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  1. Garnet Psaltery

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    Of course, if every other parcel has banned the griefer they end up bouncing from one to another very fast, which isn't funny at all. 😁
  2. Garnet Psaltery

    Concierge & Mainland Support Hosts Inworld Office Hours

    Oh, I couldn't copy it for some reason so I just hand-typed, with the last bit being Concierge_Land_User_Group, and that is why I saw an empty page, because the one I'd have got if I copy/pasted has oodles of stuff in it. I suppose that means I get no croissants. p.s. I browse in Brave.
  3. Garnet Psaltery

    Looking for Guy Linden

    I'm not sure why you think they had a lot of free time. Responding to griefing calls would have been a part of the job for some, and not infrequently attended by more than one of them. With Live Help open and monitored by Lindens and Mentors, calls for help with griefing could be answered quickly, even without system warnings. I can't imagine a situation where Pothead Linden was sitting watching the clouds when the call came.
  4. Garnet Psaltery

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    Ooh, I didn't know that. I'll check next time I'm tempted by something shiny
  5. Garnet Psaltery

    Looking for Guy Linden

    There was a very different ratio of Lindens to residents then.
  6. Garnet Psaltery

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    I'm an old lady and I get enough grief, thank you.
  7. Garnet Psaltery

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    I prefer 'copy' for both. On a very few occasions I've bought no-copy from not paying attention, and been annoyed. Gachas are a whole other thing, and they are evil.
  8. Garnet Psaltery

    What are you doing today!? :D

    I joined a new group for talking about SL and land and things, and I was only the third person to join so two Lindens are probably going "Oh, no!" right now
  9. Garnet Psaltery

    Concierge & Mainland Support Hosts Inworld Office Hours

    The page is currently empty. For this, and because Moncierge sounds French, you may recompense us with free coffee and croissants 😀
  10. I have ONE region, which is my home, and I let out parcels to allow me to stay there. I'm hardly competing with you, as I don't offer ready-made environments, or 24/7 support. Good for you for doing that, and you seem to be successful at it. I'm one of the regulars in the forum who comment when we think something is going off-track. No, we're not moderators, we just like to be helpful. I have actually defended people in this section a couple of times against adverse comments, though I rarely comment at all here. I did so this time because I thought your postings seemed excessive - not good for you or anyone.
  11. Garnet Psaltery

    September Town Hall discussion

    It's been pinned to the top.
  12. Garnet Psaltery

    Calling all SL British Users!

    Potentially giving me headaches as the connection drops out or customer service stinks, but I hope it works out well for you
  13. Garnet Psaltery

    Forum becoming more negative?

    I'd hate to think your point is that what I said about suicide levels among the disabled in Britain is meaningless because you can mention places where it's worse. What is your point?
  14. OFFER ENDS ON 30TH SEPTEMBER. Normal rental price will then begin, i.e. L$3475 per week.