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  1. Is it cheating?

    If you don't want this song to come on the radio,don't cheat..Because this one will and everything else you hear.. That's what happens in every cheatin movie I ever seen,that's for sure,yup yup. So juss don't dew et! \o/
  2. I just figure,if someone has something they feel like telling me,they will..otherwise ,they are just who they are here.. Myself,I just like playing mild mannered Ceka in SL because it's a really nice escape from my really crazy RL day job that I never talk about ever, NeverNeverNever ever.. Ever! So I never pry.
  3. Pedo Hunter

    It's not been a good year for actors or politicians on either side.. Bill Cosby probably told them all, If I go down,I'm taking you all with me! \o/ hehehehe
  4. I usually take people at face value if I don't know them.. I mean,I would think they would want me to since they got all dressed up for it..
  5. Should There Be Disincentives for Free Accounts?

    I haven't seen enough bad from free accounts to outweigh the good really.. A lot of awesome scriptwriters and creators have been on the free accounts..would be pretty boring without a lot of the stuff that's been created that makes it a better world..
  6. Is it cheating?

    I figure if someone has to ask..They aren't really trying to find out if something is cheating or not..They know good and well.. They're just trying to see if someone may have a good argument for what they are doing. Some little technical loophole will never beat out trust lost.
  7. Is it cheating?

    Hey, that's right around the time they made this thread.. hehehehe
  8. The hate on child avatars?

    Myself,I don't have a problem with anyone doing what they want or being whatever they want to be in SL,as long as it's within the rules.. I'm a big believer in,Your world your imagination.. I can turn my avatar into pretty much anything I want and be that in here.. I can buy land and create any world I want and live it out even farther.. I figure,I really have no place to give anyone else crap for being what kind of avatar they want to be in their world..I also can't give anyone crap for buying land and making their own world the way they want and allowing only certain avatars in there.. All of that is really none of my business until we are standing on my section of the grid.. Outside of my land,I enjoy seeing all the different kinds of worlds people have created and avatars they have made.. I don't come here to place a person behind the avatar..For me it's a place where I like to take people at face value because most times that's what they are looking for..otherwise it starts feeling like I'm in just some sort of chatroom.. I'm not trying to be all self righteous or anything like that..I know I've had my moments,but try to keep myself in check as I grow.. I just know what it feels like to walk in those kind of shoes and just don't feel right putting them on someone else.. I'll respect someone until they give a reason not too..That's pretty much all I'm saying I guess.. What others do, Well,it's their world their imagination..I'm not gonna pry.
  9. The hate on child avatars?

    Yea,if they just walk passed your rules,then I can totally understand.. It's time to punt..hehehehe
  10. The hate on child avatars?

    Oh yea,RL it would be great.. I would be giving my own family temp bans from time to time, just to catch a breather.. *looking at the wall, lost in thought smiling* What was I saying again? Oh yea,RL it would be great..
  11. The hate on child avatars?

    I don't believe that you can get into trouble for them coming to your sim..They are the ones that are supposed to know where they are and are not supposed to be.. Could you imagine the kind of griefing that would be going on if griefers found out that,all they had to do was put on a child avatar and raid adult sims? It's only certain things that they are not allowed to be around..They are allowed into adult sims because adult content is not only sexual things.. Do you guys have a notecard that is handed out at the landing point with the rules of your sim? A lot of people use those to say ,No child avatars allowed,and usually with some requirements of what they consider a child avatar.. You may already have that at your landing point,but just saying just in case.
  12. The hate on child avatars?

    No it's not,They wouldn't have the three ratings if that was the case.. Their saying is,Your world your imagination.. That was meant for everyone,not just certain ones.
  13. The hate on child avatars?

    A lot of the bannings and seeing rules in sims started when they made the switch to adult sims and the adult continent from mature rated sims.. There might have been a lot of hate or fear before that..But it got around the grid grape vine pretty good when people were unsure what was considered a child avatar after the sexual Age play rules and mature ratings came out.. there was a lot of uncertainty back then because LL was not being so clear and many people were trying to interpret the best they could or just playing safe. This is why you see a lot of rules where if you are under this height you are not allowed in certain sims.. A lot of people were just not taking any chances on guessing what the rules meant.. If you go looking through the forum archives around 2009 or so,you'll see some pretty nasty threads on it.. I don't know what a lot might be scared of about it today..I just remember the big to do back then.. it was pretty bad time to be even a short avatar back then that wasn't a child avatar..
  14. What is "bloodlines"?

    Bloodlines bites really only itch if you scratch them..
  15. How is piano normally positioned?

    If you're looking at the stage it's, Far Left side of the drums behind the bass player. Seriously though,usually sitting sideways to a window at the back of the room, where the player can look out the window and be inspired. That's How I've seen them in any song writer sitting at a piano movie I've ever seen before..