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  1. Don't drink the Kool aid, because most times people use too much sugar..
  2. Probably because we can't control who they block?
  3. I think the forums caught POLvid-20.. It's spreadin like wildfar!!
  4. I watched this this morning before anyone woke up.. It's not a big budget film or anything like that.. I pretty much watched it because I would watch him when I was little and wanted to see what they went into with the film.. I have to say, I felt really relaxed and calm afterwards and realized just how deep he really was.. He may be talking to children in his shows, but the things he sings and say's work for adults as well.. I wish I knew how to stay as grounded as him..Probably following what he say's might work I guess.. hehehe Either way, I felt a really nice calm afterwards
  5. We have our card system in place at work when I went back.. Now we all have photo ID's where,when we arrive, we touch either In or Out.. When you touch in it will scan your badge then ask if you took the precautions from the list as well as your temperature.. So basically you have to answer, Yes if you are a risk or No if you are not.. If you answer yes ,you turn around and go home.. I don't know what will happen if someone lies.. They may terminate that person.. I know this much.. A hell of a lot more people are taking things more serious and wearing their PPE after
  6. I don't follow social media myself.. That was just what was going on in the campaign back in his first run and stayed and became kind of a joke after awhile.. you only had to be walking down the street at the time to hear people joking about it.. As far as the press is concerned, they might as well be social media.. Look, they get paid by clicks.. That's why Trump was such a cash cow for them.. Now they have to find a new ways to keep everyone glued.. If we gathered everyone up in the country and divided them up into 3 groups.. Registered democrats, registered republicans
  7. Honestly, I don't care how he leaves.. He's old news now and I doubt he'll ever be back.. He'll just be a regular old rich guy now.. Also Trump didn't start that Obama stuff.. He was parroting what was going on even before Obama was elected.. What was that version of the republicans called again? See I can't even remember those guys and they were pretty bad.. The sames gonna happen.. I never hear their name mentioned anymore..hehehe
  8. I honestly don't think he would win in 2024.. I do think it's going to cause more problems than we want, since he's gone in a few days already.. Kicking each other in the face all the time hasn't been working so well so far.. I think it's time we get passed this and break out the bactine and fixing each other up.. The bad mans gone and now the new man is in.. Time will tell if it's just another bad man taking us for another roll in the hay, or if He's really about unity. The proof is in the actions and not the words.. So we'll see.
  9. That's kind of where I am at with it.. I was doing so reading on it and many don't even want their name on it.. I'm curious to see if everyone shows or not..
  10. I'm curious what people think will happen in the Senate with the impeachment? Do you think everyone is going to show up? They don't need everyone there since it's 2/3 of who is present.. Will they have it finished in time, since as of the 20th he won't be president anymore and it's already the 16th? I'm sure Pelosi ran the papers down there this time, rather than sitting on them for 30 days like the first time it was so urgent..hehehehe I guess I'm just curious what people think is gonna happen.. I know it's about going for the perma ban.. But will it even make it through
  11. I binge watched, The Queens Gambit last night.. I have to say, this is a really good mini series.. It's 7 episodes and I was pulled in and glued to it the whole time..
  12. My combined dance and cat image, just in case I can't make it back later for the cat part of the thread, when it goes there.
  13. I never heard of Parler until this thread...... Or was it the other thread? Which ever one one first..
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