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  1. Skell Dagger

    How to connect to secondlife:///app/agent

    Paste it into local chat and then open the conversations window. It should appear as that person's name in the format of a clickable link that will bring up their profile.
  2. Skell Dagger

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Controversial? Yes. But his impact on the fashion world cannot be overstated. Iconic? Absolutely. Requiescat in Pace. "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat." — Karl Lagerfeld (1933 - 2019)
  3. Skell Dagger

    MP and Facebook

    Anonymised User A is interested in virtual worlds. (They were active on the Second Life Marketplace.) = Here, have an ad for VR glasses or tech stuff. Anonymised User A expressed an interest in motoring/motorsports. (They purchased a virtual Formula 1 race car.) = Here, have an ad for gifting a racing experience, redeemable at any race track in [ $Your-IP-Based-Location ]. Or an ad for car insurance. Anonymised User A expressed an interest in history. (They purchased a virtual medieval castle.) = Here, have an ad for discounted History Buffs R Us magazine subscription. Etc.
  4. Skell Dagger

    MP and Facebook

    Facebook have admitted tracking people who don't even have an FB account. Even if you can't be linked to a real name it's possible to build up a decent marketing segmentation profile that can be sold, over time. If you don't want to be profiled it's safest to install a browser plugin like Ghostery. If you analyse the network traffic, that Facebook 'like' button will phone home regardless of whether anyone has clicked the button or not. Using an anonymous browsing session I found an Omega applier that had zero likes, inspected the page, and watched the network traffic. Sure enough, there was a connection to Facebook, and looking at the app_id owner it came up as the SL marketplace. Images behind the spoiler tag.
  5. Surprised at how far back on my Flickr I had to go until I found this. I always loved this system/sculpt/flexi outfit. I think the boots are sculpt, but if they're mesh then that's the only mesh thing I'm wearing:
  6. Skell Dagger

    Byby Mobile Phones, Hello VR/AR Glasses

    “A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.” ― Frederik Pohl So curiosity might have us asking: what would be the 'traffic jam' relating to VR/AR glasses?
  7. Skell Dagger

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I had no chance of resisting the gorgeous Elvenking gacha at Enchantment. Credits W-Zero, Raven Bell, Bergfried, and Sweet Thing for Enchantment. Outfit & crown: W-Zero - Elvenking Gacha Hair: Raven Bell - Ethiel Hair Ears: Sweet Thing - Nahri Elf Ears Lights: Cerridwen's Cauldron - Elven Lights Set Gazebo: Bergfried - Elves Gazebo
  8. Skell Dagger

    RP.... I don't get it

    I may be reading his posts incorrectly, but when people responding to chrisinfamous are writing, they seem to be assuming that he's roleplaying in a region where there may be multiple storylines on the go: a full-blown RP region with GMs and mini-plots, etc. What I'm taking away from him comes across very clearly in his first post in this thread: I get the impression that Chris's roleplay is intimate, one-to-one RP with a female partner. In short: an SL-based romantic relationship. He says that he will - Engage a woman in romantic roleplay for any length of time, whisper sweet nothings to her, treat her like a lady and a lover, and then expect her NOT to get emotionally involved in any way? I trust that - at the very outset of these roleplay relationships - the women concerned are informed very clearly that "This is roleplay and nothing else. I don't want your feelings and emotions involved, nor should you care about or hassle me if I don't log in to RP with you". I guess that since - - you've done just that, and discovered that many women do not like being treated that way.
  9. Skell Dagger

    Avatar Hands (StarFish) Help!!!

    This has been a problem with Jake since its release, and it's one reason why - although I own that body - I never wear it. I thought it had been fixed when Jake came out of beta in December and hand animations were finally added, but clearly it hasn't. A few things I can suggest you try are: Right-click your avatar (or name tag) and select Appearance > Reset > Skeleton & Animations. This will stop all animations, including any AO that you're wearing, but you can just click the AO off and on again to restart it. The main thing it does is reset the bones in your avatar's skeleton, which fixes a lot of odd issues that can crop up. Get a Bento AO if you don't already have one. This should contain high enough priority hand animations that they override the body's tendency to have starfish hands. Hide your Jake hands and buy different hands, such as Slink or Vista. This means you'll need appliers for your hands that match the ones on your body (Slink appliers for the Slink hands, or Omega appliers and the Vista Omega relay/installer for the Vista hands) but you won't have the starfish hands problem again with other hands. Jake is the only body that has had this issue continually. (Caveat: other bodies will occasionally do this if your AO borks or stops - such as when you wear an animated unpacker, etc, but a skeleton reset or restarting your AO should stop that.)
  10. Skell Dagger

    What hair is this on the male?

    Looks like 'Kevin' by Vango.
  11. Skell Dagger

    [Solved] unwanted clothes on maitreya avatar

  12. Skell Dagger

    [Solved] unwanted clothes on maitreya avatar

    That's an applier top. Open your Maitreya HUD, go to the tab that allows you to toggle layers on and off, and click the t-shirt icon on each of the three options until the top disappears. (Your HUD should show the affected layer highlighted, but it might not do. Sometimes HUDs can get a bit screwy and not show what they should.)
  13. Skell Dagger

    Muscle Definition - Male Avatar

    Skins will help to reduce the muscle definition somewhat, but if he wants to reduce the muscle shape on Gianni then he'll need to work extensively with the sliders. It is possible to reduce those bulky deltoids and biceps, but it'll take a bit of patience. The best advice I can give is: 1. Make a copy of the shape to work on initially. 2. Reduce the following sliders all to ZERO: torso muscle pectorals shoulders (Yes, you read that right, and yes it'll look awful to start with.) 3. Start moving each of those sliders up again in turn, in small increments. Don't do all of one slider at once; instead, move the muscle a little, then the pecs a little, then the shoulders a little. Keep tweaking and fine-tuning each one. Other sliders to check: you might need to shorten the neck a little as you work the torso muscle, pec, and shoulder sliders I recommend lengthening the legs a bit (Gianni is a very torso-heavy body, and the default shape means the legs are a bit stumpy, giving the body a low, overbalanced centre of gravity) Be aware, too, that some mesh clothing rigged for Gianni has those deltoids built into the clothing mesh itself. I've demo'd some jackets and shirts that - even with edits to reduce the upper arm shape beneath the mesh - leave me with that familiar 'walnuts in a gym sock' look
  14. Skell Dagger

    Why is much in SL so aggressive like

    Indeed. 23 of them so far, in the space of one hour. That's one fascinating thread every two and a half minutes. Fast reader, huh? You had 23 ideas for new threads in one hour?! Gosh, you're wasted here! Go invent something.
  15. Skell Dagger

    How about a new sub forum in "People"?

    Reading this thread is definitely leading to me forming some opinions about the ways in which certain people operate. There's one hell of a gaslighter on this forum, that's fairly obvious.