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  1. Garnet Psaltery

    How do you get furniture to move up the stairs?

    Are you sure you're clicking on the bed or on something else in the way, perhaps a part of the house you're in? Mesh houses often have invisible parts that stick out from the building.
  2. Garnet Psaltery

    How do you get furniture to move up the stairs?

    Have you tried moving anything else upstairs? Does the bed not move at all or just not upstairs? Is it still there after a relog?
  3. Garnet Psaltery


    Straying from the topic, folks. Please don't get into anything heavy. This is for things that give you a face like this
  4. Garnet Psaltery


    @Webcrafter Yarrowroot I got a copy for myself the other day but I just sent an alt to check, and she couldn't get one either, so I sent you one in the meantime.
  5. Garnet Psaltery


    Burbleburbleburble. LittleMe said something I forgot (next comment), so I erased my earlier comment. I was at the Town Hall too
  6. Garnet Psaltery


    Yay for the squeeness! Thank you. It's almost as good as a hug, and this cat approves
  7. Garnet Psaltery

    About Land > Access (Help)

    Have you asked Concierge about it? Log in to the SL website and go to https://support.secondlife.com/ where you'll see a column with the heading Concierge Support. You can get help there.
  8. Garnet Psaltery

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have a question.

    Hello, and welcome to Second Life. I'm afraid there are bullies and idiots here as well as in RL. They push people because they know you are new and don't know how to escape.
  9. Garnet Psaltery


    I don't know. What twee have you got?
  10. Garnet Psaltery


    We need more squee. This picture is from a finished jigsaw puzzle. Please post lots of squeeness. Thank you.
  11. Garnet Psaltery

    A Derail Thread

    Marmite is wonderful! I have eaten it in chocolate and crisps, and the sprout version looks yummy. So there
  12. Garnet Psaltery

    What are you listening right know.

    The movie this underpins looks derivative and uninteresting, but I have Bear McCreary on my YouTube list so this came up today.
  13. Garnet Psaltery

    14999L$ /Week Rentals by Miriam Chung

    Miriam why do you keep posting in the wrong forum?
  14. Garnet Psaltery

    Questions About Whole Region/SIM Owners

    There are also people who don't give misleading information.
  15. Garnet Psaltery

    Town Hall post-mortem

    I asked in chat, and Grumpity said (again) it was in the mail. Since she arrived on a snail I said the snail must be bringing it.