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How does your avatar look today ?


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8 hours ago, BelindaN said:

I'm just a swirling cloud of mist at present........... tried two  log-ons and I'm still swirling mist

But I did visit the sand box to unpack some stuff, as a cloud....................

Still the same.........should I be worried?????.?

Worried? No. There are fixes to the transient problems that cause your cloudiness. The name most commonly used is bake fail

I won't go into it in this thread. But, the Firestorm wiki has the best set of fixes I've seen: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bake_fail

If you made your shape, you can export it from the Firestorm & Linden (probably others) viewers as an XML file. In the future you can import it as a new shape.

As I tweak my shape I Save As... using a date in the name. I always have several earlier versions to go back to.


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Reflecting on a difficult "yesterday" spent mostly as swirling white smoke, followed by a long slider session to get myself back in shape..........hehe?

Then the second image, although I'm not a big fan of shorts, I did find some that are nice, and my obsession with lace, sets this outfit off quite well!!


secondlife 68.jpg

secondlife 71.jpg

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