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  1. It's a billion degrees out where I live so I'm taking advantage and keeping cool indoors. Haven't used Baby Face from Genus from a while. This all seemed to suit her
  2. FYI honestly the refresh doesn't even work now if you leave it alone for hours. I just logged onto it for the first time in about an hour or so and literally, on the first refresh it logged me out saying I'd reached my limit. I mean, WTH guys? That's got to be a glitch.
  3. Yea I have a feeling Marianne and I could open a second hand mall between the two of us 😊
  4. Hahahaha, I was thinking exactly the same thing!
  5. I'm flattered if someone likes my home designs, and don't mind at all if someone uses pieces I've picked up to put in their own homes. After all, we all shop in the same places more or less, it's just a matter of we find or don't. I've certainly asked people where they picked up things (the knotted curtains from Soy for instance) that I particularly loved. What does bother me, however, is if someone literally purchases entire roomfuls of the same items. That shows laziness in creating your own style. I'm guilty of caming into other peoples homes for inspiration myself and recently noticed my brand new next door neighbor had the exact furniture all over her house that I did right down to small accessory pieces. She even had colored the bed, chairs and couch in the colors mine were in. I find it hard to believe it was coincidence. That was just weird to me. Of course, I've now changed my decor like twice since in the past week or so because I'm always tweaking things and I'm about to swap out a lot of the pieces they copied off me so we'll see what happens 🤣 EDIT: PS - pretty sure it isn't anyone here on the forum so nobody has to worry about me coming next door and having any kind of drama laden moment LOL
  6. Also, if you're in Flickr, there are several groups dedicated to new SL offerings. Even though I've been around for a decade and then some, I always find something new looking through the photos in those areas.
  7. Everyone should visit New York, at least one. It truly IS a wonderful place to be.
  8. 6:00 am would be a dream. I wake up at 5:10 am, and I'm out the door at 6:15 am to head into NYC. The only good thing is I leave at 4:15pm, which is nearly 2 hours earlier than everyone else. After being there for 10 years, I finally was like - look, I'm up at the crack of dawn anyway to feed cats, so why don't I just come in, work through lunch (I eat at my desk) and just leave early so I actually enjoy my evenings? Luckily, my boss was cool with it 😊 Works much better for me.
  9. Pretty much that's what happened to Ghosty. He's been pretty happy with his houseboat too, and he wasn't so sure he'd enjoy it.
  10. That's pretty much what I've been doing. I dispensed with the autorefresh a while ago. I have a houseboat (alt does) but would like a home. I have land that I rent and would eventually give it up if I'm able to get a house. I really love Bellessaria, LL has done such a fine job with this continent and I never thought I'd be happy on Mainland again but lo and behold, I truly am. Would like to make it as permanent as possible. Will continue refreshing periodically. Just kicking myself now and then too for letting 3 go on the last large release due to my not realizing how great the location was then and apparently it was the last time they gave actual notice about it. Oh well. Eventually I'm sure I'll hit on one. Not like I don't have a home as it is!
  11. GAWD What stinks is literally every release this week I was sitting in front of the computer, at work. I easily could have been paying attention if there was an actual, official notice that they were about to release the land. Ugh ok, I know they are doing their best. I get that. Been in SL long enough to know. Still frustrating. Ok, back to work and will quit my complaining, which, is out of the norm for me.
  12. So basically, everyone sits around just refreshing all day long? No timeframe on those days? It would be helpful to at least have a time period so that people have at least a little leeway here.
  13. Are they not making official notices any longer? Because I never see any.
  14. I don't understand. Are they just releasing like a few houses here and there? What's the point of that?
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