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  1. Another store that I just remembered makes female clothing to fit the male body (although I haven't tried it with the Slink body) is Schadenfreude. I know they have mesh corsets and thigh-high boots specifically for male avatars, and I also recall seeing a sundress at an event which also had a flat-chested male version included.
  2. Any so-called 'female' applier clothing that is either Slink compatible or has an Omega option will work on the Slink male body. I regularly use female applier pants on my avatar (added bonus of the Slink body being the built-in bulge, so it doesn't look as if you're tucking). You can also use female applier tops, although - if you don't want obvious boob shading - I suggest opting for either dark colours or being very selective about which stores you buy from. Sn@tch is a great store for that: Ivey's darker top appliers don't have much boob shading, relying on the underlying body to do the work in that regard. An example for you: the top and pants in this look are both female applier ones, from Sn@tch. The boots are also ostensibly sold as female ones, but they're unrigged, so I could resize them to fit my Slink body. The shading on the top is subtle enough that it passes for pectoral shading: Another example. Female applier underbust corset and pants (Sn@tch) and female mesh boots (Rosal) on the male Slink body: As to mesh clothing, your best bet is to either get in touch with the drag community in SL (if you want a curvier, more feminine-shaped male avatar), or simply demo everything. I've had mixed success with getting female mesh pants to fit the male Slink body. Usually I've found that the small female standard sizes work everywhere but at the base of the spine (which can be covered with a jacket or shirt) and since they're small the hips aren't too prominent or feminine. Boots can be trickier, although demoing the versions for curvier female avatars (such as the Belleza ones, or Slink Hourglass) can sometimes pull up something that doesn't dig in at the thighs. If you simply want a more androgynous look, I suggest the Androgyne Initiative group and website. Keep an eye out, too, for the annual Femboi Hunt, which tends to cater for the more bishōnen type of avatar. In short: it is possible. Just demo the hell out of everything! ETA: Just remembered one store that does cater for this. Check out Violetility on Marketplace or inworld.
  3. That would be a late lunch for me, considering it's 3:30pm here, but I'll take it! Looks like a fun time was had by all at the Hangout. Sorry I couldn't make it; busy stuff to do elsewhere (pesky RL!) I made up for it with a massive inworld shopping spree last night, during which I turned Skell completely on his head (figuratively speaking) and made him over into a blond Nordic type. Might wander around for a bit like that, purely because it's so damn different
  4. The mesh avatar factor didn't exist back then, but other factors did. I recall users asking for an improved avatar many times, but the reason LL always gave was "not wanting to break existing user content" - even back when that meant you wouldn't be able to use your clothing layer pants because putting more vertices in the avatar's crotch area would "break" existing pants which had been created with the low number of vertices in mind. I'm thinking of one male underwear creator specifically who managed a fantastic workaround for the streaking that happened down the inner thighs; his were the only ones I found that never suffered from that failing. Had LL added more vertices to that part of the avatar, all of his content would have been wrecked. The shoulders of the default male avatar were also an issue. Textures would always stretch over them, so some designers deliberately compressed their texturing in that area to compensate. Again, add more pixels there and the design would be ruined. In short: this is an old issue that LL have always countered with the reason of not wanting to break existing content. However, when they introduced Bento a lot of designers adapted their existing mesh content (case in point: Maitreya updated their body to include Bento hands) and these upgrades were free to people who had already purchased the original item. While it would create a lot more work for these designers if there was a system avatar upgrade, I think they would work with it as they worked with Bento. However, since mesh avatars are the way that things in SL are trending (as in: they are the big commodity on the up at the moment, regardless of how many thousands of users are happily sticking with the system av) I don't see LL doing anything to improve the visual look of the system avatar (adding more vertices, etc) because that's simply not where the money lies at the moment.
  5. I've just spent a ridiculous amount of money at Men Only Monthly, including dropping L$1000 on the fatpack of this stunning hair. My god, it is so good. And yeah, I've gone Nordic for a change Credits Skin applier: Stray Dog - Luca (Catwa only: buttermilk/browless) Hair: Stealthic - Like Lust (blonde HUD) Shirt: Ascend - Luke Long Sleeve Shirt (black) Brows: Avi-Glam - Logo Eyebrows (Omega applier) Eyes: Avi-Glam - Elysian Eyes (fjord) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Hands: Slink - Dynamic Hands (Bento) Note: Stray Dog head appliers match to L'Etre skintones.
  6. Two female applier items, two unisex accessories. Just because it's advertised with boobs that doesn't meant you can't work it with pecs Credits Skin: Swallow - Gothic (Catwa only - Ivory) Earrings: Codex - Earring Black Swan Collar: Codex - Collar Maya Cuffs: Absolut Vendetta - Ryan Wristband Hair: Dura - Boy*51 (black) Tattoo: Sn@tch - Filigree Sternum Tattoos (Omega applier only) Eyes: Avi-Glam - Elysian Eyes (Omega applier - onyx) Pants: Sn@tch - Badass Belted Pants (Omega applier)
  7. @ChrisDiamond865 I've just gone through the gallery for the Men Only Hunt. Be aware that this is themed as a 'Hipsta Hunt' so if that's not your aesthetic some of the items won't appeal to you. However, I'm about as far removed from a hipster as one can get, and I still have a list of 16 items I want to get from the hunt, so it's worth doing. There are some great accessories and a few nice clothing items. Since you've been away for a few years, there are a few things you need to look out for if you do this hunt (and for shopping in general). - Anything that's marked with either a logo or text saying either 'classic', 'standard', or 'standard sizing' will work on a non-mesh avatar. - Anything that's marked only with logos such as 'TMP', 'Slink', 'Signature' etc is created to work with a certain brand of mesh avatar. While these may work on a classic avatar, be aware that there very likely won't be an alpha layer to remove parts of the system body under the clothing, because mesh bodies use a HUD system to do that. It's possible to re-purpose other alpha layers that you have, so if the item is a freebie or a hunt gift it's still worth getting to try it out. You can get free packs of alpha layers for various body parts on Marketplace. - Anything marked as an 'applier' will only work on a mesh avatar. This includes both head and body appliers for skins. (Example: there's a fantastic skin in this hunt from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, but it's applier-only.) While some designers will include a classic skin with mesh body appliers, these are increasingly being sold in various separate packs as people need to mix and match according to what body parts they have. Appliers can be body/head-specific (eg: Catwa head, Slink body, etc) or they may have the purple Omega logo (which means that - with the correct Omega relay HUD - they can be used on almost any mesh body part with the exception of TMP, which has its own proprietary 'installer' system). - Many tattoos that have applier logos on them will also contain a 'classic' or 'standard' version for the basic system body. Sometimes it's not obvious from the ad image, so try editing the sale board and looking in the contents. With luck (assuming it's not all packed in a box inside there, or a vendor with just a script) you'll be able to see if there are standard tattoo layers inside. One last note on customising a newb avatar on a limited budget: don't forget the inventory library. The avatar selection has been vastly improved of late, which you'll probably have noticed when you were creating your new account. If you check out the classic avatars in the library you'll find a surprising amount of usable stuff, from mesh eyes to some fairly decent skins and hair. Try each avatar on once to put it into your main library, then dig through those folders for stuff you can use. There's even a serviceable AO in each folder that will get rid of the duck-waddle until you can pull something better together.
  8. You're welcome I just remembered another group worth joining (and this goes for female avatars, too) and that's Gizza VIP. From memory, it's free to join, and they have a load of free outfits at the store's landing point, some older than others, but they release a new one each month and the newest ones are mesh.
  9. The 'special thing' is called Bento. Linden Lab added a lot of new bones to the avatar skeleton, so it's now possible to have customisable moving mesh heads and hands (as well as other body parts, such as wings, quadruped avatars, tails, etc). The Phoenix viewer is now called Firestorm, by the way. Whether you download that or the Linden Lab viewer, you should be able to see Bento avatars if you get the latest viewer versions.
  10. If you have any cash at all on your old avatar, log in and transfer it. Even a handful of L$ will give your new avatar a basic start. Look up 'Vista AO' and 'Akeyo AO' on Marketplace. Both of them have a good basic L$1 male AO, and if you're familiar with editing things like that you can pull the animations out of both to create your own AO (or put them into Firestorm's built-in AO, if you're using that viewer). Currently, there's a free fatpack male hairstyle at Exile, so that's worth getting. As to other stuff, join the Gabriel group, head to their store, and pick up some of their group gifts. Last time I checked they had some decent footwear on the group gift wall. Finally, Free Dove has a few good male clothing items, but the Dulce Secrets male skin pack there is definitely worth checking out to get you started.
  11. Good afternoon. It's an Englishman's favourite day: National Tea Day! I'm raising a mug of Yorkshire's finest in a toast to you fine threadpeople, while munching on a chocolate Digestive. (And yes, I'm even quirking my little finger, in the way wot posh people do.)
  12. Throwback Thursday - back to September 2013 and an old system look. No idea on the credits (the hair is Dura, the piercings are Kibitz, but the rest of it? Not a clue!)
  13. At least it's a quick way to tell who wants to know you for who you are (as in: your personality) and who wants to know you for what you'll do with/for them... Incidentally, it works both ways. A couple of times when I've been propositioned by female avatars and have replied with "No thank you. I already have a boyfriend" they've responded with "Oh, you're gay? I could totally put on a hot male avi for you!" They only hear the fact that I like men, and not the fact that I already have a man. I've even had enraged IMs from a woman on the other side of a sim I was randomly exploring, kicking off with a homophobic insult. On checking her profile, it was full of dating and singles groups. Clearly she wasn't happy to discover a man within a 96m radius who wouldn't be attracted by her irresistible ladyparts.
  14. I wish I knew when the phrase "while many may disagree" became "while there are many haters". Somewhere along the line, we've lost the subtleties of disagreement and reasoned discussion and devolved into disagreement = hatred. (In general, not just regarding this post.)
  15. Absolutely not. In fact, I would burn it. I would rather live my life as an ongoing and enjoyable thread of existence, rather than seeing a sharp pair of scissors hovering in the distance and getting ever closer. Those metaphorical scissors would constantly catch my eye, and - as they drew closer - I'd start living in a state of fear (even though I'm not afraid of death) that I won't have enough time to do everything I want to do. ETA: Slight edit (the struck-through text) because - after posting this - I realised that my words intimated that people who did choose to open the envelope and know the exact time and date of death would not enjoy existence. That's not what I intended, hence the edit.