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  1. People who follow everyone else and their way of thinking instead of having a mind of their own. Also. Ugly avatars.
  2. In a game a about video game characters? 😂
  3. Cliquey behavior. Sounds just like how people on Second Life are.
  4. I swear people start sharing their pictures as soon as I share mine. Like the last one was two hours ago and then immediately after I post then people post. Hm.
  5. People accusing you of being a woman hating man. That's a new one. 😂
  6. Lmao I'm a chick irl but got accused of being a woman hating man
  7. @Dateless Wonder is confused. I can help you with your confusion. I think it's an alt because their account activity is blank. I know people don't want me to post and they'll do anything to keep me from posting.
  8. It adds more life than dry old people looking skin imo. But, if people want to keep looking like their avies are from 2006, then that's fine too. 😘
  9. How come? Is it because it's slowly shutting down due to the whole Flickr Pro fiasco?
  10. PSA: Not a child avie btw contrary to what some people think 🤣
  11. People who start trouble but accuse you of being the troll even though they're the ones always starting it.
  12. People with ugly avatars who are jealous of nice looking ones. 😂
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