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  1. SmugMug buys Flickr - Huge price increases likely

    Truly as in Real bits or SL bits I wonder? hehehe I think I have only like two on mine from a long long time ago from an SL magazine.. but were not public I don't believe.. There was some rating system they had if I remember right..just topless ones..hehehe I'm gonna leave them up and see if they take them down ..
  2. SmugMug buys Flickr - Huge price increases likely

    So if I keep my flickr as it is,they'll just switch it all over to smughug? Or am I misunderstanding it? also I went to my Flickr and seen a link at the bottom saying how Flickr is joining Smughug.. The link went to this video..it doesn't really say much other than them getting together..
  3. SL a California based virtual world

    I did catch something from the tonight show that they said he said.. Is it true that he called some guy named Abe,Abby,thinking the E was pronounced? Jimmy Fallon said something in the next line about him calling Abe Lincoln, Abby Lincoln..
  4. SL a California based virtual world

    I never watched his first show and certainly not his current.. Although,you can't turn anything on without seeing everyone advertising it.. hehehehe
  5. SL a California based virtual world

    That's true.. You can't watch anything nowadays without politics showing up..If you ask me,both sides need to give us a break when we're just trying to go about our days doing what we need to do or even when we don't and are just looking to relax..We'll see them soon enough in the midterms and 2 years after.. Until then they need to stay out of our entertainment,at least.. hehehehehe
  6. SL a California based virtual world

    I haven't noticed LL too political in either direction..For me that's a good thing, because it's ONE of the reasons I come to SL..To get away from that migraine of a circus.. SL for me, is like going into my own sensory deprivation chamber from all the noise..All I'll can really say about it is,It's peaceful enough for me to get creative.. Where other forms of entertainment and medias seem to be trying to recreate me.So I stay away from most of them these days.. LL and SL have been pretty legit for me and think it wouldn't really matter where they planted their steak of land..I feel they'd be the same way anywhere.
  7. What are you listening right know.

    Music,It makes the world go around...So many old sayings sooner or later click in my mind and really make sense, Once I stop overlooking their meaning.. Just look at these people being so awesome together.. I love what this story ended up being about..It had me in happy tears once I found out what they were doing in the end.
  8. What are you listening right know.

    Realize your forbidden pleasure.. now click I think the middle one is the Baldwin brother that went missing years back..
  9. Will the Sesta/Fosta affect SL?

    I only took two years.. You'd have to ask someone with their masters..That's out of my league..
  10. Will the Sesta/Fosta affect SL?

    As long as people do it all legal like,leading with their left foot an all.. Should be fine..
  11. Will the Sesta/Fosta affect SL?

    Nobody is gonna get into trouble for doing the hanky panky on chat in sl.. You can bet if there is anything to be worried about,We'll hear about it from Linden Lab in more than enough time.. In reality if it was anything for them to worry about,they would have already been on top of it ahead of time like they have been in the past, prepping the grid.
  12. Firestorm download

    It was a rough day trying to get back my 1m15sec,but we got it!\o/
  13. Firestorm download

    Mine said it would take 1m30sec.. But they lied!! It took 15 seconds! I know their game..I want my 1m15sec that you owe me firestorm.. And I want it NOW!! \o/
  14. Grandfathered Stipend...

    I've dropped my premium a few times..I started off with getting 400 a week..Each time I go back,it's stayed at 400 a week..