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  1. I remember buying one of those collars one time,because it had an option to let you put your name on it.. It was kind of the finishing touch to some outfits.. I also remember someone asked me one time just to try one out to see what it was like.. The second they started to tug me around,I was like a dog on a leash for the first time and trying to get it off..They were going one way I was going the other and saying ,get it off get it off!! I really didn't like that feeling,like right away. hehehehe
  2. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Honestly I can't think of anything that really bothered me more than Philip Rosedale leaving.. I'm sure there is other things,but that's all that really comes to mind.. I remember just really being bummed and shocked that he was leaving. Second worst would have to be M as CEO. He was nothing like Philip,at all..
  3. I like wearing chokers.. I never thought about someone thinking it might be for something else.. UNTIL NOW!
  4. It's the Weekend!

    They may just be used to it..It seems like it takes a lot to phase people in Chicago.. At least from my experience..hehehehe
  5. It's the Weekend!

    For day walkers it's Friday morning.. Us night stalkers,it's Friday night and time to GIT DOWN!!
  6. Vampire bite with no warning or knowledge.

    You have to kill the head vampire to become free from the curse.. 0o Did I just say that out loud? =P
  7. What are you doing today!? :D

    Well, it's Saturday and somethings bout to give! What that something is,I'm not sure yet but,It''ll be something good . Happy Saturday! \o/
  8. Vampire bite with no warning or knowledge.

    I'm not a vampire myself and have a confession to make.. While all you guys were looking the other way,I super glued a sign on everyone's back that say's..Bit by Ceka and you liked it. Cause I'm ninja like dat.. hehehehe
  9. Vampire bite with no warning or knowledge.

    I got ghouled.. It's not so bad really.. The work hours suck but,the pay is awesome! \o/
  10. After getting my newer Bento horse and the realistic animations that come with it..It showed me how important good animation can change my world.. If I had to choose,which at some point I hope we won't..I'd probably go with animation.. I'd still be walking like a duck without it..
  11. If avatars were required to eat and rest

    I would much rather someone spam me for spare lindens than a samich.
  12. SL songs

    I think that song is like from 2004 hehehehe Do they have music in Sansar yet? I never been in there..
  13. SL songs

    Have to say, I have always liked U2..I remember this playing in our club a a couple times a night.. They did this song so well live also..
  14. Gta v sux

  15. These numbers have got to be wrong

    Last I remember hearing they were 20,000 sign ups a day was back in 2007..I don't know how long it stayed at that many.. They had to be keeping some of them,because logins at times were in the 90k's for a little bit.. The two biggest drop offs I remember was when gambling went away and I wanna say,Zindra and adding that 3rd rating to the lands..Which after that you had the teen grid merge also which did a little bit.. 2009 seemed like when SL peaked pretty much.