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  1. Candice LittleBoots

    What would be worse?

    Neither. I do what I want, when I want, in SL.
  2. Candice LittleBoots

    How about a new sub forum in "People"?

    Create a little somewhere in SL called 'The Knitting Circle' where you can invite other SL residents to talk about how boring their lives are. Please, not here within the SL forum. It doesn't belong.
  3. Candice LittleBoots

    There really should be an SL2. Not Sansar.

    No I remember giving it thought 10 years ago and looked into it, and I'm not suggesting I'd've been any good, but I'll never know now. Without sounding defeatist, I honestly think that ship has sailed for me. The time has passed. How long has the betagrid been available, since the birth of SL? From where I've been sitting it's been well hidden.
  4. Candice LittleBoots

    There really should be an SL2. Not Sansar.

    L$10 upload is the single reason why I've personally never bothered trying to create anything for SL. I'm fussy. I'm picky. Everything would have to be just right before I'd be happy to call it finished. L$10 x many, many attempts, tweaks and uploads would cost me thousands of Linden I'm simply not prepared to spend during the process.
  5. Candice LittleBoots

    The VaNiTy ThReAd

    If I could give your pic double-likes, I would. After my own, of course , this is probably the best pic I have seen within this whole thread I just saw it again, a day after I first did, and I think I'm more impressed on the second viewing. It's got everything. And everything is flawless. Outstanding! Your style is very much my style, so I am a bit biased.
  6. Candice LittleBoots

    Strange login glitch

    Not the same problem you describe, but I have had things happen following logging-in over the past week, which have never happened before over many years on SL. I use Firestorm, but not the latest for-animish one. - I've had my 'Outfits' folder order scrambled with no way to get it back to alphabetical, besides re-logging. - I've had all my Firestorm Preferences return to default on two occasions in the past week. It happened for the second time today, although this time I'd backed it up so it was a straightforward and easy exercise to rectify. There definitely does seem to be something iffy in the air, at least the air that I'm breathing.
  7. Candice LittleBoots

    Windlight settings and to shoot mesh objects ?

    While on this subject, does anyone know how to remove windlights from the list in Firestorm? There are way too many in there and large chunks I know I'm not nor never will be interested in. Apologies to Pierre for butting-in 🚺
  8. Candice LittleBoots

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Eww, such a dirty garage. Nevermind, where did that handsome mechanic go? .. I need a tune-up.
  9. Candice LittleBoots

    Market Place and Gacha resales

    Yes, including an option to exclude DEMOs too. Gachas. Once, many moons ago, I played a gacha. Never again. However, my inventory is awash with gacha items. I love them. All small items, often under L$20 each, sometimes only L$5 each (much less than the cost of one random in-world play) and a few multi-purchases to make a little set of matching things. Thank goodness for gacha items in Marketplace!
  10. Candice LittleBoots

    People of Color needed for magazine article

    People of colour? I'm eurasian, which colour am I? Whatever color I am it is not black. So, for that reason, I'm out.