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  1. Its also against the TOS and potentially very risky, likely to end with both people getting banned.
  2. Another thought specifically for Catwa HDPRO is that it might not be the eyebrows. I've noticed since switching from old Catwa to HDPRO that it seems - bigger - and I had to make more tweaks to my head shape (particularly head length and forehead angle) to make sure that parts of my skull weren't poking through. I've needed to switch to bigger hair sizes where they are available, and I'm making more use of the feature in the hud to alpha the back of the head. If that's the case, it's going to look similar to this (I'm deliberately wearing Magika's smallest size here to demonstrate):
  3. The nearest you get to "designers getting together" is the annual events such as Skin Fair where you find several of the major designers in one venue, but of course these are only once a year and this year's event was about a month ago. They are also laggy and a nightmare to try and shop in. Visiting the mainstores separately is actually easier and quicker. In general, guys who don't spend time on shopping don't upgrade their avatars at all (which is why there are still so many people with fourteen-year-old avatars still in the same system clothes and body they had since 2007 (yes I was o
  4. "Quality" and "complete package" are NEVER the same thing, because there is no quality creator who is able to make everything. They all specialise. The only way to get quality is to buy head, body and skin separately. It will be more expensive, but if current standards of quality is what you want, that is what you will have to do. The best bodies available for men right now are Signature Gianni and Legacy. Belleza Jake is decent and useable but bear in mind that it's outdated and appears to be an abandoned project with updates in the future looking very unlikely. However, clothing m
  5. I haven't noticed much difference as far as regular friendships goes, though I think that's mainly down to the groups I hang out in. Primarily the Bellisseria party scene, where everyone is friendly and no-one seems to care, the Shelter, which is very PG and anyone caught hassling anyone else for pixel-bumping will get booted, and a certain trans-orientated place where pretty much everyone is trans anyway. The disadvantage of the last one is that it attracts chasers. On the whole I'm not looking for a relationship anyone anyway; I have one already in RL and I am pretty much monogamous, no
  6. Maitimo


    Part of the reason that skirts are so short in SL is because longer ones (when mesh) look so bad with the animations, because of the way they stretch and distort abnormally in the middle. The problem was the same with system-skirts pre-mesh. There really isn't a fix for this issue except make the skirts shorter, or make them flexi, and flexi creates a whole new set of problems.
  7. There are a few dresses and skirts for men at Twosided. They make for Gianni as well as Jake.
  8. My guess is that the shoes are made for TMP instead of Legacy - although they are made by the same company they are totally different bodies, and clothes/shoes made for one will not fit the other. Another thought - I know that Legacy has a deformer to change to Maitreya clothes and I wonder if that applies to feet as well. Have you tried the Maitreya fit shoes instead? If the Maitreya ones fit, then check your hud to see if you've activated that deformer (I don't own the Legacy body so I can't direct you to the right place but I'm sure it's there somewhere). If the shoes are not for
  9. We need to see screenshots of the "demo" problem, but it sounds to me like you haven't taken off everything. --Maitreya Flat -- Check to make sure you're not still wearing the Flat Chest Tattoo Layer or Clothing Layer - there are four separate layers in the pack, the base one, the tattoo layer, undershirt layer and shirt layer. These are for appliers; you don't need to wear them unless you are wearing an applier on your upper body. Make sure you've detached all four pieces. If you've detached all of those, make sure you're not wearing a demo tattoo layer of some kind over your s
  10. The Maitreya flat chest comes with two different ones in the pack; the normal one and the "Augmented" one which is made to fit v-tech clothes. It's occasionally not a good fit but most of the stuff I own it works very well. It's also worth noting that most clothing made for "Maitreya Simple Stuff" which is another alternative flat chest option, fits the Maitreya Petite when breast size sliders are down at 10 or below. I would stick with Maitreya/flat chest option, unless you want to go REALLY young (like, under 15) in which case I'd suggest Tweenster, which has better proportions for
  11. I use BOM clothing quite a lot, especially for long sleeved tops, undershirts and leggings. Sn@tch is one of my favourites and this is my favourite system top from there. Sculpty sleeves which means I can wear them at different lengths. BOM leggings also from Sn@tch. The denim jacket, skirt and boots are mesh.
  12. My usual experience in hunts is one "love it" item out of 30, and the other 29 straight to trash. That's why I never do hunts any more. I would rather just pay normal price for that one thing instead of wasting my time hunting for the rubbish.
  13. Is "Moon" a custom last name? Accounts with a Custom Last Name must contact customer support for assistance; the web portal will not permit custom last name changes. Usernames and display names - English - Second Life Community
  14. I'm not familiar with Mila skins but those cute features make me think of Deetales. (Not sure how to spell that)
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