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  1. I did the first one,the day before yesterday.. I grabbed my horse and headed for the Heterocera Atoll.. Well,I was on the route that goes right next to the great wall.. I still didn't make it to the half way point before I had to log and go to sleep for work.. Has to be my most favorite ride..So many cool things going on around it.. Here are a lot of the routes to go around it.. I think it's supposed to have the highest point in second life mainland also, if I'm not mistaken.. From the wiki, Heterocera (or Atoll Continent) is the second historical mainland continent. It has the most advanced transportation systems of all mainland continents. This includes: a vast railway system, the most complex road system and internal and external waterways. The Geographical features are unique and are composed of vast plains, coasts, mountains, corals and hills. Heterocera is the most populated continent, with the smallest percent of abandoned land and also the continent with the smallest percent of places to rent. Here is a link to the wiki about it..It's pretty awesome I think..Heterocera
  2. There was plenty riding horses yesterday
  3. What are you doing today!? :D

    Well,I stopped working on my land and decided to take my horses for a ride since they had been couple up in my inventory for a couple of years now..Poor things.. Well Aaaaaannyways, I got ta thinking,I wonder if they have made any Improvements on horses in SL with all this Bento stuff happening,so I went to the market to see.. Sure enough! I just bought me the best horse I've ever ridden in SL and I made sure I told the creator about it also in my review.. This horse is like a real horse compared to my older ones.. It's the best thing for SL horseback riding since the invention of sliced br..Wait that something else.. Either way,this horse is the best thing I've found in SL in a long long time..I've had it for about 45 minutes and already love it soo much.. Look what we can do Get ready for as many pics as I can fit in here,and then some..hehehehe Damn,hit the wrong button.. ETA: I put a video at the bottom if someone wants to check it out..Strawberry Signh does an overview of it.. When this horse laid down,I was like Holy crap,this is awesome!! \o/ Then it all just got better..And you should see Him Run..=)
  4. What are you doing today!? :D

    I've just been toying around with my land some and trying out something new.. I still need to do more terraforming and placing the things up on the land..A good first morning though I think ,as long as I don't come in and tear it all down tomorrow because of thinking I have a better idea.. Hate when I do that..hehehe
  5. For me I tend to notice some stuff on the weekends..Nothing that a relog hasn't fixed though.. Although I did have to relog two times in a row once today because a teleport timed out.. Other than that,it's been ok..
  6. Fire Pit or Water Feature

    I think I favor water much more..I just bought some new land and am trying to get mine set up so I can have more beach and water fun..There will be room for a fire pit for night time though..
  7. Wearing things by accident

    I don't know how this was even possible,but when I first learned how to move stuff..I somehow linked my hair to my house.. I haven't been able to do it since and not even sure how I did it then.. Maybe it was that I was going to set it down and it stuck to my head? I just know there was a house stuck to my head at one point in my SL life..
  8. CATWA vs Lelutka

    Bleh, three out of the four heads I can work with..Bianca is the only one I really have doubts about.. The thing is the three I like I can't make up my mind on yet.. Dilemma! \o/ hehehe Think I'm gonna end up getting Greer and Spencer..They seem to be the best ones I've seen of any of the heads that fit what I am going for..Even over my Catwa Catya..
  9. SL songs

    These has me craving some clubbing..Anyone know any good clubs for a Friday night?
  10. Did I put in a hud with those for sizing them up or a script or something? I can't even remember what all I sent out with them it's been so long.. hehehehe
  11. CATWA vs Lelutka

    I put on my shape for my Catwa just for kicks with my Lelutka head and I ended up looking like a cartoon chimp with a real long jaw.. Then I put the Lelutka shape on with my catwa head and went full tweety bird jaw.. hehehehe It's something how different the shapes really have to be in such extreme ways with each creator.. In a way I kind of like that they are so different..It really makes you get to know the sliders so much better.. For me anyways,it's getting to where I don't really even pay attention to the numbers anymore,which I used to try to never mess those up.. I'm really getting a kick and enjoying messing with the different heads to see how well I can do with them.. It's like a whole new door opened up in SL =)
  12. Omg,I forgot about those..That was a Christmas gift for the forum cartel one years..There was a hat that went with them also.. I remember thinking how much people in there liked older stuff and older movies.. So I named the items Hard times ,from a movie I watched with Charles Bronson..The hat was the same kind he wore in the movie.. That's so crazy seeing those boots..I actually didn't think anyone would get them..It's nice to know you did,Thank you. Here is the movie
  13. I probably should have used better color combination for the picture..they seem to look better in world that in this.. Anyways, these are from around 2014 JD -Penny calves OMG I found this while looking for old boots..A freind spotted this in one of Baxe Coens stores..this had to be like 2007 I think. This was one of Baxes first stores if I remember right.. We were sitting in GOL and she was talking about using models for her boots..She asked if I would be interested..I said sure.. The funny thing was,people seen my picture in her stores and they started to IM me thinking I was the creator..hehehehe I'm like Bax Help.. They think I'm you..hehehehe wow this really brings back good memories
  14. What are you doing today!? :D

    At the moment I'm catching my breath because I thought my graphics card might be going..But we are getting forum updates from what it looks like,so that was a relief..hehehe Looky down at the bottom,we have more options than just like now.. =) When they do forum updates or changes when I'm sleeping,It really throws me for a loop while I'm on that first cup waking up.. hehehe Good changes =)
  15. WOW! Dress complexity

    I think I cleaned out a lot of the things that would send me way up there in the numbers, just trying to get my inventory number down.. I may have something in my objects or lost and found folder though.. Right now I can't seem to get to the 200k marker,but I'm trying..hehehehe