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  1. It is considered income..it's just not enough to worry about.. If I pay for a service that costs 99.00.Then that is how much the service and everything that comes with it costs.. if they refunded me so much for some reason or prorate for some reason and send me money back,that's not income,that's just getting a deal.. But if part of the service is giving me credits to use in world and I cash it out through the exchange for real world currency..then that is generating income. Linden is not giving me a real world currency back.. The money is coming from another source through the exchange that bought your lindens with real world currency.. So they basically spent $99.00 for the premium service and made 40.00 from the service, because the linden credits are part of the premium service,where you can use them in world or cash them out for income..
  2. OMG I did didn't I! hehehehe I totally misspelled it twice even.. I 'm getting lazy in the forums these days..
  3. picture running a marathon and soon as you hit the finish line,being put into a closet.. hehehehe Anytime we stop for a break or get where we are going we pull the saddles off our horses..They sweat real bad and are hot.. Nothing feels better to them than a nice cool breeze and a roll in the dirt or hay.. you can overheat a horse and even kill them putting them up wet.. they are very strong animals but also very delicate as well.
  4. I don't care if people jump to conclusions.. I wear stuff in the real world and SL that I want and that feels good.. I have no need for people that would have a problem with something like that.. They can just
  5. I remember they used to have a ranking system on our in world profiles as well.. I never paid much attention to that one either..
  6. Those clothes only make up 5% of the market.. I'm Kidding! hehehehe
  7. We stayed there for a short bit when I was younger when we were getting my grandmothers things ready so she could move out with us.. Let me just say,I'll never go on vacation there..hehehehe I was thirteen when me and my sister decided to take a look at the strip during the day time.. We were told to stay away from the strip,but we didn't listen.. We went by some casino,just passing by and some man came outside and up to us and wanted to give us his keys to his Lincoln that was around the corner for a few dollars, so he could win his money back.. we just ran away from him..he looked scary, road hard and put up wet.. We never went to the strip again after that..It didn't take much to set me and my sister straight after seeing that guy.. every time after that when we would drive through there, just passing through,I would look at the casinos to see if there was any people outside of them that looked road hard and put up wet.. It just changed everything for me after that about that place..hehehe We were only there for the summer.. I remember slot machines just everywhere also.. She lived behind this store called safeway..they even had slot machines in the stores and gas stations and everywhere.. like gumball machines..
  8. Ronald Reagan,Who happens to be,I later found out..No relation at all to, Brain Regan.. hehehehe
  9. It was a number for adult content.. It was an old number from a time period when the grid had much more of a population and more activity.. More a guesstimate because of how much of it existed back then..So I figured I'd maybe hit it close..hehehehe Back then the number wasn't based on regions but content that fell under their definition of adult content at the time..Slex/adult activities isn't always adult content.. if it's a show and open for the public and being advertised like a porn would be or adult entertainment,then it's adult content..if it's two people on their land behind closed door having slex trying to keep to themselves,it's not adult content,it's just adult activities/slex. The OP was saying,should we just call SL a sex game.. My point was,there isn't enough content for it to be considered a sex game. Because not all adult content has to do with sex and the whole grid isn't filled with it.. There may be more than 5% adult content today,but nowhere near the amount that there used to be when it was 5%.. There is less regions ,less people and less content nowadays. I really didn't expect to spend this much time in this thread hehehehe
  10. I'm curious..When you say all sex regions,is that meaning there are 18% Adult rated regions? Because that's not the same as sex regions.. The adult rating does not just mean sex.. Advertised and open Sex just falls under that rating. Also,Just so people don't think I'm pulling numbers out of my bum from back then,I actually found a quote from the company back then.. Some may remember it or maybe not.. hehehehe There was an active link at the time to the second life blog,but it's not active anymore..A lot of the links from that time have gone dead.. The company has estimated that "around 2-4% of content on the mainland would be considered Adult according to our current thinking on defining that. For all of Second Life, our content research shows it is around 5%." The link at the top of the LL blog say's. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Community-General/Upcoming-Changes-for-Adult-Content/ba-p/640976
  11. My father was a single parent and raised me, my sister and my brother.. He's the hardest working person I know.. He built us a good life and a good business and ran the farm.. We didn't get to run the roads like a lot of kids and i think that is a big key to a lot of things...when we were old enough to work,we helped out also,with chores and the business.. Since i was 11 to 12 years old,I started working in his office where i would do my homework,answer phones and learn to do a lot of the paperwork and accounting and getting permits and so on.. From that,I ended up getting an offer to work at what was at the time,the largest privately owned corporation in north america.. I was going to turn it down,but he told me to take it.. Now i have my three children and my husband ,that i met through my father and the business.. In my eyes,there will never be a more manly man than my father..My husband is very close,but My father's The man.
  12. You couldn't get them to say that back then..hehehe As many times as people asked,they wouldn't admit it.. They were more or less saying at the time there wasn't going to be a teen and main grid merger.. That should be in those brown bag meetings they were having before the move. But everyone knew there was going to be a merger..they just wouldn't admit it at the time..
  13. Zindra was just an example of back then when a lot thought the sex industry was the 95%.. it was just a thermometer of how big the industry wasn't. This was with a much larger active population that the grid hasn't seen ever since. How many of these sex places are actually occupied and active as well? nowhere near the way they used to be.. Those AFK places are just another form of camping with nobody home at the keyboard. The traffic doesn't even come close to what even the dance clubs used to bring in.. From what I've seen just looking around..A lot of those high traffic places are just places for people to drop a connection for their cam or voice services..They seem more like an add place than a sex place.. A lot thought the strip clubs and nude beaches fell under the adult content rating back then as well..But only the ones that catered and advertised to adult activities fell under the rating. There may be a lot of A rated private sims today,but there was a heck of a lot more back then. There is nowhere near the amount of sims there used to be.. there was a lot more of everything then..There is a lot less of everything today.. I may have been shooting an old number from the hip and it may be more than 5% today.. But I still don't see sex places being so much so that they have taken over the main part of what second life is..At least from what I see nowadays. Everyone is going to go down different roads and see something different from each other..It's still a big enough world for that to happen. If someone would have asked me what i thought the most popular thing in SL is today,I would have said fashion and body mesh ..That's where i spend a lot of my time with people in sims and groups..Not just that,but a lot. So that's the world I see mostly. Others may spend their time around more sex groups and sim..Some spend it somewhere else and see a whole other world. I think we get a different perspective from each person.. I just don't think the sex industry is close to the 95% marker at all and again giving the illusion that it is much bigger than it really is..it may be bigger than 5% nowadays..But I'd bet it's not as big as people imagine it is..
  14. I thought it was higher at the time as well..That wasn't my numbers ,it was numbers that came up in a topic back then that someone had linked to a thread.. I would look for it,but since they have messed with the blogs and the other links over the years and killed so many of the links off..it probably would never turn up.. Look at how small they made zindra..if it was as big as a lot of people thought,you would think they would have made a mainland around the size of the other mainlands..But adult content got this really small land way out in the middle of nowhere. And, it's not all occupied by sex places too..
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