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  1. I put out a lot of free art and change it as much as possible to include new ones I've made, so do a lot of people. Free artworks are by my doors inworld usually. I also have free Dinkie stuff I let both my inworld groups know about. I just don't have the time to take all the pictures for the free items nor some of my other stuff that is at super discount and make listings for Marketplace. There is lots of free stuff that helped me get started...especially free scripts which are open source now so that is why I have my prices as low as possible. I think some of the items on Marketplace are way over-priced and I would never spend that much....I've seen some as high as 15,000 lindens on MP. No how, no way for me am I going to spend that much ever unless I married a millionaire and then even most likely not then. But, SL is what it is...there is great stuff in all price categories including zero as in free. But, I really do my best to stay within the guidelines for each creator here on SL because I use full perm stuff and each has their own twists on things but some should realize that certain items just aren't going to get the prices they want people to charge for a full perm item if changed. I rarely have anything over 60 lindens if it's a stand alone item, so I only buy from those full perm dealers who will let me sell at a reasonable price. I still love SL even though I use a moderate budget compared to some I'm sure. More expensive doesn't mean better either. It's all subjective really.
  2. lol, it kinda sounds like it from the OP...the "all dressed appropriately"....made me think they were already dressed and therefore must all look alike like Barbie and Ken. I just kinda skimmed over the thread....didn't read it all. I don't really know if I'd take the time to go or not though...as it's said: never say never.
  3. The reason is rather ignorant on my part...but I don't know where it is first of all. lol Plus, I wasn't hungry enough to go out and find it. But, still don't know where it is. I'm pretty busy right now. I haven't even seen the SL Haunted stuff yet. So, for me...too busy is really the main reason. But, on further reading this thread, it sounds like it's all the same avatars, like perhaps one male and one female? I wouldn't be interested.
  4. Yes, they are adorkable and the cutest I've ever seen too. But, look at the detail in those outfits above and the shoes! Maybe Dinkies could have more detailed shoes and outfits soon. I asked one of the creators if she could make some clogs for Spring. 3D flowers on the clogs would be cute, too! 3D belts, I'd look forward to those too if possible. Problem is the camera position and the small size of the Dinkie. The camera has a difficult time finding the Dinkies. But, we can always try more details and 3D bits to see if it shows up or not.
  5. After looking at these photos above, I feel boring now. The top and hat are full perm items, but I made the textures. Styling here with my false eyelashes and pink claws. These claws are for dress-up. Dinkies are very tame and nice.
  6. Probably by not paying enough attention. I noticed that today with my Halloween candy. I did eat too much of it because I was engrossed in other things.
  7. For me, it's coffee (morning only) and ice water. I don't drink soda nor alcoholic beverages of any kind. Tea has caffeine in it too...so I prefer my coffee. Favorite snack: Right now at Halloween and other special occasions, it's chocolate. Otherwise, roasted peanuts probably.
  8. Yes, PG. I keep it General because I think about all Dinkies can possibly do is kiss, Kim Anderson style (Kim Anderson kiss photo below.) I'm not even sure if the Dinkies can quite put their arms around each other yet. Dinkies can do about 80% of general animations very well though. For ground dances or ground sits, the hover needs to be set so low, the Dinkies go through the floor upon STANDING. IMPORTANT: I forgot to add that whomever makes Dinkie specific items can advertise for free in the Dinkies and Small Talk groups inworld, even if it's Marketplace only. As far as hair, it is a bit awkward to fit. I have made my DINKIE head smaller and attached a picture of how it looks currently (2nd photo below). The hair clips detached when I re-sized the hair. For those who do not know how to use the edit linked feature, they would not know how to move the clips back on the hair. Also, Dinkies are semi-mod though most mesh clothes still works as one size fits all pretty much. The bunnies are so cute too! Bunnies usually do not wear the hair. But bows, wreaths, hats, jewelry, belts, tons of stuff is all possible. Oh, and eyes! Need more eye choices. And, there are some cute Kimono robes for Dinkies and undies, but robes and nightgowns would be cute! p.s. EDIT I was just reading about the DEV KIT. I think that is for adding the old prim style clothing. More mesh clothing would be greatly appreciated! I don't know if you make mesh clothing from the DEV KIT or not. I don't make clothes but I do make textures and would love some FULL PERM clothes in mesh.
  9. @Alyona Su, there are great clothes from Lycia (owner of Dinkie Boutique) and Isaura's (forgot how to spell her name) is good too, especially her costumes. I think Lycia just came out with costumes just this past week. Etheria, who is the creator of the Dinkies, has a bit of clothes and shoes as well as does MissIng, I think is her name, and JenniLynn (Peeps) and a few others. I do not know them all yet but probably could nearly count them on two hands. However, there is almost NO DINKIE hair, very little. Isaura has some and as far as other hairs, we use hair that has an x, y z menu for hair because the Dinkie heads are wider on the x axis BUT still so difficult to fit. But, there are barely a handful of designers compared to bazillions of designers for humans AND Dinkies dress like humans. I love the Boho clothing from Lycia (Dinkie Boutique) and it is not baby-ish. There is a DEV KIT available, and this is a very, very, very under-saturated market. And, there are but a handful of full perm clothing items for Dinkies. Furniture is needed too! I don't make my Dinkie furniture animal oriented because we wear human clothing, I decided to do my shabby chic thing for the Dinkies....but to any creator, if you want to make it animal oriented and that is what you want to create, then you should. I think you should create whatever you desire to make that comes from your heart. Popular? It is popular. Just visit Raglan Shire sometime. Humans are always welcome, too. Raglan Shire has a lot of Medieval dances, so Medieval mesh dresses are needed too.
  10. I belong to SMALL TALK and DINKIES group. In Dinkies I advertise what little I have made and lots of FREE stuff! I have lots of FREE stuff right now for Halloween. IM me inworld and I'll let you know where it is @Therese Tammas
  11. For jet skiing, Miami Beach...been awhile since I have been there. DaVinci Gardens for going up the slopes in a ski lift and then sledding down the mountain. I don't know if DaVinci has this currently...but since snow season is near upon us, it may be up soon. I visited last year and it was fun going up the ski lift.
  12. Maybe you could write a book. Make some money that way. Sorry to hear that!
  13. Your email records, your transaction history and Paypal records is about the only ways, I'd think.
  14. You mean without going through your email records?
  15. I'm just learning about this. Thank you for the thread! Here's Beatles Radio if anyone would like it: I think it's Beatles Radio anyhow. I can be quite a computer dummieeeeeeeeeeeee. This is the one that is on my one of my lands.
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