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  1. Pet peeve #2: I honestly wish people didn’t deny the racism that goes on in SecondLife. It happens so much in many places that it’s why it’s sometimes a risk going into places with a black avie. Since I’ve switched back to a black avie, I’ve been hit with scripted objects and called racial slurs. Some people, especially at sandboxes, always seem to target my avie as she’s usually the only black one there. It’s crazy. But, much like real life there’s going to be racism in SL. Sad but true fact.
  2. Pet peeve: Black people being ostracized or attacked and killed in this country. So many news stories. Smh.
  3. Your avie is so beautiful! Aww well thank you self ❤😂
  4. Okay bye. --- Anyway, loving my new look.
  5. At first I was gonna add a raw shot but then I said screw it.
  6. Despite dealing with a lot of recent racism in-world due to the change of my avie, I really love my new look. ❤️
  7. Oh, so that’s where we going with this? Okay sis, I got you. I got you. I’m not one of those people who think she’s entitled to everything and I work very hard in everything I’ve done in life be it school or hobbies. I know I’m not entitled to a goddamn thing and don’t tell me like you know me otherwise. Don’t like me or my stuff? Don’t care. Sick of everyone on this game always finna pick a fight or start stuff with me.
  8. Don’t tell me what to do. Just like how you don’t want me to you, then don’t do it to me. Don’t like me so much then stop responding to me.
  9. I got trolled in world hard today for some reason, but I updated my avie so there’s that.
  10. Slow drivers.Fast drivers. People who are in a hurry for no reason. People who stop on their breaks quickly on a busy street. Being targeted. Human beings. To name a few.
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