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  1. So you want to make something and hope LL like it enough to buy it. I see where this is going.
  2. It seems that you cannot grow your current business any more, because the number of people in SL is not growing - I take it this is to do with your advertising business. So, you want to find a way of starting a business that will grow, and for that you need a team of talented, ambitious people to work with you. You dress this up as wanting to provide a facility for their benefit. I could perhaps believe your story if you had not displayed unprofessionalism in your rant about this forum and the previous one, and said so much in praise of yourself. I am not convinced one bit by your sales pi
  3. With my 'Progress' Crowd Displacement Hat, nobody pushes me.
  4. The close presence of conifers and palm trees is a little puzzling. Are there places in the real world where this happens?
  5. It depends on what you're trying to achieve. There are meetings with certain Lindens concerning their specialist interests. You can see the schedule here. They will not address a grievance or anything that should be reported via the Abuse Report system. If it's about something like a billing matter then you can start with the Help pages. I can't really offer any further advice as your question is so vague.
  6. I'm opening gifts from Shop and Hop of Summer 2020.
  7. Many of them are actual males but only interested in males. I mean, looking that good?
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