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  1. That red....that red dress thing, Im glad Im not only one who got haunted by it So, here it comes!
  2. This is yber hyper super pic!! Im breahless....
  3. I had some messes with mine dome but it is back and up again
  4. Nearly finished with working on this parcel. Ground level is already usable, will add some details later. Who want can hop and visit- place is fully open to public for wandering, playing games and taking snapshots. // http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isabel/131/54/63 //
  5. Yes it is Dura / Dura B&G 84 fatpack C / .
  6. Found some nice short hair, first felt awkward, now I get used already.
  7. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just came back from live dance performance at Angel Manor.
  9. All day i have been making winter and snow and snow piles and frozen trees and...all kind cold stuff. Finally got home and can warm myself up a bit.
  10. I have been so busy lately that havent gone to wander long time. But I found here one LM what tempted me too much...so, here i am- wandering on land with amazing sculptures.
  11. Taking a tiny break before finishing my installation. I need add some siting poses on fingers. It is up on LEA 5 sandbox.
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