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  1. This parcel is for residential use. It offers 3,093 LI at L$1,970 per week, on 9,216 sqm. Terraforming permitted. Region theme is Northern European/Canadian. A good landscaping and building eye is required. TAKE INFO CARD FROM RENTAL BOX. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/198/70/21
  2. Yes, it was exciting and open. You could find and talk to most people, since the world was still small. There was much more variety, experimentation, and playfulness in avatar appearance, even if it did look rather crudely made. Everyone could have a go at making things without feeling inadequate, and there was much less of a corporate feel. Sorry, LL, it's all so polished and narrow in the official feel now.
  3. Just think how nice it will be afterwards to taste your favourites, though take it from me you'll need to watch your intake as your tum will probably get a bit rounder after the op. Sorry, hope it goes well.
  4. Well, I just ate fruity cous-cous because it was easy but I'd rather have had egg and chips.
  5. Igloos! With your own reindeer!
  6. Thank you for the memories! There's a 3-minute prelude to the song that I find exciting.
  7. A very long time ago I saw a tv item on Concorde, with a rear shot of it taking off to the beginning of this track, and I just thought how beautiful and powerful the aircraft was. If you don't remember Concorde, here she is to Coldplay's 'Speed of Sound', and darn it I have tears in my eyes.
  8. I'm not allowed to watch it in the UK so a quick VPN and I'm in the States I have some history to learn as I thought 'Orange' and Dutch were inseparable.
  9. Except that BrianZiegler is the name he gave, and there is nothing at all on his profile. Why should we trust him?
  10. Someone suggested that the 'What are you listening to right now' topic might usefully split off to present primarily non-music viewing. So here are my two choices today. 'Better than Us' - the robots-and-murder thriller on Netflix - and one from YouTube.
  11. 7 years and 7 months inworld, with nothing on his profile and no payment info. So basically, he doesn't care about SL or us. Today I discovered an interesting non-binary Asian graduate who showed me a new world of fashion (some very nice clothes, actually). I've only known them for 10 minutes but they were as sincere in their answers as anyone 10 minutes old can be. So that was fun.
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