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  1. Magical, romantic aesthetically beautiful newly built club needs a partner with experience. Please see FairreLilette's profile for teleport and please direct all queries inworld only to FairreLilette. Thank you!
  2. Gacha doesn't need to retire...but the items do. I'm tired of repeating myself. Over and out. But, I just wanted to say...I asked for YOUR input on how to improve Gacha. You say, your suggestion won't work because of ____________________ (fill in the blank) My suggestion to improve Gacha is _________________________ (fill in the blank). One more thing, the suggestion for a committee was not to make rules nor enforcement but to brainstorm ways to improve Gacha and that is all. K...now over and out. Had enough of this, man. And that is for sure! Too much belittling of others instead of offering suggestions. Contact me inworld if you have suggestions on ways to improve Gacha or what may be on the horizon re: Gacha improvement and/ or I guess you could say Next Gen Gacha...if any.
  3. Oh no, me for Pete's sake. There is not enough time in the day for me to do that. That is very reason I was suggesting to set up a way so buyer's could know when or if a Gacha is retiring. I give up.
  4. Where is this fact listed about Gacha not retiring?
  5. Okay, but your double-talking here. You say all Gacha seller's would need to agree to this, and then saying it's their own business. Yes, it is their own business. What I was proposing was never an enforcement of anything because I don't have any such power and I don't understand this if the Gacha retires, LL has to close listing on MP? So, that means to me, there is no real item in those listings on MP. Or something like that. And, I don't need to get involved in that.
  6. Oh yeah sure...you wanna come up and see my Gacha collection sometime? rofl Gacha's are transfer items. It's an item for resale. So, most of the creator's want us to buy Gacha's at 50-75 that never retire and resell them too? 0.o Resell them for what? Where is the value? I was told we are to resell the Gacha's we don't want so we can try to win the rare. I'm not interested in that. I find fine quality in some of the Gacha's and am/was interested in the antique aspect of it. I was told all Gachas retire. I was told wrong. I'll get over it.
  7. Well, I have time for one more post. That's it. I have not much more to say than the OP. Other than I added: Have 3-month, 6-month and 1-year retirees.
  8. Read the OP. I addressed it there. I'm out for the day.
  9. And, another thing. What is the transfer option for on Gacha if it's not something that can be resold by the buyer? Gacha created a resale market it doesn't know what the bleep it's doing frankly.
  10. I have no idea what you are saying UNLESS those Gacha listing on MP don't really have an object there. And, if Fenton or 1928 Jewelry Company retires their items for a season, they don't pull any items from the stores. Those are the last available for that year though and what the stores have left the stores have left. And, btw, I am a creator, too.
  11. Just a reminder that some sellers are offering a trade in your mod/transfer for a copy/mod. I doubt a lot of sellers would want to do that BUT perhaps a terminal could be set up. And, I doubt you or I have the time to seek out which seller has a trade in for copy/mod items. I know I don't have the time. I'm just passing the info along though.
  12. Why would LL need to pull out dated items? Are those Gacha's listings on the MP more or less empty? Or, in other words, if you purchase from the MP a Gacha, it is part of the quantity in the Gacha machine. I don't under this at all.
  13. That's funny. No, I am just talking about the quality. I think her work is awesome...I love her stuff. I guess what I was trying to say...is there wasn't anything wrong with the product. It was a great design, very well done. It just may have fallen into the too fussy category, that's why the price was so low. I'm not really sure. But, 2 and 4 linden for her gloves...it was a great deal for me. May I Add: I wonder if it is a good time to buy some Gacha? I think the market has hit rock bottom. Is it time to buy some? But, yet, on the other hand, there is no bottom, if the product is still there and never retires. It's just endless. I like Gacha 2 idea in the OP. Gacha's need a time-frame.
  14. They were gloves. I really liked them so I bought five pairs at 2 and 4 linden in different colors. The gloves were worth way more than that as I really like this particular designer. I'd guess the gloves were just a little "too fussy" for some to want to bother with. I like my avatar to wear warm stuff when it's cold and/or I'm going to snow sims but that's just me. And, I liked that they fit Maitreya without having to pay too much. But also, I have gotten furnishings for 9-10 linden. Gacha's have fallen below even 20. I agree that Gacha's need to be in their category or flagged. Sub-categories is needed too.
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