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  1. Akasha Sternberg

    Searching for Blogger or Sponsor

    you might want to join BloggerVloggerNetwork and similar specified groups and provide some links of your work.
  2. Akasha Sternberg

    Just Ignore and let this one die

    if mine did it I´d be like "well I´d have considered it but after this pop up I will heck all"
  3. Akasha Sternberg

    Lines that annoy you most

    oh I managed to see them out and about - they´re real... they exist But then I don´t hit on people XD I do leave a "whoa...love the look" in local when I pass by but I do that on gals and guys alike XD
  4. Akasha Sternberg

    Who are you? We want to know

    I´d be highly interested in reading those stories *grins*
  5. anybody that´s lonely in SL look up "The Forum Cartel" group inworld...
  6. Akasha Sternberg

    The VaNiTy ThReAd

    thx hun *hugs back
  7. Akasha Sternberg

    The VaNiTy ThReAd

    Sunshine and Rain, Grief and Joy, Light and Dark - opposites yet they´re so close... Details this way
  8. Akasha Sternberg

    For everyone in SL who use Flickr

    sad but true though... I don´t see their point though cos meaningless clicks as in "oh... pic in group..I give you some "award" badge in the comment now you have to like x photos, too" are ever so often and while I don´t participate in those shenanigans I get these "awards" in some groups not specifically aimed at that makes me chuckle but that´s it well now I have to edit, too - I used the cry reaction in combination with my post cos it made me sad... as in a REACTION.... I´m a blogger myself (not as famous, but still.... *points to her sig* Blogger since 2011) and I´m VERY aware of the existence and hate it with a passion. I tend to avoid those designers, maybe even stop buying their stuff. Like Skell (see below) I blog what pleases me and while I do add my pictures to the groups I see fit I avoid the ones I´ve mentioned above...and I don´t do it because of the likes but for the fun or cos the item inspired me... so yeah... SOME play along and some say eff it - do you want that free advertisement my blogging would give you or not?
  9. I don´t redo my interior that often... but I switch deco and the backyard/beach by season/holiday^^
  10. Akasha Sternberg

    For everyone in SL who use Flickr

    I´d rather see those though....Damn I swear all those follow me on instagram pics make me wanna scream XD
  11. well damn you hungry bunch XD Now go make new one^^
  12. Akasha Sternberg

    For everyone in SL who use Flickr

    Well I´ve been Flickr Pro ever since I got Flickr I guess - or shortly afterwards so it doesn´t really affect me that much and my photos tend to be very PG, xept for swearing in the titles occasionally XD I´m still on FB so...hm... idk, worst that could happen is that I merge my accounts though I don´t see that comming, I´d prolly drop Kasha´s FB if I was reported. One thingI will NEVER do in ANY life.... is join Instagram... I HATE HATE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE it.... Foodpics, Selfies (should be forbidden), Hashtags - URGH... eff no ^^ not for me^^
  13. ok I know I´m late to the party but RL ...and stuffs.... XD (I´ll so blog about yesterday....too weird not to^^) so what´s the current status, have the teams shifted and @Drake1 Nightfire is my pet so you can make offers to me and I´ll see for how long you´re allowed to cuddle him ^^ other than that? WHERE`S MA EFFIN POPCORN? Damnit!
  14. Akasha Sternberg

    A Derail Thread

    thats just downright impossible!
  15. Akasha Sternberg

    The VaNiTy ThReAd

    If you ever face chaos channel your inner planner nerd and make a kickass spread and/or tracker Details: https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/planner-meditation