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  1. You're welcome
  2. This is the Marketplace link for that avatar, and it's a fantastic looking one, I agree. But here we run into a problem, because Tellaq is not compatible with Omega and nobody (that I'm aware of) makes third-party skins for that head and body. You're pretty much limited to whatever Tellaq sells in their own store. Yes, the Marketplace listing states "Compatible with Omega Apply system" but a quick search of the Omega Solutions store for 'Tellaq' shows there's no Omega relay for it. (I also just sent an alt to the Omega Solutions store and checked the entire male section, and Tellaq is not there.) Likewise mesh clothing: from what I've seen it can be difficult to find mesh clothing that is created specifically for the Tellaq avatar, since nobody really makes it, so - again - the only clothing that is guaranteed to be fitted especially to that body is what you'll find in the Tellaq store, and whatever is included with the avatar itself. A quick marketplace search for the name shows only items created by Tellaq themselves; there doesn't appear to be any third-party clothing or skin content created for that avatar. I know that people have managed to make the X and XL sizes of standard mesh clothing fit the Tellaq avatar by reducing the muscle mass of the body using the shape sliders (right-click yourself and Edit Appearance) but that rather defeats the object of having a muscular body in the first place! You may have luck getting mesh clothing that's designed for the Niramyth Aesthetic body (the most popular muscular body mesh at the moment) to work on your Tellaq body, assuming the alpha cuts on the body's HUD (does it now have an alpha HUD?) work with the clothing, so make sure you look for (and demo; always demo!) mesh clothing that's labelled either 'Aesthetic' or 'AES' for that.
  3. Glad to see you've removed the image, because that means people can continue to help you in this thread Moving on to your other questions now (because I wanted to reply to the initial one before the thread possibly got removed!) - Regarding the difference in colour of your head and body, since both of them are mesh you might not be wearing the same appliers. Mesh bodies and heads require skin appliers, and you need to have those from the same creator. The makers of mesh bodies and heads don't usually sell skin appliers too, but they do tend to include some basic skins (sometimes by well-known designers) in their HUDs. When you say you bought them together in a package deal, do you mean that you bought them from the same creator? Can you tell us who the creator is, or the name of the body and head? That would help us to give you more specific replies. For example: if you have the Signature 'Gianni' body and the Catwa 'Daniel' head you need to wear appliers from the same skin designer that are compatible with those items. You can either wear appliers that state they are for that specific body part (eg: you see the Signature and/or Catwa logo on the skin advert) or you can wear Omega appliers that will work with almost every body part (however, you need to also wear the correct Omega relay HUD, which you can pick up cheaply at the Omega Solutions store or on Marketplace). So, if you were in a specific skin store you would (for the above body part examples) be looking for: A head applier that states it's either Catwa or Omega A body applier that states it's either Signature or Omega Both of these need to be in the same skin tone. Skin designers will either name the tones (eg: pale, peach, tan, etc) or number them (eg: tone 01, tone 02) etc. Most skin designers these days tend to have one set of body appliers and then they create different head appliers. The head appliers are what count as their 'new releases' but the same set of body appliers will always work with those new heads... until the designer decides to update them. (A good tip is to always join the designer's group or subscribe-o-matic, so you receive notification when skins are updated and can go to the store to get a redelivery of the updated skins.) Regarding things like emotes and animations, it's rare for animations to line up perfectly in Second Life. When they are created, the people making them fit them to their own avatars. Your avatar (and that of your partner or other person in the animation) are probably not the same size and shape as the creator's avatars, so there will occasionally be things like hands sticking into bodies, etc. It's just something we get used to and we end up ignoring that and focusing on the fact that we're just cuddling etc instead.
  4. This thread will probably be censored by the moderators rather quickly because of that picture (warning or not, full-frontal nudity is not allowed here), but hopefully not before you read my reply. That's an Aeros d*ck, I can tell. What you need to do is edit it into place. Right-click it and from the menu select 'Edit'. You'll see some coloured arrows coming out from it in different directions. Move your mouse in the direction you want to move the d*ick (in this case, towards your avatar's crotch). You may need to fine-tune it by using the up and down arrows, too. It will take a little bit of time and patience, but in the end it's worth it. Aeros make fantastic genitalia
  5. Tell me about it! I dithered for about 15 minutes whether to use that brow shaper or my usual one, and I kept flipping back from one to the other. What decided me was that precise reason: it looked so different and unusual. I tend to see my outfits as 'characters' that Skell puts on, and this character felt more 'right' with those brows than he did with my usual ones. The hairbase I'm practically living in right now is the Stealthic one. It goes on white, but tints perfectly, even with various blonds. However, the feathering at the front of the hair in that pic is actually the hair itself, not the hairbase. It's Stealthic's new one (at Men Only Monthly) and they've figured out perfectly how to feather hair at the edges so that it looks natural. I really love it and can't wait to see what others they bring out in the future. Isn't that called Purgatory?! *shudders*
  6. God, I love this thread. What a bunch of hot messes we were, but we looked fabulous for the time @Madelaine McMasters Nice bra. Even back then you were taking brilliantly humorous screenshots! @Aislin Ceawlin That skin (and one other which I think was called something like Shy Caramelle?) was about as de rigeur for the ladies as the Photorealistic Steve skin was for the guys when it hit the resell stores and freebie warehouses. Oh, the days when YadNi's was the height of fashion... @Hunter Stern I think I had that thong, too. It still amuses me that H2L's "Shun" hair (in the second-from-left pic in my montage) which I recall cost me about L$250 back in the day and was absolutely fantastic for what was available then... is now a freebie that you find everywhere. I remember hitting up Naughty Designs for my first proper skin (L$1000-ish, which was a real ouch! moment) and hair, and I used to shop at all the Gorean places, because - although I wasn't a fan of the whole Gor thing - I was into that kind of look at the time. When I moved into more everyday clothing, I shopped at Truth a lot, back when he first made hair and clothing (and he's recently started doing clothing again, I believe). Bloody hell, I sound like my old Grandad now. *leans over his Zimmer frame and shakes his fist at them youngins*
  7. *readies a bucket of cold water* (Heh. Thank you!) It's Men Only Monthly shopping time again, and while I was playing around with different brow shapers I came up with an unusual cat-eyed look for Skell. Also, face fuzz! Credits Skin applier: Avenge - Matthew (Catwa - peach)* Piercings: RealEvil Industries - Rebel Face Piercings* Hair: Stealthic - Haunting* Top: Etham - Kenneth Sleeveless Coat (black)* Eyes: Avi-Glam - Ardent Eyes (fjord) Hairbase: Stealthic - Male Hairbase Beard applier: CDC Creations - Beard 46 (tintable) Brow applier: Odeco - Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow Shaved Head: Catwa - Daniel Body: Slink Physique Male Hands: Slink Dynamic Male *all out at Men Only Monthly
  8. Men Only Monthly shopping time, plus trying on different brow shapers led to an unusal cat-eyed look for Skell:
  9. I did this back in 2011, when that 'avatar evolution' thing was doing the rounds on Flickr. Back then, I couldn't find my original 2007 avatar (the male Goth one) so the only thing I had was a 'male goth' outfit from Torley's free box of old avatar content at Stillman Bazaar. It was completely wrong, but eh; it was what I could find. I should really redo that now and update it, since it's six years out-of-date. But I did eventually find the screenshot that I took the day after I first rezzed, back in June 2007. I actually shrieked in horror when I finally figured out the camera controls and saw Skell's face. I went shopping the very same day. 2007 was a cruel year to be a noob...
  10. And kindly don't talk down to me like that. Your post said the following: "Call it radar or minimap". They are two completely different things. You called it "radar" so I checked the Radar. Had you said "Minimap" I would have checked the Minimap. I have just logged the alt in again and this time I've taken screenshots of the minimap from both points of view. Image 1: Point of view of the muted avatar. The avatar who muted him is still on his contacts list, so the dot shows up as yellow: Image 2: Point of view of the avatar who has done the blocking. (The aqua background shows that we're both standing on prims that I've created.) The muted avatar is still on his contacts list, hence the dot is yellow: Image 3: Point of view of the muted avatar, after the other avatar has removed him from his contacts list. The dot of the avatar who has muted him is now green.
  11. This is incorrect. The green dot on Firestorm's radar shows that the avatar is in the same region as you. Nothing more. To demonstrate this, I logged in my main account and my store's inventory and texture mule alt. All of the following screenshots were taken with the current latest version of Firestorm, which is Image 1: Before muting. From the point of view of the avatar on the right. The green dot on the radar denotes that the avatar on the left is in the same region (see tooltip). The green text denotes that the avatars are within 20m (chat distance) of each other. Image 2: After muting/blocking. From the point of view of the avatar on the right. The green dot on the radar denotes that the avatar on the left is in the same region (see tooltip in the first image). The green text denotes that the avatars are within 20m (chat distance) of each other. The italics denote that the avatar on the left is now muted. Image 3: After muting/blocking. From the point of view of the avatar on the left (the muted avatar). The green dot on the radar denotes that the avatar on the right is in the same region (see tooltip in the first image). The green text denotes that the avatars are within 20m (chat distance) of each other. The $$ denotes that the avatar on the right has payment info on file. There is nothing else in the radar to show the avatar on the left that he has been muted.
  12. Absolutely. And I edited my original post to mention the use of the Royal Warrant crest. I was focused on the flag itself when I initially replied, but then I noticed the crest. Bloody cheek! The use of that crest is the equivalent of using the US Presidential seal on an item of clothing.
  13. LOL! I appear to have become the unofficial Union Jack Police And no, that's not correct at all. There's nowhere near enough white in it. This is the official flag: This is the flag on the cap: The only thing it has in common with the Union Jack is that it's red, white, and blue, and has a big cross on it. The white should surround and edge all parts of the central red crosses. Notice, too, how the upper part of the diagonal white cross in the top-left quarter of the official flag is thicker than the lower white part. I guess some people - after a quick glance at that cap - might think "Oh, British flag", but I certainly wouldn't! Also, the creator should NOT be using the Royal Warrant on their merchandise! They're not 'By Appointment' to the Queen, so that crest is not allowed. It's not a silly bit of "UK branding" that can be used willy-nilly. Its use on a product indicates that it's endorsed by a member of the British Royal Family. From the Royal Warrant Holders Association website:
  14. Heh, thank you. I looked for about an hour last night and found a few things. One or two decent tops, but precious little in the way of pants and footwear, and don't even get me started on the hair... MP uses capitalised Boolean search operators such as NOT and AND. To exclude demos you would type dress NOT demo. I'd also add NOT _demo, NOT .demo, NOT D:E:M:O, NOT D_E_M_O (eh, you get the idea) to try and filter out those smartarses who get clever with the naming. And, of course, there are always the lazy sods who copy the same set of keywords into every single one of their listings, regardless of relevance...
  15. I'd try this, but have you seen the stuff that's available for male avatars for only L$1? *shudders* I could do it, but I'd need some time to track down some decent stuff.