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  1. What SkellDaggar is asking is what lighting are you taking the picture in? To find the optimized skin settings, go to WORLD at the top bar and find ENVIRONMENT EDITOR, ENVIRONMENT SETTINGS. Then, check the CUSTOMIZE button and hit MIDDAY and a drop down menu will appear. Another good lighting to check your avatar in is Annan Adored Optimal Skin (no shadow). But, Kiramanell, may also be right in that special lighting such as studio lighting could have been added or it's been photoshopped, and/or they added a different skin. I agree though that my Strawberry Catwa Head out of the package looks nothing like the avatar I put together myself.
  2. Okay, I just looked up some things as mesh heads are pretty new to me, too. Okay, you may have bought the Justin head WITHOUT the animations pack perhaps. Here is a link to buy just the animation hud for 310 linden which is cheaper than jumping into a new head right away. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CATWA-Bento-Anim-HUD-C/14392201 So, if I were you, I'd definitely join CATWA HEAD FRIENDS group inworld and ask questions there. The above response is written because the OP started another thread earlier on a make-over as he wanted more animations and realism. This next link below shows everything else you can buy for your already existing Justin head. (The animation hud link is above.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/29673/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=Justin
  3. My suggestion is to join an inworld group for the head's you are interested in and ask questions there. Ask questions about animations, etc. Catwa has an inworld group called Catwa Head Friends. If I ever get ready to buy another head, I plan to ask questions there first myself. Some of the anime huds are not that easy to understand...so perhaps ask first on the ones you are interested in if they can explain a few things to you. There are also separate animation huds BUT I know nothing about them. Perhaps someone else may and can help you.
  4. Okay...I thought maybe you were floating in the air because your hover height was putting your avatar too high up in the air. Next, I just spoke with the Firestorm team inworld and they say there is no difference between using APPEARANCE and then HOVER HEIGHT and the QUICK PREFS. So, I wouldn't put too much thought into it like you'll be voo-doo cursed or anything lol. They both are just tools that move your avatar into the proper height while cutting vegetable, sitting in a chair, etc...instead of having to use the x, y z menu which is pain! and, p.s. Those of you who said MOST AVI'S HAVE THEIR ARMS TOO SHORT ARE CORRECT. Arms need to be longer for animations to work better. In rl, my arms are halfway down my leg. I have very long arms in rl and so does my avi. Most avi's in SL won't have arms long enough to perform the below animation because their arms are too short. Lengthening the arms can help a lot. (Sorry, my avi looks goofy...it's a goof off day for me.)
  5. I've often thought...wouldn't it be best to just create couple avatar mesh bodies that are designed to fit together?
  6. What is a realistic scale in Second Life? That might be impossible since different neck, torso, arm length for example can vary so much in SL, not to even mention flat, mid and high feet. For couples, it's best to try to "fit" your avatars, adjust them, and compromise a bit. It is not difficult to move or rotate cups or objects. Move the object while your avatar is wearing it. I made my chairs so they scale down to child size since all my chairs have tea drinking animations in them, they can be used for kid's tea parties for example. To the OP, it takes practice learning to move, rotate, stretch objects to fit into your hand, but it can be done, as well as finding objects best for you. And, if a bunch of objects are meshed together with shadows...it sounds more difficult to shrink down. Maybe consider separates as an alternative to look into for a kitchen. Edit In: Also, if you are "floating" what you need to do is adjust your HOVER HEIGHT. Right click on your avatar and choose APPEARANCE and then HOVER HEIGHT and moving the hover height slider to the right or left will adjust your avatar into the proper height for standing/sitting/etc. Is this what you are talking about by floating?
  7. After thinking about this, remember with ADD ON EARS you have to TINT THE SKIN to MATCH YOUR SKIN. With add on earrings, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TINT THE SKIN to match your skin. All you do is add the earrings and it changes your look in amazing ways, imo. I think the ears add an amazing new touch, as do the add on earrings which are much easier. If you just want to try earrings, then Artificial Hallucination is a good one to try. I'd go with ears or add on earrings first and see how you like it. If you still aren't satisfied, then it may be time to look at new heads for a new look. Best of luck. I'm going through a make-over too. Best thing I ever did for myself in Second Life. It has really been worthwhile for me to have a make-over.
  8. Swallow has some amazing ears, most are unisex. Swallow is both on MP and inworld though I could not find any demos even when I looked inworld. Swallow's Noldor Ears are amazing and five stars all around. Super, super easy hud. As far as a head, you can use the ears on your existing head or a new, I'd presume. Mandala has nice looking ears too though I don't know much about them. p.s. Sorry had to make a correction. I bought something that was only piercings and not ears and piercings. Hadn't spent time on them as they were a new purchase. But, I'd recommend looking at Swallow and Mandala for the "look".
  9. Maybe a related question. Can I bequeath my business to Linden Lab itself? What if I want to do this for like a charity type of purpose in the event of my death. A charity run within Second Life itself. Can I do this?
  10. I don't know of any hairs with these exact bangs...but there are some cute "ami" style hairs at Ayashi. Ayashi is the store name not the creator's name. Also, find the sub category under HAIR and choose SHORT HAIR and then write in the search box BANGS and see what comes up. There is no demo. Perhaps a demo is inworld. But, this looks like the hair... Link Here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TokyoGirl-Hair-Cait-II-all-color/5638148
  11. I do not know if the OP even had an actual DMCA infringement as he said he took the listings down...so I haven't checked it out. However, come to think of it, I do now remember two years when I started on Marketplace it says "do not put in your listings in the style of" or something to that affect. I cannot remember the exact words. I think it's more of a TOS issue written by Linden Labs rather than a real infringement IF he did not use trademarks or logos on his bikes. Trademarks are kind of like an original work of art. Of course, there is always fair use. But, that is whole other issue. Fair use is using part of an artwork but changing it enough so it's different...kind of like what Andy Warhol did. p.s. EDIT: What if the "don't say in the style of" (insert brand name here) was not written in 2007? What if LL changed it. Would the sellers have been updated of that? This is what I am wondering. And, regarding Barbie. What about the song "Barbie Girl". I know parodies are allowed such as what Weird Al Yankovic and other satirists might do. But Mattel sued MCA records to no avail. And, I'm sure because the song does not include any trademark or logo whatsoever. __________ On December 5th 2000, Mattel sued MCA Records, the recording company of Aqua, saying the song violated the Barbie trademark and turned Barbie into an object, referring to her as a "Blonde Bimbo."[2] They alleged the song had violated their copyrights and trademarks of Barbie, and that its lyrics had tarnished the reputation of their trademark and impinged on their marketing plan. Mattel also claimed that the cover packaging of the single used "Barbie pink", a trademarked color owned by Mattel.[3] MCA contested Mattel's claims and countersued for defamation after Mattel had likened MCA to a bank robber.[4] The lawsuit filed by Mattel was dismissed by the lower courts, and this dismissal was upheld. Mattel requested review by the Supreme Court of the United States, but its petition for certiorari was denied.[5] In 2002, Judge Alex Kozinski ruled the song was protected as a parody under the trademark doctrine of nominative use and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. He also threw out the defamation lawsuit that Aqua's record company filed against Mattel. Kozinski concluded his ruling by saying, "The parties are advised to chill."[6][7] Furthermore, the main purpose of protecting intellectual property is to help prevent counterfeiting or piracy. Counterfeiting is non-Gucci persons making purses and putting the Gucci trademark on them and selling them as Gucci purses when they ARE NOT Gucci (using Gucci's trademark) purses. This is really what it is all about - to help prevent pirated goods from being sold. It is a major crime. No one actually owns the names "Barbie" or "Ken" or "Harley Davidson". A real person could be named those names and have a right to use their own name. This use of no brands, however, is in the TOS and should be abided by because that is the way Linden Labs wants it and it's better for your own sanity. However, the real DMCA would be someone copy-botting the OP's motorcycles and selling them themselves as their own creation. DMCA is basically an anti-piracy law; and, judging by it's date, was probably put in place to help stop all the illegal free down-loading of music which was rampant at the time. However, this thing with needing a lawyer is ridiculous. Linden Labs should just issue that it needs to be changed by such and such a date.
  12. I don't really get all this stuff with the names...because I've read a title cannot be copywritten. For instance, a song. Say, The Beatle's song "Yesterday". Anyone can write a song titled "Yesterday". It's the trademark that is protected. From Legal Zoom: Common things you CAN protect with a copyright: Written Works - This can include books, articles, blogs, and screenplays. Musical & Dramatic Works - This can include songs, plays, and choreography. Artistic Works - This can include photgraphs, paintings, and sculptures. Software - This can include computer programs (systems and applications). Common things you CANNOT protect with a copyright: Name - A company's name and its line of products can be protected by a trademark. Logo - Company logos or other symbols and designs to create brand recognition can be protected by a trademark. Note: A copyright may be able to protect a logo as an artistic work. Phrase - Company slogans or other phrases used as a brand for your products or services can be protected by a trademark. Ideas - An idea in the form of an invention can be protected by a patent. Examples of a trademark: https://www.google.com/search?q=trademark&client=firefox-b-d&channel=crow&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwim6I-6-YfkAhUF7qwKHdV1DKgQ_AUIEigC&biw=1680&bih=936 From a copyright standpoint, you don't even have a dmca. A title cannot be copywritten. A trademark is kind of like an original work of art and I do not see you used HD's trademark on your bikes. Unless it was the way Indian was spelled. However, I do not know Indian's trademark. I've only heard of the bike. __________________________ Edit: I looked at Harley Davidson's trademark. You used the Harley-Davidson trademark and put in other letters. You'd better take these off asap and then take that trademark out of your photos for your bike. Otherwise, if you have no trademarks on the bikes themselves you are fine. You need to redo the photos. Sorry: EDIT AGAIN...had to carefully read through the whole thread. The below photo is of a competitor's bike, not the OP's line. However, if the OP did not infringe upon the trademark, he and his partner did nothing wrong from my understanding....saying Harley Style is an infringement?...I don't quite get that. Sorry, for my ignorance in this matter but it is a little confusing. Just trying to help and to understand.
  13. Just trying out some new things I bought for my rez day tomorrow. My favorite is the hair, the moon necklaces and the ring that practically matches the bracelet which was a gift. I need to get the correct color of lipstick...and the eyes are an almost freebie I am trying out but I thought they were cool.
  14. I thought you were going to say "because there are more clothing options". I have not created a male avatar yet (or my dream guy) because of money and time...I'd prefer to buy another female mesh head first...but I would make him a male angel for photographic purposes and he'd be a bit "dreamy". So, it makes sense to me.
  15. SL is my hobby for building and I like to play around with the fashions. I never came here with an intention for anything real life. So, no is the answer for me. I can be your SL friend for casual fun...but nothing more. I am divorced in rl after a very long time and I like being single and free to do whatever I want for the first time in my life. Most of my SL friends know I am divorced and they even think it's a good thing to take time out from romantic relationships. But, to meet in rl for friendship? Not at this time...I'm just learning MAPS and been learning photoshop only 5 months (meaning stuff I never did in photoshop before AND stuff I've wanted to learn for 15 years).
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