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  1. How does your avatar look today ?

    feeling quite down today... fun times.
  2. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    LMAO. I see. In that case, OP, suck it up and learn how to wear panties when told to. ^.^
  3. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    Jeez OP, what'd you do? Land on their head? (for those unaware: people (read: a lot) get their panties in a wad when you touch them - and they're the ones clogging the landing area) There really isn't that much you can do I mean besides unleash the Kraken and tear into them the way they did you. But all that may do is get you AR'd with LL taking their side.
  4. How does your avatar look today ?

    Yes, I love them both. I'd die for them both.
  5. How High Are Your Standards, Actually?

    I'm quite laid back. Sure, I have had my moments but nothing that wasn't easily worked through. The only thing (besides that RL comes 1st) is that I am not lied to. Do not lead me on; do not make me think that you still love me when in fact you don't. Do not leave clues and drop hints so that I am the one to break up so that you would not be the "bad guy." To me, that is cowardice. And a complete waste of my time.
  6. How does your avatar look today ?

    * honk *
  7. Looking for calm AO

    One I bought a time ago for my Enchantress avatar... (I needed something calm that like you said, did not bounce around like a hyperactive toddler) I got from a place called Body Language (sweet lovely cute) - Now, they are around 1k in price if not a few hundred lower, but I guess that price also depends on how old the AO is, if there are any group discounts, or current sales. The one I wear (Fulfilment) is quite calm with a hint of confidence - it does make my avatar bend at the waist, but not in the same manner as the "come hither" (a nicer way to put it) movement. Currently it's not available on MP. It may still be in the store, but this was several months ago and I haven't been back since so it very well could not be available anymore, but do not take my word for it; go see yourself. MP: Mainstore: Voyage/128/93/1253 Also: It has (that I can find) NO PRE-LOADED DANCES. I'm not sure if they can be added, I haven't tried yet.
  8. How does your avatar look today ?

    Already posted. I hope y'all don't mind... But... I gotta share: (animated gif, SFW)
  9. Sour stomach - broken heart

  10. How does your avatar look today ?

    Love my horns. Don't quite care for the "gotta be manually tweaked to match" part.
  11. Categorizing Dresses

    This what I do, and is what has kept me sane over the years...
  12. Where is Bento on Singularity???