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  1. Property rights and copy right are complex legal issues, so this should be discussed under another topic. But to give you a very short answer: yes, sure! If someone sells music clips / sound files to you, which are protected under copyright law, you are not allowed to sell them to others. You „own“ them, but you don‘t have the right to distribute them. But back to the topic now: The question was: Why manufacturers sell their work very often as NO MOD. And the answer is: There may be different reasons why they do it .... but whatever the reasons might be, its their right to decide, if they want
  2. Well ... I understand your point, but SL is just a micro cosmos of RL ... and in RL there are also Manufacturers who want to protect their products against any changes ... and yes, its annoying, if you want to repair/upgrade a product (maybe a computer etc.) and than realizing that it is sealed and protected against unboxing. BUT the point is: They are the right owners of the products and its their decision to do or not ... as it is your decision to buy it or not. Same here in SL. If you like to have the full freedom to change your clothes/Furniture the way you like, i would recommend to buy
  3. Yesterday, a customer was purchasing an MAITREYA APPLIER from my shop and wrote a bad review, stating that the product is not working. When I contacted her and tried to figure out, what went wrong, she told me (after 30 Minutes of conversation) that she is not wearing Maitreya Mesh Body .... I really like to help newbies ... thats not a problem at all ... but it makes me furious, if they don‘t have any clue and at the same time thinking it would be a good idea to make shop owners responsible for their own lack of wisdom by writing a bad review ....
  4. Another suggestion regards jewelry: Maybe you could create your jewelry as rigged mesh and sell it as FULL PERM in your marketplace Store. If you search for „rigged jewelry“ with activated checkboxes COPY and TRANSFER in marketplace, you will see that there are not too many products offered. Maybe this would be a good start for your activities.
  5. ... that many shop owners are trying their best to help their customers, if the bought product is not working as expected. So If you might have a problem with a product you bought in Marketplace, please please please always contact the shop owners BEFORE writing a BAD REVIEW about the product! In case of the shop owner does not react on your support request or the product is still not working, so you still have the ability to write a bad review ... and then its fair, cause you gave them a chance of solving the problem. Thank you!
  6. VANILLA from „Vanilla Sex“ —> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conventional_sex LOVELACE from „Linda Lovelace“ —> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Lovelace 😙
  7. I can‘t help you to find your true Love/friendship, but I can help you with finding eyes for your mesh Avi. IM me.
  8. I don‘t know your brother, but there is a little voice in my head which says: „He will find another way for driving you crazy ... soon“. 😉
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