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  1. Unfortunately that's a known bug currently with BoM. If you're in Edit mode then textures will sometimes blur like that. It doesn't happen with all bodies or with all textures, but it's a very common problem. You could try requesting access to the beta grid so that you can use the free upload facility there to test your textures. (I think you need to open a support ticket for access these days; not sure on that.) Even then, whether you'll actually have the current Maitreya body in your inventory over there is hit and miss, as that depends on when the last 'snapshot' was taken on the beta grid by LL.
  2. One of my profile picks contains the following words: "I'm often very busy inworld, so don't be offended if you get my autoresponse. I'm also not the most chatty of people (unless I'm with very good friends), so please don't expect me to entertain you." Of course, that last bit might come across as a bit abrupt (and it was initially written into my profile in response to those who did expect me to entertain them) but - outside of my job - I don't talk to many people in SL and it bugs me when I'm alerted to people constantly logging in and out. Since Firestorm won't let me choose who I get on/offline notifications for, I have to keep them on for everyone, and with a large contacts list that gets distracting and annoying. As to having trouble turning down friendship requests, I used to be the same, but I've found a nice way of doing so gently and without causing offence: "Sorry, but I'm going to decline that friendship offer. I try to keep my contacts list as small as possible, but I'm happy to send a calling card." Followed by sending that calling card immediately. It usually mollifies the friend-requester into not feeling too rebuffed, and most people never bother to check their calling cards folder to see who is online anyway ETA: The calling card thing is something I only do for people I've interacted with previously. If I log on to three friend requests from randoms I've never spoken to then I just click them off and ignore them.
  3. Omega is built into the Gianni body, so I would suspect that it's also built into the Gianni head.
  4. Welcome Lots of great Omega eye options out there, so he should be spoilt for choice.
  5. Does the head not come with its own rigged eyes? If so, then his best bet would be Omega eye appliers. The head should also have been updated for BoM (Bakes on Mesh) so he could also activate that and use system eyes alongside a system skin for his head and whichever mesh body he owns. If it doesn't include rigged eyes then most unrigged eyes should sit just fine in the head and not bulge out, as long as they're edited back far enough inside the sockets. Unfortunately, the Signature mesh head is one brand that's not at all well catered for when it comes to brand-specific appliers. I can only think of one Signature head applier for skin from a big-name creator, so Omega will probably be the way he needs to go.
  6. If you haven't already done so, take a look at what YÜTH have in their MP store. Unorthodox also have some good options.
  7. It's one thing to refer people; I'm fine with that. It's when someone's first approach is to offer friendship out of the blue that I get irritated. Especially so because my profile states "Sorry, I don't accept friendship offers. No exceptions." (Trust me, I still get about five per week from people who want a Catwa CSR on call.. )
  8. RandomStrangerYouHaveNeverInteractedWithBefore Resident is offering friendship. Would you be my friend? (By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.) Second Life: Friendship offer declined.
  9. Running like a fox to keep up with me... VICE X ADORED for The Level. Full credits here.
  10. @Unpronounceable1 First of all, I strongly suggest that you edit your post to remove the other avatar's name. It's very much frowned upon to 'name and shame' in the forum. Secondly, some people take Linden Realms very seriously, and to go AFK in the area is to set yourself up to be accused of cheating. Yours is not the first report I've seen of this happening. Some of those super-serious players automatically assume that AFK avatars are bots and will report them as such because bots are not permitted under the rules for playing Linden Realms. I would suggest that - in future - if you need to go AFK then you leave the Realms and park your avatar elsewhere. Don't worry about the video. It probably doesn't even exist, and the person concerned is overreacting. Yes, they may have filed an abuse report against you, claming that you're a "cheating bot" but Linden Lab will know that you're not. They can tell if a human is behind an avatar or if that avatar is a scripted agent. In short: Please edit your post to remove the username, and don't let that one person spoil your enjoyment of Linden Realms and Second Life
  11. It's become a thing for me of late to upload a Friday Night Snap (or Saturday Night Snap, depending on when I remember to do it) to Flickr. No credits; just an image of how Skell looks at that moment, usually taken before I log off for the night. Here's this week's Saturday Night Snap (uploaded in the early hours of Sunday morning...)
  12. When people run in circles... Dreamcatcher, Ghoul, Salem, KMH, and Shiny Stuffs for Cyber/Punk Fair. Full credits here.
  13. Please don't post a one-star review on the Marketplace just to ask for help. That is not what reviews are for. The item clearly states the following: The TMP Applier is for a completely different brand of head than the one you own. The 'tintable layer' is a system tattoo layer, for which you will need to enable BoM (Bakes on Mesh) on your head. You will also need a BoM version of your Clef de Peau skin, so that you can wear it underneath that tintable system tattoo. That's your only option with that hairbase.
  14. That look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam... A recent release from Vice X #ADORED at their mainstore. Lovely to see more male-specific eye makeup on the grid! Full credits here.
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