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  1. I might be wrong, but if you are blocked I think you can still pay them (L$1) and send a message with the payment (not a notecard).
  2. Candice LittleBoots

    Linked Attachments

    Thanks, Tari, I've done it now but I can already imagine tinkering and adding. This will save me lots of attachment slots When I was editing the final positions it became very difficult and fiddly to select particular parts for editing as they were situated so closely together. Instead of using the mouse, is there a method of rotating through the linked items using the keyboard, or some other method of selection?
  3. Candice LittleBoots

    Linked Attachments

    I like creating my own sets of earrings, but I'd like to significantly reduce the number of attached items from individuals to being a single set of one attachment. Is this possible? I have bought toenails which come in linked sets which can be un-linked in order to adjust a single nail if one protrudes through certain shoes etc. How do I accomplish creating a linked set, please? Here is an example of 4 separate studs/earrings which I'd like to become one single attachment, rather than 4 >
  4. Candice LittleBoots

    Flat chested female Mesh Clothing

  5. Candice LittleBoots


    Most people's avatars I know and see are continually evolving, forever tweaking and honing their appearance in search of the elusive appearance. Anyone whose appearance is important to them rarely stands still for long. Being of mixed race asian, I too enjoy the asian look, style and appearance. Kawaii is often a good search term. If you see someone wearing something you are curious about then this item is free. I've used it for years and have acquired many items I've liked by using it: - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MB-What-is-She-Wearing/9129140 - It is free. You just need to hone and refine searching and generally keep your eyes peeled for things which you like, which goes for any style you enjoy. As it happens, Izzie's Fifty Linden Friday item on right now is an asian mono-lid. https://izzies.wordpress.com/2018/11/16/laq-eyelid-changer-monolid-freckles-heart-mole-for-flf/
  6. Candice LittleBoots

    RIP Stan Lee

    With no word of a lie, I have never seen a single movie featuring any of these characters and had never heard the name Stan Lee up until his death. These really are not my kind of movies, but I have heard of about half of the above mentioned. I guess they appeal more to masses who have little incling for thinking and just enjoy easy, effect-filled movies.
  7. Candice LittleBoots

    Am I lagging myself?

    When I'm taking a photo I turn on 'show friends only'. As I have none it leaves me as the only visible being, focusing all resources on me and my surroundings. I tend to keep my ARC below 100k, but usually view others upto around 200k. if people are over 200k then that is their problem, although curiosity might make me briefly un-jellydoll them for silent shaming purposes.
  8. Candice LittleBoots

    Marketplace updates - Wishlists and Favorite Sellers!

    Two really useful additions. Thank you and well done! Now just the ability for buyers (searchers) to blacklist stores from the search results and we're all set.
  9. Candice LittleBoots

    Foreign Language Reviews

    How dare somebody have the audacity to give a poor review. Sad to see zero effort being made, it reeks of self-entitlement. English-only speakers probably account for the vast majority of language snobs in the world. You have numerous poor and mediocre reviews and your response in most cases is snippy. You do not do yourself any favours.
  10. Candice LittleBoots

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Could this be that stairway ♥️
  11. Candice LittleBoots

    SL Chugging >>> Now it's Buzzing! ?

    I don't understand why you quoted me, I wasn't asking a question. Perhaps you're simply saying that you knew already, or just Googled it. I don't know.
  12. Candice LittleBoots

    Unable to load new Mesh Body on, old legs remain

    If you're naked, when adding the 'Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha' everything should disappear except for your head and eyes. I suspect the 'Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha' you are using is either faulty, or has been mistakenly adjusted. What I would do is go back to the Maitraya store and get a redelivery.
  13. Candice LittleBoots

    SL Chugging >>> Now it's Buzzing! ?

    Windows is scheduled to 'Optimize' my C drive (SSD) weekly. As far as actually defragmenting a SSD, I did a lot of Googling/reading about that. I did it once after deleting all those cache files, but I'm still not totally convinced either way. I might do one once or twice a year if I feel it needs it.
  14. Candice LittleBoots

    SL Chugging >>> Now it's Buzzing! ?

    After I got my new ASUS ROG laptop with SSD 6 months ago SL was truly flying along, I was happy and loving the speed, SL was like a new world. However, gradually over time I noticed my SL experience decline. The final straw came when an item of clothing became corrupted and wouldn't load properly. I use Firestorm x64. After a bit of frustration with that corrupted cached item I decided to do something about it - I deleted everything in the 'C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Firestorm_x64' folder. There were in excess of 30,000 files in there and it was just under 4GB's worth. At the time I was concerned whether all my button positions and settings would remain intact, or whether I'd mess things up some other way, but when I logged back in afterwards everything was all there, just how I left it. A few seconds of loading up fresh, but already things were noticeably faster. Wow! .. Everything is now running like new >>> Fast! .. Just like when it was new No doubt some of you know this already, but every now and then I am going to clear this lot out manually. The 'Clear Cache' button didn't do it.
  15. Candice LittleBoots

    Avatars and Race

    Totally unacceptable. I'd never pay L$1 for a demo.