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  1. tavern

    Sounds like an alcohol version of Terry Pratchett's wandering shops. I like the concept, but I'd be annoyed if I had to go hunting for my favourite boozer each time I fancied a few pints To the OP: Me and my partner did have a tavern (a kind of Prancing Pony style one) rezzed on the ground of our region, while the dystopian future RP area was way up in the sky. Unfortunately, since I'm in the process of removing everything to tier down a little, the tavern has had to go.
  2. Ah, the bot wars of old. Many an hour of amusement did I have, watching you sparring for sport in those golden years, Phil
  3. I know when to remove myself gracefully from the discussion, that's all.
  4. Phil, I wasn't finding fault with the OP by saying that. I was stating my own belief, just as he was stating his own belief. That statement from me - about not needing another person or organisation to tell me I need to be a good person - is a sidenote to the main subject. Yes, it's a bit of a tangent, but it's something that I felt added to my side of the discussion. I'm not a professional disagreer. I don't do it for the sake of it. Likewise I don't hash out, over and over, what I meant by saying this or that, against what someone else thinks or assumes I meant. You have your own opinion of what I said, and that opinion is that I was wrongly finding fault with something the OP didn't even say. I have my own opinion of what I said, and that opinion is that I was offering a tangential side-thought on the subject of external influences on whether I should be a kind and compassionate person or not. And since we're both rational, intelligent human beings who probably have far more fun things to do than go back and forth over the same thing for post after post on an internet forum we can leave it there, with us both agreeing to disagree. Right?
  5. The OP also said:
  6. The OP said: I told him why I didn't believe I was a child of god, because god's teachings tell those that follow them I should be put to death.
  7. Yep, @Nostoll - that's pretty much how I'm feeling!
  8. Yes, vulnerability exists in RP. But a good roleplay session is like good sex: you're left feeling a bit sweaty and exhilarated, but you know you and your partner(s!) had a lot of fun A roleplay session is about give and take. To make it a good one each participant should feel that they got something out of it, which means they also have to give something to everyone else in order for them all to feel that way. Many roleplayers I've encountered over the years are only in it for what they can get out of it; they don't consider the others in the scene or give them anything to work with. As to worrying about any RP session leading to sex (and leaving aside my daft joke at the beginning of this post) it entirely depends on where you're roleplaying, what the situation is, what the scene is about, and who you're roleplaying with. That's a lot of variables to assume that each one will probably lead to being asked for sex, so don't worry too much about it. And if you are propositioned, there are many inventive ways to tell someone to shove their suggestion where the sun don't shine. That's the beauty of words Yes, you do. I'm happy to do it and be judged by my words: Location: Venexia. Two Paesani (humans) discuss the vampire overlords from the safety of their ship. (The fish stall became a running joke, if you're wondering why Skell found it so amusing.) Other player's name changed. Hand over hand on a slippery rope is never easy, especially when you’re still half-asleep. Skell hauls himself over the gunwale and onto the deck of the Redemption. F*cking boats. Give him dry land anytime. He nods to the man standing aft, before ducking into the cabin to see if the Boss (or, more likely, Daros) is around. James shakes his head, returning from his daydreaming he wanders towards the new face. “Welcome back,” he folds his arms over. Skell sighs. No sign of Daros. “Aye,” he says. “Back. Been watching for long? Anything happening over there? “He was here earlier if I recall.” James takes a few steps to stand behind the Captain’s wheel. “We had a Cain in the cage not long ago…it was…entertaining I suppose.” “Huh.” Skell eyes the now-empty cage. “Did it taste good?” He shifts an amused glance toward the other man, then grins. “Skell, in case Daros hasn’t mentioned me.” James “Hmms, He may have mentioned your name…but I’m afraid I’m awful with names.” he smiles slightly before turning to look out towards the city. Skell doesn’t miss the lack of return introduction, but no sign of it registers on his face. One thumb flicks open the button on the small pouch at his belt and he digs inside for something. “He said something yesterday about a job, though buggered if he’d tell me what it was.” He pulls a small clay pipe from the pouch and peers into the bowl. James hmms, drawing a hand slowly through his hair, tidying it up just a little. Gesturing with a nod of his head towards the Docks. “Ahh, now I remember. He suggested your name to run the Fish Stall…it is an important source of food for us…considering where we are now situated.” “Fish,” Skell says slowly, almost under his breath. He laughs, shaking his head with a rueful smile. “No wonder he wouldn’t tell me what it was.” He makes as if to knock the pipe against the balustrade then thinks better of it, striding to the gunwale and tapping the bowl against that instead. Then he pulls a smaller leather pouch from his belt pack, opening it and taking a sniff. His face brightens. James sighs, head tilted as he turns back to Skell. “Better you than me,” he smirks, “I’m not much one for manual labor…or fishy..slimy things.” he added with little emotion. Free hand shifting down to grasp the handle of the whip coiled at his waist, “I’m better suited for other things.” “Believe me, so am I.” Skell pinches out a generous thumb-and-fingerful of sharp-smelling herb, rolling it into a soft ball before pushing it into the bowl of the pipe. “I think that if I eat much more fish I may develop scales.” He holds out the pouch. “Smoke?” James shakes his head, waving his hand in dismissal. “That stuff will not help you should you come toe-to-toe with one of them.” He takes a deep breath in as if emphasizing his point. “Considering that the Jakaal are out for our heads…we need to be ready at all times.” Skell just laughs as he shoves the small pouch back into his belt pack. “This is not the sleepy stuff. This–” in exchange for the pouch he now has his battered tinderbox in his hand, “–is my ‘Wake the f*ck up, Skell’ concoction. Rosemary and peppermint. Clears the head, doesn’t thicken it.” He strikes the flint a couple of times until the spark catches the herb in the bowl of the pipe and a soft curl of clean-scented smoke curls up. James shakes his head, “I will just be keeping myself clear of as many things as possible.” he smirked, “Thank you for the offer however.” Folding his arms over his chest, hands still playing with his hair. Skell nods, pushing the tinderbox back into the pack and thumbing it shut again, one-handed. He leans forward, one elbow on the gunwale, looking out over the city. The breeze stirs his hair and is damp on his face. “Got my eye on that house over there,” he says softly, nodding to a fine place just past the Basilica. “When it’s eventually ours.” James hmms, “Well, once it belongs to the Pae I suppose it will be safe enough, though I don’t think Daros feels too comfortable about it…just seems to emanate from him whenever B speaks of taking the docks.” Skell draws slowly on the pipe, eyes narrowed against the sunlight. “Not enough of us to take it yet,” he says. “Daros is right there. Caution is the watchword. Pr*ck the demon bastards’ toes before you hamstring ’em.” He chuckles. “A thorn can hobble a lion, as I well know.” (If I knew how to put spoiler code into this forum to hide longer pieces of text, then I would. I've seen others do it, so can anyone tell me the trick to it, seeing as there's no option that I can see in the post toolbar?)
  9. Morning, thread I say 'morning' but it's just edged into afternoon here. Anyway, have a nice cuppa tea and a Full English: Today is the start of my last week with my current company, and lo and behold they've actually found someone for me to train to do my job! After all the years I've been asking for one single person to train so I have some cover other than "we'll muddle through it somehow" whenever I'm on holiday, they finally find me some backup. I guess at least this poor sod will have a week of training. That's more than I got when I started. I had 20 minutes and I even had to sort that out myself. At least my replacement will have the benefit of all the systems and record-keeping that I've put in place to help him keep track of all the multiple new things that my employer kept piling onto me. (Case in point: a short, five-hour shift yesterday - yes, a Sunday - turned into eight hours without even a break for a cup of tea.) I'm mentally scratching notches into the wall, my lovelies. Almost free!
  10. Well, y'know, god kinda messed up when he made me and people like me. This is what he insists should be done to me: And in case the translation is disputed, here are all the other translations. They all read pretty much the same: "(practicing) gay (and bisexual) men should be killed". It's fine if we adore other men from afar and restrain ourselves into monk-like celibacy, but we're not allowed to do anything about it. And as for Love the sinner, hate the sin, I'm sorry but that's downright patronising. So forgive me if I don't feel like I'm a child of god when god's rules state that I should be killed. As to this: Now that I do agree with. But I don't need someone else - be it a religious figurehead or an organisation - to tell me that I should be kind and compassionate, and to treat others as I would have them treat me. My 'value' and my 'mattering' comes in the form of how others will remember me. If they can utter "That Skell Dagger, he was a decent bloke" when I'm gone, that's all I could ask for.
  11. Don't be disheartened, and don't give up. It is a lot to take in in one go. (And this is just mesh bodies. Once you start looking at mesh heads that's a whole new level of confusing.) Just take it slowly and ask as many questions as you need to. Demo the hell out of everything and don't make any quick decisions that you might regret. I've been working on a mesh bodies and heads "for Dummies"-style post specifically for guys on my blog, but since the initial draft post came out at 4000 words and I hadn't even touched on half of what I wanted to cover, I'm having to re-draft it as a series. I want to get right back to basics so that even an absolute noob to SL can understand it, but it's going to take a lot of work for me to get it looking as I want it. In the meantime, I can paste a section from that discarded initial draft, to help you make a choice regarding a mesh body: Things to bear in mind when choosing a mesh body Ignore the included skins. They may look awful to you (or you might like them!) but you can change those at a later date if you want to. Does the HUD have a good selection of alpha cuts to mask sections of the body? The more ‘slices’ that you can see on the HUD, the better your chance of getting mesh clothing to fit. Is the body Omega-compatible? (We’ll get to that later in the post.) To find out, search the Omega Solutions Marketplace store and search for the vendor’s name (eg: for the Signature ‘Gianni’ body you would search for Signature). If it’s Omega-compatible, you’ll have a much wider choice of skins, clothing, and tattoos to choose from. Does the body respond to the shape adjustments you want to make? Right-click yourself and select ‘Edit Appearance’ and make a few adjustments (assuming your shape is modifiable) to see how far you can customise it. If you like the overall musculature of the Niramyth Aesthetic body, but not its broadness, can you slim it down enough to the shape you want while retaining the muscles? If you like the slimmer hips and waist on the SLink Physique body but the shoulders aren’t broad enough, can you widen them to your liking? Search SL Marketplace for the vendor and body name. Does there appear to be a reasonable amount of items created for it? The more, the merrier! Some bodies are kinda proprietory (a bit like Apple with its iStuff) and you can only use their own skins and clothing, which can lead to you looking like a clone of the other guys wearing that stuff. The more third party items you have to choose from, the more you can make your avatar look unique and individual. DEMO.DEMO.DEMO. I’m flogging a dead horse here by now, but really mean it. Demo the sh*t out of everything. Try as many bodies as you need to, check out every option they have, examine their HUDS, look at the pros and cons (do they include hands and feet or must those be purchased separately? Are hands Bento-enabled? Does the HUD have a lot of alpha cut options? etc) As to the folliowing: I gave just one single example of how an Omega version of a skin that was exclusively made for one body didn't work on another. That does not mean that "most stuff won't work" with that body. I've been wearing the Slink male body (with the additional hands and feet) almost exclusively since it came out in September 2015 and I absolutely love it. It's one of the two main bodies (Signature being the other) with the most compatibility for things, not the least! Take a gander at my Flickr (be warned: my style is pretty eclectic and I'm not afraid of heels and a bit of makeup sometimes; I'm not your average jeans-n-tee kind of guy, but there's plenty of that kind of stuff around, too, if my weirdo styling ain't up your street ) and you'll see that there's an abundance of great clothing and skins for it. (I don't use or own the Signature body, btw, because - for me - it's just a little too muscular). That's my own personal preference, but if you ask anyone else they will probably recommend their own favourite, so it's best to demo the bodies, get some demo skins, and see what you like the look of.
  12. THANK YOU. According to the 'styles of RP' image posted earlier in this thread, I'm 1-liner, semi-para, para, and (when I'm setting up a scene) multi-para. Like you, I adapt to those around me. I have a preference for some form of para, but I certainly don't demand it and I don't behave like an elitist purely because I prefer para-RP. I will always do my best to move the scene forward, work with everyone involved in it, give as well as take, and hopefully everyone finishes the scene feeling good about it. And, like you, I'd rather roleplay combat. Button-mashing is anathema to me. I've noticed that most people who get pissy when I say I would rather roleplay combat are the ones who spend hours practicing because they hate to lose and don't like the idea of a pair of RP dice - pure chance! - choosing the outcome if we end at an impasse. That said, I haven't roleplayed in SL for years (and this coming from a seasoned MUSH/MUD RPer who frequently looked up at the end of an exhilarating 16-hour RP session only to realise that hey, when did the sun rise?!) because so many people - both para and 1-liner - insisted on Red-Queening ("All ways are MY way!") their way through roleplay sims. *hefts another wet mackerel and joins you in the slapping* ETA: I noticed, also, that every time I found a new RP sim, the same handful of roleplayers would turn up in hope - like me - and then give up when they realised how clicquey those places were. I saw the same names here and there, many times over, and it was pretty depressing to know that, just like me (and you and your group of friends) they were also finding it difficult to find a place where they felt they belonged.
  13. FYI: The skins that come with the Signature mesh body will only match to its default head skins. Slink's default mesh body skins don't match with any specific mesh head or system head skin. Belleza's Jake body comes complete with Belleza skins, plus a head applier for Catwa mesh heads. @ChrisDiamond865, I strongly suggest that you demo at least the following three bodies: Signature 'Gianni' (creator: Raph Dirval) - Mesh Body Addicts review link - Strawberry Singh review link with video, and Bento hands update review link with video - Demo only available in the Signature store inworld Slink Physique (creator: Siddean Munro) - Mesh Body Addicts review link (NOTE: This is an old review and the body and HUD have been updated since) - Strawberry Singh review link, and update review link, plus Bento hands update review link - Demo only available in the Slink store inworld Belleza 'Jake' (creator: Tricky Boucher) - Mesh Body Addicts review link - Demo only available in the Belleza store inworld Both the Signature and Belleza bodies come with hands and feet included, whereas Slink has hands and feet sold separately. To find the inworld store locations, search for the creators' names and check their 'picks' section. ETA: Looks like we're cross-posting, as you've replied while I'm typing Each body is not the same - they all have different builds and will respond differently to your shape edits. Adding 5% of muscle to the Slink body will give you a vastly different result than adding 5% muscle to the Signature body. So it matters very much which body you choose! Adam is the slimmest, 'softest' body. Next is Slink, which tends toward lean with a swimmer's torso, and finally Signature has a more 'built' musculature (not overtly so, but more than Adam or Slink). Omega isn't a skin, as such. It's a cross-brand type of applier. Skin designers create for specific bodies (eg: Signature, Slink, etc) but they will often also create an Omega applier, which can be used - with the appropriate Omega relay for your body - on any body. However, they don't always work perfectly, so you must demo, even with Omega appliers. Example: Stray Dog released a body applier skin specifically for Signature, but included an Omega applier. I tried the Omega applier on my Slink body, but because Slink has separate hands and feet, I had visible seams at my ankles and wrists. However, when I tried the same Omega applier on my Belleza Jake body (which has hands and feet included) there were no seams. ETA 2: On the point of Belleza's Jake being a new body on the market: designers are already creating specifically for it, but I've found that most Signature-fit clothing will also work on the Jake body.
  14. It won't look like the advert unless your friend is also wearing the same skin applier that the shape designer was wearing when they took the photo for it. Look in the shape's folder for a styling card, and if the creator hasn't included one then try contacting them to ask which skin they were wearing. The reverse of this is why makers of skin appliers usually include a premade shape with their applier: so that people can look exactly like the ad image. It's best business practice for shape creators to include styling cards (or at least mention the skin they're wearing in their ads) as a courtesy or simply to prevent unhappy customers who wonder why they don't look exactly like the ad image, but sadly some of them don't do this. Incidentally, it's always best to try a demo of anything, including shapes. If one was available, then your friend would have been wise to have tried that before making his purchase.
  15. I love Alan Watts. That yoga of his about going to sleep and never waking up (dying) compared to waking up after having never gone to sleep (being born) is something I think about often.