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  1. Once again...yes i am really wearing black too.....sometimes....rarely....
  2. I was at masquerade ball yesterday/today ( depends from time frame) got elf ears for this outfit.
  3. Ups! and sry.... Seems uploader here doesnt love me and i need some coffee.....and yes it still rains here .
  4. I was visiting UASL Gardens today to check is all ok. So i had nice moment with horses there, they are cute
  5. Visited SL17B shopping event...now I am poor penniless girl 😭 They should have up sign to warn shopaholics...
  6. Went to sandbox to build smth but all sandbox borders had sims near with building and stuff and i need clear sea view with horizon. So i lost mood. I better go change and find some beach or pool and just kill some time there. I dont need work all time...i think - It is summer.
  7. Sunset...dog...bicycles and him. What more you can want?
  8. I was loged into marketplace ...but it went back to normal for now. I dont know does they fixed it or was that some temporary bug walking around.
  9. I dont agree. For me LL viewer has better colors and more tones, is more acurate in perspectives aso aso aso. Also LL viewer has had lately a lot good updates what FS misses. / My sky has nice twinkling stars in LL viewer but not in FS one ...and this is smallest thing in list/ FS is always very late with updates. Remember animesh and BOM? ...now it is light, enviroment and sound. I think it mostly up to what computer and graphic card you have....LL viewer is more demanding and with poorer settings- you just get poorer outcome but with good one you get better outcome than FS can give you. Im decorator and do some art in SL - so i think I can tell difference. My LOD in LL viewer is usually between 6 and 8 - you can change it by will. But back to theme- yes in LL viewer you cant shut down group IM's, only notice pop-ups and NC. I hope the yfind solution for it - it just needs making them aware of problem.
  10. I have set maturity rate AMG - all of them in inworld and in marketplace too. But today it starts with G and if i fix it - it jumps back to G with every new search or page. It forgets what maturity rate was put in and jumps back to G. How i can make it steady and nicely fixed on option what I give it?
  11. hmm...by that logic if they put up one rate and Lindens with that rate end they charge from me more than i was willing to pay without warning? bc if it works in one way it work for other way too.With bigger sums it could be bit dangerous.
  12. How that can happen if they take money directly from mine Paypal account in real time and currency rate couldnt change in seconds.
  13. It smth they call balance adjustment.......but from where and how it comes- it is unknown to me.No info about it anywhere. And i wonder how they can adjust dollar wallet balance if i dont have it. I dont use USD at all.
  14. I suddenly have money on Tilia dollar wallet!!!??? I never sold ANY Lindens and i never plan to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want some explanation, I really want bc that kind thing might get me into bad side with mine local tax department. It is now really small amount but.....Im now feel very unsecure when i buy Lindens or about time when i need pay for premium.
  15. Quick snap before going to sleep. No, i didnt get cup of coffee....honestly....
  16. Yes, that cat is me....it happens sometimes to me. Mostly when i think about fish.
  17. Like you saw from mine pic ...i ate that cake, thats why it is missing . No need to fear touch or use there things - it is public place, not actual home,i t is free to visit and all items are PG.
  18. Onsu makes good houses too, very easy to decorate with different themes.....yup, I am decoholic...what makes me somewhat shopaholic too IF someone needs help - just IM to me. And who can - hop and take a peek. Land and house are open to all /public/ and taking snapshots is ok. //http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gloaming Vale/167/140/23 //
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