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  1. I think B and mainly because I think you see a lot similar A looks out there. B seems more unique. Not a familiar look like A, yet just as beautiful.
  2. Well if you’re ever in the neighborhood again and you see me around be sure to stop and say hello. Your ufo looks fun!! Did you find land?
  3. Oh my!! If I was home you should have stopped by!! Do you live around there too?
  4. He was just a hired hand workin’ on the dreams he planned to try..
  5. I started dating my husband when he was still a classic and I mesh. I hired him to build me a cabin and conversation lead us in a whole other direction I did not expect. Needless to say it turned out he had mesh in his inventory but just didn’t know how to do it all. I would have kept dating him regardless because just like in rl appearance is only a small part (of course one has to be visually attractive even a bit to ones eye) but our conversations and time spent together told me way more about the wonderful man he is, something I would have never found out if I worried about just the way he looks. I’ve come to learn in SL that those who worry solely about mesh bodies are the ones who seem the loneliness. My advice is to have conversation with someone, anyone, and when you find out they could be your person or part of your slife in any way you can then help/talk them into becoming mesh 😂
  6. ZnD Firework show Time: 5:00pm - SLT Where: ZnD Boardwalk (chairs provided, but bring your own if you'd like!) Your Uber: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondl…/LaVista%20del%20Mar/…/15 Hamburgers, hot dogs and beer will be served! All are welcomed, bring your friends!
  7. I see FaceApp has been discovered here. It's actually an older app just now going around again. Here's mine
  8. In our golf attire. One of my favorite new things to do!
  9. Use the link below. The one provided above doesn't put you where you need to be. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LaVista del Mar/215/17/1002
  10. Beach house for rent with dock access next door to sailable waters or to just hang out and have fun with friends. $L250 week - Every three weeks paid rent gets a week free. All ZnD rentals include access to many amenities we provide on a private sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frianticon/121/39/25 Any questions please message me inworld @ Zennessa Resident
  11. It's been awhile. RL is finally slowing down a bit.
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