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  1. Sometimes, I have this certain internal montage that plays when it gets triggered.. This past year it seems like it's been on a loop.. hehehe
  2. This was kind of nostalgia for me.. It's a movie I just always liked because it's a silly time and fun.. I hadn't seen it in years, then seen it pop up on my recommendations in youtube and said to myself.. I really could use a good silly fun time right now after the work night I just had.. It did the trick for me.. A lot may not like it, but for me it hit the spot.. hehehe ETA: Just to add, the American trailer say's it's his friends, when really it's his brothers.. Shaolin Soccer
  3. I'm listening to Leela James. With so many voices in music being manufactured with voice programs and whatever cheap things they use to get the face they want behind a mic. Leela James and many other great real voices, just really put faith back in it and keep good music going for me. Right now she has to be my favorite voice to listen to from today and makes me feel glad to be born in the same era.. I just think she sounds so remarkable.
  4. I can't help but share this one.. it's so good! \o/
  5. It's one of those days where I have to have that really good soft Soul..
  6. I always talk or yell with myself when I'm working or dolng a lot of things really. I figure, better out than in.
  7. You forgot to put the space in there.. It's actually Cons Piracy Theories.. Cap'n I think we've been stranded on this planet.. CON!!!\o/ hehehe
  8. Some days when I come home really frustrated and angry because of work.. I mean, The kind of angry where my husband can see it as soon as i get out of the jeep.. I just come in, put my clothes in the wash to get any possible covid off, jump in the shower and have to have something loud play first.. Then once it's finished ,the rest is soul.. But the first song has to be good and loud and something that will take off the edge, otherwise the whole rest of my day will suck.. hehe Something like this is always good.. then after, some good old school sounding soul music.. Then
  9. I was referring to actual power, not influence.. influence is political games, not law.
  10. The President doesn't have that kind of power over the states.. Also, I thought it was more a travel thing when Thanksgiving came around, where if you left the state of California, you had to be in quarantine for so many days to come back in.. Something like that
  11. Has anyone ever seen the planet of the apes before? No thank you! \o/ hehehe
  12. This kind of vaccine was already being worked on years before the pandemic.. The pandemic is what caused the research to finally get the funding and attention that was needed, plus the pandemic probably helped to skip a bunch of red tape as well..
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