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  1. Linden Homes, it's a page within secondlife.com which is available if you are a premium member. Log in, and from your dashboard go to Account > Premium Membership > Explore your Linden Home. Or... https://land.secondlife.com/lindenhomes/land-selection.php
  2. My favourite is this one. I used to sing it in church when I was a wee lil' thing. Steeleye Span had a hit with it here in the early 70s but I like this one, which is livelier than Steeleye Span's version (and they pronounce the Latin properly) Least favourite is probably John Lennon "So This is Christmas". Mainly because of Yoko's screeching.
  3. From the picture, it's not immediately obvious to me that the house is private property. Fences and walls are often just part of the decor and in many places like yours they don't always mean anything. Take Calas Galadhon for example; the entire place is public, including the houses that look private. People may simply be assuming that your home is part of the sim decor. There are a few options though, which don't involve ruining your scenery with giant "Private Property" signs. 1) Separate your home parcel from the rest and put up ban lines 2) Put up transparent but non-phantom
  4. Depends on the hair style. If it's long enough to come anywhere below the nape of the neck, I prefer it rigged. Otherwise, every time your head goes down, the back of your hair comes up, and it looks like you're wearing a plastic helmet instead of hair. But very short styles like this one below, I prefer unrigged because they're easier to fit and adjust. What? Yes, I do still do "boy mode" sometimes...
  5. Yes, you would have to go through the LH website, but it gives you a rough idea of when to try. Note that the released home may or may not go back onto the website immediately; I've known some go back immediately, I've also known them take as long as 30 minutes. You are still competing against everyone else who is trying at the same time. Almost, but not quite. You can't restrict access to group only (this sets ban-lines), you can't set it to show in Search, and obviously you can't set it for sale. There is also a very detailed covenant with strict rules.
  6. I dug this one out of my inventory from last year's "Bellisseria on Ice" event.
  7. Most of them do not have mesh bodies and heads. Or if they do, they have only the free full-perm Ruth/Roth bodies. They can only fit "standard size" clothing which almost nobody makes any more.
  8. It looks to me like the Skinnery does not make those options for Legacy. I don't know if Legacy can use Omega; if it does, you could buy that one instead. And if you are BOM you could get any of them, as it appears that they all include BOM skins. If neither of those apply, you'll need to look for a different skin-maker.
  9. It is, and yet it is still 100% Victoria.
  10. No-one has ever asked me if I'm an elf in RL. If they did, I would tell them yes, yes I am. 😁
  11. That's the exact reason I started. But I stayed with it because it's actually uncovered some things about my personal identity that I had either not previously recognised, or that I had maybe suppressed. (side-effect of being raised Catholic). This is exactly it, I think. There are these homophobic guys who find a female avatar attractive and the moment they discover that the avatar has a man behind the keyboard, it suddenly means that they must be somehow gay. Which is absolute nonsense really, because it was a female avatar that they were attracted to in the first place, which is tot
  12. Huh? No. There's no way for the system to detect this. It can detect what base shape someone is using but it can't tell what the user is doing with that shape. There are many people using the female base that are actually male avatars, myself included. If that was your real reason, you'd be wanting to de-render women, not men. If only because there are far, far more of them This. This is obviously the real reason.
  13. Gonna be so much goth this week, I suspect...
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