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  1. I was watching a Behind The Music of AC/DC,when I noticed this on the side menu on youtube.. Angus Young is always exciting to watch and listen to..So much energy.. I kind of felt sorry for the rest of the band,especially the drummer..His arms had to be so tired after the song..hehehe
  2. I've been on a David Ruffin phase since I found that last video of the Temptations.. I've been watching videos and listening to his voice,hearing him sing with other singers and other groups and hearing his voice just making such a difference in how the song changes to just that much better of a song.. His voice to me is just incredible and one of those voices that stands the test of time..I bet when people first heard him back then when there was so much less communication,they had to just be so blow away.
  3. I figured phil was one of the names I could mention in the forums that just about everyone knew..hehehehe All i was saying was,when this topic came up awhile back and I had mentioned about my alt,he knew what the alt fee was for.. I just have the one alt..I never bothered making anymore because I didn't really think they were worth the money back then.. lol
  4. I do the same with Gummie worms also.. In fact,I sometimes bite off like the green or orange and will stick two red pieces together and then will have a bunch of reds left over to enjoy,rather than being left with the worst ones.which really,there are no worst ones when it comes to Gummie worms..hehehe When a candy is a good candy,there is always a procedure to eating them..
  5. Phil Knew what it was when I brought it up last time..I can't even remember that much about it,but he knew what it was about.. I looked through my emails and can't even find the email where I made the account,so I must have deleted it or it's just too buried in emails. hehehe
  6. I think it may have been for premium accounts.. I should still have the email from back then..But yea,I had to pay..I'll have to go look for it and see exactly how much it was..
  7. I like the things that show up at Halloween more than anything..like those Halloween candy corns and pumpkins. I have this habit when eating the corns..I have to bite off the top,then the middle and then finally the bottom..So three bites a corn ..hehehehe
  8. I remember they charged me for my alt back in 2006.. I forget how much it was,but it was my first only alt.. I believe they stopped doing that way back then also..
  9. I've had this name since i was little and doing make believe with friends..Then when I was able to come on the internet,I used everywhere i go,that i could. The last name was on the list of names to choose from and really the only one that felt right.. No really deep story to my name..it's just always been around for me.
  10. That was an interesting find.. The original video while recording my girl.. Ever since I seen the movie about the Temptations I was always amazed by them..I just love David Ruffins voice so much..
  11. They do it with outfits already in the same vendor spot at events.. By the time you are finished getting everything an outfit can cost you 4k easily.. I just stopped buying the broken up sets anymore.. They charge what whole outfits used to cost, for just one piece.. I seen a pair of shorts fatpack that was like 3700 the other day..For shorts..
  12. I think I seen one,like a few minutes ago,but I'm just not sure.. Oh never mind,It was mine..I forgot I left my other viewer on!! Doh!!
  13. Enjoying some good music played by Alicia Keys..She is so amazing..
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