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  1. my weapon of choice.. The ability, through the internet,to give people the feeling they are falling.
  2. Yes,below that I mentioned about personal information of others being given out can get them in trouble as well.
  3. Well if they are putting things in their own words, that might be different..Maybe more like gossip. But pasting or direct quoting conversations in an IM is the same as passing note cards.. Plus if it is personal information of other people being given out ..That can get them in trouble as well..
  4. They must not realize that other people log their chat as well. which is just like passing a note card..it's getting recorded. It doesn't matter if they show it in an IM or not..If someone reports them they can get in trouble..
  5. This was just a specific type I came across.. There are not many I haven't dealt with,from single user, to groups that claim to be the good guys,to those that just want you to know they are the bad guys and here,and then there are the perves..lol there are a lot more,but those are the ones that stick out the most.. Nowadays,I don't see too many though..I keep to my evil lair and shopping places..hehehehe
  6. There are two options. You can either work for them or buy a sim and be the lord of that land..hehehe
  7. I love when a griefer takes the time to put thought into their outfit.. I remember this one at a club I used to run with someone else called Timeless.. This griefer made an avatar out of mega prims and had this hand come into the club from one side and peeked his head in from the ceiling.. I was so impressed that I had to just sit there and look at it for awhile..Then the other person running the club with me booted them.. I just love when they take the time to care about appearance.. hehehehe
  8. No,nothing Official and not from LL the company themselves..Just a worker bee here and there..
  9. If you are talking about an SL users version of SLPD..We already had one of those ,and a justice league and other groups that turned into power hungry greifer and security risks to SL users. I would think and I hope LL learned from that past.
  10. It uses the outfit folder yes. This is the system I use.. She has the whole video in text so she isn't talking all the time,just the introduction and the very end.. It's pretty informative and simple..That's the only reason I even considered it..she showed it as pretty user friendly..
  11. I use it for changing my outfits real fast.. I have a hud on my screen that is the shape of a little heart that is really small..I just click that and go to my outfits and choose what I want to wear..you just have to set up your outfits first is all.. I just wanted something so I don't have to keep going in my inventory to change all the time..I'm always adding new outfits. If you don't give anyone access,nobody can get access.. I don't give anyone access and never had a problem yet..
  12. That would take everyone else conforming to the laws of Ceka. Otherwise,it's looking pretty slim.
  13. It would be nice to see some of the places again, that were around back then..That's about it really..
  14. I blame their parents for talking that way around them while they were growing...... 0o......coming up with the idea for their avatar.
  15. This is one of those time where I would say,If it's not broke,don't fix it. There is a benefit from premium members as well as basics.. It's been working out just fine,for years..
  16. Exactly,it's one of their major selling points
  17. It really doesn't sound much different from what from what U.S. citizens have to do when it comes to their SSN and other documents.. There are some places we have to use them,and other places that can ask for them and we have the option to say no and just go without the service or part of the service.. I know some people that just show their SSN like they are showing off a favorite selfie.. Me,I really don't bother with selfies..hehehe
  18. That makes a bit more sense now.. I don't think LL actually stores that stuff anyways..
  19. Their main concern is international money laundering..Well the laws main concern anyways.. LL will do what they have to do to stay in line with Federal laws. But since there has been a law around since after 9/11 and people over in other countries have been cashing out for almost all of second life's,life,and other companies have found a way to work with these other countries.. It's a really good chance LL will find a way as well to where both sides walk away smiling,sort of ..hehehe..
  20. They will probably have to find another way for those people in other counties that is still within the law and acceptable..
  21. Thank you.. I'm just so worn out with jumping through hoops these days for companies that I'm about all hooped out..So this is good news to me.. I'm about a pinch away from quitting everything but horseback riding...hehehehe
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