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  1. Several Lindens have said in this forum that the JIRA is also for suggestions, not just for bug reports. When you file your suggestion, add it to BUG > New Feature Request:
  2. This is a resident-to-resident forum. If you want to make a suggestion to Linden Lab then you need to file a JIRA.
  3. Nor do I care to know her. Why does it bother you what someone else does? If it bothers you then you are - as Alyona points out in her reply - seeing it as a competition. Your friend is gaming the system as it stands - in her own way - and you are not. You then ask how you can make your photos dominate your followers' Flickr feeds, which - in its turn - is gaming the system. And so you start to move toward being like her. In your initial post you asked if Flickr keeps your votes low because you're a free account. No, it does not do that. You asked if you need a pro account on Flickr in order to be 'treated fairly'. I have had a pro account on Flickr for 11 years and there is absolutely no difference in 'fairness' between votes/faves for pro or free accounts. The primary differences are that pro accounts have unlimited uploads whereas free accounts do not, and pro accounts don't see (or have for others to see) adverts on their pages. As for her images having "nothing to do anymore with normal photography" you should see what the actual photography community thinks of all the Second Life content on Flickr... I don't make any such rules that need to be obeyed. 'Everyone gets a cookie for taking part' is fine to encourage newbies to keep going, but for an old hand which of these means more: a Flickr fave because everyone gets a fave (with no indication if the person favouriting it actually likes it), or a Flickr fave because you've produced an image that someone really loves?
  4. Okay, I'm going to be the Big Bad Wolf who bursts this little roleplay bubble by saying it: SlipNFalls is a terrible name for a company that is aiming to promote other people's business interests. If you've ever worked in any real life business then one of the Health & Safety things that is drummed into you over and over is that "slips, trips, and falls are some of the prime causes of workplace injuries". (Or a variant thereof.) You really want to be associated with something accidental? With something that causes injuries? With two words that are somewhat synonymous with failing or goofing? ETA: Just a tiny selection of images that come up in a Google search:
  5. Just be aware that - depending on the SL photography circles that you move in - if you consistently have images that absolutely dominate someone's Flickr feed, you might find yourself losing followers. I know that if someone I was following constantly posted images that took over my screen and dwarfed everyone else's images they would find very swiftly themselves un-followed. I mention the above because I move in the kind of Flickr circles where every fave is earned and not automatically given. I choose which groups I manually add each image to (and those are limited to about 30 maximum) and I don't use scripts or macros to add them to every group I'm in (which means I'm not spamming 300+ groups - many of them irrelevant to my image's subject - with every image). I don't auto-follow-back; I curate my friends feed to those I'm interested in only. And - most importantly for me - I'm not in it for the faves. I've been fashion blogging on Flickr since 2008, and if I get 50 faves on an image then it's a damn good image for me. Once you get into that '99+' territory on every single image it becomes completely meaningless. Of course, your mileage may vary, and your followers might not care that you're taking over their feed. In which case, yes it's to do with the image ratio. The only time I've ever had any of my images take up the entire width of my own Flickr feed is when the ratio is vastly skewed in favour of width, and that happens with wide and shallow landscape images such as the 'group cover photo' ones.
  6. Check for any gloss/shine/environment settings on both the Maitreya and the Genus HUDs. I don't use Genus and have never seen their HUD, but I do recall seeing a few of the ladies on the forum complaining some time back that there was an issue with Genus having some kind of shine on it that needed adjusting before the neck would look right. That may have since been fixed, but it's worth checking on both HUDs nonetheless. ETA: Also check for any tinting. If you've not tried to change the colour on either the body or head in order to get it to match then that's probably not what's behind it, but it's another thing to look at. If you have an option to enter RGB values then use 255,255,255 (that's commas and no spaces) - which is white, or un-tinted. (The HSL equivalent of that white - if you only have HSL as an option - is H = 0, S = 0.0, L = 100.0).
  7. I swear I'll never understand the capriciousness of Flickr faves. The image set that I took hours putting together gets half the number of likes of the image that I bashed out in about 15 minutes because I was late for bed and wanted to get something done before I logged off for the night!
  8. In your first image you're wearing two neck fixes: the one on the head and the one on the body. If you get much closer to your neck then you'll see them feather either up and out or down and out, depending on which one you're wearing. I've cropped and enlarged your first image to show you what both neck fixes look like, below: Rhonda's image showed you the neck fix option for the Maitreya body, but it looks like you found the neck fix option for the Genus head, because - in your second image - that's the 'feathering' (down & out) that you've removed, while the body's 'feathering' (up & out) remains, as below: So look on your Maitreya HUD, find the option that's shown in Rhonda's screenshot, and click that 'Neck Fix On/Off' button until the feathering goes away. You may then need to fine tune the neck size and body fat options between the Genus and Maitreya HUDs to get an exact fit. Also, be aware that - from your screenshots - I can see that you appear to be using the default day/night cycles in your viewer, and those are not kind to mesh heads and bodies, leading to all kinds of small (but irritating) issues, such as shadows and light areas, as well as neck seams. Most people who use mesh heads and bodies also use a brighter, kinder Windlight setting such as Nam's Optimal Skin & Prim, or [NB] Alpine Skinlight RGB. The Firestorm viewer ships with a lot of Windlight settings, but if you're using the stock Second Life viewer then it has a very limited Windlight selection that doesn't include any of those. They can easily be installed, though, so if you need to know how to do that then we can walk you through it
  9. Thank you both As per usual, I took out my annoyance in an outfit, and a backdrop that came out at the perfect moment.
  10. Well didn't this backdrop come up at the perfect moment, after someone suggested that I shouldn't "have an attitude" on my own blog, because it might make me look bad. People tell me to shut my mouth. That I might get burned. Keep your beautiful lies, 'cause I'm not concerned.
  11. The OP has, of course, not returned. But I want to leave this here, because it's a talk that I go back to now and then:
  12. Someone just 'recommended' that I don't have an attitude on my own blog because it will make me look bad.
  13. I can't speak for other brands, but with Catwa at least you can hide many parts of the head without having to wear different versions. For example: you can wear the normal head (not the toothless version) and just hide the tongue, or the teeth, or the lacrimal, etc. The toothless version of the head is mainly intended to be worn with add-on teeth (although even then you can still hide the teeth on the normal head; you can just lower the complexity a bit by wearing the toothless head in that case, rather than wearing two sets of teeth with one set hidden).
  14. I don't have a lot of time to respond, since I'm about to run out the door for work in about 5 minutes, but a quick search for Entity on Marketplace shows that they don't sell mesh heads; only skin appliers for other brands of mesh head (primarily Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, and Vista) and matching skin appliers for mesh bodies. Presumably you bought the body applier intended for Maitreya, so Lindal's instructions on using an applier HUD will help you, but if you haven't purchased a mesh head then the head appliers won't work on your system head.
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