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  1. I'm looking for someone to mesh me a kilt type thing, Taron Malicos' Kilt (preferably without the Zabrak Horns hanging down, removed entirely). Reply here, or message me directly, thank you. Note: In case anyone is wondering, Taron Malicos is a character from the latest Star Wars game, Jedi: Fallen Order
  2. Ironic, I've been into Mischief Managed for years, as a Slytherin, didn't even known other HP RPs existed in SL, lol.
  3. Found most of the armor pieces, shoulder piece is from Trap, Gauntlets and Chest pieces is from TURB, Belt and Pants is ::GB::/Gabriel. Horns is even from Trap, and I already knew where the Wings is from, Spider Productions, since I have both. Still looking for the suit though.
  4. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/206516
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