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  1. They'll still be saying it, four families later.. hehehehe
  2. Mmmmm Avocado's......... Member when dey din coss so much Sure do Ange hehehe
  3. I knew something was up when I seen that bright white blinding page when things came back up.. I was doing everything I could to get to my dark theme again.. Then it was a sigh of relief. The only thing that seems different to me is the main pages showing the topics were moved more to the left.. I can live with that..hehehe
  4. I had a post typed up and went to send it.. Then the forums went and shut down hehehehe Since that was yesterday and I'm worn out from work. I'm just gonna pass on it today..I'm too wore out to talk politics today..hehe I just figured I would say something rather than leaving you left hanging in the wind..hehehe It wasn't bad or anything.. just along the lines of where i was at already..
  5. That's another reason I don't take what politicians say to heart.. Because a lot of times, and this is on both sides as well as the medias that push for their sides.. There are many that reinforce conspiracy theories.. A lot of the time the information is out there to find.. most things just take a little research, where a lot of people just settle for being spoon fed whatever gets put on the dinner table..
  6. Myself,I don't trust people in office for things like this..In my eyes I only look at what they are planning on doing or are doing.. When politicians, which most used to be lawyers and judges and just about anything far from a scientist, start speaking science.. I tend to start looking elsewhere.. Most all of them do a half assed job of repeating it as well as will many times use it as a distraction for the terrible job they have been doing.. blame it on the science rather than themselves pretty much.. I'm not talking about just in this case, but most times..hehehehe
  7. Every time I hear anything about thermostat nowadays.. This always comes to mind..hehehe
  8. I didn't even realize General chat got blocked.. I thought it was only like IM's and such.. It's been years since I blocked someone so I'm not up to date on it really.. I believe back then it didn't work for general chat.. I've been really out of the loop on that it seems..hehehe
  9. Yea they could just be giving a bigger estimate on time because of the times were are in today.. Just to give leeway just in case.. like if there are any custom cabinets and they haven't gotten them measured up, it may take longer to get them in.. things like that.. it's probably just leaving a big safety net rather than telling you a shorter time, then running into something and it taking longer than they said.. I'm sure they have their reasons.. I was just curious if there was something special going in that they may have to wait to get cut and polished, like granite surround
  10. I screwed myself over posting this song in a thread, like last Saturday or maybe it was Friday..one of those days.. Every night at work,since I made that post, almost all night long, this song has been stuck in my head and now it's creeped into even when I am at home after work.. I'll just be doing my work, then all of a sudden feel a bit relaxed and it happens.. It always starts with, You put the, Ooh Mau,Mau oh,oh,oh,ooh, back into my smile child.. Then the rest of the night I'm doing the whole song all night long.. hehehe I'm cursed!!\o/
  11. I thought it was going to take 4 weeks to do the job.. I could understand 4 weeks for them to make it out there, but 4 weeks to do a job, unless there is some specialty things that they have to wait on to come in.. Maybe I read it wrong or something..
  12. I would call them and tell them you need to see a doctor before letting them come.. That you are just wanting to make sure you don't have it.. on a side note..Wow 4 weeks for a bathroom? Is there some special reason they are going to take so long?
  13. There is no Spork.. Anybody know where I can score a Spork? \o/
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