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  1. This sounds like you went on vacation. Went = going somewhere. So the answer is yes.
  2. I log in every day pretty much. Sometimes it's just quick but most of the time I spend at least an hour or two once I'm home from work, have caught up with Ghosty and we've had dinner. Weekends could be longer if we don't have any particular plans out of the house.
  3. Correct - the 2nd pack is ONLY for extras, not the hair itself.
  4. ATTENTION ATTENTION! @RaeLeeH made a thing! She created a wrap around porch for the Winchester šŸ’ƒšŸ¬šŸ˜ I am blown away at how gorgeous this is! Perfection! She's got it on the Marketplace already. Link below and I'm hoping it doesn't go to the German version because I've been having an issue the past few days where no matter what I do it defaults there instead of English. (ugh looks like it did SORRY) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RAE-Bellisseria-Winchester-Porch-v1/18828380 Anyway, this is my house in Cadhaire. I used the custom exterior texture change HUD for it which is how I got the pink color. Not a bug!
  5. I'm going to release a traditional in Silent Shores in a few minutes that an alt picked up the other day. It's a really nice location; corner lot across the street from the water. Side yard faces east to the water so you might have a water view depending on what model you use and some strategic derendering of trees across the way - I did it and it really was lovely to look out at the houseboats beyond. The landscaping is really good too, nice step up to the house, and the back yard is fully private with trimmed hedges and wood fencing to the street if you like that look. Silent Shores is a really nice region. In fact, if I were just starting out and got this house I'd be keeping it. This one really has a good vibe to it but I just don't need it as it's similar to another one that I have already which I slightly prefer. Will let it go at 7:55am SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silent Shores/23/42/27 PS: This photo shows the landscape with trees derendered and, I haven't abandoned it yet - got held up so make that 8:00 slt
  6. Not sure if this is a question for here or somewhere else but since it's regarding Lelutka's Evolution heads i'll go into it. Last night, I put myself together, not issues, etc. Teleported somewhere, no problem, looked fine. While there, had to log out for a few minutes and log back in again. When I logged in, my ava looked completely screwed up - since I'm not used to Bakes on Mesh completely, it was hard to figure out at first what the exact problem was but I quickly realized that the head alpha had come off when I'd relogged on. Attempted to put it back on to no avail. Still looked like crud. Teleported to my home land and had to fiddle around with it for quite some time, finally got things fixed and went back to where I'd been. Now, not sure if a) logging out/logging in had anything to do with this or b) if the land I was on was the issue; possibly too laggy and due to that the alpha came off and I wasn't able to correct it all while at that land? And in general, have found at times weirdness with the head happening. Yesterday for instance I could not get the main Erin head to show at all, BUT if I used the Erin head with the static ears, I could. Which, was strange?
  7. Not a hair base! It's the whole hair It's by Doux, called Pink. All of their hair have an option to apply "baby hairs" . Make sure you get the "base pack" AND the 2nd pack which cost something like an extra $125L because that's the one that gives you accessories if there is one (like barrettes), materials ability etc. IDK why they don't just make it all one pack but maybe they've discovered some people aren't interested in those options and prefer to pay a little less.
  8. Haha I wonder if it's the one my alt caught. I haven't had time to take a good look at it yet, I'm at the office. Will make a decision on it when I get home in a few hours.
  9. Alt just picked up a trad in Abiatti? Not familiar with that area. Close to mainland it seems? Gotta take a better look later but from a quick look it seems interesting. Huge walkway up to the house, with lots of boulders surrounding it and I think, it had a view of the lighthouse maybe although it's not right on the water. If nothing else, it will make a great photo submission to the Staircase thread Then I'll release it LOL
  10. Lelutka was the first mesh head I purchased when they first became popular - I wore Simone for the longest time and loved it. I switched over to Genus Strong for the most part in the past year; I use many others also but Strong is my top fav. I was loathe to deal with BOM, but when Lelutka introduced the 2 new heads at a reduced price I took the plunge. I bought Nova first without doing a demo since I trust Lelutka and there was a learning curve for me but, wow, I love the look and am very pleased with the head other than the lips being a bit too puffy for my tastes but, I'm working on fixing that. Then, decided to buy Erin and I actually like this one more since her lips are more to my liking. I'm getting used to using BOM now. The HUDS are really easy to use, animations are great. Glad I didn't toss out all my old appliers now also (I had dumped quite a bit of them but saved some). Erin with Glam Affair Xia This is Nova. I can't remember the applier because I was playing around with the appliers. Could be either YS&YS or DeeTalez
  11. For me, it's the soundtrack of college days. My roommate and I used to fall asleep to these 3 albums every single night (this in 1977): 1. 2112/Rush 2. Dark Side of the Moon/Pink Floyd 3. Late for the Sky/Jackson Brown (to fall asleep to, finally) I didn't know them prior to this - I'm from the US and they were not a part of my musical background prior to college. I was one of the few females that became pretty obsessed with them for a while. I could air drum with the best of them lol, knew every single beat (which is funny because Ghosty, drums and of course Rush is a big love of his). I did lose interest in them for a long time; prefer their earlier music but have seen them many times in concert most recently a few years back w/Ghosty and it was pretty awesome. My taste in music is very varied but mostly was new wave/punk/art rock n college; B'52's, Patti Smith, Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads etc. Saw U2 in a tiny bar in NJ before they became big. But I also listened to other genres, it's good to keep an open mind. I was pretty stunned by Peart's death too. One of those moments where I literally gasped out loud. Just so unexpected. It sucks to start losing your idols (even if you don't idolize them).
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