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  1. First thing you should do is report the intruders to your landlord. Then you should ask for them to either give you access to the parcel ban/eject settings, or provide you with a security orb. If they refuse to do either, you should take your L$ to another landlord who will. Another option is to go premium and buy your own parcel. You can pick up a mainland parcel very cheap, and you'll have full access to all the land settings including ban and eject. You don't need to go to the expense of buying an entire region.
  2. Ahah that's hilarious. *buys it*
  3. Tilia is, specifically, a Linden tree. That's why the name Tilia was chosen.
  4. I am starting to get frustrated that Maitreya decided to name this mod "petite". Having tried a marketplace search and turned up only thousands of items made for tiny fairies...
  5. A product "doing well" is no indication of an investor's intentions for it. Bellisseria has already been put on a temporary hold, they were releasing new batches twice a week and that has all stopped, supposedly because they have "run out of hardware" but this is not entirely the case; there are already a load of SSPE regions already on the grid which have not been touched by the moles in more than a month. The new theme has been announced with not even a hint of a release date. Halting release of Linden Homes when the demand for them is still so high is already a big red warning flag. Then again, if this news causes many people to halt their premium subscriptions, they won't need so many new Linden Homes after all. Mainland itself is not "rare". There are swathes of it all abandoned and if you want some, all you need to do is submit a support ticket and Linden Lab will sell you what you want at L$1 per square metre. They'll set it up to sell to you in about 24 hours. That's how I got my current mainland. What IS rare, is someone wanting to offload their mainland being able to successfully sell it at any price. So they give up and abandon it.
  6. Having an avatar that's different from your RL sex or gender identity doesn't invalidate or change that gender-identity. My avatar is non-binary (tending towards female now) and many people I know in SL identify me as female and use feminine pronouns for me. But in RL I am not non-binary, my gender identity is still male. It's just a lot more fun shopping for a female avatar than it is for a male one.
  7. My guess is that the new owners will continue to invest in SL for a while, to make it a saleable proposition. I think they'll continue the push to the Cloud but I don't think we'll see any more private regions being available for sale, and I don't think we'll see any more development in Bellisseria. At some point in the near future (a year or so) they will split up Tilia from SL and sell them separately; Tilia will make big bucks for them as a payment engine for all sorts of games and apps with microtransactions. The worry is who, if anyone, would buy SL without Tilia? The only obvious answers are Google, Facebook or Disney. If it's the two former ones, then it's goodbye SL for sure; they'll collect our personal data and then pull the plug, as they do with pretty much everything they buy. If it's Disney, they'll keep it going but with strictly no adult content, which means no user-creation without some kind of approval process. And if these new investors can't sell SL as a separate concern for more than they paid for it, they'll just sell the hardware and pull the plug anyway. On the other hand, there have been takeovers and sales that have survived and even thrived; Sansar (so far) and Flickr both come to mind as being purchased by an unknown and kept going. So there is a chance, albeit a very small one. Maybe the guys who bought Sansar will think that SL is better for them; they'll buy SL and close Sansar instead. But now is a good time to make sure you have ways of keeping in touch with your SL friends outside of SL.
  8. Summer Mist Also found a cute little purple bunny;
  9. You'll find that most skin creators these days do not release their skins in one piece. They have a skin which is for the body only, and a blank face. Then you buy the face separately and this is supplied as a BOM tattoo layer that you wear on top. You won't notice any seam though; skins made this way or the old way is exactly the same as far as the texture is concerned. So if it would have matched as a whole one-piece skin, it will still match as a two-part skin. If you are using a body skin and a face skin from the same skin-maker, and in the same tone, and you are still seeing a join, it most likely means that your head or your body have materials (shine/glossiness/environment) set at different levels. You can check this by the following method: Change your windlight/sky settings to CaWL or Nam's Optimum Skin Turn off advanced lighting You'll see that the skin now matches; if it still doesn't, check the following: Either your head or your body have a tint added to them on your hud You bought the wrong head or body skin (note that some skin sellers have revised their tones so if you try to match an old body skin with a new head skin from the same seller, it may not work). You are wearing a "neck fix" either as a tattoo layer or part of your head or body. You don't need this with a mesh head so turn it off. It could also be that you have bought a skin from a creator who isn't competent enough to make their skins match under any circumstances, though this isn't likely if you bought it from a well-known creator.
  10. I'm equipping my new alt on a budget; not completely free but I'm trying not to spend a lot of money. They have the Lucybody from the MM board (plus L$200 for the BOM relay - I need to figure out how to make my own relay for that) and the free Genus head, and most of their hair and clothes so far have come from events and group gifts. I've also bought some low-cost stuff from the MP. I didn't intend for my alt to look just like me but they do.
  11. Yes! I raided the Sea Hole on MP, their layer stuff is lovely and only L$1 each. I bought them all.
  12. OOH welcome to Belli! Do a search for Bellisseria Events group and join that, as well as the B. Citizens group. There's a lot of regular events happening around Belli; my favourites are the Belli Blues Cafe (Mondays) and Far's houseboat parties (Fridays) but there are loads more too. Plus, anything and everything that happens in the Fairgrounds which is kind of of the central event space for Bellisseria. There's something going on there usually at least once a month. Belli people are lovely and friendly and even though I don't live there any more I can't keep away from the parties; I made so many lovely friends there.
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