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  1. For some reason, I thought I'd responded to this thread but apparently not. My base look for my avatar has a lot of features that are reflective of my real self. Caucasian, quite short, mid-length blonde hair ombre sort of look, large boobs. hazel eyed as I am in SL. Don't wear much makeup - nor does Elora as of late, my appliers are "as is" out of the box usually. However, I'm a lot older - she is a glorified version of of me when I was in my late 20's/early 30's - mostly in body shape. I'm on the low end of plus size petite or, zoftig as my people say. Personality wise we are equal. I don't role play. Tried in the past when I first joined. I'm able to but really don't enjoy it so you get the real me completely when you are talking to me. As for what I wear - that is the big difference. In RL I have no inclination to dress anywhere near the way I do in SL. I'm a jeans, basic top and Birkenstock shoes kind of girl for both work and home (I'm lucky I don't have to dress up for the office). Black is my go to color of choice top to bottom most of the time. Some boho pieces but most are streamlined, classic and easy to mix/match. I love fashion from an artistic, historic and social point of view, and can throw together a great outfit for Elora but for myself have little desire to dress up. Same with hair, makeup, shoes and accessories. I'm happy enough to let SL give me a way to experiment without having to commit to having a closet full of clothing I'll never cut the tags off of in RL 😋
  2. Thanks so much. That coat was a PITA to deal with. I had to do some post editing on it. No. Not some. A LOT. In fact, I also had to wear the version for a different body because the one for Maitreya was not working for photo purposes with me holding that cat. Put on the Legacy version instead which covered that arm better. Additionally the cat has several poses and the one I preferred just wouldn't work with any version of the coat. Ugh. I must have done like 20 versions of that image before I got one which wouldn't have to be edited to death. The outfit underneath has minor problems too. The mesh was breaking on the right thigh slightly and the Maitreya alpha cuts were all too large (wish they would come out with an update already) to fix it. At least that was a very easy correction to make but still. Being on pain killers last night from dental work certainly didn't make this all easier 🤣 Shocked I managed to complete it at all.
  3. Could be you had used up your 10 tries when you got that property. So it logs you out.
  4. So after realizing camping life really is NOT my style, but also really liking the land I have my trailer on being it's rather private and has direct lake access, I decided why not turn it into an ice cream store? Let alone the name - Huney Junction 🤗 Still working on it but eventually will give out the SLurl so people can visit and enjoy
  5. I guess they were just going for the rock band name without considering if it needed a little something more to round out the pun 🤣
  6. Just got a house in Emerson Lake, nice little spot but no water views. I'd hoped with that name there would be a lake - but no such luck. Abandoning in a couple of minutes.
  7. I wear LAQ occasionally. I fell in love with Ivy for role play purposes and got that for one of my alts who wears it primarily. I then branched out to a couple of others for myself; Gaia and Noelle. I'm happy with all of them except that every time I go to use them I forget how the eyes work with them! I actually had to make a note card for myself the last time because of it.
  8. Perhaps doing a character test and starting from scratch might help? This way you'll wipe out everything you might possibly be wearing.
  9. Got a house in Calleya but it's similar enough to another (high up on a hill) . Looking for something completely different than what the alt has. Nice enough but released
  10. It's Blush's add on, the version with a screened porch instead of just an entire wrap around. EDIT: Just saw this was answered, oops!
  11. I did the same thing at first - rezzed more landscaping and then realized the whole reason I wanted a sandy lot, was NOT to have all that! So yes, less is better sometimes. PS: Love what you've been doing to your house. It feels very much lived in, and loved.
  12. This is lovely. I made something earlier this year to honor one of my beloved cats. I'm so sorry for the many you have lost. This is a beautiful way to memorialize them and I hope it gives you comfort and solace, it's very moving to me.
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