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  1. You could check your email of the account that is now active and do a search in there for the name of your other account, to see if you have any ties between the two accounts.. I know my alt ties to my account as a password recovery and vice versa.. Just thought I would give it a mention,if you hadn't tried it yet.
  2. I just get rid of the ones I don't use and put the box in it's own folder inside the clothing folder,if it didn't come with one of it's own already.
  3. I think since there is so much to do in SL from building and scripting,marketing and making actual places that help people in RL with all kinds of health problems and other kinds.. Places that are about education and so on and on and on,that looks of an avatar and someone being judged by it,seems kind of silly and a little caught up.. They said at the door,it's your world your imagination.. They were saying that to everyone,not just specific users.
  4. Most of the people I meet are new to SL it seems.. Not sure if that is on purpose or by accident,but it is what it is.. They come in all shapes and sizes and costumes.. For me,Variety is the spice of life.. My first day in SL it creeped me out because it felt too much like the movie the island..I sure wouldn't want to surround myself in something like that feeling ever again.
  5. Went and did a little shopping and found a nice skin at Access From Revoul.. I don't really have any with Freckels on any of my other skins ,but I really liked this one..
  6. This cracked me up pretty good..Because it looks like such a happy song..hehehehe
  7. That is my favorite place to ride my horses..It's such a nice ride and gives a really nice view of the wildness of mainland..So many different things to see there.. The Great wall which is there also, is really impressive and I think everyone should check it out at least one time in their SL.. I've ridden on top of it and it's such a neat ride as well.
  8. I've been watching The Umbrella Academy and they play such good music on that series..
  9. I usually just go where the wind takes me..If all else fails,I'll find a club with lots of people and stop in there and either someone will IM me or I'll jump in on a conversation that is going on in the general chat.. There is a lot of information that has inspired me from meeting people at the clubs.. After all,a lot of them are just going there to take a break from what they do in SL as well.. I've learned a lot over the years from the people I've met in the clubs.. It's a good place to go when you are bored or kind of wondering what to do next.. There is music ,dancing and people..Just ignore any cliques that come along is all..hehehe If I shop,it's usually for what I feel like doing later or if I'm working on a specific thing..
  10. Welcome to the California Karma hotel, Where you can check out,but you can never leave.. Muhuwhahahahahaha!! \o/😈 hehehehe
  11. So you basically got your head size figured out that you wanted, and then based the proportions on that right? That's pretty much how I do it as well..figure out what height I want to be, then get my head size..Then build my proportions from that..
  12. I usually have mine going anyways,so I'll go with the No ads option.. It wouldn't be too hard to tell everyone in a club to tune into an outside stream.. We're doing it already anyways..
  13. OMG,Look what you made me do!!!! \o/
  14. From what I remember,your head size is kind of the starting point for everything else.. In other words..The size of your shoulders depends on the size of your head and not the other way around..then it is head sizes from your starting point that determine the proportions of everything else.. So many of heads for this thing and so many heads for that thing,but all using the starting head size for measurements.
  15. Did TMP once and finally just deleted it because I didn't think they were ever going to update.. I don't care if they come out with the best thing since sliced bread..I'm not gonna sit on another one of their products to have it fall way behind again..Been there done that.. Are they even using actual mesh clothes yet and off the system clothes appliers and that crazy credit system? The whole process felt like being at work and having to pay to be there....
  16. I know I don't have an SL addiction..Mine is Just a lil ole shopping addiction that gets fed while using SL..
  17. I always thought one of his biggest dreams was to get internet access to everyone in the world..Especially the really poor parts of the world..
  18. Plus there is the free Yawn and Sneeze if you are in the group as group gifts..those are just outside the store in the yard.. I put those on and set them to random and it's hilarious and fun when I start yawning and sneezing over and over..hehehehe
  19. Say I'm goin for a pop fly and my top pops off..That could get some attention, right? Rosie O'Donnell: CEKA!! This isn't baseball we're talkin here..
  20. I think those people telling others to go back to where they came from are less American than the ones they are being jerks to.. If they had any bit of it in them, they'd pay attention to what's written on the statue of liberty.. And if they have no idea what that say's,then they are even less of one to be opening their mouth's at all....
  21. Paying annually works out for me.. I give them 72.00 a year and get back 400 lindens per week from them for getting in when I did.. The going rate to buy 400 lindens right now is 3.08.. 3.08 x 52 =160.16 -72.00 =88.16 per year at the going rate 88.00 > 12 = 7.34 per month at the going rate ETA: Bleh,forget this bottom part I am taking out..It's way,Waaaaay, too early for me to be doing math without my tea.. hehehehe
  22. Could be Spirit skin also,They do something similar under the eyes as well in some of their skins.. After looking around a little ,it's possible It could be a Skinnery also..They do tons of the similar things under the eyes..
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