly with change in SL, and who - once they have their avatar set up - refuse to change it, no matter how seemingly simple a new method may be. I deal with these people all the time in SL, and the best that you can do for them is patiently help them get set up, then show them how to save that look, and await their return if they try something else, mess it up, and come to you - sometimes in near anguish - to be sorted out and set up again. (We see this sometimes in the Catwa group: people who are still wearing the v2.16 version of their Bento head even though we're currently at v4.5 and there have been multiple updates since they purchased. They're so terrified that they will mess up what they took so long to set up, they daren't update.)
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