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  1. I wonder why my cat didn't want go with me to Valentine party.......
  2. Got time to play on sandbox. It is always fun but never last long, soon all vanishes.
  3. It is bc it is release candidate....aka next default Release Candidates The other cohorts are candidates being evaluated to be the next default; all are believed to be stable. Name Version Repository Changeset Public Access Key Mappings viewer 74c3b7a0ee70f639dc5dcfd08f7f0762758183ee true Maintenance viewer d1c88237c5b5d027ee8891c4013ea8580f5
  4. Um...what you mean by that? It is under Current Viewer Releases
  5. It is marked 15.12.2020. but came me on 23.12.20. https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/ Like i told ...i havent made any changes and i play a lot SL. Before that update it worked- after not. When i log in again i write here is it still bad or is it ok now. WHY updates arrive like they arrive i dont know. I dont have manual update search, it tells me that it looks for update every time i log in...and i log in many times in week. I was inworld day before and update didnt came up. So for me it is 23.12. 2020 update bc it happened then.
  6. I prepare for Shop and Hop event, looking all lists what i can find, all videos and blogs. It is early morning now and i hope there isnt much avis. But I crach today a lot...maybe go tomorrow? edit: Yaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..page nr 1500 !!!
  7. I have light cable connection, gamer pc / ok not newest new/ and like i told it worked yesterday before update perfectly, smooth and quick. Only change what i did was update itself. I fear try clear cached bc if i crach before mine inventory has loaded it might get partly lost. Has happened once before and nobody was able restore it. I use win10 pc, all updates automatically, also drivers. And there wasnt updates after i got SL update. p.s. Craches are timed so perfectly on half hour, despite what setings or WL i use or what i do/ stand, build , tp aso aso and i dont lagg
  8. I havent used any options what i havent used before. After installing new update for official viewer today I crach like crazy. I crach even if i stand and dont move after log in into mine Linden home. I havent used FS viewer like years....now i think i must update it and try bc i cant be online anymore with official one. p.s. seems time limit is around half hour / more or less/
  9. Sadly they look very bad, like from 2004, even with AL on.
  10. I was online today but crached after group chat attack, there was like 10 of them poping up in same time. Logged back in...all seemed ok. Then went shop after TP i crached...and now i cant get back in. I get weird log in screen : All other stuff in mine PC included internet works ok. Looked on grid status there was nothing. P.S: got in but logging was yber slow and srceens were all weird looking, half loaded.
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