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  1. Plus there is the free Yawn and Sneeze if you are in the group as group gifts..those are just outside the store in the yard.. I put those on and set them to random and it's hilarious and fun when I start yawning and sneezing over and over..hehehehe
  2. Say I'm goin for a pop fly and my top pops off..That could get some attention, right? Rosie O'Donnell: CEKA!! This isn't baseball we're talkin here..
  3. I think those people telling others to go back to where they came from are less American than the ones they are being jerks to.. If they had any bit of it in them, they'd pay attention to what's written on the statue of liberty.. And if they have no idea what that say's,then they are even less of one to be opening their mouth's at all....
  4. Paying annually works out for me.. I give them 72.00 a year and get back 400 lindens per week from them for getting in when I did.. The going rate to buy 400 lindens right now is 3.08.. 3.08 x 52 =160.16 -72.00 =88.16 per year at the going rate 88.00 > 12 = 7.34 per month at the going rate ETA: Bleh,forget this bottom part I am taking out..It's way,Waaaaay, too early for me to be doing math without my tea.. hehehehe
  5. Could be Spirit skin also,They do something similar under the eyes as well in some of their skins.. After looking around a little ,it's possible It could be a Skinnery also..They do tons of the similar things under the eyes..
  6. It was a long time ago when that thread was..It may have been about mainland then.. After so long,it's hard to remember the details.. I've come full circle and back at newb level now hehehehe
  7. I just thought it was something they gave you when you got one.. Someone had told me that they give you premium when you buy a sim.. I can't remember who said it to me or even the thread it was in since it was quite awhile ago.. It may have been that at that time they did.. I'm finding out lately that, a lot of what I have learned in SL is becoming outdated..
  8. Honestly,I run into more people from other countries than I do in the states.. Most of my friends in SL have been from across the pond pretty much my whole SL.. Maybe it's the places I go or something.. I never really met a lot of people from around the world until I started to get into SL.. So it's been a really good learning experience in opening my eyes to over there.. It helped to sift a lot of bull crap I got fed growing up from people that didn't know any better themselves.. But many from other places have had the same thing happen to them when it comes to the U.S... So it was a lot of fun and enjoyable sitting with friends from across the pond, myth busting each others bull crap we were fed as kids..hehehe
  9. I think it really took off in the sleezy talk shows like Jerry Springer, Sally Jessie Raphael,Montel Williams and a few others .. Even in Oprah and others..Although I think Oprah kind of left the sleazy circuit and went wholesome around when No Drama became popular..
  10. I never really heard the phrase no drama until after this song came out..then it felt like it was everywhere.. I just remember it being,don't be so dramatic or don't get dramatic with me..then going to No drama or no more drama.. like a fad right away..
  11. You can set up some outfit folders to use both of them if you like.. I switch shapes and heads all the time in just a click..
  12. I don't know about all that stuff..It just reminded me of the other movie because there were two gangs in it and both being musicals more than anything..I don't know if the newer one is even a version of the older..I just thought it was neat how similar they were is all.. I think it would be nice if they made more musicals..for some reason I get glued to them real easy..hehehehe
  13. I never seen that movie before but had to go see it after reading your post.. It reminded me of the Romeo and Juliette With Leonardo DiCaprio,only Maria lives. It was kind of neat to watch really..
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