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  1. Update: It's fixed. I fixed it myself by using the feature called EMISSIVE MASKING and then setting a value in emissive masking. I believe the alpha blending was confused because the texture I was using for my top on the bottom lace edge part is half texture half alpha; a hybrid. It is not a bug as far as I know. As far as items turning on to alpha blending...that may be a bug. I'm not sure yet. I have not submitted a JIRA nor talked to LL about items turning on to alpha blending yet. As far as items turning on alpha blending when they are not a transparent object may have to do with another feature I have not found yet to stabilize it or it is a bug. As far as anyone using an alpha which is shutting off alpha blending, you may need to use emissive masking and then set a value there.
  2. I'll send you some free tintable wings I have with instructions. See, what goes on a lot with SL creation is many creator's block access to the TEXTURE area of the edit menu so most people do not even know it exists. Most creator's block it with what is called a resizer menu. I also think many creator's did this because they figured the texture area of the edit menu was too difficult for most people to work or figure out...plus language issues. It is important to learn how to use these tools that are built into every object in SL unless the creator has blocked them because many creator's do not block access to the texture area. I do not block access to the texture area of my items unless it is a copy only item nor do a lot of other creators. What you will find in the texture tab of the edit menu is how to tint using SL's built in Color Palette. Plus with the wings check the box that says full bright, check it on and off so you can see what the difference is. The texture tab is also where you set the transparency of objects...in this case, the wings. You can change the transparency of objects under the texture tab, set an amount for glow, use the color picker palette and even change textures there. Contact me if you need any help. Read my profile for best times to leave me an IM...however, I may be afk but I check my messages many times a day. p.s. Also on 'some' objects, even though they have a resizer menu, the texture area is still open and the object is fully modifiable. It is good to check all hairs to see if they are tint-able even if the hair or object is reading copy only in your inventory as it may contain scripts which are no modify but the object itself is fully modifiable but it will read copy only in inventory because of no copy scripts. Once I send you the notecard you will be able to do that - check any hairs you buy to see if you can tint them yourself.
  3. I don't know what to say. I spoke with Firestorm Group and I was told regarding the alpha blending and it's problem "it's a known issue that cannot be fixed" by one person. However, another person was trying to help. We got the tops (the bottom lace part that is an alpha) to stay on alpha blending by attaching/detaching/attaching and then teleport and the alpha blending stayed on and I had my lace edge and it did not turn off using the attach/reattach upon teleport like is has been. However, when I change, it turns itself to OFF alpha blending again and I have no alpha-ed lace edge as shown in photos in this thread. I don't know what to do either. I have tried everything on my end and am exhausted right now after days of different tests. I may go premimum one month to talk to a live person about this issue.
  4. LOL, Cindy. Yeah "singing events" probably sounded weird. I didn't know want to call them...they are events where people get together to sing and perform. My sister messaged the man on FB with this line: "I hope your wife appreciated the song you sang last night". And he messages back, "I'm not married." And the rest is history and going well for the both of them. Yay!
  5. Thanks ChinRey for all your help. Sorry about the mix up in the photos...I was just exhausted from this. Yes, I was wondering about this being the Firestorm viewer too so I checked ALLOW MULTIPLE VIEWERS in my Firestorm and then downloaded Second Life viewer last night. However, it was taking a long to open and I needed to log off and go to sleep. I am going to try to open the Second Life viewer now so I can see if the bug is there as well. ************************************************************************************************* EDITTED FOR UPDATES: Okay, I took the Firestorm viewer out, did a disc cleanup, cleaned out some other things from my computer, rebooted my system and ran Second Life with the SECOND LIFE VIEWER ONLY installed, and the "bug" is there in the SL viewer. I tried another alpha texture on the lower hem and it also changes to off alpha blending upon teleport or change of clothes. This is what I mean about this feature being horrendous. I cannot work this way with this feature. My building will cease at this time because of this and the fact that I cannot work this way with this feature. I will file this JIRA thing but with whom and where it is that I file? p.s. This top is not textures I want...I am just wearing different textures for a test and it's still switching to OFF alpha blending by itself. (The white strip you see across the belly is part of my avatar's white Albino Cat belly - not part of the alpha missing.) But, I quit.
  6. If you are not planning a move there, it sounds more like a fling than a relationship. However, relationships have started all over this world and some in very unique ways. I was wondering why you didn't like online dating though? Almost everyone in my family who wasn't in a relationship, are in a relationship now with someone they "hooked up with" on Facebook. And, by "hooked up" I mean because they knew each other in their past and reconnected on Facebook. One of them though...they both knew each other from a group they both attend for singing events...and then started to communicate on Facebook and now are bf and gf. I'm not suggesting it's a wonderful idea...but how about just dating people you were comfortable with in the past and connecting with them on Facebook? People you know already, I mean...or knew before. Meet for coffee or something casual. Just a suggestion.
  7. I completed the installation and am now on the BOM viewer. However, it is still turning the alpha part of my top (the lace part on the bottom) to off upon teleport or changing the pants to a skirt. Where or how the texture for the lace on the bottom is being generated into a white part makes no sense because it's a real alpha there. There are no white parts there on the texture as those have been alpha-ed out. I am not sure what to do. Am I supposed to file a JIRA? I've tried every work-around I could think of. Nothing is working to keep the real alpha part (the lace at the bottom) on alpha blending...it keeps turning to off by itself.
  8. Oh, no my alts are on the same viewer....so I thought it might be something like that. I need a correction too. It does not let the lower half of the top stay on alpha blending if the top part is also on alpha blending. It just keeps shutting the real alpha part (the lace ruffle on the bottom) to OFF upon teleport or change from pants to skirt. In essence what this alpha blending thing is doing in my latest viewer IS turning the alpha blending on for items that are not alpha, and turning the alpha blending off for items that are a real alpha. This is what I've been dealing with...but not on every item or I would have died from stress probably or given up. Is there any way to secure this alpha blending deal with a command?...but it would need a command for each part and I don't think that is possible. I will be changing viewers later this afternoon. I can't do it right now.
  9. Wow...okay...I didn't know that. I'm been using the items as a vendor themselves for my store. You click on the item and either receive a copy or the contents....and mostly each item is 1 prim/1 LI so I thought 'why not'?....it looks cute. My alts can rez my store sim fine though...no rez issues whatsoever and fast load...probably because my textures are 512 x 512. Okay, thanks again for that info. Aye aye aye. It's a lot of work making items and dealing with this alpha blending things too, and I have to do ten tops over now. I better do first things first and try the newest viewer.
  10. Okay thanks for all the info very much! As for me, first things first. I am going to update my viewer to BOM. I haven't done it because I have been very busy furnishing a new club. I only have been back to building a short while. Next, I had a work around with shoes...I turned alpha blending to off manually after rez. How to remove the alpha channel from Photoshop. I didn't know it was doing that although it did occur to me there is something going in Photoshop that is not compatible with the current viewer I have...as this is not my first viewer. And then I got to thinking about it setting it to alpha blending with just text...perhaps then it needs text as an overlay in Photoshop? Iow, I mean to use the overlay command in Photoshop to make it one texture - text and it's background...but that does seem needless really. However, with my top above....I don't have any current work around. It wants me to either make the whole thing alpha blending or none....yet when I have it split...it keeps turning the alpha blending off on the bottom of the top by itself. I am going to try to make the bottom half first with alpha blending and the top of the top second without alpha blending and try that after I download a new viewer. That's all I can think of right now. But, I did want to say...I use a lot of alphas and layers in my textures and it's been a horrendous experience getting them to work in SL...and I am not "new" to building. Why it started doing this...I have no idea because it wasn't always like this with SL.
  11. I am not sure that alpha blending thing the way it is in my Firestorm viewer now was there from when I started SL...as I cannot remember. I do remember though that I saw the materials window and the alpha blending thing...and thought ooooooo, a new feature! Well, it has been nothing short of a nightmare trying to work with it. I will shut it off, it turns itself back on again...and repeat 50 million times. Just setting up my little store was horrendous. The things I'd rez, it set to alpha blending and the object would go semi-transparent and I had to shut it off on every object. But still, why is this alpha blending thing turning itself on and off without a command prompt? The shoes for my store that I rezzed were not alpha and yet upon rez, the alpha blending thing would turn on. Well, what should be done about this because it has made building horrid....simply horrid. There is no other way to put it.
  12. Yes, vendors too. And what do vendor photos have in common with all the photos in this thread? Vendor photos have text and are often layered with alphas in Photoshop. By, alpha, I mean an alpha is placed over a texture in Photoshop to make one combined texture. However, when I import textures that I used alphas on, it sets it to alpha blending. It doesn't need alpha blending just because the texture was made with some alphas or text in it. Plus, seriously, this sounds like some kind of a script doing that. And, scripts could be laggy. However, this is a script that is horrendous! It's botched up so much of my stuff I cannot even begin to tell you how much. And, I don't want a feature going on and off without authorization by me via a command prompt. That just ain't right at all. p.s. It sets itself to alpha blending with just text on the texture also.
  13. If you look at the photos again though Penny, those signs and the shadows...those could all be alpha things though...this alpha blending feature has been nothing but a nightmare since it was introduced. If there is a bug, it's there...in that alpha blending thing. Plus, if you read my OP...I said I use 512 textures. There was nothing over-whelming my computer. My textures ARE 512 x 512. I edited that in from the beginning of my OP. I believe there is a bug in the alpha blending feature as all those examples shown by animats look like they could be victims of the alpha blending massacre that has been happening to my items too since it's inception. It's a horrible feature. I had been furnishing my clubs for awhile but back to building for a few weeks now and it's massacre my stuff. It will set it to alpha blending ON by itself to when it doesn't need it either. Plus it also shuts itself off without a command prompt.
  14. You know, this might sound weird but if you look at those two things that did not rez...both could have been made with layers or alphas - those signs and the shadows could be alpha too or set partially transparent. I am having one helluva time with this alpha blending new feature. It's horrendous! This alpha blending thing (it's a fairly new feature) is now ruining my design completely as I want the top half of the top to be no alpha blending but the bottom half to be alpha blending for a semi sheer lace and it's going cookoo on me. When I teleport it switches the lower half of the top back to OFF OF ALPHA BLENDING. But, if you look at the sweatshirts I made above...they contain an alpha overlay for the fairy picture and so did the other sweatshirt that was blurry have an alpha overlay but it did not need to be set on alpha blending. But, I have noticed this blurriness since the alpha blending feature as I use alphas on a lot of my textures. But, some don't need alpha blending but it thinks it does anyways and keeps setting it to alpha blending when it's only an alpha overlay made in Photoshop. I hate this alpha blending thing!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, this alpha blending thing is completely ruining my creation right now and I need to start a new thread about alpha blending. But, I will state, it is a horrible feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so angry it...it gives me nothing but problems that I want to another viewer without alpha blending. But, even if I get a viewer without alpha blending...if people buy my creation...they will have the problems I am having if they have alpha blending in their viewer. I am so furious and have been with this alpha blending feature for a while but this is ruining my creation I spent a lot of time as well as other creations too! The first picture is how the top should look. But when I teleport or change from pants to skirts, it turns the alpha blending off on the bottom lace sheer as shown in the 2nd photo. And, sometimes the alpha blending turns itself ON when my texture contains an alpha I've used in Photoshop. It is not, however, an alpha. This feature is horrid...just horrid. And why the heck is a feature turning itself off and on? Why doesn't it respond to the correct command? It's changing things without authorization from me....the alpha blending thing. It does it by itself..turns itself on and off.
  15. Alyona said: If I had only a single cookie to give, I would give it to you. This is spot-on of the most high. I said: No, no, no you forgot 40+...the ones who are too jaded like me to give a darn if anyone likes my cat avi or not. Ha! Just kidding. But, seriously, I feel like I get to re-live a 2nd childhood here. I'm having a great time just being with friends I can eventually know as people.
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