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  1. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    Oh well yeah that´s how you do it your first style card YEY YOU!!!! Love the pics, my editing skills are just at the same level Now I´m trying a very lazy Style Card method on you lot this time: https://i.gyazo.com/2e99f5da5f31e29691ebe832cfcc5bad.mp4 Avatar complexity is.... 231425 oh right... and the outfit is: I know... it´s been 1 am for me and I was dead tired plus I didn´t know where to go where I have water access and rezzing rights (Maddie?^^ Do your magic hun^^)

    well when I see w/e my inner eye portrays a bitchy teen girl screeching WHATEVARRRR and doing these weird annoying hand-/headmoves trying to be supercool but just making a complete and utter fool out of herself You know like in these chickflicks where the white cheerleader wants to pull off some "Oprah" moves with head nodding from side to side or in circles, fingers snipping and all that... Well those moves a real soul diva could pull off but not some random cheerleader (I´ve never seen Oprah btw but that´s what those ... moves... were named to me ^^)
  3. How does your avatar look today ?

    ok pirate day might be over for an hour for me now but I FINALLY made it through my RP mission and inventory sorting... being able to take a nice pic...or well at least try to...
  4. Just Ignore and let this one die

    I´d love to see that
  5. How does your avatar look today ?

    ohh yeah I absolutely support his theory^^
  6. How does your avatar look today ?

    ohhh my thx hun I kinda made that pic for you to mess with
  7. Just Ignore and let this one die

    see @Clover Jinx one door closes another ...well you know the saying @Skell Dagger meh that blows, love that you turned into creativity again I second both the party at @Elora Lunasea´s and the Pirates Event - please consider going long enough to cover us europeans, too
  8. How does your avatar look today ?

    you´ve come a looooong way I watched a styling show called "Shopping Queen" on tv while having brekkie (it´s on German TV, 5 women, 5 days and each gets 500€ and 4 hours to style according to the week´s topic) and the topic was Lace - so I put Kasha in lace. As the Top appears too dark when I did the on location shooting I took another one in my studio, no fancy pose, just my AO, very simple. Yep I´m lazy today
  9. Why? Are you all that desperate?

    yeah... nice try
  10. Mass Report - Baned

    they´re the same as starter areas - safe for new people to "find out how it works" as a synonym for "do whatever they like and get away with it cos they´re new".... I REALLY gotta force myself to keep in mind that not all new residents are *enter a good handfull HEAVY swearwords in here* and there´s hope for some of them....
  11. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    uhoh.... bad kitty^^
  12. slink hands and body

    what? NO!!!! Akasha has her hands in her pockets alot - THAT IS ALL!!!!! even if there are no pockets- but that´s how it is!!! (and I went for an AO which is relatively harmless on that but still ... meh I kinda got used to it but then I didn´t so... HANDS ! IN ! POCKET! nothing else !! )
  13. Why? Are you all that desperate?

    that´s the point where I go "hi xy" in local - I DO NOT reply to such IMs in IM... I call them out in local - usually at least 2-3 others go like "oh you got one, too?" - if they´re not on sim I tell them to read my profile and either form a decent question or go rot somewhere in a dark humid corner.... no mercy there.... (cos obviously if that f-tard had clicked your profile he´d have noticed you have a profile pic.... and well I´m no native speaker either but "me photographer" is just NO!!!!! it´s unprofessional and ... gtfo.... and... NOPE! Did I mention NOPE? ) for the manhater - that´s probably the last thing I am I don´t like human as much as I love animals, I don´t get along with females as well as I get along with men. Now most of them do not fathom that SLex is not everybody´s top priority and some are happy with the RLsex they have or that there´s different preferences in taste regarding the looks. For instance if I see tanned muscles or oily skin, bare chest, random long hair, spech if topped with "biker" outfits from 2009-ish... I want to take them shopping.... forced shopping.... I still wouldn´t eff them afterwards because...well... just nope thanks, had my share of that, but at least they won´t torture my eyes that much. (I know I´m such an a-hole...) you´re pure charity hun.... too good for SL ^^
  14. Why? Are you all that desperate?

    THAT!!!! and "hi".... Gosh it makes me cringe everytime I see a new tab popping up saying someone is typing... ARGH but I can´t set IMs to friends only cos I tend to switch to IMs with folks from local chat when a discussion derails
  15. What are you doing today!? :D