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  1. What are you doing today!? :D

    being lazy after school... effin boll.... on the streets being too stupid to drive ...grrr..... might need some frustration shopping for gifts and dollarbies
  2. How does your avatar look today ?

    OMG OMG OMG love it ^^ looks like my RL one Yeah... Seraphim, Teleport hub. Fabfree and flickr those are my checkpoints, too. Furniturewise I´m kinda the same plus I do have cool stuff and I still need to browse and clean that section, so no new furniture until that´s done ^^
  3. How does your avatar look today ?

    gooood goood - keep going ^^ same ... and it won´t... but I´ve limited myself drastically... and I ask myself if Kasha´d really wear that, followed by the question if I let her out of the house like that (usually it´s "hm... might ...why not....let´s take this home, who knows?" vs "EFF NO!!!!" XD) for events I browse the galeries at seraphim.sl and if I don´t like anything I see I won´t go (quite often recently)... If I do like something I MIGHT grab a demo and if I have budget left (my SL budget is 40€/Month, 29€ rent -> 11€ shopping - I grab a lot of group gifts XD) I might even take it... Now I do refrain from buying skimpy stuff and I haven´t bought new furniture in AGES, though tarte has a bullet journal gacha... I need more of that ...I might grab that via resells on the MP though I do try to develop a system to track what I delete, catalogize, buy, when I do these things.....and try to stay organized and reasonable...
  4. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    DAMN I know you wouldn´t fall for it or I´d tell ya pics or it didn´t happen @Clover Jinx would you give your absolutely neutral and objective opionion, please
  5. How does your avatar look today ?

    yep it takes weeks on the posestands, several hours a day to get a shoppaholic´s inventory in line trust me I´ve been there... And I´ve just recently started to browse through the folders I didn´t catalogize back in the days ...
  6. What are you doing today!? :D

    tbf... at an earlier point in my SL I was able to tell what a person was wearing just by looking at them... to quite some degree that is... I was like ok that´s skin xy, hair z, shirt ABC,...^^ friends tried to challenge me ^^
  7. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Good Morning retired Rhonda ^^ I´m sure it´s not THAT massive... but keep some for the other days
  8. What makes you reject a hair style?

    I don´t really like any kind of bobs or sidecuts, I had a mohawk and undercut phase but those are long gone now. I avoid bangs that are too sharp , that look just isn´t what I like on Kasha... not too much blonde is used, usually some sort of bangs I do love style huds and usually my hair is either on the darker redscale, pink or purple, pastel or both, orange or wild colour fusions and ombre and bayalage and whatever those things are called
  9. SL vs RL - general thoughts

    1. Do you keep SL apart from RL? Are you open about RL with people in SL? Do you tell your RL friends about SL? I kinda have to... Kasha is sitting on a beachthemed parcel in Tshirt and skirt - I´m beneath my heating on full power, looking at snow, Kasha is 6ft...8ish I think (which was a realistic height difference to the average male shape in 2011-13), I´m 5ft4... and chubby which she´s not.... we do have the same eyes though... I am open to quite some point I think and well quite a lot of know about my SL cos I use my SL pics as a reference ever so often 2. Do you act very differently in SL than in RL? I try in some parts... I see Akasha as a Character... a PART of me... I always said (or say for my other chars) Kasha is Alex but Alex is more than Kasha... Sometimes she´s what I want to be or consider cool but don´t need that myself (Coyote Ugly style bartending comes to mind... Kasha and one other char of mine did that - I used Kasha´s looks for Rhian^^). I wouldn´t dress like that (I wear ONE model of jeans, ONE bra-model, usually ONE brand of knickers, Shirts... so usually my RL clothes shopping is like "walk in... how many, this and this colour, GTFO), though I noticed I don´t put Kasha in too sexy clothes anymore, use dresses as shirts.... Uh and Kasha did dance, gogo, too - I wouldn´t even enter fetish clubs (basically- if they have any dresscode I tell them where to shove it ) let alone dance (when I still went to clubs my "dancing" was basically this back and forth walking, no weird arm moving included - i HATE that )...HM ... I noticed a change in that for Kasha, too...Plus I try to use dances with little arm movement, too nobody wants to see pits no matter how well shaven or not ...just NO^^ 3. Do you spend a lot of time in SL? Do you think you can spend less time, if RL demands it? Do you think SL is addictive? Did, Didn´t, Do-ish... I can now and it kinda is, yeah I mean back in 2011/12 I blogged myself into depression borderlining burnout... 3-4 posts back to back, promo for each post seperately in IDK how many SL fashion FB groups... damn I was on that posestand for 12-18 hrs a day ,I didn´t go near SL in 2014-17 after some disgusting RL breakup followed by my PC just being too old 4. Do you think SL affected or changed your RL self? In a good or in a bad way? I´ve learned a lot about other cultures, lifestyles, and then... as I mentioned my chars are all part of me, Kasha is my oldest char. We tried things I tought about (SL is a safe environment for that, spech for first attempts of trying), Kasha became more socially awkward and weird, she influenced my other characters in some way or another, other characters influence her... not as much for all of them, but spech the aforementioned Rhian... she´s the reason why I kept quite a number of system stuff and need to be able to switch to a very certain look at once (= if I need new pics xD) 5. Do you think SL only relationship can be considered as an RL adultery? Can you manage both relationship without getting in trouble? meh idk... seen too much, had both in the past, the last one was with the same guy (goes for all my chars, damn my poor twi'lek had to have an accident with amnesia so I could split that happy perfect couple up , nowadays well... I tend to mention my RL bf a ...lot.... *coughs* and he´s very interested in my SL but doesn´t want his own. I don´t have the time nor energy for an SL relationship, flirting, any kind of SLex so Kasha is becoming an asexual 6. What is the most important thing there is about SL for you? there´s VERY little limits lookswise which makes it a great creative outlet for me 7. Do you think a lot about things that happened in SL when you are offline? I know they do... effs sake I get 25group notices and that annoying thing "too many instant messages" EVERY time I sign on A lot of places are actually quite lively in my night hours, concerts and what have you, parties...
  10. Boys in the girls store

    tbh I´ve not seen guys in girls stores or even been chatted up by one I´ve never been chatted up in stores anyways unless we ran into each other there´s usually a sorry, sometimes a quick hi if I pass a specific person for the xth time but that´s about it
  11. Why crowded venues suck

    if somebody asks I didn´t see anything....Who do they think they are? We need to get rid of places like that one way or another, seriously They so do not know what they sent away...and who
  12. Ever run into RL acquaintance you didn't know was in SL?

    yes, once... One of my usually dead GroupChats opened and some guy said hi... I replied and we started to talk. Topic switched to my RL pic and it turns out we met at a convention and me and my friends were trying to sell my now bf then best friend to him and his group. He remembered us vividly cos we were the only group interacting with them
  13. When SL starts to feel like work - Why not Gamify it?

    aww hun but you still have to come over and meet Ruby^^