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  1. Yeah, understandably I do it myself at times, but I still make an effort to check SL and respond to people rather than just deliberately ignoring them. That on top of constantly making the first move when IMing people. I'm starting to think I need to clear my friends list.
  2. People who log onto SL only to go AFK or play other games for hours on end. I never understood it, really.
  3. I haven't posted on these forums for a while, but here's a pet peeve, I suppose. It's when people go out of their way to make others have a bad experience with Second Life by harassing or what have you. People have their own reasons for being on SL. SL trolling might be funny to a lot of people, but for me it's really childish and tiring and why I honestly have grown away from SL. Being harassed for no reason at the sandbox sims, for one. Some people just want to use SL as an escape from all the BS in their real lives and for some people to go out of their way and deliberately make it a generally uncomfortable experience is why I've lately been scared to take my avie anywhere on SL. It's like the one time I get approached in-world and it's two users telling me my boyfriend should beat me irl. Like...wow.
  4. Haven’t shared here in a while. Here’s a couple from my Flickr.
  5. So, I’m genuinely curious because I honestly don’t know the answer to this and was wondering if anyone might have an answer. I assume any land that is accessible by joining the SecondLife Beta group is owned by LindenLabs. So, looking in the land tab, I can see that the Magnum sims for example are owned by Governor Linden. Some people on these sims, especially the public magnum rc ones, often put down objects that make my avatar jerk around without my control and I can’t walk around the sim or move under my control until I leave. I was wondering are they allowed to do things like that? I’ve seen a lot of trolls and people doing really questionable things at these sims.
  6. Pet peeve: insomnia. I go back to uni tomorrow and I can’t freaking sleep. The entire morning and afternoon, I was drifting off to sleep. Tonight? Nope.
  7. I really hate it when people pretend to be a friend, but it’s all a farce. Everything they say isn’t genuine at all and you know for a fact them talking to you is only a means to go back and tell their actual friends your business. Or, they get seven people to target and harass you at a sandbox sim and you stay quiet so they go away, but end up feeling stupid right after. I feel like I never had a genuine friend on SL, and it bothers me somewhat.
  8. Omg yes and he was so wise and spoke so much truth back then. It still holds true today 💖 I haven’t heard of her, I gotta check more of her stuff out 😄
  9. I do have a Flickr by the way now. Just click on the photo.
  10. I’m still just not seeing it though. The OP’s avatar looks 25 or older to me? I don’t see the teen avie factor. It’s a shame she got ejected, I think she looks lovely. 💜 Compared to my avie here, I think she looks adult enough to me.
  11. I haven’t posted here in awhile. So, here’s my newest photo:
  12. I got ejected once for my female avie looking too young. Primarily because she is short and skinny, so she gets typecast as underage. I even deal with the issue irl of always being mistaken for a teenager. 😅 But, your avie looks like a grown woman, imo. I have no idea how anyone could possibly think it’s a child? And...I mean you got big boobies and have a curvy shape so I dunno what they’re talking about. Seems like nitpicking to me.
  13. Yes *some* black people may be well off, but the good majority of us are not. I think a lot of people see celebrities and sports players and assume black people are doing wonderfully. But it's just not the case. As of 2009, the average black male makes around 23-24 thousand a year. That's low income. Not to far from poverty level. And, black women fair no better. There's a lot of discrimination when it comes to the job and housing market. As well as higher education. Real integration is true equality, which as I've said before we are simply not. I go into more detail on Twitter as I've been walking on egg shells here.
  14. Not to discredit you on your experience, but from my experience and perspective as a non-mixed black girl...mixed girls get treated sooooooooo much better than we do. Like for real. I’m not saying they don’t deal with their own problems, but they have it a bit better than those of us who are fully black with two black parents.
  15. Welp. The chains are free on me, I suppose. For now, anyway. Felt like I was let out of SL jail or something. Haha. And, I’m late the conversation. One instance of odd...racism I can recall in SL is back when I used to rent this little skybox out, I had someone who was spying on me. And, they IMed me asking if I was into race play and if I wanted to do the pixels with them and have them call me racial slurs. I blocked the person, of course. It was a strange experience. I never knew race play was a thing. Plus they were asking for RL photos because they had seen the one I had in my RL tab at the time. But...I dunno. It was all weird. I also was talking to a straight up racist. But, he didn’t know I was black IRL. I had been trolled several times or hit with scripted objects every time while having a black avie. For the longest, I didn’t want to play as a black avatar in SL for several reasons. One, the skins weren’t really good before but there are so many pretty ones I see coming out now. Second, I get ignored a lot with my black avie even though I had more interactions with my non-black one. So, I felt that the only way for people to interact with me wasn’t to play the race I am IRL. Or play a white male.
  16. I’m sure a lot of white people would agree with the Tom in the video, tbh. Edit: Okay, so let me explain why I wrote the above comment. This dude is supposed to be so educated and such, but what he fails to mention is black people don’t disproportionately kill blacks and a higher number than any other race. People are more likely to commit crime to people they know or within their communities. Therefore, a large congregation of blacks will result in more black people committing crimes against each other and the same can be applied for all other races as well. Yes, there are white people who have been killed by cops and I’m not saying it’s right either. But, best believe those people still benefitted from a white supremacist infrastructure at the end of the day. Let’s keep it 100. How is being anti-racist bad? How is it hurting black people collectively if we bring ourselves to be more outspoken against racism? I dunno, the whole video rubbed me the wrong way. Edit 2: I’m just tired of this media scrutiny against black people or always painting us in such a negative way. And, even reading the comments people still enforce the stereotypes including other black people. Black people don’t just stare down educated black people and call them Aunt/Uncle Tom’s for no reason or because they’re educated. It’s a lot of black people who are like that they think they’re so much better then the rest. And then you have non-blacks who will use someone like that as an exception because they already have that prejudice. Then you have the black person who is that exception thinking they’re better because they want that approval. Dunno everything is so messed up and I’ll probably talk about it on my Twitter, but I just don’t understand things sometimes.
  17. I’m butthurt and peeved at how expensive the Legacy Perky body is. Mainly because I like it and the body has actual wrists unlike wearing Maitreya. 😩 But, that price tho.
  18. https://www.businessinsider.com/heres-why-reverse-racism-doesnt-actually-exist-in-the-us-2016-4 I live in one of the most segregated states. It’s crazy.
  19. Unfortunately what many don’t know is the fact when after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued, many black people were still very much slaves even after that fact. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t some white abolitionist and he didn’t see us on par with whites anyway. I always hated the fact that back when I was a kid people used to act like he was some huge hero for black people. In Texas they didn’t even realize they were free until years later. And, at what expense when basically Jim Crow wasn’t far off? And, there’s now this veil over so many issues to make it seem as though it’s something it’s not. But, not only affecting America but all over the world with anti-black racism.
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