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  1. The only thing I’m really going to add is some pc’s don’t have ultimate or high performance showing by default. How do I know? I checked my settings and I have high performance checked, but there was no ultimate performance. Apparently ultimate won’t show unless you’re using workstation edition. Here’s how you enable it: https://betanews.com/2019/04/01/windows-10-ultimate-performance-power-plan/
  2. Most complete avis are old system avis. They're good for a gag, but that's about it. I have a noobatar saved, with old flexi hair, bling and a really basic AO. Hot right?
  3. I'm thinking you might want to check the head HUD if the ears and neck are missing. It looks like she alpha'd the ears and neck on the head hud by accident.
  4. If you don’t have a bento ao, you could have splayed hands so it would be better to use the static hands version. Plus, you know how people are. There's probably somebody out there that doesn’t like bento for some reason.
  5. Lol!!!! No you don’t. You literally get the free converter from the store, click it and you have a BoM Belleza body. The hud and the alpha cuts still work too.
  6. A lot of creators are using Daz Poser for product shots now, because it's considered a high quality ad. The item probably won't look that good in second life because what you're looking at is a render with much better lighting and probably higher resolution like 4k and possibly maps that you can't use in SL, such as Displacement maps, etc. It would definitely be beneficial to demo the item before you buy it, item probably looks like that but the models and skins wouldn't look like that in Second Life. Here's a really old article about it, creators have been doing this for a while now: https://
  7. "You can do anything you want in SL.....except that....and that....." Yeah, I have a male alt. I don't use him all the time, basically I keep him up to date appearance wise and use him for pictures for some man candy. Surprisingly( or maybe not), I've gotten hit on by women quite often and women can be just as aggressive about verifying as men can. I don't see anything wrong with it. I think a lot of people male and female do it, it's just a thing no one likes to admit. I've run into quite a few guys that know a little too much about female avatars.
  8. I don't think it really did, I think it was more of her trying to give some Hot Tea. People love to gossip and for some reason, it's still a sensational topic.
  9. That might've been my bad English. I meant, she had a SL son for four years that was an adult male avatar that had his own family and she just found out he was a RL woman.
  10. Yup! I learned not to say anything that actually sounds like a defense and just sort of question their rationale for feeling that way and then leave it at that. People are ok with someone playing an anthropmorphic animal, or a fat guy playing a buff man with a giant ding dong, but a different gender and it quickly turns into "Ooooooooooh! OMG!"
  11. It can be a problem for some people, because it can take on a Jerry Springer quality. I was talking to a nice lady the other day and somehow we started talking about family stuff. I have a SL daughter and she goes, "You know you have to be careful; I found out my son for 4 years is a woman in real life. He had kids with a RL woman and everything! Ouuuuuuuuuuuu!" I guess I was supposed to be surprised by that, so I asked her did it change anything? And she said "No, but I just don't feel like I can trust him. I feel like he lied to me." Some people just can't get over things like that. I s
  12. I think the problem here is twofold: 1) A lot of people can't be bothered to make their own. That's just where we are at this stage of Second Life. 2) A lot of creators can't be bothered either. You'd think they would go the extra step of including an alpha with the clothing but most don't and that's probably because most major bodies still have a hud with alpha cuts. I watched someone in a group chat blow up last night about a particular body that doesn't have alpha cuts and they went on and on and on. Instead of sending the creator of the clothing a notecard asking for an alpha, they chose t
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