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  1. I am not all that and a bag of chips when it comes to taking full-body shots. But, practice will make perfect. One day...
  2. Haven't been taking pictures lately. But, I managed to snap this while waiting for a wave...
  3. This is what I hope to find (HUD)...sans the eyebrows, lips and freckles. I have other skin HUDs that allow me to layer without it changing my entire face. If such a HUD does not exist - I really do NOT want to buy new skin... - then I hope to find an eyeliner / eyeshadow combo of this nature (EYES). I have never openly searched for eyeshadow and eyeliner because I always used what came with the skin pack; btw, I wear the CATWA: Catya head. I am using BOM. If anyone could help? I would be so grateful. ❤️
  4. @Skell Dagger you are amazing. Thank you.
  5. I certainly will share the info once I find out! I wish I could do the inspect option, but I did not take the picture. Thank you for the reply. ❤️
  6. I asked the girl and of course got no answer LOL. So, does anyone know? 💖
  7. I take no credit for this picture. But, it's the only recent one I have since my video card crapped out 3 months ago. I will take credit for that crappy align job with my horns. Go, me!
  8. I have it set that I rez into my Bestie's Skybox while I'm on Radegast.
  9. This thread has helped me a lot, esp @Lindal Kidd's blog entry - Thank you!
  10. As much as I love logging in, I do not love the solitude 100% I'm not really sure what is wrong with me. I want to interact, make friends...But even when it comes to a bar that I have been visiting since 2010 I still stay as far away from people as I can. If I am close friends with someone or if I am in a relationship, I'll happily invade that person's personal space. I'll be super active in a group chat, but when it comes to being around other people... no Bueno. It's like that social butterfly part of me turns off and I hiss at anyone who tries touching me.
  11. Correction: I don't feel so loved. :'( ...Can I at least watch? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Ok, that totally made me feel loved. Not gonna lie. ❤️
  13. Thanks anyway! But I just figured it out.
  14. I haven't been able to log into the 3D viewer for more than maybe 10 minutes now. Video Card died. But, I think I might have something saved... Lemme see... And, Btw, @Orwar, Neph is single, right?
  15. Wait huh. We did? Mind filling me in who you were/are? WAIT A MINUTE. I think I know who you are... I don't recall the name. But, Capricorn!
  16. I'm late to the party, but THANK YOU! I am extremely paranoid about people just waltzing in and hanging out in my home - rightfully so, given I often have adult furniture laid out. I don't mind people walking by or even coming by for an approved visit. I just... Ugh... I like my personal space more than I like people sometimes.
  17. What about Steamed Hams, now? Welcome to the forum, OP.
  18. I was injured; down for 6 months due to a fall at work. I had planned on moving to another state but could not until I had jumped through all these hoops to both A) Stay on Workers Comp, and B) If I left prematurely and re-injured myself I would be screwed. Or so I was told... Anyway... I found Second Life through an adult website. I joined in 2007 so a lot of these are from that era up until Laoise was created (2010.) Blueberry Hill & The Pap Daddy Dancers ... I loved this place and I loved working there. I remember... lol... I was on the stage with the DJ and another dancer and
  19. Okay. First off, F'K those people. Someone had IM'd me I guess a few months ago while I was at some beach. They said, "lovely tattoo... " and the only one I was wearing at that time was one that said "Kiss Me" on my Pelvis and was completely hidden by my shorts. It IS extremely creepy and that comes from someone who enjoys showing off her avatar. /shudders
  20. Laoise Rumsford

    Linden home

    I don't know anyone who would! I was lucky enough to grab a traditional...somehow lol. Currently I am not using it as my PC is in the middle of a long-needed parts upgrade. I can log into the 3D viewer but for an extremely limited amount of time as the lag just drives me bonkers. You're more than welcome to stay at mine until you're able to get one of your own, or pay-to-rent. I'll log into the 3D for you to help get you moved in and such! If you're still interested, throw an IM my way.
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