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  1. Check your inventory's WORN tab to ensure that you're not wearing two copies of your head (or two different heads). If you were changing outfits on Saturday when there were asset server issues then there's a strong chance that you have two copies of your head attached. I logged out on Saturday wearing one outfit, and when I logged back in on Sunday I was wearing part of that outfit, plus parts of two other outfits, as well as two different mesh bodies and two different hairstyles. It was certainly, uh, a look
  2. Many large stores have started using Discord as a group support chat backup, since inworld group chat is so thoroughly borked of late.
  3. Assuming that your Maitreya body is set up for BoM, you can use those system socks. Maitreya has two BoM add-on pieces you need to use for that: Once you're wearing the Add-On Parts, add the HUD for it. Then click one of the 'toe caps' options: When you do that your toes will meld together into a solid 'toe cap' shape, so that if you then add the system layer sock it will look exactly like a proper sock, rather than a 'toe sock'.
  4. According to the properties on the Fishy Strawberry makeup and system pants that I still have, the creator was Fae Eriksen.
  5. Well here's the boring answer: it's where the head's scripts live. Sure, it could just as easily have been an invisible single prim, but where's the whimsy in that?
  6. Yes, it's nice and simple to turn off, and you have several ways to do it Add your Style HUD, go into the tint tab (pipette icon), select the facelight icon, and either click the word FULL BRIGHT so that it doesn't have a pale grey background, or move the GLOW slider all the way to the left, or just click CLEAR SELECTED. Quick video here demonstrating use of the face light: https://i.gyazo.com/6adfc2003785719711c3cbb41005d0ec.mp4 For some background: the built-in facelight was added for a couple of reasons. First, you need some kind of local lighting in order to see materials on the
  7. Rhonda: I'm sure I'm not alone in noticing the absence of both you and Clover lately, and in missing your voices here on the forum. Love and strength to you both. May you each come to your own peace as you work through this together.
  8. Cureless, ContraptioN, Cerberus Xing, Wicca's Originals, and Air for Samhain Event, plus Varonis for The Outlet. Samhain Event is absolutely incredible this month, so make sure you get over there. This animated Bento flame head (video here) from ContraptioN is stunning.
  9. Yes it would, but I assumed that Marianne was talking about after the fact, since she mentioned "It is not so easy to go back to furniture you do not own". I'm honestly not sure if it's possible to add a 'stop only my facial animations from being controlled by third party scripts' button to the HUD. (There are so many potential variables to this that it could mean the button would need to be clicked each time the animation changed, for example.) I can ask Catwa, but it would be down to whether that's possible, and whether it could be added to the already incredibly complex scripting of th
  10. That's not needed in the head's HUD because it's already in the viewer It's what the 'revoke permissions' part of 'Avatar Health > Stop Avatar Animations & Revoke Permissions' does.
  11. Catwa CSR here It sounds as if the bed has Bento animations that were not created to work with Catwa heads. If you add your Catwa Anim HUD you'll notice the API button at the top. Make sure that is switched OFF (red) and not ON (green). The API button is what calls animations from third party scripts, and while it should only work with Catwa animations it's worth checking that you have it switched off. Please also check that your head is up to date. All Catwa Bento heads are currently on v4.5, so if yours is not, please redeliver your original purchase, unpack it, and the update wil
  12. Skell Dagger

    3d head

    I'm going to assume that you want a 3D model (.obj file) of a specific brand of mesh head? Most mesh heads include developer kits that contain PSD files. 3D models are not required for skins and makeup etc. Depending on which brand of head you're looking at you may have success sending a notecard request to its creator. Make sure you include in that notecard a link to your Marketplace store or to a Flickr account where your existing products can be viewed, but be aware that many mesh head creators will not just hand out a 3D model to anyone without proof that they have a store that contai
  13. You can do that, yes, but for the system hairbase it's not a good idea because you'll end up with this: Add the transparent texture, by all means, but the volume sliders need to be zeroed as well in this case. We've seen quite a few cases of this in the Catwa group, since - if the system hairbase volume isn't reduced to zero but merely hidden with an alpha - you effectively have a large alpha 'halo' around your head that can interfere with anything from applier makeup, applier eyes, and even mesh hair with built-in hairbases.
  14. A little SL history lesson that will explain how your brow shape causes hair to stick out of the back of your head: What we now call the brow-shaper used to be called a ‘bald cap’ or ‘bald base’. Pre-mesh head we all used these not only to shape our system brows but also to remove the fugly system hair. When mesh heads became a thing, we started wearing alpha layers that completely hid our system avatars, so we forgot all about that fugly system hair (it’s hidden by alphas, after all). Some creators got a little bit lax and stopped either replacing the hair texture with a full alpha one,
  15. Sorry, but my straight friends refuse to come along, and I won't risk it alone. You're on your own, pal.
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