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  1. OUCH! I liked her adventures and her personality, she was beautiful person. RIP.
  2. Nope they doesnt form digital ID FROM those applications. Digital ID is completely dif thing And yes you can tie SmartID and mobile ID with it but not vice versa. I can tie many things with it but aplications what i tie doesnt get mine personal data like you think.
  3. I bet you dont know what digital ID is. It is given to me by our goverment, not by MS or other company. Thru it i get all what is needed. It is legal official passport, just in digital form. We even vote with it online. So it can allow me be anonymous too still verify me.
  4. "If you don't already have an authenticator app on your mobile device, install the authenticator app of your choice. Most authenticator apps, like Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, are free and available in your device's app store, and are regularly kept up to date with automatic updates."
  5. In mine country you can do nothing with that authentication, even at work if there is very secure data. We dont use MS stuff bc it isnt safe. We use digital ID or Smart ID or Mobile ID. Even banks ask them. Messing with camera and scanning codes ..... it is so annoying and makes life complicated if your mobile gets lost or broke. Digital ID works everywhere without any installing from MS / what already is unsecure/and every session is unique.
  6. In mine country we dont use MS authentication bc it is unsafe. We have digital ID with what we do all - log in, go to bank or vote aso. I bet many other countries have smth similar too. Why limit people to use smth non safe and very complicated to use? Also not approved by their country? None place here uses it to secure their data - any bank will laugh onto your face if you try use it. Why not let people to use way in what they believe and what is really secure? MS isnt secure, it has been shown many times, they only want fish your data and doesnt care whom they give it.
  7. Done that - didnt helped. I have lost items that way before too and those also never returned - was whole fat house furniture folder / around items for 50 000L was poofed/. I did all, even filed ticket - they told they cant help. So i started redeliveries and asking-pleading creators. I must say - most creators were very understanding and helpful, so i managed restore 60% of folder. Im forever thankful to them and devoted client since now. Weirdest part? Few years forward - and now and then i discover some item what was then lost in various random folders - lost and found, objects, clothing aso. never in furniture folder. Not many returned that way, its like 5-6 items. I wonder from where they come, still i am happy if item is one what i couldnt restore before ./ yup, i still have looong list what i made then/. Anyway....maybe they come back some day....in far furure....who knows but i dont have high hopes.
  8. TY ❤️ !! Funny part- i never turned it on. I forgot add....that update erased big part mine notecards too, I have only empty folders up. They never came back. And i have feeling i miss some stuff more what havent come back after all try. It happened me before too and i never got my items back then, I needed redeliver them or ask creators if that was possible. With NCs it will be impossible.
  9. After browser update / one before current what i have from today/ i was hit with weird fenomen - if i select item it becomes transparent and if i want move or resize them they become invisible. Makes building, decorating and art making extremely hard. I have tried all things out what are usually suggested. What i can do more? Fire ticket? bc it is last what is left or is there smth more?
  10. To all them who just want go and buy....there is lot of items with what you can do so. For some people that kind stuff is bit boring when you go to event and you be surrounded with all same " at moment popular" outfit and hair. Sometimes it even feels tiny bit creepy :D:D ...or funny. Happens usually after every new event or weekend sales. Gacha was good way for those who want have bit dif. look and who were ready to invest time and money into this. Also for them who like gift nice items what arent easy to get. Gift stright from vendor or MP is nice too but ...read that "too" with impact. Still that also is mine opinion only.
  11. Conveyer system is dream come true for resellers if items are still transfer. If they arent .....I think there will be very few who want play them bc you spend lot of money on items what you dont want and cant sell or gift. Limited item sales.....are bot party if items stay transfer and then scalpers sell them on MP. Fatpacks are usually expensive. If items are still in them transfer scalpers buy them, break into parts and sell for separate good items for good money on MP. If fatpacks are copy and no transfer....you get lot of stuff what you dont need and want in inventory, it is waste of money. / reason why i very very rarely buy gacha fatpacks / So transfer option is from one side good but same time bad. Maybe it should be vice versa - you dont trade transfer items to be copy ones for free but you trade copy ones to be transfer for some nice lindens? Then people who want gift in old fashion way can do it. Gifting thru shop vendor can be in some cases impossible and gifting from MP has some bad moments too. Seems that only options to make special sets and sell them with bit fun activity for buyers are similar to fishing and breedables, what both are allowed to continue. Methods need just bit adjusting to be not very complicated and fit with new regulations. Buy must be known item...what you can do with that items after isnt regulated and in this is key. Like fishing - make rod, sell it with same prize to all....make nice pool with nice seats and let people fish out items. Or like breedables - make base items with dif prizes what when you merge them gives you random outcome. Or make skill game with pay to play and with points you get you can choose prize. It is mine opinion but seems those are only options left....maybe some creative mind finds smth more.
  12. If breedables are allowed with condition that root level traits are known when you buy it.....then why not make breedable outfits or smth similar to it? Like you buy pink dress /nc,nm,t/ and green dress /nc,nm,t/and shop provides free? box/hud where you put your dresses and get third dress with random traits ( maybe with pink and green stripes or green with pink dots or green with pink flowers) with same nc, nm,t. Make outfits breed only once and if you want you can not breed them just wear how they are. Make some "parent" dresses be cheaper some costly. Maybe some have frills, some have laces, some are long, some short , some with sleeves some without...there is endless options - same way like with cats. Only dif will be that you loose "parents" to get "child" and "child" isnt breedable one. So what you buy is known and IF you want smth random - you "breed" aka combine. I think that would sell well if "child" stays no copy, no mod, transfer. People can sell then ones what they dont like or combinations what are more rare - same like with cats. Maker then only needs make basic ones and have box/hud with script / for free or for some lindens/ Random moment comes then to buyer- if they want it they make it if not - dress is wearable without it too.
  13. Fishing game isnt same....you BUY worms to get that random fish/sum of money. In most fishing games you actually cant fish without worms. Lucky chairs doesnt have pay if not consider group entering fee to be pay for chairs what are group only.
  14. In mine country /in borders of EU/sexual services are illegal and considered crime.
  15. Beside 7Seas fishing is there more fishing games where you buy worms to catch fish/lindens with random value. Worms have dif prizes and costly ones give you more lindens but you never know how many. In those games you buy worm to get random amount of lindens aka outcome is unknown. Btw. gachas are kind of easy to remade into skill game - just make vendor what is like shooting rink. Bullets cost same to all and all prizes are up on poster with point cost. Targets on shooting rink are moving around - so it is skill game. And some....eee...a looooot pages ago was talk about reporting gachas what are up after 01.09.21 There is one problem- you can report but outcome is .....near zero. I and mine friends have reported one troll neighbour...nothing has changed. I reported one porn gallery whats "art" was visible outside on M rated mainland.....nothing has changed. So...reporting is gambling itself - it might work on few cases but usually doesnt....so maybe it is banned already
  16. It is clear that gachas like they have been are done in SL. Is cause for it law or will of LL - isnt important from perspective of outcome. LL is private company and even without any RL laws they can do what they want. Speaking about impact to SL of laws from outside USA - where I live/ inside EU/ we have casinos and lottery BUT by law is forbidden prostitution and escorting. And about laws in USA, California - it is illegal for men with mustaches to kiss a woman. So ...world is weird. Back to gacha. 1. If fishing still will be legal / beside 7S fishing is there other ones where you pay for worm to get random amount of lindens./ Is easy to make gacha be legal too - you just sell "worms" or how you want name them. 2. IF problem is that item what you get is random and unknown - then just change prize to be random. There is vendor and just one item in it. You go and pull and get xxx prize, you dont like it, you pull again and get YY prize and you dont like that too, you pull again and if you dont like that prize too you are out if you like that one you pay and get item from vendor. Everyone gets 3 pulls per day/ 24h. You use them on one item or on 2 -3 dif items - its up to you. It is random but.....you clearly know what item you get. In general you choose what prize you pay. ITs up to creator what kind prizes they put in vendor and how much they want ask. Im sure by time and with more clear wording from LL there will be many new creative ways.
  17. i can give you one or two ex. what arent fiction but have had happened to people in SL. They can pose naked with some attachments sticked into you even if your avi just stands there and is afk...take screenshot and post it to social media or send them to your partner. They can derender you naked and take screenshots with you aso aso aso I think you got it now? 15 sec is enough for that. 15sec is not safe..... 5sec is enough for avis who fly around carelessly....i can say it from mine own expierence, I was long time gold hunter, saw a lot dif. kind security systems. If person needs more time ..they shouldnt fly around in areas where ban lines can be up.
  18. Are you sure? I have got struck by banlines when flying with plane and more high than 50m...... when i log in i test that out, just in case to be sure. Camming into property/house is possible even with ban lines....and that isnt problem. Entering and doing stupid, nasty things is. p.s. It is good for mine clients too bc then i can set up smth what protects them from that too. P.S.2 Went and tested it...yes old LH ban lines seem short but...you still cant enter from above into house. There is invisible wall, you can hower above it but not enter. And like i told you can cam in from everywhere, no need fly above house. So you are right and same time not.
  19. Yes that is possible if you are 24/7 online and never afk / away from keyboard/....ban lines arent afk. And i dont need report them if they cant grief me...no need report things what havent happened. Preventing is healthier than fixing things afterward and griefer then already has got their power boost, thing on what they are addicted.
  20. Publish illustrated inworld books of your adventures in SL. You can then have promo tours inworld and flash sales, give autographs and party around SL world. Working for itself isnt bad, it has some perks. /Inworld publication tools you can get from MP. /
  21. Exactly that should never happen....if you switch - they win and go and do it to next random victim. That they want, that makes them tick and powers them up. Why you should loose your account bc of griefer, not be able use measures against them to ensure your safety ? They loose interest if they cant grief and if they cant find next victim too ...they hopefully loose interest into whole SL, what is good outcome. I know that is silly optimism but better than just giving up.
  22. 1. It depends settings what owner of old LH has set up. If no rezz and script or item enter + invisibility is set up - nothing much can be done if ban lines are up. Maybe only sound trolling but even that can be turned off with setings. 2.That is good to know about orb. Still security from orbs has more flaws than ban lines. Orbs ban list is limited and if there isnt 0 sec ejection...it isnt very safe.Of course if not use home much and pop in rarely and not much care what others do there - it is enough. 3.Belliseria is filled with lot of alts. I know kind of many who has 3 even 4 houses there.Havent asked why they need so many, not mine thing to do. Rules havent caused problems bc until now choosing new LH is persons free will, so they know what they choose and want it. Who doesnt want ...they are still in old LH or on mainland or rent or use some community property. 4.Not all just want support LL with premium fee. there are many reasons why people are premium and i fear those others are majority not vice versa. That is one reason why i post here about topic. 5. I still believe that there are ways to make compromises what satisfies all sides. One might be using those gigantic areas on mainland, what are abandoned already long time, to make road on what sides are 512 plots on what owner can rezz what theme old LH they want and where all same old rules apply on property. Those areas are there anyway, so filling them up might give some life to area. And give those plots only to members who own now old LH. When they give up that property- it goes back to be abandoned land to be sold to anyone. Bc plots have possibility to rezz all kind old themes if owner wants change only theme they dont need abandon house anymore to get wanted theme. Give people like half year to move there/add just option - claim on mainland and after you push it old property poofs and new property link is given/ and halt giving old LH, start deleting already empty houses on old area. Houses with owners what still remain on old sim...i think there isnt much of them after half year and if is then just automatically move them into new place bc maybe owner returns to SL before they loose premium....ok they need redcorate but that is minor issue then. And if they dont come back and renew premium.....land becomes abandoned land. By time there will be left only ones who really are long time fans of old houses and rules. I think that would be most simple way....but this is just me
  23. People who leave premium or even SL bc of forcing change are even less desirable outcome for LL bc they loose that income from them then completely + disappointed users are not good promo for whole SL. There surely is compromises what can be done so both sides are satisfied.
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