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  1. Ceka Cianci

    What are you listening right know.

    this is really cool video..I wish it was longer.. Check them out in the workshop..They are so on time..
  2. Ceka Cianci

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    The ones I've seen,which have been mainly vanity items,you have a chance at a few of the vanity items, out of the whole listed loot pool of vanity items..The list is usually pages long.. I know the FTC is looking into lootboxes.. One of their main concerns from what I've read so far is,games having players pay for lootboxes with real money to try and advance in a game..Pretty much lootboxes being the only way you can advance.. That and they are not breaking laws to where they are using illegal gambling. It doesn't sound like gachas or lootboxes are a game of skill..so It's going to come down to,are gachas or lootboxes illegal games of chance or not.. Maybe when the FTC gets done with looking into it, we may get some updated definitions.. Myself,I won't lose any sleep if they stay or go really..I'd much rather just go and buy the skin rather than waiting around for some deal on the mp or making a trade.. Although the giveaways are a lot of fun..I like doing those.. hehehehe
  3. Ceka Cianci

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    isn't the difference that a lootbox is like a treasure chest from the loot pool and a gacha you can see what is on the list?
  4. Ceka Cianci

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    I don't put mine on the MP..I'll usually trade mine right away in the group where everyone is trading..That or just have a give away for those looking for them..The things usually go right away.. If I get a rare, I usually end up giving away or trading the stuff I don't want anyways.. At least I can, rather than being stuck with items that are no transfer.. The point isn't that you might have a hard time trading or selling them or giving them away,it's that you can..
  5. Ceka Cianci

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    See,now I wonder how much of a difference that makes..Because one is where someone can't sell or trade the items and can make an item worthless and leave someone with something of no value at all, while the other where we can sell and trade items, valuable.. Gambling is,I might have a chance at winning something of value..Illegal gambling anyways..Where the legal other is a game of skill to win something of value.. I'm sure in the states it's gonna jump around on what is what..Some states will be stricter than other states.. I think what i need is a clear definition, where they say something like,having a guarantee of one of these items of value is gambling as long as the player is uncertain of which one it is, rather than a chance at something of value is gambling.. I've had lootboxes in other games and get stuck with duplicates and can't do anything with them because I can't sell or trade them..To me that's rolling the dice on lootbox to have a chance to win something.. If I can still do something with it,then it's still an item of value.. Every legal definition I'm finding shows gambling as, might have a chance to win something of value.. I guess that's where I'm getting locked up on Gachas,because I can still do something with those gachas duplicates to get the one I want or to put some lindens in my account..
  6. Ceka Cianci

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    The thing is,the person putting that rare up for 500 or 1500 is someone that could have been in the same shoes as the one with 1000 looking for the rare.. There is a certainty to a gacha that you will get an item of value and not, have a chance at an item of value..The only uncertainty is which one.. One of the three elements to make something gambling is, uncertainty.. Gambling is,you might have a chance of winning something of value for your money.. A Game of chance is placing a bet and having a chance,not a certainty at an item of value.. I don't think that because of a chance at a rare was thrown in the mix, that it turns the whole thing into gambling..just about every item in those gachas that go for 75$L is about what you would get for 75$L.. Being able to turn right around and sell or trade those 75$l items for profit,definitely adds value behind those items we don't want..Because a person that gets two rares could put one up for 500 or 1500 on the market place,or that skin they can't use for sale at 150 or trade it with someone for the one they want. To be stuck with a no transfer item and stuck with a bunch of the same things that have no value that we can't use..I could see that as taking a chance..But we're getting an item of value every time. To be honest,I'm not a real gacha go getter or anything like that..they can stay or go and I wouldn't care really..It's just less to clog up my MP searches if they do go ..hehehehe
  7. Ceka Cianci

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    The difference from gambling I think is,you are getting something for your money where gambling is most times win or lose.. You are getting either something you can use or something you can sell or trade with others to complete each others sets.. Heck you can even open a gacha store that sells the pieces that people may have not gotten or the one piece they only want so they don't have to play gachas.. I think gambling you are stuck with the results where with gachas,you're not..
  8. Ceka Cianci

    What are you listening right know.

    This came on this morning..Such a Goooood song.
  9. Ceka Cianci

    You Know You're Hooked On SL When...

    *whispers* I think she put it on backwards.
  10. Ceka Cianci

    You Know You're Hooked On SL When...

    That looks like something a designer messed up on and ran out of time and said to her..My new masterpiece,And she bought it hook line and sinker.. It's like a dress that it's whole purpose is to show off plastic surgery.. Kim,I'm telling you,Bondage wear is in this season..
  11. Ceka Cianci

    To what degree do you feel "immersed" in Second Life?

    I think the time I am most immersed is when I'm shopping.. I know it may sound superficial to some,but it's a time when I'm really concentrating..The same for when I'm setting up a scene for a picture or trying to come up with an idea.. I don't just shop for clothes..I shop for things for the scenes or find ways to make things for them.. It's really hard for me to RP as someone I'm not and then jump into a sim and try to be that other person.. I think I get more immersed in doing things rather than being something else.
  12. Ceka Cianci

    What are you listening right know.

    Does anyone remember this from windows 95? hehehehe These guys always seem to do just fun things ,but windows 95 video was the first time I ever heard of them,and it was doing this song..I just liked them ever since..hehehe Also they did this really cool remake as well
  13. Ceka Cianci

    A Derail Thread

    Sometimes it's,I can't get this damn thing off fast enough.. hehehe
  14. Ceka Cianci

    Groups In SL

    That had to be before i got here I think..I think I remember when I started they were at 25.. you guys were like a couple years before me though.I am a 2006 baby..hehehe
  15. Ceka Cianci

    Groups In SL

    Yea,that's probably what I am remembering..I just remember them not wanting to come off them groups too easily hehehehe Well if they do it and it works,that would be a good thing.. Also I might have been thinking of the increase before the premium one anyways..I forgot there were two increases to the groups.. I can't even remember what changed that they were even able to give us the first increase that I'm aware of hehehe