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  1. it´s the current Blueberry GroupGift Top and Shirt
  2. Tales of "I can´t people..." and mental health
  3. that wouldn´t help those "who never see anyone cos it´s all on SLT" - 10 am would be 7pm for me... there are enough events at SLT Moving it - well you´re the first one I´ve read that´s asking for that^^ Plus there´s early birds and all that
  4. a) Yes I´m still alive^^ b) PANDAAAAS!!! c) btt: I have literally NO patience for people recently , none, nada, niente, aber mal sowas von GARKEINE, none left^^ so the following points annoy me: - reading more than 3 posts about one topic anywhere within one scroll (FB has been harsh on my nerves recently xD) - people post before they read (there are 5 posts on exactly the same "problem" just right infront of your eyes... kicking your pupils with their tiny thread-thread-feet) - THEY DO NOT THINK!!!! - they´re the only ones with that problem (nope you´re not!) '-> you are to swallow each and every rant and complaint or you´re the itch with the B or worse... - Patience must be a song (it actually is) and/or a dish that tastes super bitter.... - nobody´s ever content with anything anymore and on top of that everything must be for free and they personally have to profit from it - preferably financially - whenever there´s news there´s a huge panic and drama over nothing - random people say things and are taken for granted and as the to go for source instead of doing research and only trusting the very original post by the people releasing the "problem of the minute" (recently: LL with Tilia) - they´re perfect and never make mistakes - everyone who has flaws will be torn into the swamps!!!! - if you try to make friends either here or on FB they all want to receive IMs instantly, you to write them, nobody ever decides to either write you or join activities (as the breakfast which I link in so many posts ) or group chats... it´s a real pain... - what´s everybody´s passion with effin Photoshop and picture editing? GAH XD pics are only considered good if they are photoshopped and edited till we all throw up - and then some more XD HELL NO!!! Windlights, angles, quality items, compositions of sceneries, projectors, emitters - that´s GOTTA be enough ^^ To put in text and little signs for vendors - ok, fair enough, but other than that leave the picture alone^^ ... I think that´s it for now XD laters and stuffs^^
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