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  1. Yeah, but the most collectible stamps are those that are no longer produced (are kind of antique or vintage - retired) or commemorated an event and were only available for a limited time. Many shot glasses have some of the same...it's most collectible if a designer was known, or it was set with nudes and is rare or something like that or has hula girls on it. ....yada, yada, yada. Most coin collector's also collect coins which are no longer in circulation - retired. I think what you are describing here are souvenirs. I don't see Gacha having much value as souvenirs. I am an antiques and collectibles dealer in real life so I've seen some of the things people THINK have value which don't AND which no antique/collectibles dealer wants, and I know a lot about the reproduction market too which comes out of China and the Phillipines...stupid people buying shot glasses with hula girls are mostly reproduced. Sorry to report. The reproduction market from China is what killed eBay pretty much. Ebay is flooded with reproductions.
  2. As to 1) Of course you create a collectibility factor. It is done in many ways. Some designers have new items with each season (every 3 months)...others bring out a new line twice a year (every six months) while old items from last year are "retired". A collectibility factor could be created in many ways. As for certain other items such as decor items...I believe Fenton has a new line once a year. Collectibility is created. New items arrive, old items retire. Or you create a new item once a month, such as the "beanie baby" craze. Or whatever that was. I can't quite remember. If the Gacha items do not retire, there is no reason to collect them...the Gacha boxes just become inventory dispenser boxes with a chance to win a rare I may not want. I'm near to two years in SL, and I want about 4 rares out of the bazillions. MP is flooded with rares now too. As far as another discussion. To me, collectibility is the crux of this discussion.
  3. As far as points, I sorta like the idea. I have used points or rewards in RL with one company. I do use them personally in rl.
  4. @ moirakathleen It would not be feasible for me to read every post nor know everything about SL nor Gacha nor anything for that matter. But, what I did read and how I was responded to when asking questions said Gachas retire. Edit: I want to create a "collectibility" factor. How can there be a collectibility factor if the item is just always there?
  5. Read the OP to see the two ideas adressed by me Nora. Changing mod/transfer to copy/mod is in the OP. Implement? There is no implement implied. This would be choice. And, again, Gachas are supposed to retire in the first place. And, "what if's". I don't have time for what if cuz who knows if that would happen or not. shrugs.
  6. Yeah, I like the idea of off of Marketplace. Marketplace is not user-created. It is owned by LL. What do you think LL would say? As, for myself, being a real antiques and collectibles dealer, I love "antiquing" out in the sims just like you would in rl. But, I want to find more rare items...not tune in to MP and find 5 pages of just one of the items from a whole Gacha collection. And, as far as the "rares"...blah, there are too many of those. There is one rare is am interested in and it has over a page and a half of the rare on MP, so I am not interested now. As that doesn't seem very "rare" to me. Gacha still needs more of a turn-over or a supply reduction.
  7. Gacha's are supposed to retire in the first place. At least that was my understanding of it. And, the rest of your questions....retired. lol I don't have that much time. You asked a lot. And, it's NOT mod copy items...it's mod/transfer or copy/mod. So, could you please stop asking that question. I will repeat myself. We are discussing being able to change your mod/transfer Gacha item into a copy/mod item which some creator's are already doing. As to the question of what is in it for creator's: I think it gets the name out there. As I said, I would have never found the creator's I have found without Gacha. Uber and Gacha are two venues where I have found a lot of creator's I like I might not have found otherwise. But, in Gacha, I am only interested in furniture of the antique and shabby chic genres. I am not interested in wearable items.
  8. Yeah, agreed. I don't want all Gacha's just because there are less of them. But, I would want to purchase the Gacha's I like because they are retiring in said amount of time ________________ (fill in the blank amount of time).
  9. Retirement is what collecting is about. It is an item that is no longer produced; i.e., it turns into something there is less of, often creating a desire to purchase and or collect retired items. Still gets the designer's name out there because most collectibles in the real world have what is called a "hallmark" which is a stamp into the object of the designer's name (usually on the bottom of an item). If the person likes the designs, they start collecting. The bulletin board is to let people know THEY HAVE RETIRED items that they purchased because I have asked "How do you know if a Gacha is retired", and the answer I got, was "Ask a Creator". Well, I did that and got no response. But, the bulletin board is not a big deal right now. Though there does need to be a way to know if your item is retired or not. I never said creator's should sell a Gacha, retire it and then sell it as a copyable. What has been said in this thread is: Turn in your mod/transfer item for a copy/modify one. Some creator's are already doing that. And, I think it's a great idea. And, if a retired Gacha item is mod/transfer...why would you not still stumble upon vintage/retired items? Since it is a mod/transfer item it could be resold after 10 years, 20, 30, 50....years.......... You'd only be stumbling upon a more vintage retired item.
  10. Well, I disagree that supply doesn't increase demand. Deleting items is not like a limited time item. There are people selling Gacha's on Marketplace for as low as 2 linden. The supply just outweighs the demand from what I've seen. The good about Gacha is it has brought me to creator's I really like in the antique and Shabby Chic genres I am interested in. I would not have found those creator's otherwise. It's a good tool. It just needs improvement. I think perhaps 3 month, 6 month and 1 year Gachas machines could be a good idea. The 3 months was a little too short though could still be used or tried along with 6 month and 1 year. The machines would need to be color coded for 3, 6 and 12 months. And, that's my idea. I have a background in real life retail also with antiques, collectibles and Shabby Chic - most of which are one-of-a-kind items or hard to get and that is what collecting is about. It is harder to find and more rare items rather than mass produced in China kind of stuff. This is my real life background. We need a Gacha convention and a forum area just for Gachas because I really love some of the work that is being created in the antique and Shabby Chic area - it's tremendous! And, as I said, I think a Gacha is a great tool to find creator's and "your" store but it needs re-vamping. Into what? I don't know.
  11. Okay, you said a lot there...so I need to go through it all. But, I also needed to add...that I am a creator but have not gotten into the Gacha area yet. However, I would go for the 3-4 month (my 3 month is just a suggestion...but I'd think even if you stretch it out to six months...it's still to long to create a desire to buy) and then retire because I know I'd sell more in 3 months of those items than I would in two years most likely. Less supply brings more demand. That's just the way it works. As for the trade a mod/transfer item for a copy/mod one...I love the idea, and perhaps a terminal of some kind could be built?
  12. The only reason I can think of that creator's would not like about it is that they aren't really selling Gacha, they are just using those machines to sell inventory or to the one's who want to get a rare. And, the supply does outweigh the demand. The market is frankly flooded...too much supply. When supply exceeds demand, people don't wanna play that game anymore. Your customers and resellers leave. Something needs to change on the supply end. What would creator's want? Edit in: Not to mention, if it's only available for three months, I think creator's would sell more than would in two years. People would hurry to get it because there isn't much time too get it.
  13. This is a thread for those who want to engage in an honest discussion of HOW TO IMPROVE Gacha. My thought is to first RETIRE all the Gacha items that are available now because, imo, the supply outweighs the demand. Because I have items I've had for almost two years since I joined and the item still has 5 pages worth of just one of the item on Marketplace, for example. And, that is what I've seen with many Gacha's. So, to me, it appears supply outweighs demand if it's hardly even sold in two years. AND, to replace it with Gacha 2. What would Gacha 2 be: 1) Machines that expire in three months and those items are now retired. A hover text would appear above the retired machine and the retired items would be put on a bulletin board. 2) Be able to exchange your Gacha 2 item for a copy, mod version. You turn in your mod/transfer version for a copy/mod version. (I saw this on one creator's sim...I thought it was a great idea.) So, I'd like to ask the community of other thoughts of ways to improve Gacha? Please, no " Gacha should just go away, it's gambling" or whatever kind of posts. This is a thread about ways to improve Gacha, not how you feel about Gacha. Thanks in advance for any output.
  14. No, I mean they are lost because I do not know a name to search for them. I forgot the creator's name or the object was named a bizarre name. And, I'm talking about my inventory not MP nor the favorites nor wishlist. I'd have to go through a lot of pages in the My Account area to find them. And, I'm using lost not in the literal sense. I know they are there...but what is the name? I dunno. So, I write on notecards everything NOW -- creator name, name of object, name of hud because often the hud doesn't have the creator's name nor the object name. For instance, the hud was named 20 colors hud. So, if I type in HUD in my inventory search box...there's bazillion of huds there, even all the demo ones. I catalog now along with changing names if it's a bizzare named item. Such as 1. That's the object name, 1? lol It has happened.
  15. On another note, I probably LOST 15,000 copy and mod items SIMPLY because it's an odd name or was named 1, 2, 3 etc. I now know to rename items and/or write down on a notecard what the item name is. I catalog all my items now. I've had to or they'd be lost. Others, I may find eventually but oft times I cannot even remember the merchants name. So, I catalog it all now.
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