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  1. Diidn't know where to put this so, here it is. I purchased an item on the marketplace and gave it a rather meh review. However since then the creator has been in touch with me, and we've communicated quite nicely and she was very responsive to my comments of the product so much so that she completely revised and fixed it within a day. Really great response from her. The product is now really good and I'm very happy with it. I'd love to be able to revise the review and mention what great service she provided but see now way to do this. She did respond to my review so I could just comment back to her there, but I'd prefer to bump up the stars too. Advice?
  2. Ahh ok. I bought an add on for the Grandview and thought it would be easier if I could just apply the color to match. So, does that mean we can tint the exterior to our liking? that would be fantastic
  3. Is it me or does there seem to be a lot of missing textures in the log home folder?
  4. Well, thank you to whomever gave up the fabulous, beautiful Vic parcel in Banebury sitting on the river bank. What a magnificent scene up and down that waterway! with a view of one of the bridges no less. And, from the front there's a huge mountain vista, which has the railroad on the other side of it as I found out. I clicked on a Vic for s--ts and giggles since I was so bored with the log homes this weekend. So pleasantly surprised. Gave up one of my favorite other Vics for this one since I'd been hoping to get one that had a backyard this good for a long time. Then, went and clicked on a log home anyway on my main because I needed a texture pack 😛 Still not impressed with the house though. Tomorrow is another day for all of my alter egos!
  5. Thank you! I didn't realize on a Sunday that they were available. Good thing none of them made my heart sing lol. I would have been really annoyed if I'd given any up because of that! But at least now I know. 2 of the alts 24 hour period is almost up so if I get something I like and run into any trouble with them and the Lab is still open I'll give them a call.
  6. IDK about anyone else, but I've been rather disappointed this weekend in the offerings even with all the new region releases. Many seem to be clones and, I keep getting homes rezzing on top of other houses, making them impossible to move into. I had 3 alts to play with this weekend so that's 15 tries plus/minus since Friday that I tossed back. Meh. EDIT: Not completely complaining. I have properties already that I like. One is on a lake with very good views and another, on a lake bordering an SSP region but for sure will remain on the lake, also one side is on a stream and another side has a small pond so that's a keeper. And one more with a tiny pond, cute, not a big deal but I like the neighborhood appearance overall, does not seem like one of the cloned areas at all. In fact that's the house I moved into already and have pretty much finished decorating. Something about it makes me feel good, can't put my finger on it.
  7. I'm very puzzled why only one of the homes was designed with a back door. It's very odd. So, I want add ons which make it easy to get around the house to utilize the backyard via the house itself which I guess translates to wrap-around decks.
  8. I had just seen that on Flickr and thought it was so lovely but didn't notice it was your shot! Well done!
  9. Holy smokes. I should have been paying attention!
  10. I can not find how to do this. Does not seem to be as obvious as the trailers. Where is it?
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