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  1. Awesome. Will have my alt join if she hasn't already - she's the one that has the house in her name
  2. Holy smokes, this is a fantastic idea. I will mention that to him!
  3. Yep, I already purchased a few. I bought one for Windlass - the upper deck railing/stair combo which I like a lot. Also for the Barnacle which was a good one too. I don't mind playing around for a week or 2 to be sure I am sure about my decision. I'm used to swapping things out constantly anyway and yea, the add ons are very well priced. Ghosty is going to show me how to cover the navy walls (just wrote that above) or I'll let him do it if it's too much for me to grasp (I'm sure it isn't but it just will go quicker if he does it I'm sure). I'd prefer to stick w/the Windlass if possible since I do like it best.
  4. I actually visited your home yesterday, it's fantastic. LOVE. Still debating about just sticking with it. I had tried using the Barnacle already and just wasn't bowled over with the floor plan plus, where my home is it didn't sit oriented well on the water for good access if I put down a boat eventually. I preferred the traditional entry of the Windlass and more open feeling of it overall. My husband offered to show me how to build walls to cover the ones that can't be textured. I've been putting that off for years - so I guess it's just time to dive in (PUN absolutely intended).
  5. UGH. Thanks for letting me know that Sylvia. That stinks. I'm going to have another look at the Barnacle in that case. I kept going back and forth between all of the models and each of them had some flaw that made me say "no". I work in architecture/design in RL so I'm a bit too picky and I guess I need to not do that when it comes to virtual living 😋 Gotta learn to live with some things but yea, not being able to decorate the way I prefer is a major draw back so back to the proverbial drawing board for me.
  6. Oooo please pass that along to me too pretty pretty please!
  7. Count me as another thankful customer! I was able to barely make a nice little bathroom area and texture it for the Windlass on my own but anything else is pretty much beyond my capabilities. I work in architecture but I'm no architect; I make sure their money doesn't disappear LOL. I'm constantly checking for new add-ons and hoping for one that will expand the upstairs of the Windlass. That deck is way larger than it needs to be and I bet would be perfect for adding on an actual bedroom area. I tried to make one but yea, WAY more than I could handle building but even getting those 3 walls up around the existing area gave me a good idea of how much expanded living s.f. you could get out of that 2nd floor. I already bought the roof top deck add-on so now I have stairs leading up to the top roof - 2 outdoor hang out areas and would not miss losing 1/2 of the first one at all. So, Blush? Maybe? 😊
  8. Is anyone else having a problem with the wall texture option on the Windlass Houseboat? I seem to remember seeing someone else mention this but don't remember where it was. When I pick a color for the interior walls it will only retexture some of them. The walls in the alcove, leading upstairs and upstairs area completely have been blue since I rezzed the house. And, not even the same tone of blue that comes up on the rest of the walls - this is a much darker navy. I've tried different Windlight settings and it always looks darker than the other blue walls. I love blue but not sure I' want to be stuck with it. EDIT: Also...I thought we would be able to retexture the walls with our own textures but I'm not able to do so - when I try it's grayed out.
  9. Seriously they did a great job. I had low hopes of grabbing one especially since I just found out about this like a week or so ago. I was really impressed with the work done all over this continent. It really seems LL is listening to the residents this time around. Well done Lindens, really well done!
  10. Yes, style - model I like the one already there so probably won't change it. And yes, long and skinny sticking into the water. I thought I'd prefer having a small beach near me but then realized that I already have an entire sim to myself with plenty of that already so having a houseboat surrounded by water really is preferable as a "get-away" kind of place.
  11. Yay! My Alt got one! At first I wasn't sure about the location. But actually it's fairly private, first row on the open waters, overlooking a nice sand bar, only one direct neighbor and a style of house I prefer. Overall pretty happy!
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