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  1. Looking for a clear desciption.

    "This is my opinion, and if you disagree with it you're mentally ill." There are many women in SL who cannot have children in real life, and they roleplay harmless family dynamics in Second Life with the help of others, some of whom had unhappy real life childhoods and want to experience better ones in a loving SL family home. I'm not exactly fond of child avatars myself, if I'm honest. I've had troublemaking kid avis roleplay-whisper behind my back (in general shopping locations in SL) that I "must be a paedophile" purely because I'm a guy and they've overheard me mention my boyfriend in local chat with someone else. Because, apparently, it's "just a joke" to accuse a gay man of being a paedophile. But I would not blanket ban a niche group such as child avatars in SL, just as I wouldn't blanket ban a niche group such as men who want to run around shooting each other in SL. One is no less worthy of a place in this virtual world than the other.
  2. How does your avatar look today ?

    Thank you so much I love it when I get to challenge the societal norms around masculinity and how men are supposed to look ('hunky' or 'handsome') and take them into realms that might be a little less well-accepted, and possibly even uncomfortable ('beautiful' or 'pretty'). When I tried on the various headdresses that I won in that gacha, I got some incredibly strong visions of how I wanted to style them for photos. That, for me, is the 'artistic' part of SL avatars. It's like being a writer and seeing a place (either in person or in a photo) that you simply have to put your characters into. Darcy, I love the satisfying colour composition of this photo: how the colour of your jacket is reflected perfectly in the colour of the tableware, with the blue of the plate also being picked up (albeit in slightly different shades) in the blue of the coffee machine, the cup beside it, and the sky outside. (Incidentally, where is that place setting from? The texturing on it - especially the forks - is exquisite.)
  3. How does your avatar look today ?

    It's not often you'll see Skell in baby pink, but these gacha headdresses by Giz Seorn were just too gorgeous to pass up. This was the biggest and most 'out there', so naturally it was a case of 'challenge accepted' and back into full-on androgyny. Credits Headdress: Giz Seorn for Gizza - Mystical Wings Set gacha (pink roses - RARE) Skin appliers: Go & See - Christian (pale) Mesh eyelids: L'Etre - Natural Mesh Eyelids Head: Lelutka - Andrea (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Hands: Slink - Dynamic Male Poses: PDA (no longer available)
  4. Creators of mesh jeans for Adam, please read

    Something you can try is to wear the other fitted body versions that may be included in the folder. I wear the Slink Physique body, and whenever I have belt or waistband 'poke-through' with combinations of pants from one designer and tops from another I sometimes find that wearing the TMP-fitted version of the same pants (with a Slink-fitted top) fixes the issue. Any gaps at the waist will be covered by whatever you're wearing on your top half (loose shirt/jacket/etc). Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it's worth a try.
  5. This sounds awfully familiar. Can't quite put my finger on who it reminds me of, though...
  6. How does your avatar look today ?

    (full version here) Credits White Widow for Man Cave, plus Zibska and Isuka for Ultra, and MINA for Remnant Dark Days. Tattoo applier: White Widow - Carbone (black) Makeup applier: Zibska - Noir Pack Vol 10 Jeans: Invictus - Styles Jeans (black) Vest: Kitt Ragu for ::K:: - Trucker Vest Homme (black) Boots: Gabriel - Strap Boots (black) Necklace: RealEvil - Savage Necklace Chain piercings: Cerberus Xing - Hell's Gate Bridge (silver) Face piercings: RealEvil - Savage Face Piercings Gloves: L'Emporio - Fingerless Gloves (Slink Dynamic Male) Ears: Swallow - Darkness Ears Bracelet: RealEvil - Aqvila Bracelets Hair: MINA - Angel (blacks and greys) Skin applier: Tableau Vivant - Mort Vivant (clean - Lelutka) Brow appliers: Odeco - Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrows Shaved Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Lucent Eyes* (grey) Head: Lelutka - Andrea (Bento) Body: Slink - Physique Male Backdrop: Isuka - Destiny Backdrop Poses: Ana Poses, Kz Poses *review copy
  7. What are you doing today!? :D

    Lounging around in big, pink-lit hangars. As one does...
  8. Yes, it's possible. You need to do exactly the same thing that I suggested in your post about eyeshadow and eyebrows, which is: Wear and save the beauty mark to the Catwa Master HUD (I don't know where this is on your face, but if the dimple chin applier is removing it, it's probably on the blush or lip section) Wear the dimple chin applier. It will default to the lower layer of your head and remove the beauty mark you already applied Check the upper layer box in the section where you saved the beauty mark, and re-apply the beauty mark from the Catwa Master HUD You need to do this for everything like this, where two things go onto the same layer and where the second thing that you apply removes all or part of the first thing you applied. Always save one of the items to the Catwa Master HUD, apply the other item, then check the upper layer of the section on the Master HUD where you saved the other item and re-apply that item from the Master HUD. (If you run out of save slots on your Master HUD, there is a group gift in the Catwa store, which comprises a copiable set of additional save slot HUDs.)
  9. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    The word comes from the Italian for 'bundle' or 'group' AKA "Everyone the same and no few individual rights." Etymology is an interesting thing.
  10. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    Is this the equivalent of "I'm not racist; I know several black people"? I'm going to be That Annoying Forum Pedant and ask you to check that spelling in a dictionary, because the way you're spelling it, it means something entirely different (and a great deal more pleasant) than what's actually being discussed here.
  11. What is your Favorite Saved Outfit?

    My favourite saved outfit (so far) is one that I can't wear out and about all the time. It's my look for Halloween this year, and I layered on so much stuff that I managed to take my avatar complexity to over half a million I still love this look, though... My current 'throw this on if I'm going anywhere out and about' is a much lower (about 45k) suit:
  12. Help my shoes are ...

    In addition to what others are telling you about the shoes you've already purchased, here is some advice to help with future purchases: Below are the logos for four of the main female mesh bodies and mesh feet that shoes (especially high-heeled shoes) are created for in Second Life: If you spot any of those logos on the ad boards for shoes (or anything else) you would like to buy, they won't work for you unless you've also purchased the corresponding mesh body or body parts. Likewise, you can sometimes look inside the ad boards to see what the contents are listed as. To do this, right-click on the ad and select 'edit'. Find the 'content' tab and see if it contains multiple items. If it does, look for words like: Maitreya, Lara, Slink, TMP, Belleza, and the like. If you see that next to the name of anything, then - as above - you'll need the corresponding mesh body or body part before the items will work for you. Exactly the same goes for mesh clothing: if it shows those logos or has those names beside it, it won't fit properly unless you have the corresponding mesh body. However, while wearing a system avatar (sometimes known as a 'classic avatar' - in other words, the one that you currently have) you can wear anything that's listed as 'standard sizing'. Look for sizes such as S, M, L, etc in the package, or the following logo on the ad board: You'll also be able to use 'fitted mesh'/'fitmesh' (as long as it doesn't also state a body name beside it). Lastly, you can also safely purchase anything that has the below logo on it, as that's made for system/classic avatars: You'll often find multiple fits, both for different mesh bodies and optional standard sizes/fitmesh sizes inside each purchase, so keep your wits about you and learn to recognise those logos
  13. How does your avatar look today ?

    Still scruffin' it up Credits Agata, Cheveux, Not Found, Volkstone, and IC Poses for Hipster Mens Event, plus Taikou for Kustom9. Coat: Agata - Sam Coat with Muffler (black) Hair: Cheveux - M116 Hair (black) Skin applier: Not Found - Brad Skin (tone 0 - Catwa, matches Clef de Peau body skins) Facial hair applier: Volkstone - Toni Facial Hair (V2) Pants: Cold Ash - Dean Chinos (black) Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Vivid Eyes* (hazel) Piercings: Artificial Hallucination - Casual Goth Piercings (Bento) Makeup applier: Clef de Peau - Urban Makeup (Omega) Head: Catwa - Daniel (Bento) Pose: IC Poses - from Single Male Pack 5 Prop: Taikou - Midnight Tokyo Elevator Backdrop *review copy