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  1. I'm still watching Sailing La Vagabonde everyday.. This is probably one of my favorites, He's just one of the cutest lil guys ever..Lenny
  2. Listening to some of Elayna C playing and singing and doing some covers. She's from a channel I watch called, Sailing La Vagabonde, which is my favorite You tube Channel.. If you like ocean sailing,it's a really great channel and so relaxing and nice escape..
  3. I am considered A responsible adult by it's legal definition.. I'm an adult and responsible for my three children and my childish husband.. hehehehe
  4. I think going after churches is an easy blame rather than looking at where the real problems are.. Take a look at a city like Chicago..Because cities are where the largest problems are, where the most good could be done.. Cities will pump money into certain areas while tearing down the inner cities.. I remember in one summer Chicago closing 50 school mostly in the inner city areas.. Closing schools removes after school activities, outside areas to play like parks and courts and pretty much removing anything for kids to keep from being idle.. This in turn leaves them open to little options and ups the odds of getting absorbed into the gangs.. meanwhile pumping money into the nicer richer areas of the city.. People outside of the inner city areas aren't even aware of what really happens in the inner cities,other than what the media shows,which is always violence and crime and just bad..never any of the good.. In my opinion, it will never go away because it's just too good of a business for the media to keep stoking the fire showing how good it is in this place and just how bad it in over in that place.. you don't have mass shootings in the inner city, they all get clumped together as gangland.. Racism thrives most in our cities and it starts from the top down.. the war between the north and south is long over.. it's thriving and most impactful in areas where the most people are .. In cities you have Italian areas, Polish areas,China town,white, black and so on.. A good perspective of what I'm talking about with the inner city which I call the forgotten city within the city, you can see in a documentary called, More than a bullet which you can find on youtube pretty easily.. I'd post the video here,but there is a lot of bad language and it would probably be removed anyways.. It might be ok to link it I guess though.. More Than A Bullet I used to live in these areas when i was younger and still went back to visit before all this social distancing happened.. It's a good documentary that shows where a lot of the problems stem from today and how media isn't helping a bit in making it any better..
  5. I'm glad you said it, because I didn't want to spend all day in here.. hehehehe I know when i was younger and living in the city, We didn't care what race the cops were..Black White Hispanic or whatever.. Bad cops come in all shapes sizes and races. It was the cars that made us stop whatever we were doing and look like a deer caught in the headlights.. They all put the fear in me.. hehehe
  6. 25L to add a partner 1/2 your stuff to remove them.. hehehehe
  7. You know she's probably always been tough as nails.. I bet I could sit and just talk with her all day.. Just the life experiences alone would have me so glued.. There is sooo much to learn from our elders..She's seen and heard it all I bet..
  8. It is a real hair puller.. I've heard so many times people not thinking they were getting it and just stopping there.. When i went back to work last week.. I said to one of the guys at work, How are you liking that money? It's kind of nice getting paid more to do nothing than work isn't it? Jokingly I said it.. He said, all i got was a card and there was nothing on it.. I never got any money.. I said ,WHAT?! I said the company filed for you, your money is there..Didn't you do your weekly certifications.. He said he couldn't figure out how to get his user name and password. I was like, OMG! \o/ So I told him to come to the office in the morning and we'd get him all sorted out.. He had like $6,100.00 coming to him.. Boy was he happy..hehehehe
  9. Ok, here is a story that just happened today with a friend of mine that I just got off the phone with.. She had been out of work since march.. Like a lot of people that were filing their unemployment, it left a lot of people confused.. She went and filed back in march and had an agent call her asking for a certain amount of pay stubs.. The agent told her she had to have them in by the end of the day or it would mess up her claim.. Well, back then I was helping her with getting her claim made..We tracked down her stubs because she was a temp and a lot of the temp services use cards..so that took half the day right there.. Anyways, we got those and sent those in.. I thought we were done and she was all good.. She never called me or anything, let alone I never called her this whole time either..just being busy with our own lives.. I'm thinking she's all good and well when i left.. She ended up calling me this morning asking if she would be able to file again, because things were getting so tight and it wasn't looking like work is going to start back up soon.. I said,what do you mean file again? You should still have more than enough of a claim to be set for a good bit more.. She said,that claim never went through.. I said, Sure it did, all you had to do was send in the stubs and you were good to go.. She told me they sent her an appeal letter saying she could appeal the results and that she had only so much time to appeal.. I said, No no no! Don't tell me this whole time you haven't been doing a weekly certification. You have haven't you? She said no, I kept waiting for a response from that one lady and she never responded so I thought I was refused.. I was like OMG! OK girl,here is what you have to do.. Log into your account on their web site and I'm gonna walk you through.. She said OK.. So she logs in and I tell her to go to her dashboard and down to the left look for weekly certification.. She goes in reads off the questions to me and I tell her yes or not to each one.. I say, ok now click next and see what it say's to you up at the top.. She clicked next and up at the top it said, You should expect to be paid for this week.. Would you like to exit your weekly certification, or would you like to continue.. I told her to click continue.. She was already getting excited thinking she is getting paid for the past week.. She clicked continue and it asked her if she would like to certify for the week of March 6th or something like that..I forget the date.. it kind of puzzled her for a minute..Then she said to me, It's wanting me to certify for way back in march.. I said ,yes it is and it will ask you when you are done with that ,if you want to certify for the following week also.. What's going to happen is ,they are going to have you certify for all the weeks you didn't do a weekly certification and then send it all to you at one time.. I think she broke her phone when I told her that.. She is ecstatic and so happy and crying right now..It took a good bit to finally get off the phone with her.. I just wish I knew sooner that she didn't really do anything this whole time, just thinking she wasn't getting her benefits.. I'm still kind of in awe and feeling like a Zombie myself right now.. It's making me want to double check on other people I helped get their benefits going.. I sure would hate to find out there are others out there living on such a thin thread over a misunderstanding because of the site being so confusing.. I feel Terrible but also ,so happy for her at the same time.. What a morning, I tell you.. I'm just so happy for her ..
  10. This was the one that I meant to grab..hehehe
  11. I quoted this, because a Linden did respond to this thread back then.. It's on page 5.. ETA:Wrong quote..I haven't read that one yet..I'll grab the first one that showed up that I mean to quote and put it in a new post since I have no idea how to copy and paste them so all the information like dates and times and names show up....hehehe
  12. There is an easy answer to this.. If someone feels it is, then do something about it.. If someone doesn't feel it is, then don't do anything.. Arguing over if it is or isn't, won't get the laundry done.. It's a pretty old thread.. I'm sure if it was AR'd, it was back then..If it's still there then it either got missed or wasn't something ARable..
  13. I learned that one from my husband actually, just from him calling other guys hardlegs.. hehehe Keep your eyes forward Hardleg! He's got another he likes to use also..Horned dog hehehehe
  14. Not lately on here, although I've met my fair share in the past, just as a lot of places on the internet.. I've just become more experienced in how to deal with them than before. There are a lot of people that can't handle the internet and tend to let their inhibitions go wild when they feel they are anonymous.. In RL people tend to be a little more cautious than they are on the internet, because they can't be reached out and touched or dealt with so quickly online. When people think they are safe they can be totally different person than when there might be a price to pay.. I can go to a bar in RL with my girlfriends and will have a bunch of hard legs bother us all night long.. But, If my husband showed up and sat down with us, it would stop on a dime. Because a real threat to them has been entered into the equation. online, it's best to ignore mean people soon as possible,because they can tend to eat up your time.. A funny thing that kind of cracks me up is something like facebook or other social networking places..Even people that know each other,will act differently online with each other, than when they are in front of each other in person.. I wouldn't worry so much about the people online as i would the ones in RL..Just know that more than likely most of the Aholes online, wouldn't say or do most of the mean things in RL as they would online.. Because of the Cojones factor that RL spins on it. Many don't have any RL Cojones. hehehe
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