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  1. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Happy new year folks... My Laptop is opened right now, the new display might be inserted Friday...or whenever it arrives and D has the nerve to do it... so I MIGHT return within the next days... fingers crossed
  2. Wenn mein neuer Rechner da ist können wir das gerne mal in Angriff nehmen.
  3. Just Ignore and let this one die

    *catches Clover and falls over - yes I want some reward for that sweet rhyme - damn woman you´ve been eating well *ducks* thanks and they´re about to... for a few days... damnit
  4. Ladies - what do you think about sex in SL?

    Wonder did happen to me (Wonder - well Memory´s Wonderous Machine is the name of my broken laptop ^^ which is not fixed yet) and - sure have it^^ have it for all my chars if you wish - all the "further" life sex for you ;P Do you want me to wrap a ribbon round it? ^^
  5. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Merry ... all of it to all of you... Decembre was way more hectic than I thought it to be (my own fault though...wanted too much and with the job training I got 9-10 hrs less a day which I still have to get used to...)and yeah we´re starting research for my new desktop pc (poor Shodan is so brave in her last days before going into retirement as a backup/server/data storage)....and my notebook isn´t fixed yet... Hope your holidays are going great and calmly, miss you crazy freaks loads! D says hi Well in Germany we say "guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr", which would translate to slide well into the new year - please don´t take it literally unless you´re going sleigh riding
  6. Ladies - what do you think about sex in SL?

    been there, done that, tried this and that and .... had enough of it tbh... FL Sex is enough for both me and Kasha (and all other characters in Games and Roleplays and Universes...I do have a few)
  7. SL Facebook?

    added rhonda^^ and I almost added you with my RL account
  8. Just Ignore and let this one die

    I HATE missing all the xmas stuff and advent calenders
  9. SL Facebook?

    because... no seriously there´s no reason to ....you´re right there if you have a business FB page that´s enough (I did have Kasha´s "private" FB before I made the blog´s page^^ )
  10. SL Facebook?

    moolto.com being one.... WAS one... what the.... damn I had it all on my about.me profile but those §$%&§$&!!! kinda wiped it... great... avilife...avlife.... somewhat like that... ok ... with all that gone by now... I´m out of ideas (and I don´t like that ...one bit...)
  11. SL Facebook?

    I do have one for Kasha but I use it even less active than my RL one... I used it very actively when I was blogging ... the blog has a FB Page and all that ... as a "private" SL Person no you don´t need one, if you have a blog or business - yep ... have one^^
  12. Just Ignore and let this one die

    well blimey.... me and numbers... Thx Kortney^^
  13. Just Ignore and let this one die

    hm... 500$L I´d say... that´s around 4-ish €/$
  14. Just Ignore and let this one die

    right? It´s like watching them goofing around in the snow with snowball fights and 3metre high snowmen while staying inside with some hot tea^^
  15. Just Ignore and let this one die

    if you have a heart you love maddie -if you don´t love her you don´t have a heart^^ I mean... how could anybody not love her?^^