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  1. I don't use a TMP body myself and I have no idea if they have heads for them or not,this time around..I bought one of their bodies the first time they made one,so I'm not too trusting of them right now.. In my eyes they should be giving their first customers one of these and calling it, the long overdue update you've been waiting for..hehehehe My comment about a neck fix was any neck fix I've ever seen from any of the bodies and heads that use that texture strip to cover the seam line..they just all seem to look worse to me.. They want 5,000 for the body? Is this the same owner as before,because if it is,that's pretty arrogant of them in my eyes to be coming back around and asking high dollar again after their last run they had. Sorry,I'm just a bit sour on them from my expensive lesson I learned from them the last time.. You may want to take what I say about them with a grain,maybe even a block of salt..hehehehe
  2. Let alone people with stalkers and exe's and those BFF's that are no longer BFF's but enemies, that make it their daily routine to let you know they are still here dropping by with one of their kabillion alts to keep them fresh in your mind.. Cam perverts I don't mind,that's good attention,It's those damn stalkers and exe's and BFF alts that keep cramping my cam perv visitors time slot..hehehehe
  3. This reminds me of a funny story.. This was back early in my SL..When you added friends back then to your friends list,mapping them was on and I can't remember if we could even turn it off or not back then.. Anyways,There was this manager at a club i was working at that had asked me to stop by his place the next day to talk about some things.. So when I logged on I teleported to his land.. I always open my map when I get to a place to see how many people are there.. I got to his landing point IM'd him I was there and then opened my map.. you would have thought someone set off a bug bomb in his house the way people took off out of there..hehehehe I ended up going to his house after seeing this dancer that was my best friend scooting across the map like a bat out of hell..hehehe Aaaaaanyways,I get inside his house and he comes down the stairs.. I notice he's stuck in an animation..It took me a couple seconds to recognize it and then I started to laugh in tears once i did..He was stuck in one of those bdsm cross animation and walking around trying to act casual.. All I kept seeing was him like this X as he was talking about the club, plus still trying to hit on me.. Meanwhile I'm in IM's with my friend acting casual asking her how her she was doing and what's she up to.. Oh I'm just at the club dancing,as I see her rocketing from sim to sim..hehehe The whole thing had me in tears laughing so hard that I almost peed.. I never had the heart to tell them what I knew.. hehehehe
  4. From what I've seen from just about any neck fix texture that sits around the neck..I've never heard of any of those working.. About the only thing that works well is matching the applier for the head and the body and the body and the head working well together as far as fit.. if you have to buy their head to fit their body and no other heads will work.. Yea,that's not good.. I mean unless you love their head.
  5. If anyone hasn't looked at the fifty linden Friday today..Blueberry did a stand this week and has a nice summer dress with some very pretty patterns in them.. There are two packs.. I wish i would have seen them earlier and was able to post sooner.. Anyways here is what it looks like in one of the patterns,plus it has straps ,but I just have them off at the moment..Lots of pretty options in the huds also..
  6. I would find something else to do with my time.. I don't think I would go though any kind of withdraws or anything like that.. I don't spend anywhere near the time in SL that I used to.. It's more a spare time thing than anything really nowadays.
  7. I don't mind people coming on my land unless they want to make trouble..That hardly ever happens though.. I rarely get guests that just drop in..once in a great while i will.. Some will talk with me ,others usually just move on after having a look around.. Out of the whole time I've lived on my land,maybe at the most 5 people have ever stopped by without notice while i was home..So it's not something I really ever have to deal with or put too much thought into really.. When I'm not there,what i don't know doesn't hurt me..
  8. If I didn't feel like I got so stiffed by them the first time,I'd probably be giving it a look..But I'm gonna wait a couple years to see if they are still around and updating things, rather than still around a couple years and riding out a 2 year old body..
  9. If you are using any AO's,the animations in you AO or AO's could be over riding the dances in that sim.. is it the whole sim or just a certain place where you can't dance..Is it on their dances on like poseballs or one of their dance balls.
  10. my biggest fear is,Someone finding out my biggest fear..
  11. I played Star stable for a little while..it was fun..
  12. my weapon of choice.. The ability, through the internet,to give people the feeling they are falling.
  13. Yes,below that I mentioned about personal information of others being given out can get them in trouble as well.
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