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  1. I'm debating about keeping it. It's not a bad spot at all but at this point I have 3 properties that I'm really happy with and this one isn't quite meeting that mark for me. I love where my house is - on a wooded cul de sac an even though it's quite inland on the continent the privacy factor really appeals to me enormously - the Moles did a great job with the landscaping around it, even the way the walkway curves towards it and the small canal it overlooks is pretty perfect. Then, I have a houseboat secured early in one of the first releases on open water, with good views so that I won't give up. And the camper/trailer lot I just got overlooks a lake with a waterfall and also has a good amount of privacy so that is a keeper. The male alt is my last one that was premium so he's the one I'm ditching houses with now. I keep hoping - as others are too I see - of getting a beach house. That's the goal. Or across the street overlooking the open water would be fine too. Just want unobstructed front seat views that isn't a houseboat. So yea, probably will throw this one back now that I talked myself around it LOL
  2. Well my male alt tried for the Deer Pass and didn't get Rae's but evidently someone's..or a new one, not sure. It's on the canal. Maybe I'll hold onto it for a couple of days. Was this today's release? I didn't really notice if one happened or not.
  3. Loving everyone's spaces so far! I realized this will be more of a challenge than I realized because my idea of camping is NOT camping 😋 Don't get me wrong - I like being outdoors but in limited doses. I'm just not the "let's take a road trip and sleep under the stars" kind of gal. At all. I like my amenities. I've had one to many close encounters with poisonous spiders and other vermin although I have a few fond memories from childhood of the tiny homes of bungalow colonies we used to rent in summers. Mmmm, maybe I just found my decor direction
  4. Thanks Nika, and I will. Just haven't had the time the past couple of weeks. G and I literally are spending all our time with the baby cat, and also now beginning to start introducing her to our resident kitty which is a whole process in itself. So not a lot of time for SL. Luckily I work full time or I wouldn't even be able to read the forum LOL (my job is internet friendly 😊)
  5. I haven't had much time to really mess with the camper yet. New kitten is eating into my virtual world play time! So far, what I'm finding is it's challenging because of the lack of wall space. The one I like best (not remember names off hand) has lovely Craftsman like woodwork but not enough places for furniture. So, I'm toying with other models to see if I can come up with a concept I like with those. Thus far, have a kind of trashy/hippie vibe going but not sure if I'll keep it. I was able to pass over a ton of stuff to my alt - being a gacha hoarder is helpful. Going to have to get creative and test my limited building skills again but I'm up for it. Thought 175 prims might be too little but maybe not - these vehicles are really small, and as long as I find the right pieces and are prim savvy I can see 175 going far. The ones I rezzed so far really aren't conservative enough but I am sure I have similar pieces that have the same feel that will come in under the prim count most have. Being on a nice piece of land with good landscaping and a scenic view already there will help a lot. Loving everyone's photos so far. FYI I think I'm going to create a Flickr group for the camper/trailers later today similar to the one I have for the Houseboats (link below) so I'll post it once I have it set up. I think people find it helpful to see what everyone does with their homes and Flickr is a great way for others who aren't on the Forum to see our work too. FYI if anyone already has a houseboat and didn't know there's a Flickr for them, please oh please join and add your pix! ❤️ https://www.flickr.com/groups/houseboatsofbellisseria/
  6. Ditto but for me it's more about the decorating aspect of it all. Plus, each has it's allure for hanging out reasons. Ghosty and I like to sail so the houseboats are great for that. We also like having a "homebase" that's a real house, one larger to keep all our special mementos etc. And now the camper, for get-aways out-doors lol. As long as I have an alt that's premium, I'll give each a home
  7. Haha we cross posted I may have that DRD stuff too - gotta check inventory!
  8. Soy had a gacha that was called Trailer Life I believe? Not too long ago. I'm sure the store has it there if you feel like tossing away some Lindens
  9. That's the only bad thing about some of the houseboats. One of my alts got one in the early releases which luckily faces a large expanse of open water on 2 sides .And since it's not my primary home - more of a vacation spot - I can deal with the other sides facing other houseboats. The fact that I can dock a sailboat right on open waters is worth keeping it alone. The trailer I got yesterday (another alt) is a darn near perfect location also which I got just as as they released them. Now if I could only get a house that is on water I'd be set. I like the one I have as it's really private but one on sandy land would be ideal for me.
  10. Same here exactly. I just figured something was up and started to refresh. Hit it at the right time. I'm in your region, overlooking that nice little pond/lake with the waterfall. Really quite private. A rock wall on one side so the camper set slightly above me isn't completely in my view and the other 3 sides I see none at all from inside the vehicle. Honestly could not have gotten a better site if I'd picked it myself. I'm keeping this one for the long haul (no pun intended)
  11. I was totally psyched when I noticed this. My lot is on a small lake with a waterfall turning it makes a huge difference for the view.
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