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  1. Unread Content

    I had a look at the Invision's website about the 'Ignore' feature. What I want would cost LL about L$4,000
  2. Unread Content

    Just one extra question about what is viewable .. Is it possible to 'ignore' a whole topic?
  3. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    I really wish people wouldn't quote that person. It's like looking at soiled toilet tissue. I know what's on it, I just have no wish to look at it.
  4. My avatar sinks into the seat when it sits

    Yes, and it also prevents you sitting in your own AO's default sit position as far as new arrivals are concerned, even though to yourself you seem to be sitting using the chair's sit animation. Turning off your own AO reverts to the chair animation. If that makes sense. I guess it depends on priorities too.
  5. Unread Content

    I've now got 3 shortcuts; my original and one each for your two suggestions. I'll try both of your techniques for a while and see which suits best. Already they're both better than mine as there's not a land spam in sight! Thanks so much for both taking the time to help. It makes a big difference!
  6. How High Are Your Standards, Actually?

    I've been on SL for 8 years and never had a relationship that lasted for more than two meetings. Perhaps my standards are too high and I need to drop it a notch. Then again, I'm not looking for a relationship in SL as I enjoy the freedom, zero responsibility and easy come, easy go of my second life. Assuming we're talking about SL relationships, that is. As my old biology teacher once told me; Fussy means less. Or none, in my case. Some people are way too needy and I've never liked clingy.
  7. Unread Content

    I set my browser shortcut to this forum as the Unread Content, like this: - I much prefer this as I see what is new etc., rather than having to subsequently enter each section I am interested in. However, there are always threads from sections I really do not want to see, commonly the Land Forum, where a relentless barrage of spam-style land adverts are a constant. I have tried 'Ignoring' that particular user, but that doesn't work. Could someone share the technique/settings for a peaceful life within the Unread Content minus the ones I don't want?
  8. Child Avatars

    The rules regarding child avatars are all very well, but what exactly constitutes a child avatar, besides an obvious 3'6" Toddleedoo? Any avatar below an arbitrary height of perhaps 5'0" (152cm) tall? So, if a 5'2" avatar is sucking on a binky, does that equal minus an inch, or more? .. Maybe bobby socks are minus another inch. SL is awash with moral police with their own arbitrary beliefs and personal opinions. I was referred to as a 'six year old girl' a few days ago. It gets ridiculous. My avatar is 5'7" tall and was wearing regular daytime clothes. Until it is understood -without question- what constitutes a child avatar, then this discussion is meaningless.
  9. How does your avatar look today ?

  10. Looking for calm AO

    Searching for the 'perfect' AO can be a never-ending task, it certainly is for me. I don't mean a complete all-in-one set. I mean several single, individual animations which I can place into a single, small set. Some get close or nearly, but never perfect. They're often ruined by arms moving inside the body, or some ludicrous non-natural move which looks ridiculous. I honestly wish I had the skills and know-how to create a smooth animation.. As the OP, I want a set of animations to be .. almost nothing. POSES often give me the closest to what I seek, which is why I like separate ARMS movements too, that I play over POSES. The search continues .. I commented on a similar thread also: -
  11. How does your avatar look today ?

    Lighting can make or break a picture in SL. Good lighting with a hint of DoF can make the world of difference. The pleasure comes from twiddling with the windlights and getting the most out of what the second life viewer has to offer, as opposed to post-software editing. The image below uses one of the built-in SL filters, called 'Spotlight'. There are a few decent effects in the list. This is my new LAQ head with free hair from MINA (SL15B gift).
  12. Firestorm AO +Arms?

    Thanks for the replies, particularly OptimoMaximo for the tip about playing two anims at once using the technique above. What I've done for now, and it works rather well, is use the Firestorm AO as I normally do, but added a simple Zhao HUD with only ARMS animations inside, plus a walk, a run and sits. I stripped the Zhao HUD of all excess items and it works a treat, working the ARMS anims over my stands from Firestorm's AO. I've found that walks within the Firestorm AO seem to upset things which causes the walk to stutter to a stop. So placing one inthe Zhao and removing the FS AO walk has remedied that. I kinda like two AO's doing two things as it randomizes more, so arms don't always move at the exact same time with a stand. Or, I cam auto ARMS and remain on one fairly relaxed stand.
  13. Firestorm AO +Arms?

    I've used Vista AOs for a very long time. However, over the past few years I've found myself using Firestorm's built-in AO function more and more to the point where I often switch off the Vista AO or remove it altogether. When Vista is not there I miss the ARMS animations, such as crossing arms/hands, scratching head, looking at nails etc.. In the Firestorm AO I have added stands, walks, sits, but is there any way to incorporate some ARMS animations into the Firestorm AO setup too, so they play 'over' the stands and sits as they did in when the Vista AO was running? I hope that makes sense.
  14. Mesh Head help

    In the meantime, in order to try and lessen the pain of the 30-day noob-wait, take your embarrassing classic head over to Lupus Femina (sounds girlie, I know) and grab their free group (free join) gifts for men. Signature body fit included. They're not bad at all, in fact there are some really nice gifts in there, plus there's something for the usual girl bodies too. Even if we can't cure the problem, we can try and make is less painful
  15. Kemono Body Bug

    If restarting doesn't work, try logging on using an alternative SL viewer to see if anything changes. At least then it may confirm one way or the other whether your current viewer installation/cache is corrupt in some way. That'd be my next step