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  1. Playtime with interesting accessories. What I adore about Zibska's work is that it's so versatile and it inspires me to wonder what else I can do with it. This set is actually two copies of a headdress and one pair of eyebrows, but I played around with them, turning them into a shoulder 'wave' and an insectile Pharoah-like lip/chin ornament.
  2. The boot is so called in the UK because - back when cars were carriages - they featured seats on the outer sides that were called 'boots'. These eventually moved to the back of the carriage and were used mainly for storage of boots that the coachman might need to change into should he have to effect repairs on the carriage. They became known as 'boot lockers' - subsequently shortened to 'boot'. There was a similar item on carriages in the States, but - since this often held more than just boots - it was known simply as a 'trunk'. As to 'bonnet' and 'hood' they both mean the same thing: a head-covering.
  3. The furniture needs to be scripted to call the Catwa animations using the API on the animations HUD, which is on channel -8386. The animations can be called using their names (exp0, exp1, etc).
  4. The mini-HUD is available as a gift at the Catwa store, and it works on all Catwa Bento heads, not just female ones. It can be found in the gift room at the Catwa store, in the bag on the floor. (Ensure you're wearing a Catwa Bento head before clicking, otherwise you won't get the gifts.)
  5. In the gift room at the Catwa store is a bag on the floor. Make sure you're wearing a Catwa bento head before you click it to get the gifts. Inside you'll find a Bento presets HUD. This HUD will save all appliers on your Catwa Bento head, as well as all tints that you've applied to them (for example: if you've tinted a white hairbase to be brown, it will recall that). There are multiple ways to use the HUD, but here's the way that I use it, which is outfit-specific. I'll explain this in great detail, so it looks like a lot, but it's really very simple: 1. Unpack the Presets HUD and put it into its own folder. I called my folder blank version for copying, so I remember not to actually save anything onto that copy of the HUD. 2. Create a sub-folder under that one, and name it after the outfit you want to save the look for. (It helps to be wearing that outfit and have already saved it, so you know its name.) Let's say the outfit is called blue dress and red shoes, so your newly created folder inside the Preset HUD folder should also be called blue dress and red shoes. 3. Right-click the Presets HUD, choose 'copy', then left-click inside the new blue dress and red shoes sub-folder in the Presets HUD folder, and choose 'paste'. If it all went okay you should have a fresh copy of the HUD on its own in that folder. Here's a screenshot of how I have my Preset HUD sub-folders set up for an outfit called Best of Me Judging Outfit: 4. Right-click that copy of the Preset HUD and choose 'add'. It will appear on your screen and look like this: 5. Click the black 'save' button under the top-left circular image, and then wait. The button will flash alternately red and green for about 30 seconds. Once it's stopped flashing you'll see a rather stretched looking 'face' in the image, like below: (The circular arrow covers it up a bit on mine, but you can see there's a sort of face image behind it.) 6. You have now saved all the applier information for your current blue dress and red shoes look to that copy of the Presets HUD. 7. Detach the HUD from your screen. 8. Right-click the HUD in your inventory (the one you just saved the appliers to), choose 'copy', then find your original blue dress and red shoes outfit folder; the one with all the links to everything you're wearing inside it. Right-click inside that folder and choose 'paste as link'. Here's a screenshot showing the pasted link in the main Best of Me Judging Outfit folder: 9. From now on, every time you change into that outfit, that blue dress and red shoes copy of your Preset HUD will load onto your screen, and - no matter what you're wearing on your head at the time - one click of the 'stretchy face image' (arrowed in the image below) that you see on the HUD will re-apply the original skin and other appliers and tints that you have onto it: If you need to remember which body applier you were wearing for that outfit you can simply make it part of the outfit's name. For example: blue dress and red shoes (Skinnery T01). You can also right-click-copy the body applier HUD and paste that as a link in the outfit folder if you really need to.
  6. Nola (twotone) - blondes by Doe (and it looks like a gacha hairstyle). Poor-quality screenshot from the video, since even at fullscreen and HD playback it's a bit fuzzy. Sandra's link is for the whole tutorial playlist for using the CTS Wardrobe, but the hair doesn't show up until video no. 4.
  7. Right-click the item you want to add, and select 'Copy'. Then open each of the outfit folders in turn, right-click anywhere inside it, and select 'paste as link'. You can keep pasting like that without needing to copy each time.
  8. You need a skin applier for your head that has a browless option. If you're using a skin applier that you've purchased from another store, then check the applier HUD to see if a browless version is available on there. If you're using the default skins from your Hanako head's HUD then I'm afraid there is no browless option on those. However, there is a bag of group gifts at the Catwa store (go into the main Bento head store and the gift room is immediately inside to either your left or right, depending on which side of the store you enter from) that contains another skin applier HUD, and that gift applier HUD does contain browless versions. Please note that you'll need to be wearing a Catwa Bento head when you click the bag, in order to receive the gift.
  9. I have a notecard that - luckily - I've not had to hand out yet, but it's ready in case. It's titled Help us to help you. Text behind the spoiler tag:
  10. Anyone who has worked support will be familiar with what's behind that spoiler tag
  11. Yes, I've seen that happen, too. In fact, in our group we even have a copy/paste to put into chat when too many people jump in - especially if they jump in with incorrect, misleading, or irrelevant 'help'. It's not uncommon to have someone go silent after they've asked a question in chat. It usually denotes that a random group member has gone into their IM and decided to help them there. It's also not uncommon for the person being helped to come back to us shortly after that for assistance in fixing whatever the random group member messed up! While it's common in our group for everyone to help everyone else if they can, we always recommend to look for the bold text that denotes a moderator, as those tend to be the official CSRs as well.
  12. First of all, which Catwa head are you wearing? The shape sliders will only have an effect on the Bento heads (the ones that cost L$5,000). It would be useful to know which one, as there are now 25 female Catwa Bento heads, and they all begin with a slightly different shape. You may be wearing one that has a stronger jaw to begin with. Secondly: are you wearing the starter shape that's included in the head's folder? That will set the ideal starting parameters for the head, which you can then begin to edit to get it more to your liking.
  13. Good job pixels don't pong, because Skell's not changed for a week. I've been busy moving stuff around on our home region, changing out buildings at the store, and moving our store office up to the top floor of a new building I've installed. It's nice and cosy up there now. I should really change out these old black leather couches because they're sculpted ones, but they still look okay and I love the poses in them. They've been in our office for years, and they're quite literally 'part of the furniture' of it now.
  14. I have another minor peeve: people who come to you for help and then do anything but what you tell them to. Double points if they do the exact opposite of what you tell them to, or they don't listen to you at all and carry on just doing random things that make the situation worse. An SL-related example is (because it's rather long) behind the spoiler tag:
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