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  1. Oddly enough after this thread a thought came to me this morning after looking at a hair with both an unrigged version and a rigged version which was 'why not wear both'. The reason I would want to wear both is that by putting the unrigged one over the other I could make it bigger and it had a side piece of hair for one of the styling possibilities but that side piece of hair went through my body on the unrigged one. So, I hid that side piece that went through my body on the unrigged one with the styler HUD and then wore the rigged one underneath so I could have the side piece showing and no
  2. I didn't know that they did. I used it long time ago but would not use it today as I am not seeking an internet relationship and I listen to Classical music most of the time and love my music. But, it didn't know it was being shut off in certain places.
  3. What is the new universal type? I've not heard of that before.
  4. Why not update their origins though? And, what do they mean by "update" those other brands listed - do they mean the older heads as well or what? This is why I need to contact the creator. Plus even the eyes on Aida origins won't change when I have her set on BOM.
  5. Yeah, this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ me too...but even further is it the old skin icon that could be the problem because I've read BOM is about tattoos and somehow putting all those tattoos into one texture. So, does this include the little yellow person icon skin as a tattoo? Something is weird here. The skins where I have the neck seam are the little yellow person icon. However, I have been using full BOM skins for a while now. I have taken lots and lots of photos with them with no neck seams; fine in Midday as well. So, this neck seam issue just happened two days ago - and it was the sk
  6. Okay, I got a notecard saying that it did which it did on the skins I tried and then Horus posts a picture that he just went BOM and he has a neck seam and it looks like he is using pretty decent lighting. Now, the skins I have with the neck seams and the nc to change the lighting are full BOM, meaning they are one piece with the head and body together, and the skin maker also including pictures on how the skin neck will look in different lighting. And then Horus shows a picture that he just went BOM and he has a neck seam. I'm wondering if his BOM is tattoos or the full BOM kind that l
  7. First I want to say I have not had problems with neck seams when I was using Deetalez skins. I didn't have to wear a choker for years. I have been BOM with my own skins for over a month now but since buying new heads from several makers during the Black Friday sales, I need other head skins now. Too many to just whip out and make. So I'll start with what happened here: First, I got a bunch of new heads with the Black Friday sales so have been BOM skin shopping around. I read a notecard from one skin maker with the BOM skin and it said with BOM you may get neck seams so you need
  8. No, you said "bake on mesh has no effect on neck seams", end quote. I never said it did. I said the lighting, the lighting...the lighting. nm
  9. I'm mentioning the need or possible need for a lighting change regarding neck seams because of all the recent "I have neck seams" threads that started about a month or so ago. Many said just change your body fat. It could be they need to change their lighting. With some of my BOM skins, I get neck seams and odd shadows if I don't turn on the correct lighting. But, as far as CalWL as an alternative lighting source, not for me...that one is way too bright. EEP is not out in Firestorm yet I don't think but when it comes out, I hope there are some improved lightings for BOM skins that are jus
  10. That's not what I said. I never said BOM was causing a neck seam? I said with BOM we need different lighting or we could get a neck seam. I'm tired. Please re-read what I said. I also said CalWL is too bright for me and that I also read Annon Adored Optimal Skin No Shadow may not be enough to make the neck seam go away. I said it was the lighting causing neck seams.
  11. I have but I make unusual shapes of head for my fairy shapes. I try all kinds of unusual shapes but sometimes you cannot have your brow too big plus other sliders under head or it won't work, and you have to move the sliders down for it to fit or get an unrigged hair. But, yes, even your brow too much, the hair won't fit, or the squash head or forehead heavy, etc, is a no go either. I make all kinds of unusual shapes but they do not work with many of the rigged hairs.
  12. That's great! I probably with my Photoshop skills now could make invitations for real life or all kind of graphic thingies. What I really did learn here is it far, far easier to make my Shabby Chic furniture in real life than it is on a computer. Far, far easier in real life. Sometimes in real life I could make beautiful things with just a needle and thread. You cannot do that on a computer. It's way more difficult to make things on the computer.
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