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  1. I did that. Because the only last name I really want, can't ever be on the list (it's owned by the Tolkien Estate). I could have grabbed this name on an alt, but then I'd lose everything I have; I wanted this name for me, not for an alt. It was definitely worth it for me.
  2. BOM is the idea solution but if you don't have a BOM skin, you'll need to apply the freckles to the tattoo layer and the tattoo to the underwear layer (assuming it has an option to do so in the applier). This sometimes causes an alpha glitch though, meaning that one of the layers will be invisible. One trick that sometimes works is to wear all three layers, put the freckles on tattoo layer, the tattoo on clothing layer, and turn the underwear layer (with no applier on it) to Mask mode. But really, BOM is 100% the best way to do this. Everything else is a fudge.
  3. I'm with Orwar and Pussycat; I'd love to have the options - but as unscripted separates, not as one scripted stripable thing.
  4. I love to see non-human avatars too. I'm an elf most of the time, though the pointed ears are subtle and often hidden by my hair so mostly, people don't even notice. But sometimes I'm in the mood to be a furry, or a demon, or something else entirely, and I've never been excluded from a place or been asked to change to something "more realistic". I can understand the reason to have only human avatars in a RP area where humans are the only species in a particular world-setting - such as Jo Yardley's 1920s Berlin for example. Or in a sex sim that caters to humans attracted to other humans. But in a regular club or whatever, there's no need to exclude non-humans and in my experience most of them don't. I went to Skinny Dip Inn as a cat furry a few weeks back and the first thing the host said to me was "Cute avi". I tend to avoid furry-specific clubs even when I'm a furry, because I find that their choice of music invariably sucks - perhaps due to the majority of them being 20-30 years younger than I am.
  5. They do, but so does pretty much every BOM skin I've tried , except when I've inadvertently got different materials settings on my head and body. The only brand I had dreadful difficulty with was the Skinnery. I've even managed no neck seam on the experimental skins I'm making myself (but I've got an annoying one around the belly and another on the inner thighs that are driving me nuts).
  6. Based on my experience, I agree with this - it's not necessarily tying it up whilst wet, but what you tie it up with. A rubber band will cause dreadful damage to your hair but if you use a proper tie that's made for the job, and you keep your hair well-conditioned (don't wash it every day when it's long, for instance - two or three times a week is sufficient for most people and just brush it regularly to keep re-distributing its natural oils down the length of it), tying it up whilst wet won't damage it any more than tying it up while it's dry.
  7. Do you have it turned on or off? They only show if YOU have it turned on too.
  8. "But I'm just getting warmed up... ...why are you screaming?"
  9. I only buy hair in fatpacks, because I know I will wear ALL the colours (except brown, I don't do brown). Which is why I like Magika so much, and the newer styles from Exile; they only do them in fatpacks and at L$300-400 they are so much cheaper than most others.
  10. For me it's skins, and yes, I do buy a lot of them; I have several fantasy skins from Plastik that cost L$1200 or L$1500 each.
  11. They are a threat, if they can wear clothing made for a big brand. If a free mesh body can wear Maitreya clothes, do you buy Maitreya body for your alt or grab the free body? And if the free ones are all wiped out, do you keep your alt non-mesh or save up for a big-brand body? Some people, at least, will save up. I am half-expecting the Lucybody to get slapped with a DMCA too, for the same reason, though it has been around a long time (it's an upgrade of their previous Afrodite body and only free since earlier this year) and it's a sufficiently well-established business going back many years, that it can probably afford to fight a false allegation, whereas someone new like Kalhene almost certainly can't. Lucy's did cheap Slink-compatible feet long before whole mesh bodies were even a thing, and to my knowledge, Slink never went after them. But maybe they will be forced to stop offering it free at some point though. Or more likely, at some point there will be no-one left that's interested enough to hit that MM board, and it will just stop getting enough hits to deliver.
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