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  1. That happened in my neck of the woods. In the town I live in actually.
  2. I wouldn't say its exterminating diversity. Legacy is doing that j/k j/k!!! Lelutka managed to take a good chunk of the market back during Genus' time off and I'm seeing a lot of Lelutka products again. It looks like when the dust settles we're going to be at a big three situation like we were with the bodies. Lelutka Evo is a great head, very easy to use and it looks nice and the animations are amaaazing! I think there's just a lot of hoopla because Genus is back and that DMCA only helped them by creating a huge buzz, the free head only helped them out more. When it dies down though, there's going to be a big three: Catwa, Genus and Lelutka.
  3. I’m waiting on that update that is supposed to be coming out. Supposedly few fixes in there. But for 3300, I might go back in for a 2nd strange or the other Classic. That price is too good to pass up.
  4. I'll just leave this here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128396670@N03/50048614281
  5. wait...wait..I'm coming. I have to finish up some work and this is going to be a loooong reply. There is a book called "Black Like me" from the 60's that's a pretty powerful read.
  6. I would say Asians and South Asians tend to do better in North America overall too, but that's a cultural thing as to why that is. But UK has about the same percentage of black people (although they are primarily from the caribbean and Africa) as the US correct? How do they do vs white children? You kind of left that part out.
  7. @Beth Macbain You want me to tag in here?
  8. OOOOOOOHHHHH I hate that! I also hate when you buy a fatpack and its a bunch of loose items in every colour! I bought the fatpack so that I could have the convenience of a hud....not 30 additional items.
  9. I agree 100%. To me that's what being "woke" means.
  10. So then, if there are other terms associated with this 'phenomena' if you agree that there is some sort of problem there, why not just use one of the many other things you just pulled out of your hat and just not use the term 'white privilege'? The funny thing about language is words and terms fall in and out of favor, but it depends on how much something is used. To me its used as an umbrella term that encompasses all of those words you just used, but at the same time...I can understand how that could be misconstrued as a slap in the face to a white person. I'm not trying to make this about language, but the connotation seems to be a sticking point. The language I'm seeing is (and maybe I'm interpreting this the wrong way) "I don't agree with any of this because I don't like terms like 'white privilege'" But I'm not really seeing, "I agree with the idea of this, but I don't like the term 'white privilege' lets call it something else." Is it really hard for someone to say something like that? There's a nuance there, but I'm really not seeing that put forth just, "I don't agree with that term, so I WON'T AT ALL" so then it becomes an issue of denial. Did you have siblings growing up? Have you ever sat at the table and your mother poured you and your sibling a glass of milk? Your brother has more milk than you so you scream "He has more milk than meeee! Its not fair!" Then your mother does the funny dance of balancing the glasses of milk. Ok, now take that idea and apply it to this. Equality *pour* equal rights *pour* safety *pour* Reform *pour* Solidarity *pour* Racial Disparity *pour* You: HE HAS MORE MILK THAN MEEEEEE! Brother: ....I'm deeply offended you said that! *drinks his milk* So what would you use to encompass all of those things?
  11. I keep hearing the argument that people don’t want to support what is going on because of terms like “white privilege”. To me this sounds like a branding issue. The thing is, with all of the facts pointed out about racial disparity, what would a better term be?
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