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  1. Oh, this is mathematics? Wow, thank you so much for telling me the truth. I will never ever doubt that again .... 🤣
  2. Regarding clothes I created folders for types of clothes like PANTS, SKIRT, TOPS, HEELS, etc. For each of those folders I have subfolders for main colors (BLACK, RED, BLUE etc.). Now if I want to combine a black skirt with a black top, I only need to browse the folders SKIRTS —> BLACK and TOPS —> BLACK .
  3. I doubt that 😉 But agree with all other things you said before.
  4. LOL .... ok, sorry .... I thought the eyes of your avatar were the source of all evil ... and the overall complexity of about 200k you mentioned before.
  5. wow, basic eyes with complexity of 200k is indeed very high. I am not sure if this is a possible solution for your avatar, but maybe there is a way to replace the basic eyes with other eyes of lower complexity?
  6. Sometimes it is only a single item of your Avatar (a piece of clothes etc.) which makes the complexity rise from 50k to 70k or even higher. Happened to me 2 weeks ago, when I was wearing a pretty old (but very beautiful) non-mesh bracelet.
  7. You should select a starting point, where you avatar will not be kicked out due to the „you are not older than 30 days“ limitations. I don‘t know which Mall you mean, but if this is a safe place for your avatar, you should give it a try by choosing it as your home location in your viewer.
  8. https://secondlife.com/destinations/howto/newbie Here is a list of „newcomer friendly“ places. Maybe you should select one of those as your home location.
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