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  1. Guessing this is what you're after? If you're using Firestorm, you want to be in User Interface > 3D World > Tick "Hover Tips" > "Show Extended Information on Hovertips (Phoenix Style). When I have Extended Info ticked and I hover over a simple box... https://gyazo.com/193cab3c729136f76ae7620ccbe76c00
  2. I'm a Caregiver to my Mother; my AFK game is strong. A lot of the time I don't see messages in a timely manner...Then there are times when I DGAF and close the message out and move on. 98% of the time I am not friendly so if anyone takes my silence personal, it's on them.
  3. Okay, so... Marketplace. I'll add something to my cart then after a while go to pay for it all and it's suddenly empty. 2k worth of stuff-to-buy is suddenly gone. I did make sure that I got the "this has been added to your cart!" confirmation before moving on. While it's not a pain to re-add everything, it does make me extremely hesitant about buying Linden and MP items. Grid Status does not name any NEW issues that I know of unless it popped up while writing this post. Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. Bestie (red) and myself resting after a Twerk Break.™
  5. It can be, sure. But...I don't need to be grabbed and kissed in the process. It may be computer generated but I'd prefer to not feel violated. Unless I signed up for it.
  6. How does one battle depression? slap on a beard and wear a DJ's custom tag proudly. the tag is: bearded lady ...
  7. That's why I avoid platform heels, sneakers, or boots (no matter how many beautiful buckles and spikes there are...) like the plague. Even though my avatar is short, her legs all of a sudden are not and I end up tweaking my shape instead of taking off the platforms like a normal person. Since you asked, they do look a bit too long - but it could also, as I said, be because of the platforms.
  8. Girrrrl. It's sad, isn't it? Men, Women...Whatever. Just take the "NO THANKS" like a grown-up and move on to the next person in the room.
  9. Oh, I don't doubt it for a second, Orwar. We're just as petty.
  10. There is no such thing as a conversation when two avatars are dancing. "Care to dance?" is always a nice gesture, but before you know it, you're getting felt up by someone who thinks they're going to get some SLex. For once, I would love to dance with a guy who isn't trying to stuff his [ ... ] into my lower back. 😒
  11. + Pandemonium + would be a good place. It's still new (about a month old) but growing...
  12. Girl, I've been playing with lighting a lot more...Make my pictures, you know-- better. I recently came to find out that a corset fat pack I bought... The spikes and chains sparkle. SPARKLE. It totally destroyed the fetish goth look I thought I had going on. Since I'm not wearing it at present I can't tell if it's Modify. The HUD offers no option to turn off the glitter look I had no idea was there. It's pretty, the sparkle...But like I said: It wasn't expected. Back on-topic, I don't care to mod any of my items unless they are furry. I do own a pair of mesh ears and horns that need to be re-tinted when I decide to change my skin...Tinting is A PAIN IN THE ARSE!! I can get the skin around my horns to look great, but my ears...I am constantly tweaking them because one day they're perfect (under one windlight) and then the next day, they're too dark, or bright (same windlight.) Drives me insane.
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