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  1. Disclaimer: I'm a CSR for Catwa (also a regular on this forum in every respect, so I'm not one of those store representatives who only posts to shill on behalf of the brand I work for. I try to help out whenever there is a Catwa question here, but - as my post count will attest! - I post a lot in general, too) but I'm not here to "sell you" on that brand. I'll just give you the basic facts. This assumes - since you were considering the cost - that you're looking for a female Bento head. Catwa also has non-Bento heads, which start at L$900, but the full Bento heads cost L$5,000. Catwa currently has 27 female Bento mesh heads to choose from, everything from little pixie faces to wide-eyed Jessica Rabbit to angular Angelina Jolie styles. All Catwa Bento heads have two layers (upper and lower) which allows for a lot of customisation and layering of appliers, and each layer has 8 areas: hair, mouth (for teeth and tongue appliers), lashes, brows, eye makeup, neck tattoo, blush, and lipstick). Each head comes with 24 full face expressions and 16 full-face motion capture AOs (the latter are currently being updated from 30 seconds in length to 60 seconds, as all of the heads are moving from v3.2 to v4.0, at a rate of roughly two per day, in release order). You can choose to hide or show the following: top left side of head, top right side of head, brain, upper teeth, lower teeth, left ear, right ear, caruncle (the pink inner corner of the eye), upper lashes, lower lashes, uvula (the dangly bit at the back of the mouth), and tongue. You can tint the following (some on both layers, and some are a single tint) - skin, teeth, uvula, brows, neck tattoo, caruncle, lashes, tongue, lips, blush, ears, hairbase. The Master HUD has 10 save slots for different tints. You can adjust the gloss levels in the skin, and on the upper and lower layers of the lips. The new 4.0 updates also have materials support for things like smooth skin, pores, wrinkles, etc. Lashes can be applied separately (upper and lower) so you can mix and match. The new gift HD lips will be included free with all the 4.0 updated heads. The 4.0 head updates also include a new eye applier, which doesn't only apply the Catwa default eye texture options, but also allows you to resize and move any appliers on your Catwa eyes, as well as clear specular and materials shine that may cause issues in certain lighting. Demos are - of course - free (they each feature a small strip of 'missing pixels' to discourage copybotting) and I strongly suggest that you try them before making any decision. Default skins in the female HUD are by The Skinnery, and (new to the 4.0 releases) by DeeTaleZ. Inworld purchases give you 5% store credit (note that Marketplace purchases do not). Any purchases made both inworld and on Marketplace can be redelivered in the store if necessary. (When a Catwa head is updated we ask that you go to the store to redeliver (there are a lot of scammers around, giving out "Bento head updates" so - for your security - Catwa doesn't send automatic updates. All updates are free and it's easy to move your entire look from an old Catwa head to an updated or new one using the gift Bento presets HUD.) 24/7 support in the Catwa Head Friends group, and there is also a Discord server being set up. We have 5 CSRs (myself included) and we cover almost all timezones. If no CSR is present then the group is incredibly helpful and will often know the fix for many issues, having seen us guide people step-by-step many times. There are numerous free gifts in the store, including (but not limited to) - additional save slots HUDs with multiple pages of saves for all layers - including special ones for eyeshadow and blush so that eye makeup covering both those areas can be saved in a single HUD (also includes a lot of free makeup) Bento presets save HUD, which will save the appliers, tints, and specific layers on your head (I use mine for saved outfits; save the entire facial look for one outfit on its own HUD in the outfit folder) HD lip add-on (just released) unrigged Omega mesh eyes additional lashes HUD numerous Bento animations, including five sets of 12 (60 total) animated lip 'moods' (Please note: you will only be able to get the free gifts if you are wearing a Catwa Bento head when you click the gift bag in the store.) Those are the facts, off the top of my head. That said, your purchase should ultimately be your choice. If you decide that you prefer Genus, or Lelutka, Akeruka, or LAQ etc over Catwa then I'm certainly not going to try and change your mind. I hope you find a head that you're happy with. If/when you do, please share some pics in the How Does Your Avatar Look Today thread. We'd love to see you in there
  2. It may not be quite as mussed as your examples, Resi, but I'd suggest Tram as a starting point. Some of their hair is a little more on the cutesy side, but they have some lovely wispy, messy styles like the ones below:
  3. This is incredible. Reminds me a little bit of Florence. The audio quality is some of the best I've ever heard on YT. Headphones a must!
  4. The only one that I've seen lately is this gacha outfit from Horntail, which is at Equal10 until September 5th, and it's Belleza Jake only:
  5. If you need any help, let me know. The main HUD for the head has a completely new look, so it might take a while to get used to the changes. I know I'm having to overwrite a bit of muscle memory, but the changes are for the better. A small example is the upper and lower layers on the tinting section are now shown that way on the icons. So, instead of remembering to click the left side of the icon to tint the lower and the right side to tint the upper, you now click the upper or lower part of the icon. And this means I now need to re-do ALL of my tutorials. Yeesh!
  6. No tweaking should be necessary, Kira. The upgrade contains a lot of new features, including: full face AO time increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds new skins new environment slider new materials save slots (includes smooth and wrinkled skin presets) new hairbases new lashes The heads also include a new eye HUD, shown below. This now lets you move and stretch eye appliers on the eyes (as well as remove any materials that can cause issues in some lighting) without having to pay for the full Eyes & Tears HUD. Some appliers sit higher on the eyes than others (making you look like you're permanently ) so this HUD allows you to move the textures down. (Use the black single and double arrows at the top and bottom of the control section. Single moves in small increments, double in larger increments.) The updated heads also now include the new HD lips. To update, just go to the store and click the redelivery terminal. Find your original purchase and redeliver it. When you unpack it, the update will be inside. To date, only Catya and Kimberly have been updated, but Catwa is working her way through all 27 female heads at a rate of roughly two per day.
  7. Catwa's Bento heads so far are listed behind the spoiler tag. If you have any of those, then yes your HUD will look nothing like the Frames Animated HUD that was shown earlier. I'm very aware that this thread has become rather Catwa-centric, so - unless anyone has any other Catwa-related queries - I'm going to step down from it. I'm a CSR for Catwa, so - while I'm happy to help with any Catwa-related questions that pop up here on the forum - I'm not comfortable with "taking over" a thread where someone has asked for recommendations, as it may seem to others that I'm overly-promoting that brand when that is not my intention at all. I have always maintained that a person's choice of mesh head and body should be down to their own preference.
  8. Not a boo-boo, no. All of the non-Bento frames-animated heads at Catwa are sold in either 'basic' or 'fatpack' format. Basic is just the head, and you can purchase the various animations and mood add-ons separately (see this quick MP search for a list) according to which ones you want, or you can purchase the fatpack, which comes with everything together. They're sold exactly the same in the store, too.The animations on these heads are 'frames' - that is, they don't use motion capture because they're not Bento-rigged; instead they use different stages of mesh shapes to animate the face. Think of it like a flip-book, with each page showing a slightly different image, but when flicked through you see the animation as a whole. ETA: I should add a couple of things: Each set of frames animations for the non-Bento heads are specific to their relevant head, so if purchasing you should always ensure you're buying the animations for your head. In the store they are right next to the heads themselves, and on Marketplace they are in the 'related items' list beneath the page for the head itself. None of the Catwa non-Bento heads will be updated to "be Bento". They can't be, because they're created differently. Bento heads are an entirely different and more complex product.
  9. There's a big update in the works, together with something that will address part of that. I can't divulge too much yet, but keep an eye out I can now reveal this, since Catwa has posted it on her Flickr. There are new free gifts at the Catwa store, including a gorgeous HD lips addon for all of her female Bento heads up to and including Nour. And all female Bento heads are currently being updated to v4.0. More info here.
  10. I've been dying to post about this for over a week, but now they're released I can do so. There are some new gifts at Catwa, including this gorgeous HD lips addon for all of her female Bento heads (up to and including Nour). More info here.
  11. The Lelutka group is here. The CSR is Mavi Beck.
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