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  1. Curious if anyone can guess what will happen with Mirandela? My Med house is on the South edge and right now has a water view. There is a road west of my land which does seem to indicate something will be built in back of my property eventually. Any ideas?
  2. I've had them a while, it's by Love. There's several versions in the box; corners, tops, trellis, etc.
  3. Very slowly working on the Bella Vista. I'm finding the living area (or what I'm using for it) somewhat challenging to fit in the right sofa shape and placement but I'll get there. So here's front and back for now (also, unfinished).
  4. Years and years ago, at the first land I bought, another resident had created some kind of "boys club" group and to say the place was overrun by teenage boy avatars is an understatement. This I could ignore but what I couldn't was their apparent desire to buy up the entire sim piece by piece as other residents left. Eventually I was the only holdout and they started erecting those giant prims all over the boundaries of the land they owned to force me out. Never offered to buy my land, just wanted to piss me off and make me leave. Eventually they blocked me in and I lost nearly all my water views. That left me no choice but to AR them but I never saw evidence that it made any difference. I stuck it out for months because if nothing else, I'm a stubborn girl and was not going to go down easy. But man those mega prims sure were annoying. I met Ghosty around this time and we eventually decided to find a place together and wanted more space than what I had myself, so I did abandon the land. But on my terms!
  5. I have those! Thanks for the reminder!
  6. Ahh! Ok I don't have that house but sure do have plenty of others and can probably find similar in my inventory
  7. Quoins! Fantastic find. Where are those shutters from, also?
  8. I love the stilts. Originally I had an on land which was pretty good but ditched it for over water with one of my alts. It has has a little sandbar island on the land so I made a tiny beach area. It also has nobody really close to it which is a plus and an uncluttered view from the back of the house. I've had that house the longest of any other type. It's been years and I won't give it up. It's a little slice of heaven.
  9. IDK how I even managed to know this happened except I picked my head up out of my RL work day and saw they were released only moments from me reading it. Have a lovely spot in Mirandela, which currently has a nice water view from the backyard. Anticipating this may not always be the case but for now sure is pretty.
  10. Could be the one by Salt & Pepper. It comes with a HUD to change colors. I have it, but can't remember the name off hand. I'd have to log in later
  11. If you click on the photo it goes to my Flickr - all the details are there!
  12. So pretty! I prefer looking more mature in SL but with the right applier (this one is from Traditional Face, "Noelly", one of the gifts) it works well enough for me to use it. So many great gifties!
  13. It's not my primary home. Let someone else have my ranch. I'm by no means homeless LOL I can wait
  14. Just dumped my ranch waiting for these. Walked through the decorated ones and I really like all the open, sunny spaces. Any idea when they may actually be available? I've been so busy with RL work stuff I feel like I'll miss out on the release!
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