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  1. Ironic, I've been into Mischief Managed for years, as a Slytherin, didn't even known other HP RPs existed in SL, lol.
  2. Found most of the armor pieces, shoulder piece is from Trap, Gauntlets and Chest pieces is from TURB, Belt and Pants is ::GB::/Gabriel. Horns is even from Trap, and I already knew where the Wings is from, Spider Productions, since I have both. Still looking for the suit though.
  3. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/206516
  4. I'm looking for the armor in this picture: Also, looking for the suit in this one: If anyone can please help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. Eructation is simply a fancier, and some might argue a more decorous, word for "belch." Honestly, I probably would've thought it meant something different myself, lol. I understand the needed for acceptance, and non-judgmental people after such drama. Real friends are always hard to find, but I can offer this, I'm a very non-judgmental person, as are a great number of my friends, we accept everyone. That being said, if you want to contact inworld, please do so, I'm always down for more friends
  6. Well hello there Raven Fancy seeing you here.
  7. Since I am a male, in RL and SL, and seeing the numerous posts on this thread. I can tell you this, men are not the ones fit to be seen, at least not only. I see the beauty in all the posts here, the poses, the avatars that are built, all of it is beautiful, and it doesn't matter if they're male, or female. I do not see this photo of yours as an obsolete aspect to women, in fact, I love the viewpoint you're trying to go with, the pose, and the beauty of your avatar, it is simply a work of art. Thank you for sharing
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