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  1. Garnet Psaltery

    What are you listening right know.

    I'll take the five-dollar sheikh.
  2. Garnet Psaltery

    Homestead For Sale Or Rent

    You can send personal messages via this forum.
  3. Garnet Psaltery

    Homestead For Sale Or Rent

    After 2 years, I'd hope they managed to find someone to rent it! Honestly, did it not occur to you to IM the advertiser inworld rather than mess up this forum with all your replies?
  4. The homestead Insula Tenebris is available for residential, light commercial, or educational use. It offers 4,998 LI at L$6,900 per week, on 65,520 sqm. (16 sqm is reserved in the NE corner for the rental box). The purchaser and up to 9 others may have Estate Manager powers, including terraforming, changes to environment, Covenant, region rating, etc. The purchaser may set whatever theme and rules they wish, while abiding by Linden Lab's Terms of Service and Community Standards. To start a tenancy, buy the parcel, pay the rental box at least 1 week's rent, and send me an IM to say you are renting. The rental box will be lowered underwater when the parcel is tenanted. If you have any questions, just ask. I live in the UK so please allow for any timezone differences. Garnet Psaltery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Insula Tenebris/245/244/22
  5. Garnet Psaltery

    Second Life 16th Birthday Celebrations Confirmed

    Is this a free forum or not? And just listen to yourself. "We have true American heroes". There are other countries in the world.
  6. Garnet Psaltery

    Second Life 16th Birthday Celebrations Confirmed

    Let me see - in the UK we had rationing, bombed-out buildings, broken industry, back to the kitchen for women. For most people it was still make-do-and-mend. Of course the celebration is based on '50s America where presumably they'd never had it so good. Sorry, but I grew up in the '50s and what glamour and fun we had was on the t.v. (we had a 9-inch screen t.v. paid for by wearing second-hand clothes and scrimping on food). Still, have fun, folks!
  7. Garnet Psaltery

    What are you listening right know.

    I'm not sure what the lyric is to this. Stiff whites? That would make it about meringues. Maybe it's step weights, which you probably need after eating all those meringues.
  8. Garnet Psaltery

    Do you treat non-human avatars differently than human avis?

    I don't strike up conversations with strangers usually, but am inclined to greet a lone Tiny.
  9. This quarter-homestead is available for residential use with a Moderate rating. It offers 1,250 LI at L$1,750 per week, on 16,384 sqm. Terraforming is permitted within a small range. We have a Northern European/Canadian theme and ambience, with seasonal changes. Light-hearted but enthusiastic roleplay in various genres is available on the main region Parte Tenebrosa on occasion, e.g. outer space, murder mystery, spies, vampires. We also have movie nights and evenings in the pub. We hope you'll join in with our community of intelligent folk from Britain, America, Greece, Canada, and Sweden, but we understand if you'd like to take your time, or prefer to stay solitary in your island retreat. Please take a notecard for full information from the rental box indicated by a helpful large green arrow. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Insula Tenebris/117/118/22
  10. On the 11th April 2005 I logged in for the first time on Orientation Island. I had fun learning a few basics like chatting with the kissing parrot, and tweaking Ruth, until I got to the Getting a Closer Look station. Being too impatient to learn how to cam behind the poster, I walked round it instead, clicked the back and got my congratulations. What a cheat