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  1. In covenant posted above are some confusing moments. Look at Seasonal & Holiday Content + Help section. Are those bc C/P issues here in forum or are those included into original covenant too?
  2. Finished working in UASL Garden with spring deco and taking tiny break near Pan fountain.
  3. ...and then we went by old trail, we all had carry heavy backpacks and there was that.....
  4. I wonder why my cat didn't want go with me to Valentine party.......
  5. Got time to play on sandbox. It is always fun but never last long, soon all vanishes.
  6. It is bc it is release candidate....aka next default Release Candidates The other cohorts are candidates being evaluated to be the next default; all are believed to be stable. Name Version Repository Changeset Public Access Key Mappings viewer 74c3b7a0ee70f639dc5dcfd08f7f0762758183ee true Maintenance viewer d1c88237c5b5d027ee8891c4013ea8580f5
  7. Um...what you mean by that? It is under Current Viewer Releases
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