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  1. It's understandable that not all may have heard the term of throwing pies. I believe it originated with cartoons, The Three Stooges or slapstick - all of which I never liked as a kid but one of my sister's did so I saw some of it. It's basically throwing pies in each other's faces. With this statement about throwing pies, just take it as my opinion plus I apologize for saying you were deaf because it's not only you that I feel I am not being heard by. You have felt many times you were talking to a brick wall regarding me, I have felt the same way towards you and others. Ironing all things out just may never happen but I am heading out to do new art. Hoping you all have some good discussions in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbY8M9Jg2as
  2. Not really singling you out Arielle. I was just speaking about the whole issue of what some call those who are spreading lies on social media about COVID and the vaccine. It was and it wasn't meant about your post. The spike protein post of yours was a little upsetting but I truly believe the best thing overall no matter what side someone is on in a debate about COVID truths or lies or vaccine truth or lies or whatever (insert random health issue here) is to make health decisions based upon what someone says on any message board anywhere. People need to speak to their own doctor period I've said. This is dangerous altogether not too talk to one's own doctor I've said but I have to go and am leaving. I am going to a newer kind of world. I have to go and when someone says they are flouncing out, I think others should respect that and not quote them any longer. Let them go. Let me go.
  3. I don't know about this one, Luna, because I did not interpret it that way and it's mostly because I think it's only kind of obvious. I'm sure people can connect some of the dots here that I am telling the truth about it. But, however, I really did not interpret it that way. She ran off with one of those incomplete thought sentences, imo, like I do at times. But, it's best to drop it because if that is what she believes, that is entirely her problem not mine and not yours.
  4. It was Luna who interpreted her post as that I, me, FairreLilette was lying about being Dsylexic. I don't want people discussing that further about was she or was she not (Rowan) saying that. I did not interpret it that way. I'd like to leave now. Thank you if you could leave it be.
  5. I am speaking about did I mean lies or pies. I meant pies period. I don't want anyone to think I thought she meant I was a liar. If she did, that's her issue.
  6. I didn't take it to mean she meant that I was lying but if she is maybe she could put 2 and 2 together that EEP, even on the best of machines, is too frustrating for me. That could be a clue right there. I took her lie remark to mean the lies regarding the misinformation of COVID on all of social media and how she wants to engage with scorn laughs at those posting disinformation. As far as lies translating to mis or disinformation, the best anyone can do is to be a broken record and tell people to speak to their own doctor, not decide one's health according to a message board. That's how I feel about the mis and disinformation on social media. It's scary to think anyone would decide the future of their health according to a message board. It's altogether dangerous, imo. Put her changing my word from pies to lies is just way wrong to treat anyone with dyslexia. I feel she is deaf.
  7. It's pies. Could you in particular, Rowan, please stop mentioning me or what I say. Thank you. I'm done with you.
  8. Polenth Yue, I have never been in a discussion about those with Dyslexia and I am fully diagnosed with Dyslexia from a young age, having to learn to read with a card over the whole page that shows only one sentence at a time. Once I learned the first sentence, the card could be moved down so I could then begin to attempt to understand the second sentence, and so on to the third sentence, etc. I have never seen any anti-dyslexic posts ever on SL forums but what I forgot to say in my other post was that I wish I could have been involved in that other discussion as I would have liked to have seen what was written and been able to speak, but now I am beginning to see your point here that it is not helping to discuss it and I am feeling all confused now for bringing it up. I would, however, like to believe the SL community would not shut out those with disabilities. I don't even like the grammar Nazi's; it's must too much for me to handle at times and makes me angry frankly. If I flounce, it's because I really don't like all the drama here that I feel is needlessly created in very many ways plus I am wanting to go into the decentralized world now with my own art. EEP not running well on my machine plus it's too time consuming for me and a hassle (maybe that's my Dyslexia), it turned out to be one of the biggest positives in my life as it led me elsewhere - to decentralization (I am not speaking of Decentraland here). Be good to one another. Too many pies being thrown at each other, imo.
  9. I did not see that other thread. There is something this forum should know. I am dyslexic. I think I write fairly well. I try not to write blanket statements and I give reasons as to why I think certain things. My Dad, as I said, to which Orwar thinks it matters nothing, was a pioneer in the field of Autistic people being able to live at home and not be institutionalized as well as kept away from society. Thus, we, as my Dad's family, had to learn certain things, especially reactions. The cases my Dad had were of course considered extreme if institutionalization was considered at that time the only possibility. Parents wanted to have their children home with them and be a part of society. One of my Dad's patient's father was my Pediatrician. So, this is how we all were introduced. This occurred when I was kid so it made a big impression on me - a child to be home instead of locked away somewhere else. The child could only crawl on the ground and smell the carpet and could not speak at all. This autistic boy was living his life through smell and smelling on the ground. Things changed for him and he was able to stay at home with his parents and mingle with society or people or whatever that word is, even though he couldn't speak, he could smile and kiss your hand. I am dyslexic and it's a challenge. I have seen many go through challenges because of my Dad's work. I wrote quite a few posts where I said I think this scorn laugh is over-done and I'm not saying it simply because of autistic people, and it's bringing drama into threads where I have not been so I don't know what is going on in all these other threads. As far as mis or disinformation - people need to see their own doctor period not get medical advice from a message board.
  10. I worded it the way I did because me nor anyone in this thread has said autistic people are children or like children or should be compared to children. I'd say a good 90% of people involved in SL are good people and do not think that way regarding autistic people. There could be a bad 10% who might grief on them or you or me for whatever reasons they want to grief, but I am not trying to cause grief to anyone here.
  11. What do you mean by "something like this" on the forums? My concern was genuine and still is. I am sorry if others mis-read what I wrote. I am not the first one to say something about these scorn laughs in particular and I doubt I will be the last. But, my concern was genuine regarding people, age had nothing to do with my reasoning.
  12. Oh I see. Okay, you said there are no children here age-wise. And then, I replied this below to your post where you said there are no children here age-wise: That's not the point at all and you know it (meaning age and children). I was thinking of autistic people (too I should have put the word too here) that may come to the forums here as well and how that could be confusing. And, as a matter of fact, one posted in this thread.
  13. I never said any such thing. I think I said something along the lines of children or age is not the point I was making. I don't even remember now.
  14. Yep. And when a person makes a list this does not mean they are comparisons. I wasn't making a comparison chart. It should be fully known by simple logic that if one started reacting to their partner with inappropriate reactions, which could be seen as passive-aggressive and/or "mind games", they will eventually end up in divorce court. There are all kinds of reasons. Reasons are not comparisons. I was not making any comparisons such as apples, apples, apples, apples. There are lots of ways inappropriate reactions can effect a variety of peoples and relationships. Age has nothing to do with it really, that was simply where I started.
  15. I did not intentionally nor unintentionally compare autistic people to children. I'm talking about inappropriate reactions and honestly they can effect grown relationships as well especially those of partners. I was going to make a list but wasn't sure I was heard at all anyway. There are many ways someone could misunderstood the confused reaction when it's not a confusing post or misunderstand a laugh at their post when it isn't funny. I am mostly talking about newbies in my posts though and how that is perceived. One doesn't know the person here or their background. Autism is not an age if you didn't read my other post.
  16. Several people replied to Coffee's post about how we are on the forum because we don't have a SL inworld much these days. I don't think my replying to her post was dramatic nor hurtful nor disruptive when I quoted her post before my reply below. I haven't had much of an inworld these days because of issues. I'd still like to let the discussion here continue. Off topic is to me another rolls off my back. But, you can say I'm being against the TOS for being off topic, well it's also against the TOS to bring disputes to the forum and not to IM's. I think we all screw up at times with THE TOS.
  17. A thread is a topic. Why do I or anyone need to be dragged into someone's drama when we are there for a discussion? And, it's a drama we know nothing about because we weren't in that other thread. Drama llamas have a million and one excuses or what?
  18. I'm not saying to not do altogether either and never did. My previous posts said I think it's over-done and I gave reasons further wherein it could cause harm, not to mention I've further added it's habit-like now. However, if one does not care how another might respond to their reaction, they don't care I'm gathering from this discussion. Yet all the while we preach inworld our avatars and the person behind the keyboard has feelings. Here, on the forum, I'm feeling that person behind the keyboard doesn't matter the same as they do inworld. But, I still feel it's over-done and becoming habit-like, this doesn't mean never do it. You gotta be you. Overall, I have been feeling it could be toned down a bit as it's disrupting other convos wherein people in that thread may not know what was going on in another thread and then we are drawn into some kind of drama instead of a discussion because people carry stuff over from another thread or situation that some of us were not involved in.
  19. It's good to talk in IM's. That's great. But, other things I've said in prior posts is that I think it's over-done. There are times I can see it being useful but I feel it's become habit-like for the forum now and I've said I think there are times to just be silent about a particular post if it's not a harmful post. I can see medical misinformation posts being reacted too but there is no appropriate reaction for certain things though. Plus, I don't think medical information should be given out on a message board at all period. It can be dangerous. People need to see their own doctor period. I also think some discussions are being stifled and I agree with a poster who said well then why not find another topic you are interested in and let others discuss?
  20. Yes, that puts it even clearer. It is a spectrum. My Dad was a pioneer in the field of autism and before I met his patients I had to learn certain things about how to react but this was a long time ago. Thanks for sharing this about Asperger's. I'm not asking for people to treat anyone "specially" Luna, I have just been listing ways wherein I think inappropriate reactions are not a good idea. I don't think it's good for the community. Some people feel targeted too and does everyone know the reason why someone may feel targeted? Of course they don't. What if someone only has a 5th grade education for another example? I'm just sayin'...think before you react in an odd way because it is odd.
  21. Oh, absolutely. And autism is not an age; it's levels.
  22. No, I was not comparing them to children at all. My other post mentioned children and how inappropriate reactions lead to neuroses and then I'm adding one needs to remember there are autistic people that come to the forums as well as autistic people have different levels that others cannot possibly know and reacting inappropriately to autistic people is not a good thing when you do not know their level of autism. I never said they were children. Talk about twisting words for likes, jeeeeeeesh.
  23. What the bleep, Orwar? My post was not prejudice at all. My Dad was a pioneer in the field of autism. I have already posted on this forum I met several of my Dad's patients. The last thing you don't want to do around an autistic person is to react inappropriately. If you find that prejudice you have to remember there are levels of autism and you do not know every posters level here.
  24. This is probably partly true. EEP viewer is too difficult for my specs, although the older FS is finally working better for me. The more I logged in with the older FS viewer the better it was but I'd like to use SL for NFT's. I'm gradually moving towards getting involved with decentralized "things". Aside from making more real life computer art, Livepeer for one. I think Livepeer could be the next YouTube but it's also like a Skype or just for people to talk peer to peer with one another. I think SL needs to get with decentralization. Yes, that's another discussion, but I think a big paradigm shift for the internet is taking place. SL can benefit if it hooks in somehow.
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