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  1. This could be in 'listening' or 'watching' but it's the music I looked for, so here it is.
  2. We're now using the Black Forest Pirates group. It's open to join, and you get the group title Cake Pirate. We're cultured but not always terribly sophisticated.
  3. Yes, we have no connection. We have no connection today. We have the website and fora and Flickrs galore-a and all kinds of YouTubes to play. We're finding more complications. It's panic stations. But yes, we have no connection. We have no connection today.
  4. I think I know what you mean, @Tarina Sewell. Cliques form everywhere; little busybodies who decide who's in and who's most definitely not. What have they got to be snobbish about, anyway? Pixel dust?
  5. This 1/4 region is available for residential/roleplay purposes. It offers 5,500 LI at L$3,500 per week on 16,384 sqm. Terraforming is permitted. The region's theme is Northern European at ground level. We have seasons. Spring begins officially on 1st February but you are welcome to build for Spring now. We like trees. Tinies, fae, mermaids, vampires, angels, other non-humans, and humans are welcome. Please take an information card from the rental box and read the enclosed Covenant for full details. This is a Moderate-rated region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/124/141/21
  6. No, I haven't used it in years, and I don't even keep it to hand.
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