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  1. anytime hun... in fact when I saw the first ad I was like...."EFF! SKELL!!! oh noes!!!!! šŸ˜± also @Clover Jinx *hugs Kitteh* and @Rhonda Huntress *hugs, too*, sighs in worry GAH I hope my brain will work again after next week...
  2. @Skell Dagger youĀ“re a friggin enabler and I hate you šŸ˜˜
  3. oh I never knew about that... can I now.... let me try
  4. omg Dear, glad to see youĀ“re better.... what...well you know me well enough to know what IĀ“d call em... I myself am doing great so far, xept for some serious muscle fatigue. One month from today will be JonianĀ“s and mine RL wedding .... curious to see how many of the 80 people invited will be allowed... the rest will participate via videochat^^ Also glad when thatĀ“s over and itĀ“s just every day-to-day life for us The current situation doesnĀ“t affect me in any other way, for Jonian itĀ“s not much different xept for the 10 mins drive to work not happening. HeĀ“s a computer scientist so all he needs is his work laptop. The weather is SPECTACULAR!!!! and our balcony is superb and as itĀ“s now planting time itĀ“s literally exploding with yummie greenness and flowers *-* (also...we have a bat - how cool is that?) ItĀ“s further to take out the paper trash than to shop groceries, our favourite restaurant brings us our beloved food once a week -with our fave cocktails cos they love us as much as we love them .... and we have several doctors beneath us in our home. GermanyĀ“s so damn stupid when it comes to letting awesome possibilities slide - no balcony parties or concerts or workouts like youĀ“ve seen in videos from Italy and Spain... I mean... a balcony party with x people on one balcony is nice - but imagine everybody being on their own balcony be it cos neighbours or via videochat. SPAAAACE, nobody eats your food, nobody blocks the bathroom.... can I hear a HELL YEAH? XD Plus we get regular entertainment from the police and local firefighters who roam the streets blasting an uplifting song^^ weĀ“re living our very best life here, though the frequency of video calls with friends and family could increase a bit...lazy bunch they are On Saturday our monthly StarWars meetup will have itĀ“s 2nd homeoffice version and JonianĀ“s spending a lot of time RPing on Role20 with his regular groups ^^ (and yes IĀ“m hardly on the forums anymore cos the posts give me headaches and rant attacks but I wanted to post something positive again for once XD) Fingers crossed for those who have it harder...and the essentials are rockstars!!!!
  5. a poll, yeah sure, but I wouldnĀ“t mind skipping that and just releasing the info what WILL be included and at what cost
  6. with a name like mine ...well yeah... erm... lets just say I was stupid enough to let some bloodlines idiot bite me once back in early 2007 when I started.... it was a click, accept, "youĀ“ve been bitten" - WHAT in the actual f! NEVER have I touched it again, wore the necklace, dunno - IĀ“m not in any sort of database again... Then a few years later someone in a group - absolutely cool guy, nice to hang out with - BUT!!!!! - hunger fan... pestered me for HOURS to at least "give it a try", calling me names like spoilsport and funhater.... (again..what the...) and it was NOT fun at all... it was annoying, badly animated, no rp no nothing... rolleyes, waste of a good minute... he then tried again to pester me again whenever we were both in groupchat, no matter how many times I asked him to stop, no matter how long we hadnĀ“t talked Fast forward to earlier this week... a guy named Lestat ... well of course he IMed me... all fun and stuffs... and then he apologized himself but he "couldnĀ“t scan me" - I sighed and rolled m eyes, started to rant to my poor fiance who was dancing next to me during all this (our screens almost touch, too, he had way more fun reading me lecturing the poor youngling in his 7 days avatar - an alt - how low and useless Bloodlines is and how he could be a better Vampire, spech with a name like that). He said heĀ“d think about it - I doubt it but ah well... I told him to drop me a line if he wanted the garlic XD And I was in a particular good mood that day cos usually I call them out in local so the others are warned, most places ban people like that for a VERY good reason and I might or might not have filed several ARs for harassment over a simple request to be bitten... along with a slap with the blockhammer... ThereĀ“s all kinds of AOs, collar systems, furniture, gestures, poses, ROLEPLAY - those "games" are just... a waste of...everything really and if you think they add anything at all you need to find better RP-partners - BADLY ! NAOW! (btw the poll answers with the massive swearing and pointing above and stuff - that was me)
  7. pfff yeah I see where youĀ“re coming from but IĀ“m too much of a Discord fangirl XD of course itĀ“d be super handy to just keep stuff inworld but IĀ“ve never even thought about that XD my only thought on SL funcitons is what the perks of premium plus will be XD (and the cost ... xD) I swear I get sooooooooo annoyed by any other news right now They are supposedly working on an app, too which might help with accessiblility yet I heard Patch say that unlimited groups, while loving this idea, would be kinda off limits cos something something server weight something I canĀ“t remember exactly....
  8. I love discord and itĀ“s easily accessable on all those devices... I type in it like 99% of the time or more so yeah... it is NOT just a voice chat program!!!!!!! ThereĀ“s text channels, too! (Gah IĀ“m really not a fan of that "oh discord=voice prejudice AT ALL...grr) ...*counts to 10* AAAAANYWAYS Rhonda, dearest they use it for the accessibility. It gives them the option to do their support AND socialize with us, spech with the large amount of bloggers and fashionistas always crying because of groupslots ^^ , you know to be... accessible
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