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  1. Me, trying to find out, what a Thai Massage with „Happy End“ is all about ....
  2. Oh, interesting point you mentioned ... public rez zones? Maybe I was not thoroughly seeking for public rez zones, but I cant remember to have seen one in Bellisseria. If one of you could send me the coordinates of such a zone in Bellisseria, this would be very kind. Thanks in advance 🙂
  3. I wonder, why LL don‘t choose other ways to offer the batches of new Linden Homes: For example they could link to a registration page, where interested premium members could register for the house types they like to have. And every time if new houses are available, LL could notify the registered users, who were randomly chosen. This would be more fair, than a „first come, first get“ method which would be a disadvantage for people living in timezones where its maybe midnight at time of release. In addition this would also reduce the LL server usage at time of release.
  4. I am a bit clueless, trying to find out what this topic has to do with the New Linden Homes ....
  5. The very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone (Jane Austen)
  6. The perfect place to spend the weekend ... but why I am still wearing my Heels ... LOL
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