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  1. Well,I have been trying to hang some of the art I have..Trying is the key word there..hehehehe I really just can't find any good places in this house..I even got my picture hanging clothes on and was excited about spending the morning getting the rest up.. Nope,nothing will go over there either.. Then just kind of came to grips with it and said to myself,This just isn't going to work..I need a new house..Bleh
  2. I'm thinking it was about something from like a decade ago.. When reading starts to hurt,I just send loud stuff back to even things out..hehehe
  3. When I used to dance years ago,I had sold my land and stayed in the dressing room of the club I worked at for a couple of days until I got my sim.. I don't know if it's actually squatting since I spent most of my time there working and hanging out with friends anyways and would log in and out there a lot of time time.. That's about the only time period that I can think of that I didn't have my own place that I was paying for..
  4. I've got 9 days off next week..I can't wait..I hate when it's over and having to go back to work.. My problem is I count the days while I'm on vacation,so work really never leaves my mind..I have to get passed doing that this time.. Aaaanyways, I think I have looked at all 2000+ pages on the market for new hair and can't find a thing for me. I'm just running through some styles this morning..I haven't worn short in a long time.. Also can't remember buying this sweater..Hate when I do that.. I like it,plus it comes with like 70 textures So that's really nice perk.. The thing that bothers me about it is,It makes mah bewbs look much bigger than they are..it feels kind of strange in that area.. They are not that big.. When I turn sideways you would think I was pointing to something way over there -------> hehehehehe
  5. Great video,I love the Muppet show. Beeker and Animal and Swedish Chef are my favorites of them all..
  6. I can't help but notice the heels as well as having mirrors right behind the treadmills.. so much irony for a place called a Health club.. hehehehe
  7. Hey,has anyone seen the OP lately? *Checks security camera footage* hehehehe
  8. Did you do a clean install of the old firestorm? I'm not sure if it's necessary or not anymore,but I always play it safe when I update mine.. fast version Slow longer version
  9. Yep that,s true and that's the way you grab them..By the tail.. when they strike,their neck can reach about the length of their shell out..So they have so good reach.. That one there looks like a young one.. we get some whoppers in our ponds.. We have guys that come every summer and love to fish them out..They then clean and sell the meat.. They whipped some up for us one time and had us try it..it was pretty good..
  10. I always check ,Other,just for the fun of it.. Seriously though,my intentions were sincere with the music..It's very good music and video..It felt very tense in here.. hehehehe
  11. I know when I'm all tense and looking to relax,there is nothing like good soothing music.
  12. We juss Howlin back.. It would be considered rude if we didn't.
  13. I have to say,this one,but the long version,pretty much sums a lot of it up over time..I had it playing about ever 6 tracks on my stream when I had my sim.. I had a race track made on my sim at one point and I loved riding my bike on there and would just loop it when I did..Too many rules at other tracks for me..hehehehe Here is a pic of my favorite bike and the huds for it ..It was so fast..
  14. We'll get it next year..we're already setting underground contacts for catfish..
  15. Diamonds and gold and pie.. Oh yea,and cheesecake..Because it's cake and pie..