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  1. I really need start clean my inventory.Tried find something today from there and it took like forever until I found it.
  2. I felt bit hungry, so I got some fast food....it was really fast one.
  3. This year Halloween is grown very strong... So I decided go with flow.
  4. Have been incredibly lazy lately. Cold weather isnt for me.....
  5. Someone told me - you never wear black......it isnt true! /raw pic, crop out/
  6. Autumn is coming, it has gotten chilly outside.
  7. Mine dome sim moved and I decided remake mine country-house there. After I finished came one wandering dog and started dig up my yard. Maybe he dont like design?
  8. "We’re an endless stream of choices We’re the softest murmur of voices Without names we’re fantasising Dancing like flames, mesmerising My dark disquiet playing such eerie harmonies..."
  9. Bit messed up and confused today...so i went onto walk to clear my head...it helped.
  10. OH..I missed meet.....timezones doesnt favor me. T.T
  11. In search for good snapshot places i got lost.....it is dark and empty, stairs go up and down but never back to place where I started, Took quick snapshot, just in case....
  12. I was only a bit away from forum....and needed binge read like 2h today to catch up Raw gyazo pic...still searching for better place or pose or light...
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