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  1. Hey guys, I just made a female alt and shes comming together. I bought a Lelutka head. which looked great untill I started playing out with the settings. Somehow I managed to get this texture map onto her face and I just can't get rid of it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I was searching for the answer to this too, so i settled on a Plumtree and as I named it, the last one was taken too! Whats going on?!! They arent even that attractive. I predict customized Linden homes with facades are becoming a trend again
  3. Picked up my gal pal for a bit of grocery shopping in my red convertible, before hitting the gay clubs. don't forget the cumber and Vaseline.
  4. Thankyou everyone so much. I am a shoddy Forum poster. Firstly Skell. I have admired your work from Afar for some time. I love your blog , the Virtual Bloke. So thank you so much for your feedback I will Investigtate thouroghly your recommendations, Unfortunately I have a Belleza Jake body and I bought it because of the modern looking HUD and the fact that the texture and skin that comes with it is very HD. I didn't realise these could all be updated and changed If I went for a slimmer body like the Slink. the body will come next but first the head. so I will investigate the links you have shown me. I really love that photo and The fact you have your own Catwa head. I will have to try the demo! And those brows are AMAZING. Thank you because I searched everywhere and found none that I liked. Now you show me three different ones. You'd be such a great friend to have , in world. But I fear I'd just annoy you with incessant questions so I will subscribe to your Flikr and blog. Haha. It's actually a Christmas decoration that I put up.My grandma in law gave me a box of tacky Christmas decorations so she wouldn't have to take them to A charity shop (goodwill store if your American) and I donated most of them to charity but these gold/silver glitter leafs were just so me I kept them up all year round. This is going to be a more trial and error approach but it's a fantastic idea. Your right the issue im having is that I have a feminine upper face and I have saw some on Deetalez that could be my identical twin sister.
  5. I am looking for a head and/or head shape to match my own face. I have viewed many however I find that many are either too feminine or too mascline looking to match my own. I also find that the eyebrows on a lot of them are very bushy and un-groomed and my own are rather precise as I fill them with powder and brow mascara. Another issue is the eyelids on many male heads are rather hooded and my own are almond shaped. Another issue is a lot of the fair skinned heads I feel look quite Hispanic or Latino and while I find these types of faces very attractive, in RL and in SL, Im Scottish and fair skinned, so they don't resemble me. Basically I am seeking a European fair skinned appearance, with fairly open eye sockets, a defined jaw line, full (but not too full) lips and clear skin. I am not seeking compliments or insults on my appearance, just some recommendations on head shapes and bento heads, and also facial modifiers that I could utilize to match my real life appearance. Currently I have an AK Leon, which does not look like me one bit.
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