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  1. All have gone to beach....so I went too.
  2. Have been waiting to get coffee already half hour......nobody comes 😭 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wingo/145/110/32
  3. What to do if person has only digital ID in her country? Does Tilia has means and apps to recive it? That means- no passport, driver licence and no physical paper or plastic stuff bc all is stored into digital ID. And for bank is used internet or mobile without contact pay? How to scan that for verification? In mine country it is now usual, we have all digital, nearly nothing is in paper anymore.
  4. Like usual..after heavy shopping and event hoping you carry home pile of bags and boxes.......and end going to party still with dress what you had already year. /sigh/
  5. Start of busy day. I need find something to wear in friends wedding....so - here i come shops! /toatally raw " log in morning" snapshot with last setings on what i had before going to RL / Ok, scrolled thread and saw mermaid theme .....sry. im just poor half cat and couldnt resist.
  6. I am sailing...I am sailing...or was it flying ....anyway... cross to sea. I think singing isnt mine thing 🤐
  7. It is from Dura. When exhibition opening in gallery ended I needed mine balance back
  8. Have been working all day - tomorrow is important event ....now on mine way back to home.
  9. Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh! Bc they have so nice weather in RL I havent being in SL much. This is how and where i parked mine avi and she stood there like 48h. She is now pouting and demands some attention, need look what is going on in SL and try to cheer her up.
  10. About premium gifts: I tried few, soooooooooooo prim heavy and have so bad textures and rustic/old dated design for mine taste. All that makes them not usable for me. About new super Linden homes: they are too cramped, it is hard to see inside, your cam gets thrown into walls all time, design of rooms isnt decorating friendly. I found only 2 of them more or less usable IF i could take away some inner walls. Like you all know adding isnt problem with Linden houses but taking away is impossible now. Also I cant move house position on plot and most of them are put not best positions. That wasnt problem with old houses bc thous doesnt have garden but will be problem with new houses.So as long as i can i will keep mine old Linden house what i have remodeled from inside and nice small plot of mainland what is part of bigger garden. About perks what should new super premiums have: /here is mine wishes, i know they never come true but.../ - tabs for groups, so i can sort them. We all know that there are groups what have dif. meanings to us. Shopping groups, activity groups, land/family groups, event/artist groups, aso.I even dont want names for tabs, numbers are enough. - For annual members possibility to claim house on place , not by dashboard only. So you can walk to empty house and claim it on place where you like, not be thrown to random place and forced to change and change and change until you feel that this is right place. - to have not only partner option but options for family members too. Like officially having mom,dad, sisters and brothers.It is ok that feat be for prize. - for annual premiums to have on rezz day small , like 50L gift card. - No LQ gifts anymore. Im ok even paying a little, 10-20L, and get smth what i can use and what beside premiums nobody can have. - Right on SL roads/waters in rezz points get temporary car, bike or whatever from rezz point sign. You know one what vanishes when you stand up. - Annual members to have last name, not resident anymore. ok there is a lot more but.....i think i stop here From what i have read....for me is there now only more groups option in new perks list what i can use, nothing more. So until now changes means for me - I must pay more next year and thats all.
  11. I have wandered on SL mainlands a lot. I really love to see what people have created. Old build, new build, half done builds, weird builds about what you can stand and wonder...I have seen a lot. SL changes quick, sometimes too quick. Few times have had happened that place what i found yesterday is gone when i want show it to friends few days later. Most fun is when owner has left place open to public, even then dont enter to houses if i can see that it is home of someone, I just look around, study how place was built, what items where used and if i remember- i take few snapshots. Sometimes i forget and sometimes i create some story about me and place....it is fun. Security bars doesnt make landscape worse and doesnt keep you peeking or taking some snapshots, they are mark that owner wants more privacy, room around itself. What i hate are ugly privacy screens. Usually they ruin view for neighbors and for travelers too. Stretched out textures, unnatural images.....brrr, they are so horrible that even cant be funny. Wandering has teatched me decorate, landscape and build. Seeing creations of others makes you understand what looks nice, what fits together and what not. People usually dont understand how much their creations talk about who they really are. So wandering is like peeking into minds of people whom you dont know. Favourite vehicle to travel with: I usually walk, run or ride on horse. It lets surrounding rezz properly and i can see far away places too. Weirdest place I've found: Uh...there is lot of them. Weirdly fitting to neighbors houses was one plot where seemed to live aliens, they have brought with plants and animals from their home planet, still it all didnt felt out of place.... City ruins. There was one railway i used for traveling bc there wasnt proper road and it went to tunnel made into big mountain. Walking in tunnel leaded to gigantic cave, filled with water and ruins of city.It was long time ago and sadly i didnt took LM, I have tried find this place again but.... Place where was stored gigantic prims....megaprims, liek half of some building not finished, walking there gave you weird feeling of being so small. There have been other big builds in SL but knowing that thous blocks are only 1 prim - that was something new. There is lot more weird places what i have seen...and there is different kind of weirdness in them- from funny, cute to creepy and nuts. Favourite place I found: From places what I liked and what are still here - one beach and one place where you can dance Electro Swing and one dreamy place what is kinda new. Other random remarks: Mainly already told up in mine post intro. I hope this thread gets more posts, I promise come back and post one proper answer with some LMs and pics if i manage take them.
  12. I really -really-really like that caffee set.
  13. No, I havent become gigant - just world around me got kinda small ( actually it is place on LEA5 and it will be vanishing tomorrow)
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