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  1. Laoise Rumsford

    How does your avatar look today ?

    BFF was showing me a landscape he was building. For someone who hates the snow, he sure can make a beautiful wonderland. Trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue... I lack the proper pose, so just pretend, K? K.
  2. Laoise Rumsford

    How does your avatar look today ?

    was toying with different windlights...even went as far as to crank up my graphics - which could have ended badly. But, the LL Gods smiled down upon me and spared me the crash of a lifetime long enough for me to snap this and a few other pictures. This one I love the most.
  3. Laoise Rumsford

    How does your avatar look today ?

    omg. Please tell me where you found that top?
  4. Laoise Rumsford

    Show me your butch side

    Before I changed my skin (which was League) Hair is Rezology The outfit is Curemore (Gacha) Horns are from { aii } Gloves are **RE** Glasses are !TLB (Hunt Prize) Tattoo is :: Para Designs ::
  5. Laoise Rumsford

    RP.... I don't get it

    Hi OP! A lot of people see Second Life as a game, yes. Which in a way it is and in a way it's not. Second Life (to me) is more of a highly interactive chatroom of sorts. Except you're not stuck in one "room" and instead of using your imagination, you can see you, other people, and the world around you; all of which you can freely enjoy (to a point...) Some will argue that Second Life is not a game because there is no goal. You don't level up, you don't get experience and there's no loot. But at the same time, there is... The goal is to make connections with your fellow man. You only level up if you're playing a game (Primal Life, Linden Realms, etc), the experience you gain is the process of learning how to work Second Life, how to "deal" with difficult people and the drama they bring, but also the good people and the timeless love they give you and you give them. LOOT would be known as the endless amount of creators who offer their "wares" for us to choose from. As far as the families go, I don't get it. The farthest I personally wish to go is being partnered. The whole "have kids and a family" is strange, unless you're describing someone as "a brother from another mother" "sister from another mister" in jest, which in RL you also gain friends that you feel are like family. Though I am not saying those who decide to get pregnant and have the whole family experience is negative, that's their choice, just as much as being childless is mine. With the "relationships" bit, it is strange. Married in RL and partnered in SL. But I guess that's just another level of connections (like I said above) - one of my friends is married and we dated for some time in SL and his wife, hell, she became one of my closest friends. It's all about trust. But, if you notice in one documentary in particular (LIFE 2.0) such partnerships can destroy RL relationships and even families because the RL partners don't understand, and don't appreciate what their husband/wife is doing. I personally love to role play. But not with anything of the above. I'll decorate my avatar into something different (a Dinosaur, a Furry, a Na'vi, etc) and find like-minded people to have fun with because I love to immerse myself in a fantasy world, even if it's just for a small time. I love to write, and "play pretend" but eventually I do have to log off and go back to my RL; if I let SL control me in such a way, I would go mad and my RL would suffer. Laoise is what I think is beautiful. It's what I love to see in other women; the fit, yet curves in the right places kind of shape. As far as fashion goes, it's what I wish I could have and wear in RL; I look nothing like Laoise, but it's what's inside of me that makes me Laoise...If that makes any sense. ...The "she got pregnant from ... without her consent" should be seen as harassment, trolling, griefing- whatever term you want to use. If I am right, there was (or is) a ***** system that would "scan" victims and impregnate them; and you had to go to a clinic to "abort" the child for 200L ... Which is, to me, a scam. But it's only words. If you show up in a database (think Bloodlines) it's up to you what to do from that point. But just remember that NO ONE can tell you what to do, how to dress or how to feel in Second Life. Even "masters/mistresses/doms" can only go so far before it becomes asinine.
  6. Laoise Rumsford

    How does your avatar look today ?

    New skin! So totally happy that the lipstick (pictured) and cat-eyeliner (not pictured) from my other skin (League) work with this!! Saved me some linden it did. I feel amazing, brand new. Which is what I needed most.
  7. Laoise Rumsford

    How does your avatar look today ?

    demo'ing a skin. absolutely love the smile when before (another skin) it looked like crap.
  8. Laoise Rumsford

    Did they leave a mark?

    Four. One, we were friends for going on 6 years when I said something stupid, and instead of talking about it...He blocked me. It hurt a lot, but it helped me realize that nothing lasts forever. Two, we were close and often spoke about "the other half of our amulet" glowing if the other was going through bad times. He never came back. Three, I have known for 4-5 years. We have been attracted to each other but at the beginning of our friendship, he was married. So, we just stayed friends. Some years down the road, he was now divorced and we are together as a couple. While he is currently quite busy in RL, we have spoken about taking things from Second Life to Real Life. I look forward to this. Four, my best friend. He lives in Finland. We were lovers at a time, but now he is partnered. However, I know he will come to my rescue if I need him. He "held" me for an hour while I cried my eyes out because of a bad RL moment.
  9. Laoise Rumsford

    Athletic female skin.. and Lelutka head applier

    I too can suggest PINK FUEL for your abdomen needs! I've used them on and off for years The only downside to their skins that I've noticed is that they do not offer pubic hair options (unless this has changed) so you have to apply your own purchased pubes, which can be a pain if you wear full body tattoos. Just letting a sister know.
  10. Laoise Rumsford

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Dang it, Skell. I didn't realize I needed this song in my life until now. *song ends* *hits repeat* *song ends* "ok I'll stop listening for now..." ... *repeat*
  11. The last time I had received a "u want sum....?" message was from I guess a newbie? I can't properly cam to people without crashing or lagging super bad and I wanted to f'with them some. Turns out opening your pants and screaming "OMG WHAT IS THAT???" will deter "suitors" quick as a flash. Before that, I would explain how they can't afford me, then when they ask how much, I throw an insane number at them just to see what would happen. But seriously OP. It doesn't matter what you have in your profile, or how you look. If you have breasts and a vagane, you're going to be hit on by people who think they are somehow better than the person you are with.