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  1. We didn't have a party!! Happy belated Rez Day
  2. There's a mailbox to drop note cards on the front reception desk at the below office if anyone wants to go that route. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LaVista del Mar/146/11/1002 I'll see that Orwar gets any left there so we can start compiling a list to be voted on. We talked about making that process available both inworld and by Google documents which @Kotelle will take care of when it's time to put them together.
  3. Ready for date night with this handsome guy. Dinner and dancing. Bella Bistro - Second Norway
  4. I might have made it sound like you can't go until the May theme gets started with the above sentence so just know you don't have to wait for the May theme and can use it any time starting now for any purpose at all!
  5. Not at all Scylla, just a friend but thank you ☺️
  6. So i'm just waiting on word from Orwar when we should start taking suggestions and/or vote on a May theme, but once that gets started if anyone needs a studio for their shots please feel free to come use mine! There are multiple floors with different things on each and everything should be user friendly for everyone and everything should be movable so that you can move stuff around how you want to use it. The TP for the multiple floors is by the red sign on the wall, dressing room below. There are also a few things on the roof but no TP, you must fly up there. If you want to rez something of your own walk outside to any available rental unit and click the terminal and it should offer you a friend tag in local, or go across town to town hall and get one there. Also, if you walk out of the studio and to your left you'll see the new office i made for anyone here at the forums to come and hang at or use to work. Just waiting on a magazine name to make the sign P.S. - For the black background shots the backdrop on the main floor is great for. Directions as follows: On the floor box in front of the stage on the right side click "rezz" A blue menu will pop up in your upper right cornet of screen - on that menu click "surrounding" - then click "color cube" - To change the color of the cube go back to the box on the ground and click "color" and you'll get the colors in the menu. Of course there are other things to use besides the cubes so feel free to try anything in the menu! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LaVista del Mar/166/10/1003
  7. Outfit - Moonshine Allerhand March Gift - L$1 R.icielli - VELMA High Heels (HUD 22 colors) - L$15
  8. Mid afternoon break from the days chores.
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