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How does your avatar look today ?


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First new outfit of the week...……..Evani Vivien Dess, which is really nice!! Been on my wishlist for ages, but I should have got it right away.

I went for pink but there's a 12 colour FP, although not many bright colours.. Shoes are Essenz Veracruz.



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Can't be seen in the snapshot, but I've decided to switch from using the -SneeK- Yuus/Nuuu, to the Parents Lil Helper.

The -SneeK- Yuus/Nuuu uses 3 attachment slots, where as Parents Lil Helper only uses the one.

Took me a while to figure out how to stop PLH from detaching parts of my avatar, everytime I put an outfit on.

All I had to do was too add a + to the begining of each outfit folder.

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Anyone with The Genus head..Euphoric has a really nice lipstick and nails at the kinky event..

I think the lipstick was around 280 and the nails were like 380..

I still have to try out the nails but they looked really nice..

Here is a pic of one of the tones in the lipstick..

To me it's the most natural deep looking wet lipstick I've found yet..I feel like kissing my own lips...hehehehehe

Euphoric lips, yummy_001


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