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  1. I'm always open to trying things I haven't before.. I don't hate ketchup..I just can't have it on the breakfast table.. it's just too early for it to be on there..hehehehehe The reason I don't have it on the supper table is because ketchup and steak sauce are more to cover up the taste that I worked so hard to create.. Lunch is the middle of the day kind of quick meal where everyone can pretty much have what they want..as long as it's not gross..hehehehe
  2. That would be ,this.. which is on the table,breakfast lunch and supper.. hehehehe They make one that also taste like hotsauce but isn't hot..That's the one I like..
  3. Malt Vinegar I love.. Apple cider vinegar is what I use for a lot of things I jar..Especially Cayenne and Banana peppers.. If I forget to have a jar of those on the table at every meal, the meal can't start..That's not my rule,That law comes from the other end of the table..hehehe
  4. It's 2020,you would think by now that I could get a recliner and a bag of cheezy puffs and lay back and just say what i want! \o/ Nooooo! we're still stuck with the 1980's walking up hill in the snow to school and back ,keyboard and mouse thingys.. Although, that might not be such a good idea anyways,because it would be really hard to walk and talk with a lot of cheezy puffs in my mouth.. could you imagine what the screen looked like just yelling because the voice commands were misunderstanding things? All the yelling? I withdraw my complaint..It would never work..
  5. I've been coming to the forums since i found them back in 2006.. I may not post every day like I used to, probably because I don't have as much to say these days..But I like to keep up with the people I've met over the years,plus see who I haven't met that becomes a regular to the forums.. Plus I used to hang in the Xstreet forums as well and loved Xstreet market ,before they closed those and so call,MERGED the forums! \o/ Some people think we come here for the post counts..Myself,I haven't even really looked over at what mine is in years.. I don't think we get anything for those ,so why bother? I don't think we've had any kind of point system in a long long time.. oh well..I don't come here for those things..I come here because of the people here and the information here and because the forums and you all, have been a big part of my life on the internet over the years..
  6. Omg,mayo is just so bad for you! \o/ The picture I posted I thought was more about Ketchup on any pasta,like those terrible red sauces made with Ketchup,rather than actual homemade red sauce.. Macaronis and cheese made the right way for my boys is, baked in the oven and made with most of the ingredients coming right from our farm.. If I gave them boxed mac and cheese,I'd have a revolt on my hands..hehehehe
  7. My first mother used to make us eat scrambled eggs with ketchup and I could hardly keep them down let alone get them to go down my throat... We had to eat them though otherwise we got in big trouble. I have a really good recipe for them now,which I only make if any of the boys want them..I don't allow ketchup at the breakfast table or the supper table.. Lunch is fine though. hehehehe
  8. I'm not one who really cares for the talent shows they have on tv, since America's got talent was on years ago, seeing so many singers ever since try to over do songs.. I also remember Simon never giving anyone an inch even if the rest of the panel fell in love with them.. I always looked forward to his opinion and remarks and advice to humble people.. Anyways,I was swimming around on youtube earlier and just dropping in random searches out of boredom and came across this from an Xfactor.. I don't think I've ever seen Simon so excited..And really,with such good reason to be excited.. Louisa Johnson really is an amazing singer..It was good to see someone finally make Simon so happy and excited ...hehehehe Here is her on audition week doing one of my almost favorite songs ever, that I never thought anyone else could pull off.. I actually cried with this one and the one after this.. I don't cry so easily,but her performances bring it out in me.. Such a nice find that I felt i had to share with those that may not know of her. Enjoy
  9. Yea,I've seen better destruction just in the snow globe engine which is what really impressed me more, where each piece of debris has physics.. I think what they were doing more was giving an idea of what would be happening in fortnite,besides walls just disappearing when they break them down.. Eye candy only lasts for so long if it gets in the way of the game play.. Fortnite looks pretty cartoony,so I doubt they are going to want to lose that and they'll probably want some of it to fall through the ground right away and probably disappear not long after breaking it down anyways.. I'm not a fan of the game myself other than watching my son play sometimes.. Also with big revamps there is the risk of losing players,not just because the atmosphere has changed,but because of their system not being able to handle the change.. That and a lot of players hate change..I should say,the wrong change..hehehehe But then again,most might love it..never can tell until it's done and experienced I guess..
  10. This is the engine that Fortnite is switching over to which they say is coming to Fortnite ,Feb 20th 2020.. Unreal Engine Chaos physics 4.. One of my sons plays Fortnite and just from watching him play..This is a huge revamp. This isn't Fortnight in the video..it's just a demonstration of the physics and how things things won't just disappear,but crumble..Things like that.. Myself,I really like the Snowdrop engine at the moment..I've never seen a winter like in that engine..it reminds me of Chicago in the winter, a lot.. But the tiny details in the division series is really amazing and something I've never seen before.
  11. If you've ever had gizzards ,it's kind of chewy like that.. it's not chewy in a bad way like tough meat would be..but more like how crab is chewy,but heart is more chewy..hehehehe And if it's cooked right,it's really good.. My boys like it with my cornbread mix that I use to bread it before i cook it.. When I say my boys I mean my three boys and my husband,because when they all get together,they are the boys..hehehehe
  12. Heart is just another muscle,just like all the other meat is muscle.. It's actually full of more protein than the rest of the cuts, because it's so dense..
  13. I make really good Deer heart..My boys can't get enough of it.. Anytime I'm cooking up Deer they are always asking if I'm making them some heart too.. They like it because it's chewy like gizzard..It's packed with protein also.. They get wired after eating it too..hehehe
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