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  1. A shape is a list of numbers that sets the parameters for your underlying avatar skeleton and physique. It alters things like how tall you are, how long your legs are, how much body fat or muscle you have, how high your cheekbones are, etc etc. Think of the shape as being akin to everything underneath your RL skin: your skeleton, muscle, and fat. A skin is the layer that goes over the top of the shape and gives it texture. It can add the illusion of altered physique (e.g. a six pack of muscles) via its texturing, but it doesn't physically alter the underlying shape. Think of the skin as b
  2. Indeed. Thankfully we are long past this: It was reported in a JIRA eight months after LL acquired XstreetSL in 2009, and was resolved within two days. ETA: To clarify, before anyone jumps the gun on this, it's unclear as to who exactly wrote that wording. It's more than likely that it was left over from the original XstreetSL website and LL just didn't pick up on it. However, they didn't pick up on it at the time, and it was down to a member of the SL community to spot it and report it.
  3. "We people" are perfectly well aware that online status can be tracked. That feature is built into the viewer itself (e.g. groups), and has many useful LSL functions such as online status boards in stores to let customers know when support people are available to help them. What shouldn't be trackable - and what both I and Qie are trying to get you to actively check for - is someone's location. There is almost always a reason for why someone can get hold of your location, which has been covered here. If this person has found another way then it may need to be reported to LL as a potential
  4. Try some experiments to verify not only the above, but also to rule out a few other things: Go into your viewer's Avatar menu and change into one of the two Default Test avatars (or go into the Avatar toolbar and select one of the starter avatars). Ensure that for every single person on your contacts list, you have unchecked the 'can see location on map' option. This includes any and all alts that you have. If you don't have any of your alts friended, add one before the next step. Remember to disallow them viewing your map location. Log that account into the SL website so the
  5. My guess would be the same as that of CandyJewels: you're wearing the head but possibly also wearing an alpha layer that covers your head, which is rendering the head invisible. Remove the alpha and the head might appear. The inventory icon for an alpha layer looks like a white t-shirt with a pale grid pattern on it. From your profile I see that you're very new to SL. First of all, welcome! Secondly, and for future reference - from someone who is a CSR/Manager for another mesh head brand - when you say that you "contacted the store" do you mean you sent an IM to the store's owner, Thor
  6. That is not what I said. The lesson that you learned was not that you can't trust SL. It was that - when a creator offers you a completely free demo of a big ticket item, for you to try out and make sure that item is the right thing for you - you should get that demo and try it out before you pay money for the full priced version. The free demo was right there in front of the big ad board, as indicated in Fritigern's image. You chose not to get it and try it out to find out what it contained. And now you're blaming the creator for your decision not to 'try before you buy', when they
  7. You've learned an important lesson for SL. When you're purchasing a big ticket item like a mesh head or mesh body there will always be a free demo available, which is there for you to try out so you can ensure it's right for you before you fork out for the full priced item. You wouldn't buy a new car without taking it for a test drive. In SL the demo is the test drive.
  8. This post should have you covered https://virtualbloke.com/archives/3634
  9. You could look at it that way, or you could also consider "Why try to improve it?" because Maitreya have added multiple improvements to the body. If you're using a version that's so old it can't even accept BoM then you're missing out on: much lower complexity hands and feet both now attached to the body instead of separate add-ons (which frees up attachment points) separate save sticks for appliers and alphas so you can have a save stick for each outfit if you want (no longer limited to the ones on the HUD) additional parameters for gloss, emvironment, intensity, trans
  10. By 'chrome' do you mean that your head looks like a very shiny silver colour to them? If so, then it sounds like you've got your Environment slider set too high on the HUD. The reason why they see it and you don't is likely to be because they have the Advanced Lighting Model enabled in their viewer's graphics settings and you don't. Add your head's HUD, go into the Head/Skin tab, and look for the slider that I've highlighted in green below. Make sure that little 'Environment' slider button is all the way across to the left. If I were you I'd also check that slider where it appears on any
  11. The blouson style is very retro 80s, and you're unlikely to find exactly that style on its own, let alone with rolled sleeves as well. You don't state which (if any) mesh body you need it rigged for, but here are a few suggestions, mostly bearing colour and general 'basic denim jacket' in mind as a style: Riot - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RIOT-Henry-Denim-Jacket-Demo-Jake-Gianni-Legacy/18928003 Has rolled sleeves. Chains & studs can be toggled. Check demo to see if t-shirt can be hidden (it usually can be on Riot's clothing) Semller - https://marketplace.secondlife
  12. Looking at your current profile pic, @TeeCay I will also suggest Signature Gianni, although with a bit of work Legacy can also get to that shape. I will also echo others in suggesting that you avoid Belleza Jake, especially if you plan to use a mesh head from Lelutka's Evolution range, as Jake will not fit the neck of an Evolution head. As others have said, Jake is now very behind in terms of updates; to the point where I'm loath to recommend it unless someone is willing to overlook the lack of updates, the poor neck fit against mesh heads that use the new 'universal neck', the third-party wor
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