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  1. A lot of people use clothing as an expression of themselves though as well..Many people wouldn't be spending a fortune on clothes otherwise.. Some want to send a message with their clothes and appearance.. The important thing is to have common respect for each other until someone messes it up.. Sometimes that can happen the moment a person opens their mouth hehehehe
  2. I think I'll wait a couple years or so to see if they are actually making an effort to keep it up or not.. once bitten twice shy
  3. I usually don't even bother with gifts or gimmicks anymore when it comes to events..I'll just look on the Seraphim site to see what's there..If there is anything i want there, I'll just port there grab my stuff and I'm out of there and off to the next one.. I have so many gifts that are unopened in my inventory that they feel like the collection of freebies I got when I first came to SL hehehehe
  4. do they still have that silly credit system to buy stuff or did they finally get rid of that junk?
  5. Love is like,having a box of chocolates......That nobody else knows about.
  6. OoooopS!! Wrong thread for that post.. deleted!
  7. I would try it,but already been down the TMP road before.. I really liked their body they had the last time,but they never updated it..Most of the things i could find for it were like system clothes. If they decide to actually make a go of it I may try it out down the road..but I'm not jumping in early this time..
  8. If I have a set of headphones on and looking at the computer and someone touches me,I will jump right out of my skin.. To add total blindness to the real world plus my hearing.. I don't even want to imagine what would happen when my husband sneaks up to scare the crap out of me.. It's not a matter of if it will happen,but how long he would wait before he did it.. I would never be able to relax,not even if I was at home alone.. Just way too gun shy now..hehehehe
  9. I seem to have lost my,worlds largest flying pancake! \o/
  10. They keep adding to the name.. Before you know it,it's gonna be the SuperDuperPremiumCalifragilisticExpialidocious plan.
  11. I can't see how McDonald's or Real estate could become like a Gatcha.. I just bought another home about a week and a half ago..I'm trying to figure out how real estate could become anymore a gamble than it already is? Unless people are just buying houses site unseen..Then they are a fool that will soon be parted with their money. McDonalds having people roll the dice for lunch..yea,that'll fly hehehehe
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