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How does your avatar look today ?


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Take a look at me. Wired to a machine.




Credits behind the spoiler tag. Hi-res on Flickr (start here).

Obscure for Hipster Men's Event, another gift from Weekend Ruiner (group is back open to join, at L$300), and a classic 80s song that - together - sparked off this crazy futuristic dig through the depths of my inventory for some early (but amazing) mesh stuff.

Visor: Obscure - Youkai Visor (black)
Mask: Obscure - Youkai Mask (black)
Backdrop: Weekend Ruiner - Petty in Pink
Boots: Neverwish - Wheel Boots*
Coat: Goth1co - El Kaadaj Black Leather Coat (standard sizes)
Hair: A&Y - Cyber Ghost Hair (male - black)
Gloves: L'Emporio - Sagittarius Archer Bento Gloves (Slink, Sig)
Nails: Artificial Hallucination - Crystal Nails 1.1 (Maitreya, Jake, Slink M&F)
Poses: Nantra*, Rook*

*review copy

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Orwar was in CerberusXing and noticed their lucky board had a C for these horns, so he TPs me over with less than a minute left on the board.  I told him I needed to come up with an outfit for them.  Not really the direction I had originally planned on going, but that's what happens with me a lot.  Oooh.. shiny!!! ?


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1 hour ago, Akasha Sternberg said:

3 outfits, 3 blogposts  1 day^^

(I kinda remember preaching NOT to do this - but... today I had the inspiration and energy....so... I did it^^ but...don´t do it regularly kids ;) )

haha that's kind of how I've been doing it lately since I slowed down and mainly blog on the weekends. Try to save time on week nights in case Rhonda is able to sneak in world. =~.^=

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This was my look most of this and last week as I learned to sail.

The wet skin is an Applier from Izzie's. I have the Omega relays for Slink (body, hands, and feet) and GA.EG (head). The hair is from Argrace (Chizuru) and has its own water drops. So, I look wet all over. They look best with projector light. But, sun and moon light are good enough.

The guys seem fascinated by the water drops. I think it is the water drops they are looking at...


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