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  1. Regarding the "states rights" to be prepared and to make decisions regarding staying at home issues, etc...I think it should be changed in times like this. I think a President should have the right to declare a shelter in home for the whole USA during a pandemic. How do you feel about that, Prokofy? Should it be changed. Just Generally Speaking About Other Stuff: And, is that what Marshall Law is more or less...a President and the it's armed forces taking over these "states rights"? Well, with almost 9 states of last week having no shelter in home declared, I think a President needs more power here. As far as further preparedness and with a slew of these zoonotic viruses, most except perhaps Ebola are from China, makes me believe every country needs to make their own PPE gear from now on and stock their own because there have been a lot of these zoonotic viruses, especially in the 21st Century and every country needs access to their own PPE gear quickly in their stockpile because even if anti-virals are developed, if these wet markets are not stopped, more viruses will mutate and will come. And, yes, China and other countries need to stop their "wet market" practices; wherein farm raised non-vaccinated rodents are brought for slaughter in the marketplace where other food is being sold. Preparing raw meat in the best of conditions has health hazards. I know I was a house wife for nearly 20 years and had to disinfect the area thoroughly in case any blood droplets got on the sink or on the counter top. I mean as far as "wet markets" would you shop in your local Market with blood and other toxins strewn from rodent like slaughter "meat" or any kind of slaughtered animal all over the place right their in your market? To these "wet markets" and their practices...I say "nuts". That's insanity and it needs to be put to an end period. https://thehill.com/policy/international/491291-un-biodiversity-chief-calls-for-international-ban-of-wet-markets
  2. It's scary in that I don't want to get sick and I don't want to get others sick. If someone died because of me I would feel responsible for that the rest of my life. It's different living in a building with approx. 110 other people who have been somewhat sequestered than living with perhaps one other or a few family members. I am frustrated in that I need to see a doctor for a 4-month condition that needs help because the treatment my general doctor chose is not working and my general doctor wants me to see a specialist and have a test he cannot provide. So, I am in pain waiting in like a triage situation wondering when and if I will ever have relief from the pain. A neighbor of mine in the same building twisted her ankle just before we were sequestered in here too and she couldn't even go to the emergency room for an x-ray and is still awaiting approval for that and she has been limping the whole time. We still don't have masks here although I did sew my own. I have a mask now and hand sanitize. GOOD NEWS FOR SOON: A doctor will be visiting us here this coming Friday at our building. I feel terrible for women giving birth during this pandemic. Those of us who have needed medical attention it's been terrible waiting in a triage mode. My nerves are shattered because of this. I hope the visiting doctor has some help for us as we need it too.
  3. I gave up on all the human mesh stuff for now. When I started to transition to human mesh from the classic human avatar, I bought two heads that were a disaster. I bought a Genesis head first thinking (assuming) that Genesis heads would have skins made by lots of other creators but they don't. The Genesis skins have a bright face, a darker body and an even darker neck. Though if Genesis could redo their skins to have appropriate shading, I think they could have a good product. Next, I bought CATWA Strawberry head assuming it was a full modify item like the Maitreya Lara body I had already begun to work with. The mesh heads are more or less partial modify. It is difficult to get a variety of looks from Catwa Strawberry due to the jawline where the teeth sit and other issues. So, when I go to mesh heads again (maybe some time this year) I will be buying CATWA Catya and Genus Classic heads as both of these heads seem to offer a wide variety of shaping. What I did NOT like about Lara is it has odd shoulders and everything else is pretty good as far as I am concerned. The shoulders on Maitreya Lara are cut too high and in sleeveless clothes can look a bit odd. However, when I demoed Legacy, it has the same shoulder problem as Lara - shoulders are cut too high. The only differences are - 1) Personal preference 2) Price 3) Triangle count. Maitreya Lara body with hands and feet is about 150K triangles; Legacy mesh body is about 750K triangles so go shopping in the Legacy body DEMO to make sure it doesn't lag your computer out. And remember, at 750K triangles for a body, people may just jelly doll you out and you won't be seen. Something to consider. But, I'd wear the Legacy demo around the grid to see how your computer performs.
  4. Look at the original Gacha photograph to see all that it offers. The Gacha skins I've bought (pre-BOM) included body appliers. However, I don't know what you mean by FACE SKIN APPLIERS? Do you mean a skin for the face? Yet, just because the ones I bought included body appliers doesn't mean one that you buy will...to know for sure, you need to do what Cindy said...ask the creator or the merchant selling the second hand Gacha.
  5. Did you know that Disco music started because of the end of the Vietnam War? At the end of war, people took to the streets, dancing and singing and partying, and then "discotheques" became all the rage. With the Vietnam War over, it also signaled the end of most protest music and it became more along the lines of "party music" until perhaps the group U2 revived protest music. I like some Bee-Gees and some ABBA but I mostly do not care for disco music. And, to the OP...why would you want two of the same kinds of platforms when this is what Sansar has become as you say. There is no need to have two of the same. Second Life still has the best content anywhere...it would never be just club gear stuff.
  6. I like the Classic head from Genus although I don't know much about it yet. It is one on my radar scope. The picture of Gwenth with the shine on her face was funny. That was what the beauty industry was all gung-ho about 10-15 years ago...using products that put shine on your face and looking at it now looks downright silly. The beauty industry though putting that shine on our face was to give us that dewy fresh look of a toddler's skin. Some of the crazy things women go through, men will never know. The strong face is interesting. The baby face I do not care for. If I were going for something unusual and doll-like, I'd be a Chibit.
  7. Maddy, regarding the anti-parasitic drug, is there any possibility this came from a parasite from the bats or other Chinese farmed animals that were taken to slaughter at the Wuhen Marketplace? Aka, the "wet markets".
  8. Sorry didn't mean to step on any toes there. Sorry. I am neither sock. And, if you meant politics...I don't want any involvement with politics in any way shape or form and that is my right. I think they all lie about stuff all over the world is my main reason.
  9. Okay, you're right...she didn't need to go there...but I took it more towards "venting" at the article rather than an actual person...but this is not a time to get into nit-picking either. Although she did ask you another question.
  10. Yeah, Lindal's right. Don't get involved in that. This is real until proven otherwise. Our country would not just shut down like this.
  11. Qie, I'm not a political person. I don't get involved in politics because I view politicians as "talking heads"...there are very rich and powerful people in the shadows pulling strings whom we don't know their name nor their face. I mentioned my feeling about it and that's really all it was a "feeling" because it struck me very peculiarly that a president would say and/or do what he did. Now I'm later finding out 3M is accused of possibly being involved in "scalping"...meaning selling masks to the highest bidder and even as much of as at a 700% mark up though 3M denies this. The CIA has been cracking down on horders looking to profit. I saw a photo of one of the boxes a horder had and the masks (the N95's) weren't even in plastic and they were dirty. Boxes of hand sanitizers and gowns and all kinds of things are being intercepted by the CIA and others because some are trying to profit and in unclean ways too boot. But, regarding medicine. We need medicine and we don't have time for clinical trials with over a thousand dying a day in the U.S. Does anyone know of or heard of any other medicines that may be hopeful in this horrific situation?
  12. I don't know that this argument holds up, Tari because of the fact that the issues you brought up about yourself may have been issues that were not known about. How can someone help, if they do not know someone needs help? ONTO the issues addressed by the OP: As to another poster in this thread who said LL at Lab Gab said they may look at individual cases...well, that's the answer there for me. I think individuals should contact LL themselves regarding their issues and talk to them no matter this issue or any other issue. Many companies will "work" with people during terrible times. This is a terrible time. I feel like a stream train is coming full speed at me called the coronavirus. The situation is horrible in America right now. It's the worst and the end is not even known. As far as a general waiving, I don't really know much about it nor how it would work. I do not want to sign a petition but I'd rather the OP contact LL directly about the situation.
  13. Aside from all the actual debate that is going on here...I agree with Tari about Marketplace. However, the OP feels these particular artists she knows of will go down to around 200 U.S. dollars in income rather than 1,000 U.S. dollars income. I don't know how the OP arrived at the great reduction in amount (other than it's EVENTS that need land like 50 Linden events or what have you). The OP would need to tell the people they need to start using LL's promotion features on MP. It costs (about) $3.50 to promote one item per week on MP which I feel is a lot for my business. But my business is primarily geared towards low income users in the first place or those who just want to try out SL without a big investment at first....so I only make "hobby money". And, to Wendy, the OP, you don't need to reply to every post...you could exhaust yourself. Please consider taking a break for a while.
  14. IBL...too much name-calling here...it's against the TOS. You should debate the topic not the person.
  15. Newbie friendly? When I was a newbie, Totally 80's sent me back with a message that my avatar was not old enough. I can't remember if they wanted me to be 30 or 45 days. I've visited the club a few times but never became a regular because it was slow at the times I went...not too many people there. I like busier places.
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