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  1. I just did another Marketplace search using the words BOM Porcelain. I came up with a skin store I've never heard of called E.Beauty. They have pale tones and porcelain in BOM Lelutka, and they look nice and have DEMOS. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/211900?search[maturity]=General&search =3&search[per_page]=12&search[store_id]=211900
  2. I had to do a search so I put in the words BOM Lelutka Porcelain. Porcelain skin tones can be very light and I use them a lot, and I mean a lot. I tried a BOM Lelutka Albino search too and there are some interesting looking things but I think there was only one Gacha skin. So porcelain is a shade you may want to look for...I know of some but I doubt they are BOM at this time if ever as not a "big" company. Here is a link to a store I found that has porcelain tones so you might want to try some demos and see what shade is their porcelain. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/191417/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=lelutka+bom
  3. This sounds serious to me if he invited you for Ferrero Rocher. I (almost) got engaged because of that stuff in real life! So, this could be serious. We'd better stay tuned. Wear your best outfit and add jewels for sure.
  4. I am not immersed and do not think of people as their avi's BUT only an extension of themselves. The extension is what they are sharing in their avatars; their style, or simply their "likes" as well as their creativity. It is a bit of them in what they present and a bit of me in what I present; however, this does not mean look alikes...what I am talking about could be more subconscious in what we share with one another by the things WE CHOOSE to wear. We are also sharing our imaginations which is a real part of us.
  5. Land is already far better priced than it used to be. But, what I really wanted to ask is don't you think LL was/is making a great deal on the advertising cost not only for advertising products on Marketplace but for the advertisement listings in the inworld search? I've seen ads inworld at 15,000 linden a week or something like that. That's a lot of money for an advertisement, imo. I've also heard the Linden's make an excellent profit at what they have now. EDIT: Bellesaria (spelling?) seems to be the land most want. They need more Bellesaria's then perhaps?
  6. Wabes! Don't forget Dinkies! Dinkies are a tiny cat with human characteristics. Dinkies are considered "tinies" as well as we are small in size unlike furries which can be tall or human sized. Raglan Shire and Isle of Wryms are two places I can think of off the top of my head and join SMALL TALK inworld group to hear of tiny events. Tinies can be many small sized avatars including petites. Dragons and lots of other kinds and even hooman's are welcome too, but you might want to be a low lag hooman when visiting the tiny events as some can be very full with 80+ avatars so being a Classic hooman is mostly best for lots of avi events. Hooman is tiny-speak for human.
  7. Me too. It's off topic but I was thinking the "too easy" was in response to the work for SL which there is nothing easy about it. But, I think the CEO meant at far as the 5% for LL's cut which it used to be but is now 10%. Actually for real life I've heard anything over 13% is a shark but some people will take anything. 30-60%, whoa! is about all I have to say!
  8. I just looked up Apple. It's 30% BUT I have no idea how apps work nor what is the cost involved to keep the apps running etc as compared to keeping Marketplace running. From the looks of 30% though, most business people would say "Thar be sharks. Best to get out of the water". However, how can general business people know what is the actual cost to run the apps? Shark tank is based on tangible real world goods. At, 20%, thar be sharks for sure (real life goods).
  9. LL taking 5% of Marketplace sales was too low but to jump to 10% it needs to end there. I've watched Shark Tank and the average percentage other's take of other's work is about 7%, so if LL ever raised it beyond the high 10%, they'd be considered "sharks" as again 7% is considered the appropriate and LL are high at the 10% they take now and in "shark" territory already. If Tilia expands and is a success, I hope they (the new owners) consider not burdening content creator's with such a high percentage. So, I believe the "too easy" must have been in terms of when LL took 5% of sales from Marketplace sales. It's been doubled to 10% quite awhile ago. Some people left because of it . The "too easy" was not in terms of the work involved, it must have been regarding when they took 5% of all Marketplace sales which was too low.
  10. What does he mean by this? I just worked three 13-hour days doing some Halloween projects and the pay is literally peanuts...so it's done because 1) I'm learning and 2) It's my hobby. So, I foot most of the bill and it ain't easy not by a long shot. It's not the first time I've worked 12 to 13-hour days, and that's just doing the Photoshop part, there's much more to do beyond Photoshop too. The learning curve is very high just to make a mesh avatar for socializing, building aside. It's a lot about avatar customization now. You covered so much in your post, so all I really have to add is prims can be used once in a great while. IMO, it's sculpties that need to retire plus the sculpty LOD is too high. I keep my LOD set on 2-3 and SL runs better. The new owners need to lower the LOD and end sculpties, imo because it holds no candle to mesh. Mesh is beautiful. Sculpties clunky and ugly.
  11. I just saw your golf cart and it is beautiful, Arduenn! What was the first thought that crossed my mind when looking at it? Why, you need to make one Dinkie and Tiny sized, of course! Tinies need a special sit animation. I can pass one to you if you need it to add for the tiny sit. Dinkie's can sit with most human animations.
  12. The Linden's take 10%. Since the 1 linden cannot be fractioned, I'm not even sure who it goes to? I don't charge for demos nor have anything 1 linden, so I don't know. But, let's say something sells for 69 lindens, the Linden's don't take 6.9 lindens, they take 7. In other words, they round it off to the higher number. But, that's okay with me.
  13. It's okay if anyone in this thread talks about their demos, but not another store's demos, imo. How would you like it if I named the name of your store that had the 5-minute demos the OP is speaking about? If you yourself named the store with the 5-minute demos, that's different because it was you who made them. If I could come up with a better way to have demos, I'd share it here too. I can't think of any at this time. They are all difficult not only to make but to decide how to do it. The ones I really don't like are the ones with rings around the face for hair. One ring by the chin or neck would have been better than ones that cover the face.
  14. All I want to say is both are out of touch with reality when it comes to the expensive states like California and New York to name a few. Four hundreds dollars a week, a single person could not afford to live in California as a single on that income. The cheapest studio may be at least $1,000 if at all. Last I heard, when my niece was looking, a studio about two years ago, a studio was about $1100 in the "poorest" section of her area. They both need to get realistic regarding the "expensive states" like California and New York. They need to split off this bill and just decide the employment now though. There isn't much time at all as I am sure many people went into credit card debt last time when the lockdowns first happened and there was no income from February until end of April or thereabouts. Six hundred a week is enough for California, four hundred I don't think so. EDIT: I mean they are out of touch because neither Democrats nor Republicans have brought up the issue of the cost of living of the expensive states. Five hundred a week at least for California. If four hundred a week goes to a single person in California, they'd most likely have to move back home or have their parents or someone supplement that.
  15. If you say so. I say they are playing party politics right now for their business interests. People are effed at this time. Unemployment ended on July 25th. And, furthermore, I am not the only who believes they are playing party politics for the upcoming election. To many others, it is quite transparent as well.
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