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  1. It is : https://secondlife.com/destination/alpha-tribe
  2. Tourist Journal This is bizarre and wonderful place. Cats rule world.....I knew that!!
  3. Second one. There isnt defined detail what makes it better but how whole feels. It has more live vibe, it is more dramatic - like moment stopped in time. It has past and it has future what i can imagine. First one is more posed and stiff. And its not colors what make it feel so. This one has only present, no past, no future....
  4. Worked with home deco in mine old Linden home - to slowly bring Christmas vibes in. Painted walls green and kitchen red, added some "must be " items. Still have free prims left.
  5. Take Goth/Vampire/Medevial/Undead/Hell/Magic/Witches and stirr - Dark Fantacy ? No focus on accurate building style, just using bits and pieces from dif. time frames. Possible if look how many DF themed avis run around SL.
  6. There is actual lake with name Organ in USA, Mississippi and other in Canada, Ontario.
  7. I know it isnt even half near of her art quality. Her light/shadow play and story telling are amazing.
  8. Most of American house styles use wood or brick. What are bit different are house styles with some ties to French, German, Spanish or Italy. French Provincial/Country , Low Country, Hill Country and some so called Lake/River Houses. Bc of organ inside and letterbox roof style.....I guessed Lake House, smth what can be found in Mississippi. But it can easily be Hill Country house too...
  9. It is hard to guess bc .....next one seems to be complete style mess if look on whole snapshot. Doorway is in more or less Hampton style , knocker is in Victorian style brass vase, wall is rustic stucco what can be French provincial or country aso aso. But mine quess goes to Lake House
  10. One day girl packed all her favorite things, took her cat and dog, climbed on boat of dreams ... now she is anywhere but here.
  11. Me too. I have managed tune up mine old Meadowbrook house very nice from inside. It has lot of space, no small cramped rooms what whip your cam thru walls. Visitors even dont believe that it is old Meadowbrook house. And it isnt true that big rooms are hard to decorate, it is opposite, small rooms are way harder to decorate. Meadowbrook is most close to scandinavian/north minimalistic style what i like and goes well with firs and junipers and with 4 seasons. And i hope there isnt built in fireplaces and lights anymore. Best would be if walls could be removed or moded, so floorp
  12. Little girl sits in dark room and glings onto her tiny doll next to words what she has written on floor. Stranger comes in, sits near to her. She just looks little girl, doesnt say a word and smiles slightly. Above her hovers big eyeball, its gaze is cold and indifferent. On next morning, when people from village came, was room empty, only words on floor...
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