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  1. Seriously That photo is completely morphed. I hate when creators do that.
  2. I think in essence fashion photography is always selling something whether intentional or not. But it IS also art in many instances. I've certainly seen advertisements for banal products that do rise to that level. There is one fashion designer I follow, Zac Posen, that makes the most incredible gowns, dresses I'd never get a chance to wear (let alone fit into lol) and he uses video to highlight the dresses but oh my, the models moving in those structurally perfect creations are so highly artistic and eye catching. The lighting, the music used makes them soar way past being an ad for the dress. However, in SL that isn't necessarily the case. The photos that I take, for instance, are never created to sell a product (though I mention them since I know others enjoy knowing what went into the image). Most are done for my own personal aesthetic of form/function (that's my design background speaking lol). Or maybe they just amuse me. Sometimes I'm solely interested in showcasing a color (my orange dress/sunset above - I LOVE orange). While about the dress it was also about getting a wash of hue. Or I may want to just deal with symmetry - the juxtaposition of shapes and/or color against each other. In the first photo I liked putting a soft fur jacket over the leather (let alone the kitten). Or I may suddenly realize, if a shot is looking drab overall, that a pop of color is necessary to focus the eye or to create a bridge between objects. In the 2nd photo above, adding in the orange drink and pink kitten in a bucket pulled out the bathing suit colors even more (well IMHO of course) which was needed since the background was a little too bright by the Windlight I was using, but I liked the effect and didn't want to change it. Then there's mood too. I prefer strong looking female images to typically pretty, soft ones. That in SL requires really good poses and I'm always scouting out for the ones that showcase this - or many times I use the male version instead. I do this for head shots also, which are my favorite to photograph. Taking a simple head on image in SL can be more difficult than one would think. Getting the avatar to look directly into the camera, not very easy at times. I aim to have that connection between the person viewing the photo and the image - it lures one in. I do a lot of analyzing about mood and tone in my SL photos as you can see. Sometimes, not thinking about it though, makes a great shot too. Some of my favorites are just grabbed on the fly and just were lucky to capture that "something something"
  3. This thread caught my eye. In RL, personally I'm no fashionista by a long shot. However, I love fashion. I used to subscribe to tons of magazines (now I just read them when getting my hair done), Instagram has become my free choice with unlimited inspiration. I knew all the famous photographers and models by name (not so much anymore). An ex of mine was a professional photographer and I used to assist on some of his jobs. Tedious but interesting. Fashion photography encompasses many things that go into a good photo but the two most important ones, for me, are the photographer themselves and the vision they have for the product and the ability of the model to sell the product via expression/pose. Combined these 2 people will make you want what you see. The product itself is secondary - it could be a cruddy pair of ripped jeans or a mink jacket. If the photo stinks and if the model is dead, nothing is going to save the end result. Good photos can sell anything - and good models do the same. The ad wants you to want. It is not easy to achieve this. There is a ton of mediocre fashion photos out there. it takes special talent from everyone involved to make an image that has impact. Of course then you're dealing with the usual photo issues; lighting, mood, pose, arranging the shot etc. For me personally, I like edginess to a fashion photo in some manner. Something unexpected. Disturbing. LOVE Helmut Newton for example. I still study big name photographers and many high fashion designers. Make me look. Make me want. Make me jealous. Make me need. Everything else to me comes off like selfies. Doesn't matter if you're wearing the highest fashion outfit in a fantastic landscape if the image sucks. Most of the time I'm not trying very hard because I'm lazy like that but sometimes, yea sometimes I think I hit the mark. I gravitate to simple shots, a lot of high key or low key to focus on what I want seen first. Anyway I'm another person just blathering on the topic. Here's a few that I actually spent a lot of time working on. I like it as the King Crimson song goes.
  4. I know Nika is more than capable of defending herself, but your taking up space here to berate her is pretty awful. You're doing the same thing you accuse her and others of doing - taking it to a public space. She graciously offered to revise the post. That should have been the end of it - a polite "thank you" would have sufficed instead you just went off even further. You are turning this into a public drama fest. Tit for tat is unbecoming on you. Heed your own advice.
  5. I prefer Nuri, especially if you're after a look which is a bit different than everyone else out there. I have all of Lelutka's Evo heads. My favorite right now is Lake with Nuri a close 2nd. I also really like Genus Strong but haven't used it in quite some time.
  6. Thanks Fay. I'll take a look at those other areas and see how they wound up. that will give me an idea if I'm interested in keeping the parcel. It is, quite nice. There's no neighbor at all on one side, because it has a thin strip of land which isn't big enough for a house, winding up the water's edge. Feels incredibly private right now, which I place a high value on.
  7. Speaking of. So I got a log home in Popover, I really like the parcel a lot as it is but...pretty sure *something* will wind up blocking what is currently an amazing huge open water view with nothing to be seen at all in the distance. What typically happens in these instances? Clearly it won't stay like that, correct? There's a road built going to nowhere right now at the edge of the parcel so it leads me to think there will be land there eventually. I wouldn't mind a huge lake though. Anyway of knowing? I have another similar parcel (can't remember what region off hand) that I have a feeling the view will wind up being blocked eventually although, it's been an ocean of blue since I got it and I've had that one since the log homes started being available.
  8. It's not in the mailbox - it's on the control panel in the house
  9. The creator also scrimps on animations for their sets. I bought a bathroom combo a while ago that didn't have animations in the sink. I wrote to ask about it thinking it was a mistake and a new one would be sent out. Nope. Done on purpose. Why bother putting them into the tub but not the sink? Just complete the set properly, you know? It's happened more than once with other types of furniture sets, so I steer clear of that brand now.
  10. Yep, yours. I saw the Vic but was more interested in the Trad. Wound up with another which was nice enough for someone else, on a river but I already have one similar with a much better view
  11. Man I hate when someone releases another parcel of the same type JUST as someone here announces they are releasing. Got a different one in another region - meh and let go and now I'm out of alts for the day LOL.
  12. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! (unedited, shoes mesh "broke" oh well LOL)
  13. Haha same here - Asian alt. Just bought it and it's lovely. Fits her appearance much better than the original version. The breasts are very easy to reduce and so far no issues with the clothing I've tried with it. Happy!
  14. Really glad people are clarifying this update. I too, thought it was included in the 5.2 version, not a stand alone. But the price is very reasonable. Not useful for my main but a couple of my alts will appreciate this.
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