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  1. My goodness, you suddenly went very small. Must be the effect I have.
  2. You did when you cut my sentence. Actually I gave you sensible advice, so take it like an adult.
  3. If Frank's played this music, I'd have gone there.
  4. Since you've just set up a bar with entertainments (as promised in your Profile) why not try a bit of marketing and see if people come to you? Not in this bit of the forum, of course, but in the adverts section.
  5. Yes, I know this is old. I just fancied seeing it again. It's still funny.
  6. it's the wine talking. That, and memories of my Scottish ex-husband being very careful how he put on his kilt.
  7. Oh, one of the modern ones. Very practical.
  8. Because of the material in a kilt, unless you wear a dress kilt all the time.
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