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  1. this picture is a clickable link to flickr which holds the link to the blogpost featuring a full stylecard
  2. this pic is a clickable flickr link that holds the link to the corresponding blogpost featuring a full stylecard
  3. thanks^^ it´s Lolapopl!s El Gato
  4. Jonian and moi as we´re hanging out at the Store´s office after a very busy day^^
  5. it is very quiet indeed... what happened? Everybody on a break?
  6. "AHhhh so ...yeah that worked out quite well... you shouldn´t have done all those detours to please people on the way though...
  7. not the fancy BlackDragon squeezed like a lemon blog post pics I used to take but a lil gif swaying around in a club as an alternative Bunny https://i.gyazo.com/ec5b0ac8b27ca32b08fdc8e6797fce48.mp4 (Jonian did the shirt, ears and tail - so proud)
  8. Good Rock/Metal clubs operating on European times AND people asking what others are wearing instead of scanning people all stalkerly because they get snapped at for asking... Also not having tons of heads and bodies and almost every day having a new niche body and 3 versions of it added... less events....
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