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  1. I write all my passwords down on an actual note pad.. I don't keep them anywhere else.
  2. All i did was watch part of the video and gave an opinion on what i seen. Jeezus
  3. I've been watching Reservation Dogs.. A chill ran down me when I heard Stadium Pow Wow at the end of the first episode..
  4. Live Chat Helped me the time my inventory got messed up.. If you are premium you can use that also.
  5. I found out about it by accident myself.. I was flying around, not in a plane or anything, but just flying.. I landed on a friends land that had their ban lines up in a certain part of their sim.. I didn't even know they actually had a cover on them until then either.. I decided to drop down and land on it and was bouncing like on a trampoline.. I showed some other friends and they got a kick out of it.. hehehehe
  6. We actually ended up giving it away to Good Will.. It was too huge plus it would have sat out too far from the wall.. Once i seen what the brackets would look like on the wall, I said it's gonna be too bulky.. He agreed, so we gave it away.
  7. Besides in the forums, I can't say I've ever really met a child avatar..
  8. Ban lines are fun to bounce on top of.. They are the trampolines of SL.. hehehe
  9. No, I can't say I've noticed anything odd with my account.. But then again Flickr is just a place for me to upload to and not a social network I use.
  10. That would be American Public School education.. hehehe
  11. Yea, that last scene of the series I was a bit confused with at first.. Then it kind of all made sense.. He was never going to have a happy ending.. It was something how they set it up like it was going to be a happy ending with the music and everyone coming together.. On the surface.. Then lights out for Tony..
  12. Another good one that I'm not watching yet, because it is not out yet as well.. But, It's coming this FALL! \o/ Micheal Gandolfini playing a younger version of his father James Gandolfini's role, Tony Soprano in, The Many Saints of Newark.. The movie is going to be about Christopher's Father, Dickie Moltisanti, But many of the roles with revolve around the characters of the series.. Micheal Gandolfini, when I first seen the trailer, It was like seeing a young James Gandolfini playing tony Soprano.. Right from the very start when he gives that look from the phone booth, I was like O.O omg it's HIM! This is gonna be so awesome to see.. So far with this and The matrix 4 coming.. It's looking like it's going to be a good winter for movies.. Just watch how much he fits into his fathers role.. I was awe struck right from the get go..
  13. If it's something I know about or have experience in or with, I will talk about what I know about it. If it's something I am not familiar with or am interested in, I'll research it pretty hard. If I plan on really diving into a discussion. Honestly, the last year in the forums felt more like internet regurgitation than anything, So there really wasn't much to really dive into.. Unless ya just felt like arguing to argue.. hehehe
  14. Ya mean tah tell me, Y'all aint bin doin that? Well that does it, I aint doin it namore!! \o/ hehehe
  15. Robert Plant had said, when they were at this tribute to them.. We should have brought Jason.. Then Jason Bonham walked out on stage to perform Stairway to Heaven with Heart.. That was his answer when he was asked about his tears.. I couldn't help but cry watching this either..
  16. I didn't realize until this morning watching a clip from Howard Stern as he was saying things like. He was a great comic, He was a genius, he was , he was, he was.. I kept saying to myself, why are they talking like , He was.. Then it hit me.. Did he pass away! ? I just remember always enjoying watching him as I grew up, with him popping up here and there throughout the years.. I just liked the way he explained things, his whole presentation and keeping people guessing on what he would say next.. Then BAM!! I'm gonna miss his humor and what would have came next.. Rest in peace Norm.
  17. I just use RLV for it. I click the remote icon then folder then my hud folder then which huds I want.. Never have to open my inventory..
  18. If I could, I would have it smell like pineapple all the time.. Not the canned junk, but fresh cut open.
  19. He has the best lines ever and says them like no other could.. I love that show.. In fact I've been binge watching it again for the past month or so.. hehehe
  20. I'm loving how well the HD skins work in more different lighting than they don't, where before it seemed like the other way around.. hehehe
  21. Have you tried Beehive on the Market place and going to accessories in the side menu and then hair? There isn't much other than a couple hundred on there from different ages, but there were a couple that seemed ok.. I didn't look at them all though.. Here are a couple of demos you can try if you haven't already tried these.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ploom-Dusty-Beehive-Demo/4033574 And this one.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Really-Rockabilly-Priscilla-Hair-Demo/10598961
  22. I'm not watching it today, because it's not out yet.. But it's coming!! \o/ The Matrix 4 I can't Wait!!
  23. Ceka why you unfren meh!! Me, I didn't unfriend you.. Oh wait, it was probably SL being SL.. K Fren me agin Ceka.. Better not until they fix it to play it safe.. hehehe
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