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  1. To be honest, most of SL is completely deserted and the majority of people are either customizing their avatars, taking photos, creating stuff, or what have you. I seldom see anyone really chatting or exploring with other people unless you know someone through someone. I dunno, maybe it’s just my experience, but I always spend my SL alone because it seems there’s no one else really around on it.
  2. How does my avie look today? Freaking adorable if I must say so myself ❤️
  3. Your avie is super adorable! If you like kawaii things, I’m your person. I’m also getting back into the whole SL photography thing and it’s would be nice to take photos with others as well as follow
  4. I finally changed my head to a LAQ one. I think it looks adorable ♥️
  5. I’m someone who loves to talk about anything and everything. Pretty much open to learning all sorts of new things. I’ve been on SL on and off again for years now
  6. People who ignore you for no reason even when trying to be polite or positive.
  7. I took some time away from SL as I felt it was much needed, but I am back and looking to start over and remake friends. I’m into a number of things, but it’s difficult for me to describe myself and who I am or what I like. I just feel people out and go on from there. I want SL to be fun for me again.
  8. I am black IRL but just recently got back into SL after a short hiatus. Even if I don’t use a black avatar off hand, I’m pretty much open to conversation.
  9. I messaged you in-world because I don’t and didn’t want to come on the forums anymore, but you didn’t reply back despite being online with no busy response. So, I’m assuming you don’t want what you asked for.
  10. After this I am done responding in these forums. I’m not looking for a count of how many people have me muted, but I am also tired that every time I respond to something completely unrelated that people then attempt to derail it by being rude to me and bringing up previous unrelated threads. I find THAT to be actual harassment and bullying, but because of this hive mind and mob mentality on here people are threatening me with ARs when I haven’t done anything wrong just because I don’t want to derail any other threads and prefer to message them personally without it effecting the actual thread. and then they comment here to still derail it and paint me out to be this horrible person when I’m only trying to enjoy my SL much like all of you are and I invested a lot money into this game and I’d be devastated if something happened to my account all because people ganged up on me in a silly forum. So forget it. I feel like people are purposefully trying to do this to me and i love my account and prefer to keep it in good standing. Have a nice life.
  11. To be honest, I’m not sure if other games would slow down my laptop as much as SL does, but then again I don’t play any other online games other than SL. It takes a lot away from the experience and because I’m not tech savvy, i honestly have no idea what’s wrong or how to fix it. Sort of up in arms at this point.
  12. Okay, thank you for your input, sweetie. But, I don’t want the thread to be derailed.
  13. Well, people can like what they want to or not. It’s life.
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