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  1. Whats the saying..Pictures worth a thousand words. This one is worth four. lol
  2. I do! Or a sugardaddy to buy me one....Joking I can get my own tiara's. lol
  3. I was feeling like I wanted to be a princess.....Oh and I am still playing with lighting and editing lol.
  4. Haven't taken any pictures in a few...Moving getting new stuffies for the new house and then I had to get some pets too...So this is us being lazy and doing nothing.
  5. Was being a beach bum today because I was bored and alone...Never a good thing for me to be. lol I do think that little yellow guy was giving me the eye though.
  6. Trying and playing with different editing styles thought the black and white look made it look arty lol.
  7. Last few days been feeling the cute sweet look...
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